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Buytric acid is the vomit odor chemical, it is a short chain fatty acid... so I suspect the fats he is using.
It is easy to make square burgers, take a small baking sheet and press your burger into it. Use a larger sheet pan and press down on top to flatten and pack the burger. Use some parchment paper top and bottom for ease of handling. Pull the pressed rectangle out of the pan, slice it by pushing straight down with a knife(this will seal the edges of the patties so they don't come apart). Mom did this all the time, fastest way to make burgers for a family of 7!
Freezing will make the texture more crumbly, and yes when you thaw open the seal so the moisture that was pulled to the surface of the cheese can go back inside. I love cheddar and buy big 2 pound blocks of Cabot extra sharp white cheddar. I cut it into thirds and vacuum bag 2 and freeze until I need it. Great cheese for burgers, tacos, munching...
Check your olive oil and other oils you are using to saute! If they are rancid it would cause that flavor profile!
Foodsaver bags can be washed and reused for a smaller item!
Usually says to smoke at X temp until the meat reaches Y temp internally. Usually low temps for smoking bacon and stop when it is 165 internal temp(I go to 145 usually and treat it as an uncooked product). My smoker will hold around 190 on smoke setting.
Add a little fennel to the turkey meat maybe... for herbs I use oregano, basil, thyme... and as I cook I taste and add seasoning until it is right!   Turkey is so bland to start with so it is tough to make it substitute for pork or beef.
Rule of thumb I was taught... hard cheese you can cut the mold off and salvage the rest. Softer cheeses like mozz I would chuck it because the mold will penetrate deeper!   When I buy a large block of cheese I cut it in fourths and vacuum bag them. Take care to not touch the cheese with your bare hands(I cut it in the store wrapper). I have stored a cut block of cheddar this way for up to 3 months with no mold growth. When you want to use the cheese cut the vacuum bag a...
Pulled pork with a classic vinegar red pepper sauce!
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