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Add Fine chopped onion, dill pickle, bit of celery, fine chopped green olives, miracle whip, squishy white bread, some leaves of iceberg lettuce...this is a comfort food to me from childhood.
And why I would never eat anywhere he works! Anyone who refuses to listen to criticism is not someone I want to support!
YOU are one conceited *******! The customer IS paying you and if they didn't like something then you need to listen! Your bosses sound like they don't have a clue and with your attitude I would NEVER eat where you work!
I do it all the time but at 225 so it maintains a good simmer. Brown the bones in a 450 oven(watch this close, want them browned, not black!) add to the stock pot and bring to a simmer. Move to the oven and ignore for 24 hours.
Pectin requires sugar to set...   But if you are reducing the juice use a spoon you keep in the freezer and check it, the Ball Blue Book has pictures of how it should sheet on a cold spoon. You may not need pectin.
I make a creamy kale slaw. Slice the kale in thin ribbons, shredded carrot, smashed and chopped garlic and my miracle whip, milk(just enough to thin the miracle whip), bit of sugar, salt, pepper. Mix and let stand for 5-6 hours in the fridge.
Personally I hate really foo foo plating. Put my food on the plate in a neat manner so I can eat it!
I never foil ribs and have done them on the weber many times. Indirect heat and I use a weber rib rack on the cool side. Keep the heat around 225 for 3-5 hours(depends on rib thickness), flip and mop every hour for 3 hours then every half hour until done. Mop with olive oil/cider vinegar to set the bark. Like bacon on a bone! Add smoking wood of choice every hour for 3 hours if you like smokey, otherwise for the first 2 hours.   Ribs are done when you grab them in the...
Cayenne adds heat with no flavor. Other chili peppers add heat and flavor to your dish. My chili powder is a blench with ancho as the base(no difference rehydrating dried anchos or powdered!) then I add varying amounts of 9 other peppers for  a very complex flavor profile. I use chipotle for some smokey background, habenero for heat and a fruity flavor, bird chili for more heat, etc etc. People buy my chili powder and I make it in 3 pound batches now!
New Posts  All Forums: