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Deli sliced to order... of course! Brie or Camembert?
True story? It was because I showed up a day late to get the job in the  Hotel Laundry working for my friend. So he said 'Go talk to the Chef. I think they need a dishwasher'.
I push myself to continuously to learn and grow in my pursuit of the craft of cooking. Regardless how good I am the day I stop thinking about the people I cook for and start trying to pursue an award? I'm screwed. I become just another contrived bullshit restaurant that lost touch with their reason to be open. Sending lifetime linecook love, Peachcreek
Definitely dark chocolate. Good unsweetened chocolate has an interesting fruitiness to it that I love. Cabernet Sauvinon or Pinot Noir?
My knowledge? A lease payment that is 20% of your monthly gross income will kill you deader than dead. That being said? What is included in the lease? Are you responsible for any taxes, utilities, insurances as part of your lease? My thought is if you add all of your costs and add the whopping 20% lease payment it comes out to be more than 25K/mo. Good luck whatever you do! Peachcreek.
Anything that you can prep ahead of time and portion and package like hummus, baba ganouj, different dips, veggie pates  etc can be sold with house made pita chips. Easily made and holds great. Soups- hot when its cold, cold when its hot. Loads of different salads, noodle salads, pasta salads etc. Wraps are also easy to have pre-made as a grab and go. Any kind of cookie or easy dessert is also good. Good luck whatever you do! Peachcreek.
grilled.....slow.... shanks- veal or lamb?
I paid $5.00 back in the day for a wooden handled carbon steel oyster knife. Long thin blade. I love it b/c the fineness of the blade makes for very good control and fewer ugly looking oysters. Having done a little research I found they are called a 'Boston Style'.
Just keep busy. If one issue is at a slow down, go on to the next thing. If you are constantly feeling like you are making progress on any front towards your opening date at least you aren't wasting time. Feeling paralyzed is the worst thing to feel. So... while you are waiting for your licenses get everything else in order. Opening and operating are an inevitability- so treat it so! It sounds exciting! Good Luck!   Peachcreek
pizza from last night
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