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..I purposely keep my knives too dull to split hairs.   Peachcreek
With all the entree possibilities that are perfectly suited for cooking prior to service why make stuff then ....why? It seems like you are asking is there a good way to do things wrong....   Just Sayin' Peachcreek
Yep, a quiche is a custard. :) See? We're learning more by the minute! You all make me so proud!!! And as of this moment...phatch has taken the commanding lead with the albeit imperfect but still perfectly delicious Chinese Steamed Custard..... This is gonna get good. Cheers and Good Luck to you all!
I like the definition for custards and creams out of "On Food And Cooking" by Harold McGee:   To paraphrase: 'A mixture of eggs and liquid cooked that sets into a solid gel." Technically a frozen custard and pastry cream are the same thing, and neither of them is a custard since a custard is a mixture of eggs and liquid cooked without stirring and results in a solid gel. Custards are also cooked and served in the same container. So  pecan pie and a pumpkin pie are... a...
Last Summer: My son today... We're in the grocery store getting stuff for the bbq and I buy some cabbage and he says 'Don't be breaking any Salad Rules! " I look at him funny... Salad Rules??" And he says 'Yeah, haven't you heard of Coles' Law?"
KA is a bit under-powered as a grinder. I've used it many many times. Any bit of silver gets wound around the cutting blade and the grind smears. I chill the grinder and the meat down ahead of time and try to trim as best I can to try to prevent it from happening. While I don't care for the grinder/stuffer style like my KA I don't make enough sausage to justify buying a better grinder and separate stuffer.   Good luck! Peachcreek
Last time I made rillets out of duck I used the thigh/leg portion and did it raw to finish. They turned out nice. They can be done, its just always better to start with the right stuff from the beginning. I think of rillets and confit as being basically the same thing- tough meat slow cooked and preserved in its fat. You can definately do it. Practice makes perfect!   Good Luck! Peachcreek
So many questions- Are you also serving the regular menu? How much space do you have for prep/storage? How sophisticated are the people helping and how are you staffed? What is your price point? What style of food do you already serve?   OK. There are 5 easy questions. Somebody can ask the next 5.   The more info you share the more concise the answers you'll receive.   good luck! peachcreek
I've seen both a beet puree and a red cabbage puree that had nice color and texture.   Good luck! Peachcreek
Just from your photo?  I'd say they are not cooked enough. When I make rillettes everything is slow cooked to the beyond. And Chris...what I do...is when the rillette is cooked enough I mash the meat right into the fat, right in the pan I made it in. The meat absorbs the liquid back into it, so its juicy, not greasy. I have spare fat I save to cover the tops to seal. Hope this helps.   Peachcreek
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