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Any customers in the Portland Oregon area?
Hi chef, I know a little of the area seems I live in Forest Grove, and welcome to the pnw. Matt
Hey Yeti... when is the next time your going to be in Beaverton??   Matt
Another way to help melt the white chocolate is to use vegetable oil to thin out the mixture just add 1 T to achieve the consitancy.  You can also use cocoa butter to achieve but the oil is a little bit cheaper.    Matt
Thanks guys,  I am trying to learn more about this and wife is trying. I tried thickening with a roux using rice flour. I couldnt believe it worked not as thick as the normal roux but trying to think of different ways to thicken.  Is maltodextrin contain gluten? i find mixed reviews on it.   Matt
Does anyone have a great all purpose, or a cake recipe for a gluten-free consumer or reccommend a good brand?   Thanks in advance.     Matt
theres one here in the portland area that is for sale Ican check it if you want?? I drive home by it every day...   Matt
Depending on where you live there might be a place.  Sometimes some places make you do print a lot of labels.  An idea, where to get yours done is check out Jim Lieb here in Forest Grove, Oregon... They do ours (make preserves for us, and also I know they do Starbucks Iced tea line so its an idea?  I dont know how much they charge or if they will take it buts in an idea...  You might when you find out check out the facilities.  Also, you need to find a storage facility...
check out the seattle or portland oregon market.   Matt
Also, you can check out i think that is that addy they do a white truffle oil that is really good.  I have personally tried it.. Matt
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