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Nothing added to the burger but makes me wonder if a teaspoon of Better than Bullion beef base mixed int the burger would kick the flavor up. Then a little less salt on the outside...
I detest watching videos when I could read the recipe in 60 seconds...
I toss them in the seasoned butter raw then bake.
Parchment paper will help, and how much sugar in the garlic rub? I would dip them in a garlic butter I made by simmering garlic in melted butter with S&P to taste then bake hot at 425 or so... I do ranch wings by dipping wings in butter with ranch dressing and they are a hit at parties and easier to make than frying wings for 20 people...
Have fun finding me in England LOL I live in Minnesota. I like craft beers and make a lot of my own.
I take the leftover MX/Spanish rice the next day and add a beaten egg to help bind it then fry it as a patty until crispy(fairly thin) then I top it with the leftover shredded taco meat and serve salsa/sour cream on the side. Make a crispy rice "tortilla" basically.
Iron would not do it it is a common food compound, and if there was a significant amount present you WOULD taste it.
Patties, ale or lager beer
Freeze the top and use it to quick chill stock?
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