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A sirloin roast would be best for the roast to medium rare treatment. Chuck needs to be cooked to fall apart stage.
Eat more bacon! Remember when butter and eggs were bad for you? This is more junk science to push an eat less meat agenda!
I fried up that pile of scraps for a snack, good stuff! I have 2 more pork roasts waiting at the butchers to turn into cottage bacon. Cooler temps help keep the Traeger temps down on smoke setting. I averaged 145f the entire smoke.
After a 3 day fridge rest after smoking, firms it up for slicing. Pardon the messy stove, I just finished canning tomato sauce and made a mess!       And sliced and portioned into sandwich sizes. Cottage bacon is a cross between a ham and bacon in flavor. This was from a locally raised hog and was leaner than I would like.  
I cheat and use a sheet of parchment paper under the crust. Slide it onto my baking stone. Haven't had one burn even at 550 degrees!
Silver skin, it is the muscle sheath and can be chewy when cooked but usually a long braise breaks it down.
Did you get the whole shoulder clod? Big hunk of meat!
17 more pints made for the pantry! Thinking at least one more batch of apples and I should be set for the year! Takes about 2 1/2 hours start to finish so it is a chore!
I always cook chuck roasts at 325 in the oven in a dutch oven or roaster(I have a Graniteware roaster that is 70 years old!). Brown the meat well on both side, put in the roaster or brown in the dutch oven, add liquid about 1/3 way up the meat. Put in the low oven and let it cook for an hour or two then add root vegetables like potatoes and carrots and return it to the oven and cook until tender. I can't give times because the meat will set the cooking time. I use grass...
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