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I am thinking of taking the ACF CSC Exam. Does anyone know what the practical entales? Is it like the final practical at the CIA? Any info would be appreciated
I was wondering if anyone had attended LCB Paris and how difficult it was to get through the program if you dont speak French. Also what the people were like at the school and in Paris. thanks kyle
I was wondering if anyone had gone or knows anyone who went to the Texas culinary academy and what they thought of the program. I have seen that it is pretty high ranked when i look it up online but I just wanted some opinions. Thanks Kyle
Not really a culinary school intership. I just heard that they offer a culinary program themselves.
I know of a similar situation at the restaurant next door to mine. They showed up one saturday with signs and pictures and screamed all night. They even had their children (4 or 5yrs old at 10:00pm) holding signs. They began to get violent so the restaurant called the police and the police told them they had to protest from accross the street because the restaurant had outside tables. The restaurant took it off the menu but servers verbaled the foie gras selection to...
Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Greenbriar or the culinary internship they offer. Any info would be helpful. Thanks, Kyle
I have 2 years experience working in family italian place and now in a fine dinging sea food. so I do meet the requirement for CIA.
I am currently looking at the CIA and FCI. I am trying to weigh wether or not I will learn as much at FCI for 6 mo. or CIA for 21 mo. Also i will be graduating from the rosen school of hospitality at the University of Central florida with a restaurant and foodservice management degree. Any input would be appreciated. kyle
Hey everyone! I am a student at the Rosen school of hospitality and when I graduate, hopefully in the fall, i want to attend culinary school. I have been looking at the CIA alot for the last 6 to 8 months but have recently looked into the French Culinary Institute. CIA's program is 2 years, as im sure most of you know, and the French Culinary's is 6 month. I would appreciate an personal incite and/or experinces on both schools and how FCI compares to CIA. Thanks
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