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Pesto veggie sandwich with artichokes and black olives on fresh out of the oven focaccia bread. Finished with a locally made raw milk Edam-style cheese then broiled till golden and bubbly.
Even as a small company I hired a sales/marketing person to sell my catering services. Waiting around to be discovered will never work. I'm surprised that the management didn't have a plan for this. If you aren't booking your big summer events now chances are you've already missed the season. Big events like weddings, corporate events etc are planned months if not a year ahead. Management needs to be helping you out is my opinion.   Good luck!   Peachcreek
Chicken Pot Pie. Next time I'll add more gravy to the mix- the filling came out a bit dry. The short crust turned out awesome.
Simple white dough made with KA flour. I used 2 cups of warm water, 1 tsp dry yeast and 1 cup AP flour mixed together and let stand overnight. The next day I added another tsp of dry yeast, salt, and AP and bread flour. I then let that rise overnight in the fridge, de-gassing it(punching down and re-rolling) once before bedtime. This morning I took it out of the fridge and let it come to room temp (about an hour) before rolling it into batons. I let them raise for...
Nothing new there.
Happy New Year!!! Okay, so as December and 2016 come to an end, so is the community foray into the custard Cooking challenge. Some wonderful entries! I now understand how difficult it is to pick a winner out of all the entries. I love phatch's out of the box Asian take on custard... that one I will remember. Mikes' oyster and corn custard is also on my list of stolen recipes! Morning Glory has an knack for making everything look gorgeous. The one I really want to...
They are based on a Lace Cookie recipe. For these I altered the recipe I found by substituting maple syrup for the corn syrup and used gluten-free flour mixed with almond flour instead of regular wheat flour. So these turned out thicker and not as fragile as the regular wheat flour/corn syrup/sugar recipe. More like a wafer than a Lace Cookie. With a regular recipe they come out very thin~ a lot of recipes will finish them by rolling them into cigars while they are still...
You cannot be back to work till you are cleared to go back to work by your doctor. Its a work comp case. You have to listen to what they say. Wishing you a speedy recovery.   Peachcreek
I'm working. My family doesn't eat a lot of regular holiday dinner foods. So we're having Christmas Brunch tomorrow.
The real reason I buy Golden Boy Brand? Its got Lord Voldemorts' baby photo on every bottle.
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