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MN Version: pound of ground beef, some tator tots, can of cream of chicken soup, frozen mixed veg, chopped onion. Brown the ground beef with the onion. When almost done stir in some of the tator tots so they thaw and break up, add the cream of chicken soup and the frozen veg and cook a bit to thaw the veg. Pour into a baking dish, top with a bunch more tator tots. Of course salt and pepper to taste, the cream of chicken soup brings a lot of salt so add salt after that!.
Vacuum bagging it would prevent the freezer burn but it will suffer texture wise. If the canning process was raw pack it might be okay, if it was hot pack(already cooked then canned and pasteurized) then I would expect it to get mushy.
Unable to taste, to correct for changes in the food and needed seasoning... pass!
I sense tater tot hotdish coming up... lol
Homebrew beer! This one was very citrusy/spruce in aroma and flavor from the hops. Called Dead Ringer Ale  
How about a small gas grill? Works in a pinch... Weber makes some that actually get hot enough to do a decent steak sear.
If eggs are bad you would know it! They REEK!
I like to saute them in butter with garlic, salt and pepper of course, towards the end add a good shot of worchestershire sauce and simmer that down then off the heat finish with a pat of butter to thicken it a bit. Serve over a nice ribeye or sirloin...
I picked up 2 of the Green ceramic pans from Walmart. Been using the smaller for omelets, burgers, frying potatoes... it is 6 months old and still slippery. Showing a few pits now but nothing major. The larger I mainly use for bacon and eggs over easy and it is also 6 months old and going fine.
Yup store in damp sand in a cool and dark location and they keep months. Otherwise a damp paper towel then put the carrots on top and seal up the bag to stop moisture loss. They will keep an easy 4-6 weeks this way in the fridge in the humidity controlled crisper drawer.
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