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Hi! My name is Giovanna, I'm brazilian, and I'm planning on attending a school of pastry and baking. I do not aspire to be a big chef, my goal is to go into the catering/wedding business, and maybe have my own bakery in the future. The schools are really pricey, especially for me, coming from Brazil, and that's why I considered schools in Canada as well. I came down to 2 schools, which are less expansive that the other ones, and seem to be really good - the Notther school,...
Hi! I'm from Brazil and I want to go to a pastry school in the US. Which would you say is better? NECI or Notter school? Thank you, Giovanna
Hi! My name is Giovanna. I'm a brazilian psychologist seriously considering a career change. I've always dreamed of owning a cute and delicious p√Ętisserie, and I feel it's the right time to go after that dream. Since there are so many schools to choose from in the US, I don't know which one best suits my needs. I intend to work in the wedding business, mainly baking cakes, making delicious pies, cookies, and all kinds of chocolate wonders! That's it, I don't want a degree,...
Hi Kyle! My name is Giovanna and I'm from Brazil. I was considering the pastry program at ICE, do you know anything about it? Thanks
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