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Turkey wild rice soup:   Turkey bone stock Chopped leftover turkey chopped onion chopped garlic chopped carrot chopped celery wild rice fat for sauteing(I used turkey fat I skimmed off the stock)   Saute the onion and celery until clear, add the garlic and cook until tender. Add the stock and bring to a simmer. Add the wild rice and simmer until almost done(can take 1-2 hours). Add the carrot and celery and simmer until tender. Add the meat and bring back to a...
Potato starch reaction... iodized salt... turns black  
Cut side down steams the inside and cooks it through so after you flip it all you need to do is cook whatever you fill it with(brown sugar and butter!)
Probably starch reaction with something else in the latke
Alton Brown made a pully thing and used it ti very slowly lower the turkey into the oil. Not a bad idea because it keeps you away from spitting fat.
Do you want it cured like ham or just smoked like a pork shoulder? I used to just smoke raw hams(uncured) then thin slice for sandwiches.
Looks good! Slices of toast, mayo, tomato...
Varies with time of year and what is available... soups/stews/slow roasted meats in winter, BBQ anything with cold salads in summer!
I used to butcher with friends. We would get 6 sides of beef from a farmer we knew and process them in a weekend. We setup the 3 stall garage with space for the meat saw and grinder, tables where the kids trimmed scrap off the bones for hamburger grind, and a table for sausage making. All meat was ground on Saturday and mixed with spices then we stuffed sausages on Sunday. Nice part about working in the garage in Nov is temp control. We kept it about 40 degrees as we...
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