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Here is one more We Offer: Kitchens that are Health Department Licensed and designed for small retail food related businesses needing part-time commercial space. Kitchens to start or expand your food related business without the huge expense involved in building and equipping your own commercial kitchen. Kitchens that are equipped with commercial stoves, convection ovens, commercial mixers, refrigerators, freezers, storage shelves, and large stainless work...
Here is one Daily Kitchen Rental dry storage 3 compartment dishwashing sink 2 compartment fruit & veggie sink prep tables 2 – 6 burner stoves grill & griddle 3 convection ovens health department approved loading docks ample parking conveniently located to 10 FWY 24 hr secure access $225.00 per 12 hour day please call: annalisa or leslie@ 310-733-4693
Will post info have a place in pasadena
if you still need help on this i will post up info on a few kitchens that i work from in the L.A. area rentals that is :chef:
its out-dated dont do it :lol:
wow congrats remember dont try to over do it or you will end out with nothing and good luck :chef:
Jump on in hands on is the best place 2 start ask all kinds of ? dont think they would mind there boss 2 have as a 2 go guy when in the weeds and if thats what you are pationet about then just do it you will have fun i have cooked for over 16yrs and i love 2 trade knowledge with the new kids on the line i work hands on all stations every day @ work :D
free2saute is the name and happy 2 be here hope i can learn some stuff and help out @ the same time :chef:
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