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For leaf lettuce I always washed it, spin dry(you do have a salad spinner right?), then wrap in barely damp paper towels and place it in a ziplock. Would keep 2 weeks easy if I got away from my normal salad a night routine.
Maybe meant a tomato with a thicker meat and less jelly/seeds? Many heirlooms have that characteristic already.
Start here http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/freeze.html I blanch and freeze a lot of garden produce. Blanching times depend on what it is so go by the guide. I vacuum bag mine and have had 3 year old veg that still tasted fresh picked.
Get a 5 gallon water cooler like you see on work sites. Fill with as hot of water as you can but NOT boiling(plastic is not designed for 200 degrees!) When I catered that was what I used. Could run it to the house on site or refill by hot water off a camp stove. Has a spout to fill a small plastic tub for hand washing.   And bring a box of gloves! I used gloves a lot, saved on needing to wash hands constantly when prepping 200 pounds of meat. I could prep everything, get...
If you want totally pure salt get pickling salt. It has nothing added. I use it for popcorn and canning(it is a finer salt) along with on top of fried foods sometimes.
S&P and cook it! I know of no marinade that won't mess with the texture of the meat. You could beat the crap out of them but then they will be flat...
Instead of salt you could mix a tablespoon or so of beef better than bullion into the meat... that would up the beef flavor...
Your pre packed burgers are probably made with pink slime(meat byproduct nastiness!). Look for grass fed beef to get a better flavor.
Mostly kosher although I sometimes keep a gray sea salt on hand for things like french fries where I consider salt a very important finishing touch.
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