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Nature of that fish type... I have yet to find a decent way to cook it and it is often mushy.
Again, I do not care what the culinary book definition of a roux is. Common usage is what goes here considering this area of the discussion board is loaded with some very talented home cooks!   Simple supper tonight for me, fried off some chopped bacon and set aside to drain, pour off most of the fat and caramelize some onions, added beaten eggs and make an omelet. Add bacon and some slabs of cheddar, zap it under the broiler to melt the cheese. Recovering from a multi...
Roux is the accepted term for fat and flour mixed to form a thickener. It is NOT just butter and flour unless you want to be some type of a snob showing off book learning.
I only buy grass fed beef, grocery store beef is nasty... mine is direct from the farmer and plenty tender and full of flavor.
I have never made a roux that looked like wet sand, they are always semi liquid... like a thin peanut butter that will run in the jar
Had a ribeye last night. I don't find them tough at all. Sure there is a little bit of connective tissue near the fat pocket on one end but nothing objectionable. If 1" thick or under I would pan sear on a super hot pan. Do not flip until the steak slides when the pan is shaken. Flip, lower the heat and cook to desired temp. Or flip and into a 450 oven to finish. Either way make sure the range hood works! If over 1" sear then into the oven for sure to finish.
3 pages in and no fish and chips... I am disappointed! I don't have any fish in the house and with neck surgery this week I will not be doing any major cooking for awhile.
I know this goes against common sense but the WalMart store brand tuba is pretty dang good! Ranks right up there with the lower cost name brands like Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea if not better than them. And for making a quick tuna sandwich where the mayo and other stuff I add(pickles, olives, onion...) cover up the tuna flavor it is very acceptable. As the star of a dish yes I want a better tuna.
Use wild rice instead of white... have to cook it in the stock though because it takes an hour or more to get tender. Other wise of you satrted this with all fresh ingredients it would be good stuff. Maybe sub a good chicken stock for veg stock.
Stick of butter I am using stays on the counter, I use it in about a week in between cooking and on bread. I buy butter on sale and freeze it though. Amish use a butter crock and never refrigerate it... http://www.amishcountrystoreonline.com/butter-bell-azure/
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