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I usually Thin Out some of my BBQ Sauce with a little water or meat jus and bring to a quick boil on stove and finish bringing to temp in a hot oven, then finish on the grill with the same mop/ jus with out burning a little char is good! 
I agree RTE foods/garnish, for aesthetics in handling food in front of guest, protection from cuts and nicks of hands, and protection from foods to discolor hands like beets and such.  Regular prep before cooking just needs periodic hand washing and sanitary utensils/tools. Also keeping in mind to rinse or use vegetable wash with raw vegetables before they go to the cutting board.  
I like to use the combination thin sliced or chopped celery and celery seed for a substitute on occasion or roasted sweet peppers & celery seed or ground cumin.
I always like to soften/fry them in oil when using them for stuffing.  Not even like two seconds in the oil just enough to make them pliable and it has the added benefit of bringing out the flavor of the corn and staying intact when you roll or fold them.  There are lot of combinations that go with the flavor of corn, anything with cheese gets me started!
I use to slice on mandolin real thin store in ice water or overnight in refrigerator for prep and drain off water. fry at 325F until light~crispy enough but not overly browned and put under a heat lamp to drain excess oil and crisp even more with any flavorful mixture of seasonings.  works out great for me.
Seasoned hot steel pan, dry fillet, salt & pepper, light amount of oil not too much, very small knob of butter, Skin side down, let it sizzle a few or five seconds, slide a little and then dont move it too much leave it alone, let skin lightly caramelize, turn over sear other side, then turn back skin side down put in hot oven for a few minutes depending on size to finish.
Yeah all good advice.  Follow the Menu and prep the way they (Chef/SousChef) want it.  Ask questions if needed and learn it, but take ownership in your station and make it happen.
I remember when I first started cooking as an apprentice, The chef told me to make a devinshire cream for the dessert we were plating so I thought about it and I did not know what it was.  He thought I should have already known what it is.  I think sometimes it comes to common sense thinking.  Training, and respect of each others knowledge, the line cook's respect for the Chef's ideas and styles and utilize their skills to accommodate not overaccomidate.     I said...
All good replies, I would agree that tomato puree/paste adds some balance to the finished veal stock, maybe you are roasting the bones too long like stated above (also add some beef trimmings to slightly fortify meaty taste).  I still practice making demi glace the way I was taught which is half brown veal stock and half brown or espagnole sauce together reduced to 3/4 or half volume.  But I also put garlic, red wine, thyme and balsamic vinegar to taste.
My answer 1. Season Properly and be able to adjust to and respect different Cuisines/Styles 2. Different Methods of Cooking  3. Coordinating and Effective Communication 4. Knife skills Basic Butchery 5. Presentation and Evaluating Quality from start to Finish   The Must know recipe(s) Roast Chicken Grilled Steak Rice Pilaf Blanched Vegetables All Different Stocks All Breakfast Items Broiled Fish
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