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I forgot to feed mine and it went off, had to start a new one and it is not quite ready to use yet. Needs a few more days to build up.
I just go shop the pantry... with all the canned and frozen stuff cooking with no power is easy. Stove top still works(gas) so mashed potatoes and canned turkey or chicken and gravy, or a stew that simmers all day making the house smell good(make a clean out the fridge stew to use up the stuff that can go bad).   But having solar and a huge battery bank I just turn on the inverter and life goes on
I was thinking a good challenge would be meals for 4 under $10! Common people food ideas made with low cost ingredients.
Gravy is a food group!
Sour dough breads are risen using wild yeasts present in the air and your flour. Best bet is do some reading on starters etc before attempting it.
I fried off the last of the roasted potato and piled it on the bread of the open faced sandwich...
Have fun reading, I can get lost on that site for hours http://www.thefreshloaf.com/forums/general-discussion-and-recipe-exchange/sourdough-and-starters
I often use canned tomato sauce as a base if I am out of home canned.
Ground beef that is part of my yearly order can be eaten raw but it comes from a small local butcher shop that is spotless.
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