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I have a set of the fibrox, going on 10 years old and holding up well. I do not think the handles are a problem at all, good grip when wet or greasy hands.
Love perch, we used to filet them then deep fry the floured thin little filets until nice and golden, pile on a bun with a little tarter sauce and munch! Best fish sandwich on the planet!
Not the walleye and northern pike in my freezer, cost me a spool of new line and a couple buckets of minnows
LOL if they are as good as they were in the past you will like it. Follow the cooking directions carefully or it will be way to salty for many. I would save some uncooked slices off it for pan frying for breakfast!
Food TV show I watched said that skates pee through their skin, that is why the ammonia smell develops so fast. Only had it once, wasn't impressed.
Simplifying a bit, less food variety. Turkey with bread stuffing, gravy, sweet corn, pumpkin pie. Just cooking for myself so the smallest turkey I can find. The stuffing gets vacuum bagged and eaten as leftovers. Lasts 6+ months that way in the chest freezer. Turkey gets eaten fairly fast in sandwiches so I vac pack 2 meal size portions then freeze. Pull out for hot or cold turkey sandwiches. Just cooking for myself again this year, not up to a bunch of company with this...
This will not be fancy, it is stick to your ribs food for fall. Have hamburger stew cooking, started with 2 soup bones that I roasted until nicely browned, added a packet of Lipton beefy onion soup and covered with water. Simmer until meat on soup bones is tender. Pull meat off and reduce stock a bit. Add hamburger broken into little bite size pieces, chopped onion, chopped carrot, green beans cut in bite size pieces, sweet corn, some tomatoes, 1/2 pint tomato sauce. Let...
This will sound odd but leftover rib hash is good stuff. Strip the cooked meat off the bones(I usually use the trim off St.Louis ribs for this), chop then add to fine diced baked potato. Serve with 2 fried eggs on top for the lunch crowd.
I make the pizza inn dough form the site TeamFat linked. Make extra and after the overnight rise I punch it down and freeze it. Take it that morning and toss it in a loosely covered container to thaw and rise again. I almost always have pizza dough balls in the freezer for that purpose. It can be quick thawed and rise in a oven you heat to 100 degrees, turn off and then put the dough in to rise but the long counter top rise is much tastier because the dough develops better...
New Posts  All Forums: