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Recently, I noticed my dishwasher's hands are terribly chapped. What is the best hand cream to give to her?
I have a question about chafing dishes: Everywhere I look chafing dishes accept 2-1/2" deep food pans. A restaurant I worked at a long time ago (since out of business) had a chafing dish that accepted a 4" deep food pan that rested in a very deep water pan, but I cannot locate where to secure one. Does anyone have any ideas? Is such an animal available? And if so, where can I get one?
I have always used Spanish Saffron but recently, due to costs, have been tempted to try "American Saffron" from safflowers. How do the two compare in flavor and aroma?
Hey Thar Y'all I do not do catering as a business, although I am a chef. Sometimes I provide meals at special events and thought it would be a nice touch to have an ice sculpture as a centerpiece. I do not do sculpturing so a mold is required. I have a very specific item I want to be able to replicate. Can anyone provide information as to how I may be able to make a re-useable mold of this item? Thanks
Has anyone used RC Fine Foods Golden or Harvest vegetable bases? And if so, what is the difference and your preference & why. If you use another brand of vegetable base, what is it and why. Thanks for your help.
Now I know that we associate Hasenpfeffer as a German stew of marinated rabbit that is heavily seasoned with pepper. However, I once read that the dish was "discovered" by an Italian gourmand (who also has some claim to discovering foie gras). The "original" dish was prepared using hare (and please, do not try to tell me that rabbit and hare and for that matter, pika are the same because they are not .. same family but different critters). This Italian version was...
I am in the market for a HIGH quality pressure cooker. It should have the requiste "bells & whistles". It should have a minimum capacity of 7-quarts and a maximum capacity of 12-quarts. While money is NOT an obstacle, I do want value for my dollar. Do you folks have any recommendations? Thaks in advance.
I want to make a Barley Roasted Tomato Risotto but need some direction. Pearl Barley comes in three(3) sizes: fine, medium and coarse. Which should I use? Also, is there a specific way the barley should be prepared, i.e., soaked in water over-night? Thanks for your feedback in advance.
I decided to look into a career change at age 53. I always liked cooking and preparing different foods. I felt, to be taken serious by restaurants, that I had to attend Culinary school. I looked into several and decided on one. Meanwhile, I contacted several restaurants in the area and a Chef from a fine dining establishment offered me a prep position. I accepted and did everything asked of me. Not too long after, I was asked to work evenings helping the line...
Trying to reason with zealots is useless ... they have 1 view ... 1 agenda ... and do not care about anything else. That said, yes, get the police involved and the press. Be informative as you present your position. But do not expect SHARK to be understanding. Delete the item from your menu and serve the item only upon request by known customers. Terrorists are dangerous and I do not propose you give in to them. Appeasement does not work either. Good luck and...
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