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Buzz, you obviously have an induction cooktop. (I’ve even heard of people putting a dishtowel under their pots to keep the cooktop from getting scratched). So what kind of cookware do you use? Anything specific? Or can I figure on using anything as long as it’s magnetic?
Well, I like food. I like to plan for it, shop for it, prepare it and eat it. My goal is to find the absolute best, freshest ingredients since my cooking is pretty plain and straightforward. Toward that end, I tend to be a daily shopper, avoid most frozen and canned foods, and lean toward whatever’s seasonal. I probably spend too much for gas in my search for what i consider to be the best tasting chicken, pork, produce, cheese. or whatever.
Since my new condo (currently being remodeled) has no gas, I've opted to go all-induction (since I dislike regular electric immensely). My understanding is that normal stainless steel cookware will NOT work with an induction cooktop. The pot or pan must be magnetic, and unless it's some sort of clad, SS pots and pans won't work. Does anyone have any recommendations (maybe a brand) for cookware? Is there any made specifically for induction cooking?
from Wisconsin
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