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Reason you won't get a whole lot of reply's here is students are encouraged to do their own research. Also why some of my answers were vague. If you need information on a topic google is your friend, but stay away from wikipedia for a source!
Yup the new jars will still let you know if they are not sealed. As I sit here 5 of 12 pickle jars have sealed in the kitchen judging by the sound. Not a processed pickle but the boiling brine is hot enough to pull a seal as the jars cool. These are going in the fridge to cure where they last a year. I just push them to the back.
Maybe make this into a poll? I am not a chef and no longer cater but here are my answers.   1. I avoid it as much as possible. I am finding I have allergy problems with it.   2. Oppose! GMO monoculture is destroying the genetic diversity we used to have for food. That diversity as a protection against famine if some new super bug or weed crops up that is resistant to the GMO. This is already happening to an extent requiring heavier use of herbicides and pesticides than...
A small toaster over would really widen your cooking horizons... when I moved into this house I had no kitchen, I cooked on a coleman camp stove and used a toaster over for 2 years and turned out a lot of good food.
Those crispy edges on the egg are  a must!
Tacos, any kind of meatball in a gravy, never tried it but I bet you could braise a meatloaf in a gravy
Being a garlic freak(I nibble it raw while chopping) there is not such thing as to much. But some people object to biting into pieces of garlic so this is a way to add flavor without the garlic bits in the food.
Everyone should own one of these              in a pinch you can use a paint free blade in a sawszall to cut meat too
Omelets are a standard meal in my house at least once a week, typically bacon/onion/broccoli/cheddar. But I am a heretic and like mine browned a bit on the outside and fully set inside.
Removing the garlic seems to be common in many dishes where you want a more delicate garlic flavor instead of in your face garlic.
New Posts  All Forums: