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buffet on 3 banquet tables
This is a high school grad party.  It will a Mexican them buffet.  And actually in my first post I said 100 people.   I was not thinking of families and we could have over 200.  I do have access to my home kitchen at the time.  I still have not decided how to do the tortillas.  The crockpot idea with them wrapped in cheesecloth sounds good but I will have to have any crockpots available for refill  as with other methods..  I was just trying to take an easy way out,...
I am serving both hard and soft.  The tortilla keepers do not look like they would hold very many.  Do you have any idea how many they hold. We are talking 200-300 tortillas.  I might just have to figure a way to warm some more after the first ones are getting low. So you think this is a better idea than a roaster?  Small parties I just put heated tortillas in a towel.
Ok I have read many ways of doing this.  However I am  still unsure of how to do the tortillas.  How can I keep warm tortillas for 100 people.  Could I heat them in foil stacks and then put them in an electric roaster ? The corn tortillas I have baked and then kept warm in a roaster, but I have never tried the flour .  Also would you use electric roasters for the beef and chicken or crockpots.   I think roasters seem easier , but would it be overkill?
How far ahead can you make these without freezing?
I have  50lbs of cooked seasoned taco beef and 30lbs of cooked fajita meat to thaw for a party on June 8.  The meat is all in flattened 2-3lb packages.  How long do you think it will take to thaw in the refridgerator?
My gran used 8c apples seasoned with 1/4 c sugar, 2T flour, lemon juice, cinnamon, vanilla,  and salt.  The topping is oats, b sugar, flour, butter, baking soda and baking powder with optional nuts.
Beans are home made with dry beans. And actually after you gave the idea of the coolers at first, I thought about smaller pans after I responded to you.   So it sounds like making everything totally before I leave is the general thought.   Thanks to both of you.
Exactly what I thought, but she said the apples stay more stable and do not get watery  the next day.  I hate mushy applecrisp and would always choose it over applepie
Just curious.  I have always made my applecrisp the way my gran did.  Today a friend of mine asked me if I had ever tried precooking my apples in a cornstarch mixture.  She said it made for a more stable flavorfull applecrisp.  She has not had mine.  So what do you think?  Does the cornstarch recipe make a thicker solid crisp?
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