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I think it would depend on how someone managed to pull off "high end bar." It's funny, on a side note, I hate bar food, and have recently found these tiny little, hole-in-the-wall, dive bars that have started serving more high end (ish) food. One has this amazing goat cheese salad, mediterranean-style tapas, duck, etc. I was really impressed (these places are seriously divey, but have delicious food, it's odd). It is great for me, but definately the opposite direction...
Iron Chef (the Japanese one, not the boring American ripoff). ****'s Kitchen (or as me and my roomate call it: the "I hate my life guy show...the one who cooks, not the one who's a hairdresser") Top Chef (It's fun)
Most types! :) But if I had to pick a few: Indian, French, Italian, sushi (I know that isn't really a type of cuisine, but...yeah), Ethiopian, and Cajun.
I do say the same thing about all of those (except for the smoking indoors without a separately ventilated room...for the obvious problems that it causes other peoples health)!!! I have a serious problem with how many things are banned, particularly when the rationale is that it is "for our own good." People are generally competent enough to make their own decisions about their health, and should be treated accordingly. I at least understand the bans that are comming...
Oh, that one takes me right back to childhood! My mom used to make something similar all the time in the summer, and to this day, I still can't think of it as summer unless I've had that salad. :)
Interesting menu. It sounds delicious, but might be kind of hard to pair with wine. You may want to bring a white (something maybe in the Chablis genre) and red (Bordeaux always goes with lamb beautifully, but for the others, you may want something lighter-bodies, like Beaujolais)
Oooh, do those stuffed peppers sound good. And maybe to go with it, you could serve mint juleps on the side ;)
I just got this amazing Russian cookbook, so tonight it will be beer and apple pork chops with sour cream braised new potatoes on the side.
My roommate recently bought a bunch of rutabaga for no apparent reason (I am pretty sure he thought it was something else...). However, I really don't know what to do with them. I've seen several recipes online, but was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions?
Grilled cheese with tomatoes, roast beef, and horseradish sauce (it re-heats in the microwave suprizingly well and you can experiment with different cheeses). Goat cheese, onion, tomato, and artichoke hearts on french bread or rosemary foccacia bread Brie and Cranberry jam on sourdough or french bread
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