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Copper can kill plants, they used to kill trees by driving copper nails in all the way around the bottom. Now you can get a powder form to pour around unwanted trees to kill them, also used to keep roots out of sewer lines
I have seen several italian "chefs" on FoodTV claim the olive oil is needed even with american bacon. Personally if it is commercial pumped bacon it has so much water that it renders enough oil on its own to start cooking. If it is my own dry cured bacon that doesn't sit there and sweat a cup of water out before starting to fry I grab a little bacon fat from the jar in the fridge. I keep 2 jars, one I work from and one I ad too, usually the working jar gets empty about...
Watching it snow.... what garden? Plans this year are sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, peas, green beans, radishes, cucumbers, herbs, scallions, beets, potatoes...
Now that sounds good, waiting for the results. I really should order some fresh bellies and make a batch of bacon. Could probably get 3 in the traeger using the stacked rack. Tired of putting bacon in the pan and having it steam for minutes before frying.
I would suspect the cave itself was the source of the mold and the cheese is just an excuse.
Made some garlic slaw last night, coleslaw with chopped garlic is great stuff. Will have more tonight.
Saute wild ramps with wild mushrooms and serve over steak, wild ramp omelets, in biscuits as you mentioned, they make an awesome soup with some good beef stock(like an onion soup), I cut slits in a roast and stuff ramps in them then slow cook... use like a scallion that has a garlic bite.
I pickled radishes a few years ago, they were okay and for most people it was either okay or this is nasty, about a 50/50 split...
I doubt it had garlic, ramps have a garlic taste to them on their own. Sour cream, chopped raw ramps, maybe a little buttermilk(or just milk) to thin it. Salt and pepper, add fresh grated horseradish to taste... never made it just thinking out loud. If you like a really thick dip no need for the milk, the veg will give off some moisture too that will thin it.
New Posts  All Forums: