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:) Your very informative reply was most helpfull. I'll be drawing on that in the future for sure. Of particular note was the reasoning of why this or that is done. Thanks
Tonight, all worked out well
Yes I have, but I don't really know exactly what or wht I'm doing what I do! Sounds like I'm a lousy cook huh? Chicken is now out of the buttermilk, seasoned, ready to flour and fry. Gravy base seperated from chicken parts, back on simmer. 30 minutes till dinner.
I have to tell you I don't know what makes a good gravy. That doesn't mean I can't make a good gravy, I can. It's just not a sure-fire thing every time. My problem is sometimes I just can't get it thick enough. What iv'e done in the past is use cornstarch dissolved in a bit of liquid, then mixed into the gravy base. Most times this works, but sometimes not. What is going on here and what should I do to get repeatable results? Tonight I'll be doing fried chicken....
You can also purchase a countertop water distiller. Easier to maintain than a r.o. unit for small quantities of purified water. If smell is a problem you need to treat with some activated carbon. Water is simply passed slowly through a bed of carbon, quite effective at removing odors. Be sure to rinse the carbon before the first use. If you like you can add a bit of baking soda to the highly purified water.
Wash em' dry em' and put them in the freezer. When they thaw you can pop off the stem and squeeze out the juice for use however you like. I use mine in a Blody Mary or Cerveza.
Yes thank you. Three to go. Large fries and a diet Pepsi also. :lol:
I like a good mango also. We had some here in the St. Paul MN. area for a buck. I was thinking of some mango with a little sugar and some hot pepper juice, sauted. Does that sound good or am I crazy?
Hello from a new guy. Been reading for a while and now I'm legal. Watch out.:lol: I'm writing this in notepad. For some reason my longwinded introduction is having difficulty getting through. Maybe my sloow typing is to blame. My name is John and I like to cook. Wife and I just compleated a kitchen re-do and all went smoothly. I have a small but wonderful kitchen. Love it! My meals are simple but I try to be creative and make stuff up, usually on a...
I'm trying to post a new member "hello post" but am having difficulty. My computer is thinking outside the box. Again. John
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