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Thanks guys! I sent the boy out to pick up a can of crushed tomatoes. I didn't know that some would have added water... And that's what he got. I had to strain it, ended up with little left, and so added tomato paste. I went easy on the seasoning. It was DELICIOUS!! It really did give a more robust, fresh flavor. I'm really glad I did this. Thanks for all the replies. They've been very helpful.
Yes. :)
I was told that the best pizza is made with cold sauce.  Is this true? And not cooking it before use wouldn't fully release flavors of the herbs, but won't the oven heat do that? And wouldn't it get watery if used in this way?
Even the Worksharp ones? I have whetstones. I was considering using them.
Can you please recommend a quality electric knife sharpener? There are a lot of gimmicky ones, but I just want one that I can rely on and won't mess up my knives. Thank you! Oh, and I need an affordable one. That means NOT what a professional would pay for one.
I'm finding it difficult to find good recipes. They have confusing, non-standard type instructions, unpredictable results, etc. Published cookbooks aren't so helpful either since anyone can self publish these days.  I'm not experienced enough to be able to spot and correct mistakes before I make the recipe. Recipe websites with reviews aren't really helpful either because people drastically change the recipe and then review the changed recipe.  So, I guess I'm asking for...
Lots of recipes call for meat to be used in sauces and soups (by which, I mean broth, stock, consomme, etc.), but this wastes a lot of meat unless you're using freezer burnt or left over scraps.  So, what do you do with cooked out meat? Or do you not cook it completely out and use it in something else?
I don't know why I'm having trouble finding a reference list for this, but I am. Which herbs tend to get bitter when you leave them in for too long? I can never remember!
How do people even get reviews and feedback for their recipes when some people alter it into something completely different, then criticize it based on their changes? How does one completely change the flavor profile and treat it like the original recipe?  Maybe I'm overly sensitive to this, because I've just become brave enough to start making and writing my own recipes? I do like and appreciate constructive criticism, but turning it into a completely different dish...
Does anyone know how to make a carob coating for dipping cookies and pretzels, etc. in? I need a recipe that will turn out a hard coating. I bought carob chips and carob powder as the base ingredients.
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