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Welcome James Peterson: I have ordered your book Sauce - and looking forward to receiving it this week. Just a quick questions. I am the only Chef at a local fine dining Restaurant - the owner request sauces or gravy with almost every entree and also request the sauces to made ahead of time - due to time constrants of getting food out in a timely fashion. Is there any recommendation as the best way to make sauces ahead of time so they are still good.
thank you for your input
plated but as they arrive for the meal
The best way to prepare a 30 lb Prime Rib roast - it is frozen at this point I need it for an upcoming open house party some told me to roast to rare and then slice it as people arrive dip it into hot aujus to cook it further - is this right ?
What is your favorite WOW recipe that you go to WOW the crowds - like family get togethers - special occasions ? I am looking for a few new ideas - if anyone would like to help
I need to make Corn beef & cabbage for a St. Patrick's day open house - what is a good recipe and how do I keep it hot for several hours ? and do you slice the corn beef on the bias?
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