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I make these whenever I can find them! Dinosaur ribs! Like a chuck roast on a bone flavor wise. Slow smoked they are falling apart melt in your mouth tender!   If your gas grill is multiple burner just turn on one burner and put the ribs on the cold side. Use a foil packet of wood chips on top of the other burners flame bar for some smoke.
Ahhh that old extract kit "tang" flavor!
Thanks! I make this still, just a lot more black pepper than my childhood. It freezes well so it goes into individual serving containers  that I can microwave for a quick meal.
Many top the fermenter off with bottled water which should be pretty sanitary. In brewing sterile conditions never exist, a single dust particle could hold a LOT of wild yeast spores for example.
Simple version from my childhood   2 pounds ground beef 1 medium chopped onion 1 can condensed tomato soup(Campbell's!) sugar to taste Black pepper to taste, I use a LOT   Brown the beef with the onion and pepper(salt is optional but the soup adds a LOT of it) When the onion is tender add the tomato soup and stir it in, let it simmer 20 minutes, add sugar to taste, simmer a bit more.   Serve on a cheap fluffy white bun with hamburger dill slices.
Extract is more expensive... I just made a 11 gallon batch of strong bitter for $35 or so. So 4 cases of good ale for under $10 a case... The brew rig I built for $200  
It was the first clone recipe that popped up lol I am not a huge Guinness fan... and if I did clone it I would go all grain...
This is one of many Guinness clone recipes out on the internet, how to convert this to a syrup?   Guinness Draught clone (5 gallons/19 L, extract with grains) OG = 1.038 FG = 1.006 IBU = 45 SRM = 40 ABV = 4.2% Ingredients 14.5 oz. (411 g) Muntons Light dried malt extract 2.66 lbs. (1.21 kg) Muntons Light liquid malt extract (late addition) 1 lbs. 6 oz. (0.62 kg) English pale ale malt (3 °L) 10 oz. (0.28 kg) flaked barley 1.0 lb. (0.45 kg) roasted barley (500 °L) 12...
Get a good gram scale for weighing it out! Using to much curing salt can and will make you ill!
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