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Precook the hash, take a portable burner to the meeting for the eggs. Hold the hash in a crock pot on low...
If she likes spicy food use just cream cheese and add chopped and sauteed hot peppers. Could do a brush of Franks hot sauce and butter on the outside too!
Even tough grass fed beef cooks faster than grain fed. An example is a chuck roast. My roasts are around 3-4 pounds and grain fed I used to cook for 4 hours at 275 degree oven. Grass fed I can cook to falling apart tender in 3 hours or less!
Opposite direction, grass fed stays tender when cooker for a shorter amount of time.
Being a chuck roll it doesn't have sections to take apart like that... cross cut it into 3-4 inch thick roasts and be done with it!
Now do a turkey the same way! 10-12 pounds will fit a weber kettle grill. Takes 3-4 hours and is my hands down favorite way to make one!
How many pounds is it? Looks like a chuck roll to me with the bottom end being from near the ribs and good for a couple fairly tender steaks. Rest is good for any slow cooking method. That is IF it is a chuck roll... 15+ pounds it probably is. It could be sectioned into roasts, as I said take a couple steaks off the rib end. Slow roast, braise, I have done them on the smoker whole for pulled beef sandwiches... grind for burger, cube for chili meat...
Spaghetti and meatballs! Kids love it!
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