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Can I add a vote for "yuck" on lard in icing? I know some people claim they cannot taste a difference between lard and shortening, but trust me, some of us can. IMHO, it tastes meaty and almost kind of rancid. Others cannot eat lard b/c of dietary, religious/spiritual reasons. Others cannot eat lard for medical reasons- I have an uncle who cannot ingest lard- it makes him very very ill. Frankly, I'm horrified by the fact that someone might use lard in icing....
omg... i wish i could've seen the look on your face- it must have been priceless!
Last place I waited tables, 15% went to the bussers; 5 - 10% went to the bartender, and 10% went to the food runners. It always pissed me off- In theory, if I've had a good night, and brought in, say $300 in tips, to share 35% would only be to share $105 and leave me with a decent chunk of cash, still. Problem was, when I had a crappy night, ie: larger parties who tipped poorly, people who walked out without paying, religious nuts who left biblical tracts instead...
I was in Brookstone the other day, and saw yet another priceless and useless gift idea...and it gave me quite a giggle. A stainless steel "to go" coffee mug that requires batteries and has a little propeller at the bottom of the cup...because.......it stirs your coffee for you.
Actually... I usually do an almond crust on my cherry clafoutis. it's delicious. oh, man, now i'm craving cherries.
The 'worst kitchen mistake' thread got me thinking... My worst happened when I was waiting tables. We were so far in the weeds it was unbelievable, one busser and one dishwasher had quit, and the food scraper was nowhere to be found. Dishes were piling up, even being stacked on the floor, someone spilled a ramekin of the oil-based salad dressing on the floor and didn't bother to clean it up... And I come tearing in with a tray full of dirties, looking for the expo...
Okay... here's what I've been told about the various KA's, from a friend of mine who works at Williams Sonoma, who is a self-styled KA Groupie. There are a few basic models: the Classic, The UltraPower, the Heavy Duty, the Epicurean, and the Professional. The Classic is 250 W, weighs 27.3#, and retails from $239. The UltraPower is 300 W, weights 27.5#, and retails from $269. The Heavy Duty is 325 W, weighs 29.4#, and retails from $369. The Epicurean is 475...
My brother just called and said he's looking into buying a juicer, and wanted to know if I had any recomendations. His top choice at the moment is the Juiceman Jr. Anyone have any comments on the Juiceman? He's a guy who hates to cook & isn't too big on cleaning either. Any other juicer recomendations?
I spoke with some folks from LCB, hoping they could clarify, and I was told that the schools in the US are not LCB campuses, but culinary academies that use the LCB curricula. And it was hinted that these schools pay dearly for the right to use "Le Cordon Bleu" in their advertising. I think I'm just as confused as I was before.
Maybe it's just my socialist tendancies and my strong belief in human rights, but I think the macho "if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" attitudes are very detrimental to the profession. Sure, we love the work. But loving what you do for a living does NOT negate your right to decent pay and safe working conditions.
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