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When in doubt throw it out an doff odors are your first clue something went badly wrong. Toss them before you poison somebody!
If your braise is comin gout dry it is either under cooked and the tendons etc have not had time to break down or over cooked. It is done when the meat is tender and still juicy, not by some time in a cookbook.
Smoking a ham on the traeger pellet smoker, making mashed potatoes and gravy from the pan the ham will sit in to catch juices.  Maybe 7 layer salad, haven't decided on dessert yet... keeping it simple so I am not in the kitchen all dang day(well out on the deck and in the kitchen, hope it isn't below zero that day).
Looks good to me! I would start with a 450 oven and the potatoes would go in first on a lower rack. Give them a head start then put the pork in to brown, turn the oven down to 350 and let it finish.
I never inject, I have access to old breed pork off the farm that is a lot tastier than the grocery store stuff. But it is an option for lower quality meat.  My pig sauce is 50/50 cider vinegar/ketchup that I add pepper flake too and simmer a couple minutes. Take it off the heat and finish with butter. Bit of salt sometimes depending on how the pork tastes
Instead of 1 egg in the Jiffy mix add 2, makes it a lot moister! As mentioned, bacon pieces/fat, sharp cheddar, fresh corn kernels are my favorite. Lots of veg is good in it, onion, sauteed carrots and celery, breakfast sausage pieces cooked off... Add 6 eggs per box and make a cornbread breakfast bake...
For oven pulled pork I would start with a 450f oven and let it brown then cover and turn it down to 250 and let it cook until it reaches 195 internal. To low of a temp can result in a dryer somewhat tasteless pork because the connective tissues and fat have not had a chance to break down and infuse the meat.
I take pork butt to 195 all the time and they are not dried out! Key is low and slow cooking to let all the good connective tissues break down and absorb into the meat.
A light coat of oil left on the blade will stop it but typically carbon steel blades do that...
Injecting can help get seasoning deeper inside. Many kits out there but many swear by Fab P http://store.theingredientstore.com/fab-p.aspx but it has MSG. I find buying non injected pork(read the label, 10-15% added water is a bad sign) helps with flavor. Also after pulling mix some rub into the meat. Butter injection, make a tea from your rub and strain out the solids and inject it, inject beer or wine, all can add flavor.
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