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I would so dine there!!! I would work there too, if there was enough hazard pay, and a place to take a whiz!!
I just googled it, and took one that LCB has out there, I scored a 120.
I think you may be right. Thanks
I wasn't trying to p!ss anyone off here. I was just saying that there would have been much more rational ways to handle the situation. As far as respect goes, I have respect for many people, but when respect isn't given to others, it is hard to respect those. Oppinions are like ******** everone has one, and to everyone else, they usually stink. << Edited to remove profanity>>
Welcome!! If not the work that challenges you, you must challenge the work itself. I love and live by that quote, and it sounds as though you do too!!
I read this post, and was quite shocked. I read it, then I read it again just to make sure I really read what I thought I did. Then, I looked at the status of the person who wrote it, I expected to hear something like that come out of a mouth of someone who works as a short order grill cook at a fast food restaurant, not someone who calls himself a "Professional Chef". In my opinion, you, the "Professional Chef" have just given the rest of us a bad name. This might just...
I tend to disagree so far with the LCB rants I have read on here so far. It might vary from school to school, but so far, I feel that LCB Minneapolis has been EXTREMELY thorough with the training. Anytime someone has a question, or needs additional help outside of class, the instructors are always there to help.
I am 34 years old, and just started school last month. Many of my concerns were the same, untill the counselor told me on orientation day, that they just graduated a 72 yr old retired Lawyer through the school. I singed up that day!!
Great tips!! I have also used the torch for charring peppers. Much faster, and more consistent than a skillet or the broiler on the oven. (for those of us who don't have an indoor grill) It does also work great for simulating grill marks, as I have also used this trick.
Why couldn't you thin down regular food coloring with a purified water? I would think with enough trial and error, that you would be able to come up with a happy medium with the consistency to make it work. Just a thought!
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