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Crock pot the chicken first, 30 minutes before serving add the bagged rice stuff and turn to high. cook until rice is done. I don't have any timing on the chicken...
How formal of an event? Informal setting can be a simple meats, cheeses, vegetables, dips, crackers spread and people help themselves.
I make a reduced salt version for a friend who can't have salt. As long as you have the right acid level you are fine. The salt is there as seasoning.
Okay decided on the rub for tomorrow. Starting with my basic house seasoning (1 cup salt, 2/3 cup each garlic and onion powder, 1/4 cup black pepper, 1/4 cup half sharp paprika) to that I will add some ground rosemary, ground celery seed.   Ready for the smoker     Sliced, I didn't get a shot of it after resting...     And time to eat on my best disposable plate!     Simple food so simple presentation!
Sirloin roast thawing, will get a heavy rub I will make that day and then smoke for 2-3 hours at 225 until it reaches 140 internal. Let rest then onto the slicer to slice paper thin for french dip sandwiches. Pictures and rub recipe when I make it because I haven't decided what I want in the rub!
With eggs I would not go past 3 days...
The last beef bone stock I made i roasted the bare bones(I get a 1/4 of beef every year, I pay for the bones so I ask for them!) then into my dutch oven to simmer 24 hours in the oven. When I took out the remains the bones were very light in weight and porous where nutrients had cooked out. Full of tiny holes all over the bones.  Made a very very rich stock from it that went to a beef and barley soup!
Bone broth is made from bare rendering bones with no meat on them. Roasted to a deep brown then simmered for 24 hours for beef.
My doc told me I was "gluten intolerant" so I started researching. It is NOT the gluten, it is the residue of Roundup and the proteins in modern wheat that are not present in older strains. I started grinding my own flour from heirloom wheat and have no problems with it at all. Add in they remove a lot of the stuff in wheat that helps you digest it when you buy commercial flour. And they add all kinds of chemicals!
One I used to make for parties where deep frying wasn't an option...   Trim tips off wings. Dip in butter then shake ranch dressing mix on top. Bake in a 425 oven until done.
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