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Wheat can be cooked into a porridge or ground for flour and I have seen a salad using cooked wheat berries. Barley begs for some beef soup bones, carrots, onions, celery to make a soup.
The ziplock machine does not draw a good vacuum. The FoodSaver will crush a can for example.
Cooking to me came natural, mom was an okay cook but it was a lot of bland food. I taught myself to cook, ran a BBQ catering business for 5 years(hurt my spine, had to stop, 20 hour days were no longer an option), and in general I enjoy good food and it does not have to be complicated. Lasagna noodles won't stick if you place some of your sauce in the bottom and spread it around as an example. Common sense really.
I have used gallon zip lock bags and divided disposable plates to make meals in advance of surgery, stored fine for 6 months when I didn't eat 2 of them
Chopped veg of choice sauteed until any onion or celery is clear(could caramelize it too), a dark lager or ale, some beef stock, add ribs and braise after lightly browning them.
Just an idea but we should gather all the monthly challenge recipes into a yearly cookbook. Could use a plain text format or mastercook.
Wrights is the only one that i can tolerate. I use it in my jerky in winter when it is to cold to fire up the smoker.
I simmer rib tips in sauerkraut all the time. add a little instant mashed potato to the kraut as a thickener. Shred the rib meat then add it back to the kraut and serve over mashed potatoes.
A teaspoon of liquid smoke is way to much, try just a few drops to 1/4 teaspoon maximum. I don't think you will replicate the real flavor/texture of slow cooked pork but it will be edible.
I have pickled carp in the spring, this time of year they taste to muddy.
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