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Ate many a meal of canned chow mein, add extra stuff to it, more meat etc and it is not to bad.
I have used Benton twice, good stuff. I am sure there are better but at what price?
Smoked carp is big here in the spring when the meat is better. If I have a walleye surplus(rare) I will smoke some for snacks. I have also smoked smaller flat head catfish for poker games and it was always a hit.
Served over the crispy chow mein noodles?
Hard to do when you need to drive yourself to the ER...
Duct tape is how I made it to the ER... and paper towels.
These guys have good reviews http://bentonscountryhams2.com/
Bones give the fuller richer mouth feel from the collagen in the connective tissue, skin adds fat and a lot of that chicken flavor I associate with a really good chicken base. Most of the grocery store chicken is so tasteless that you need it all to get a good flavor in my opinion.
Base pepper for a batch of texas red(chili). Add hotter dried peppers, cumin, garlic and onions, some good beef diced small...
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