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Thanks! That's the biggest issue I have with buying organic food as well, it's just so expensive. I'm moving into the country within the next year or so, right smack in the middle of farmland, and I can't wait to be able to buy produce right from the local farmers. My uncle's already up there and has a great relationship with a few of them already.
You can put me down for one of your books as well. I love learning from all of you on this board, and teaching style recipes are right up my alley!
I don't think that you can re-cook them, but I've had this happen before and that gooey mess is absolutly incredible on top of ice-cream. Grab yourself a good vanillia bean and spoon that on top and you'll be in heaven!
I would suggest a brown butter sauce as well, but what about that with walnuts instead of sage. I make a squash ravioli with a brown butter sauce and it's incredible!
I think I'll try making this tonight, I've never had it but it sounds absolutly amazing!!
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