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The thrill of the line on a Saturday night. Your 1000th burn. Walking out the door tasting the crusted salt of dried sweat on your lips. The smell of food on your hands.
Its easy enough to let it break and then reconstitute it ;)
Hi there. I get pricing online from all my vendors. It makes it easy to compare. I also belong to Costco so I can get an idea of the cash and carry prices on some things. Hope this helps! Peachcreek.
I had a party of 40 last week. Served buffet style.  For my proteins I bought 20 lbs of boneless pork loin and 40 5-oz chicken breasts. For leftover I ended up with 13 breasts. Everything else got put out and eaten. The thing I find is I always make too much of 1 or 2 of my sides. The staff will being having roasted veggie pasta salad until it becomes an era......
My mom had one and used it for things like serving butter, thick dips, cookie dough etc. Its like a self-scraping little spatula.
All of our employees actively participated in order taking and serving. Like I said, we did it right.
I do not understand what you mean by can of worms. We had all legal help, we took taxes out of tips. Can of worms? I ran a restaurant not a bait shop. We had nothing to fear because we operated above board.
The restaurant was sold in 2010.
What I honestly think about the idea of what cooks are paid? Its shitty. Its unfair. Its part of a flawed antiquated out-of-touch system. From what the owners and managers are weighing in and saying... when they talk about making less than a 2% profit on a huge investment.... is everybody from the top down is getting screwed. And not only that? But not a single person is moving in any direction to change that. I've had a habit of running away from the traditional modes...
I used to joke that cooking was for those who scoff at the concept of having to make money to survive. :P
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