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A pig roast normally is a buffet style event so I would plan accordingly depending on the number of people you are feeding.Sauces ( Make a Mild & Spicy BBQ Sauce) and have some good buns(Pretzel roll?) A lightly marinated veg salad, Potato Salad, Corn Cobs, and yes beans all work well with some fresh cut melon to just make you feel like home! Now put some home churned on the spot ice cream on there and you will be the Bomb! Now I am hungry!
X 2 foodpump! Could not have said it better but cheflayne does have the more politically correct advice.
The Nogent is so comfortable its unreal. I think you are going to like it for sure! Mine is well my baby!
I have a good bud who did the CIA and then apprenticed at some pretty good spots back in the day and we both worked together as restaurant chefs at a hotel casino in Reno and he told me his schooling and degree had not given him much juice as far as money was concerned.Well I told him maybe we should expand our borders and I jumped to healthcare, started getting more money, less hours and a life. I brought him over in 2000 and he started @ 45k and is now up to over 100k....
On a busy grill/broiler it is Tongs & Spatula with a fork being reserved for the Carving Station at the Buffet! Tongs are very select with heavy duty being proffered and often used as a spatula! Thats my story and I am stickin to it! Just gotta learn how to cook and when the release of the meat happens so you dont shred it! And should I say Duh! Doug..
Feeding the Governator and his response of " I"ll Be Back" was pretty cool as well as working a country club in L.A. during the 80s and meeting some of the celebs at that time! Time moves so quickly so just enjoy those moments in our station in life. Doug..
Food and labor cost need to evaluated pretty much weekly or even daily depending upon your situation.Remember that Soup is your friend as well as Specials on the food cost end ( dont forget to watch out on the theft)! Manage your hours and productivity which has become the biggest thing the big wigs looks at as far as how can we get more money with less labor! Maybe instead of moving down a position you should take your skills to another employer. I feel for you and I am...
Integrity in life and work mean everything! Yes things will happen always, but how we deal with them at that moment will be our moment to teach, learn and move above! If I am in the right then I do not care your position with the company as the conversation ends with the truth! I have an old saying I learned in the military far to long ago) which is " Do Right and fear no Man" or woman which is a new addition as when I broke out in this field there were very few women...
Just an FYI . I did get the Chefs choice sharpener but returned it due to the fact I could not bear to hear how much metal it removed. I have retired from chefs job for the present and am doing Hospital security mostly in emergency rooms which is another form of customer service but I can tell you this is a job which can be quite dangerous and conflicting. I still cook at home and for family affairs but i do not have to tune my knives as often and when I do I go back to...
I would get your hubby a gift certificate or something equal to the shop in question and there are many on this site to pick from so he can enjoy your gift and get what he wants. You will be da bomb with this.
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