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a bump is the usual way of hanging the inner pot on the outer one.  You can make the inner pot convex, like a mixing bowl, but you get less capacity in it for the same sized outer pot.  I've never found them hard to clean; annoying to get everything out of, yes, but not hard to clean. 
      Get a better faucet.  By US law, residential kitchen faucets are limited to a maximum flow of 2.2 gallons a minute, at 60 psi.  Except when you're filling pots, or the skink, that's plenty to work with in a properly designed faucet.  There may, or may not, be a flow limiting device that you can remove.  Better faucets don't have one, as designing the faucet to flow properly without one produces better results.  Some fancy brands have them, because they're sold to...
There's remarkably little difference between electronic scales.  they're all using the same load cells, and generally use the same analog-digital conversion circuitry.  (Well, there are a small number of commonly used circuits, but they're pretty close to being identical.)  Unless you're spending a huge amount of money, shop on price, looks, and feel -- can you read the display with a bowl on it, does the @#$ auto-power off cut in in the time it takes you to find the...
the whole redesigned site was clearly done by someone who's clearly clueless about usability.  It's unreadable, has gratuitous javascript interference with the browser's expected UI, horrible layout, is just generally a miserable to use site.  Too bad; i've learned quite a bit from here, but it's unusable as is.  There other places on the web I'll spend my time, which aren't guilty of being ugly and unusable. 
Was a design goal to make things as unreadable as possible?  If so, they've succeeded. If not, well, green on green in an ugly font is pretty amazingly awful.  It's making my eyes water. 
I agree, these are way over leavened.
I like to use scotch or rye whisky as the deglazing liquid. (Burbon is too sweet.) Cheap is fine; no need for fancy single malts...
I've never had any luck making my own almond flour. I can't get it anywhere near as fine, nor evenly ground, as commercial stuff. Bob's Red Mill does 1 lb put ups of it, that are available pretty widely. Their web site has a store finder, in case your local grocery doesn't carry their products. (It's not complete though: it doesn't list my local grocery who stuck 50 feet of their stuff!)
Google it. Sodium hydroxide is preferred over potassium salts. I wouldn't want to use used oil for making soap, though.
Yeah, you get a mass of grease down the drain somewhere. Pour it into a container. Put the lid on. Throw in garbage.
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