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Rough year for gardening, first cold and wet, then hot and dry, now back to cold and wet...
I never foil EXCEPT when someone gives me some small cuts to cook, way to easy to dry them out before they get done.
Look up pipefitters disease, happens when you weld on zinc coated steel. As it gets hot the zinc off gasses and can cause flu like symptoms.
I always use a splash of juice from the pickle jar. Adds flavor and thins the dressing.
Chickem, pork in several forms, beef in multiple forms, fish once...
Zinc? Near food cooking surfaces at high heat? Pass, any particles left behind can off gas and make you sick
That brisket may have actually been undercooked... 1 1/2 hours per pound at 225 is my rule of thumb, actual meat temps decide when it is done. I had a little 4 pound brisket flat take 8 hours one time to reach 195 internal. I wrapped it at 6 hours to prevent drying. Small cuts are notoriously hard to cook low and slow on the BBQ pit. A 12 pound+ brisket would be more forgiving but also a 20 hour + cook.
All I do is run a wire brush over the smoker grate. Once a year I use a propane torch to burn all the crud off. As it preheats it will kill anything growing on it anyway...
If pieces a short smoke then into a pan with a little liquid and back on the BGE or into a 250f oven to finish cooking.
Instead of boiling it slice it off the cob and saute it in butter until done. Add whatever spices/herbs you want as it cooks.
New Posts  All Forums: