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Thanks for the info, Helping build a new kitchen for a restaurant and got alotta say as to, design, layout, and equipment. Sure Ill have other questions, glad I found this site.
I thought it would be a garage or shop type flooring, Do you or anyone else know a vendor/dealer or website I can look up for it? Also do you know if it comes with grip additives or does it have to be purchased separatly.
I agree with this original post. If I had not already had 5 years experience in a busy hotel/ restaurant kitchen under a wonderful chef and mentor I may not have came outta La Cordon Bleu Atlanta ready for the real world.
I am looking into finding a textured spray on slip resistant floor similar to what can be found at the Le Cordon Bleu of Atlanta. Any information, reviews, or vendor information for such a product would be appreciated.
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