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I buy beef from a small producer(under 400 head a year), butchered by a small local butcher. I visited the butcher shop before I signed on to buy beef from them and asked if he would eat a rare hamburger from the beef he grinds. He grabbed a bit from the meat grinder and ate it raw. That is called being certain of your sanitation and butcher practices. He refuses to butcher chickens unless they have been inoculated against salmonella or come from certified salmonella free...
Actually ceramic crocks were traditional, wood casks came about with English ales being shipped to India. Hence the IPA India Pale Ale. Germans used crocks then copper...
I ferment beer in HDPE buckets, a method that requires a far more sanitized surface than a cutting board. Do not use an abrasive scrubber to clean it, use a sponge or cloth so you don't scratch the surface and leave areas fr germs to hide.
Ancient thread...   USP Mineral Oil, means it is fit for human consumption.
My all time favorite hot dog is a coarse ground all beef version that was made by a butcher shop that is no longer around. I haven't been able to duplicate that flavor yet.
Not possible in a home kitchen. Unless you freeze dry it, they make a home freeze drying machine $2,295
There is no safe way in a home kitchen to bag and store. The bags would have to be boiled just like in canning and I can see them exploding. I think the commercial guys irradiate to do it.
Boar bacon is plain nasty. I got some and tossed 4 pounds because it was inedible.
MRE? lol
Spice pack appears throughout that list. That is where I would start. I am guessing it is the rub they put on the meat used to make the BBQ sauce(a pretty common thing). So start with those ingredients, they are listed in order of amount in the spice pack. Once you have that then work on the base for the sauce.
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