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My favorite mustard bbq recipe came from one of "big bob gibsons" books. Don't remember exact quantities but it was yellow mustard, honey, cider vinegar, and a little worchestershire. I think that was it but may be a little something else. No cooking. Just mix up and serve. Its tangy, sweet, and delicious. Also, gets better as it sits. A google search would probably turn up the recipe I'm guessing.
Texas de brazille (sp?) Is unique if u have never been to a brazillian steakhouse. Rosebud is traditional italian but we really enjoyed ourselves. I had the skirt steak feature and have thought about it many times since. Lastly, frontera is mexican like u have not had before I'm guessing.
I cook my wings a little differently than most. I dry rub then smoke them for 1 1/2 hours at 225. If no smoker oven for same time and temp. Then I grill them over medium fire until crispy and shake in warm sauce
I am thinking of springing for a nice bottle of $40.00-$50.00 olive oil. There are so many to pick from. Any suggestions?
Look in the book "Chocolate Epiphany". There is a great recipe in the back for buttercream and chocolate buttercream. Lots of egg whites. Holds up.
These are a couple that I whipped up and posted over at
I was curious a while back and bought them. I tried them for several different things, and really didn't notice a whole lot of difference over a regular zip lock bag. I would not spend the money on them. A good indicator of whether something is worth the money or not is how much the item gets used. I have about half a box of green bags left, and have went back to using zip locks. I, like one of the above posters, buy this stuff basically just to see for myself. Just...
I got a sourdough culture going to make pizza dough with, and I was expecting that my pizza dough taste would go from good to excellent. What I found out was that a nice long rise with just a pinch of active dry yeast brought out a lot of similar characteristics of sourdough. Not to say that it was exactly the same because the sourdough was better and tangier, but probably not so much better that it was worth the hassle to keep the culture going.
I realize that I missed the weekend here, but my current favorite pizza is sliced meatballs with dollops of herbed ricotta on a layer of mozz.
Not that this site isn't great for information, but you may want to check out the I read that page for years when I was learning to BBQ, and I'm sure you will get all the info you are looking for there.
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