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I salt right before it goes on the grill or onto the griddle. The little bit of moisture it draws to the surface helps form that crust that makes a burger taste good!
50/50 cider vinegar/ketchup. Add salt and red pepper flake to taste, use that base to add other flavors. Bring to just a simmer then off heat stir in a blob of butter to make it a little thicker and richer. I use that on pulled pork and it is good stuff.
I have eaten plenty of roadkill! Not run over flat but lots of car hit deer have graced my freezer over the years. A few pheasants, a turkey, couple squirrels that committed suicide by sticking their head up...
You could experiment with a mayonnaise/mustard/hot sauce BBQ sauce... I have played with it for a savory sticky coating but nothing I like quite yet(need to work on spices. I use chicken leg quarters to test).
vegetarian: Sioux word for bad hunter sorry I had to do it! I am a committed carnivore... off to eat my reheated baby backs and baked beans loaded with bacon
I find that if I tear my salad first then it dries much better than spinning the whole leaves... and yes shake it, empty the bowl, spin a second time.
Plochman's Yellow mustard is the go to on burgers, hot dogs, brats... Guldens spicey brown sometimes on brats and other sausages and to dip pretzels in.
2 slabs of baby backs cooking, homemade baked beans have been in the crockpot for 18 hours, will raid the garden for a salad.
Cook he top by itself, cook each seafood separately, combine in the serving dish and top with the precooked crust. Place the puff pastry on parchment to cook it, cut first to the right size for each serving.
Chuck roll is very forgiving and when done low and slow it shreds just like a pork butt. I take it to 198 internal. Lower left was a chuck roll I cut into fourths so each roast was about 8 pounds... cooked for 18 hours.  
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