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Maybe a toasted bread cup, it will crumble and add some crunch to the pasta while being pretty neutral in flavor. It will hold the sauce for the time it takes to get it to the table. Butter the interior to make it more resistant to getting soggy.   Baked pancetta cup, adds some flavor and little crispy ham bits...   Blanch and peel tomatoes, cut the top off and scoop out the insides leaving a thin shell, will add a bit of tomato flavor
Nothing added to the burger but makes me wonder if a teaspoon of Better than Bullion beef base mixed int the burger would kick the flavor up. Then a little less salt on the outside...
I detest watching videos when I could read the recipe in 60 seconds...
I toss them in the seasoned butter raw then bake.
Parchment paper will help, and how much sugar in the garlic rub? I would dip them in a garlic butter I made by simmering garlic in melted butter with S&P to taste then bake hot at 425 or so... I do ranch wings by dipping wings in butter with ranch dressing and they are a hit at parties and easier to make than frying wings for 20 people...
Have fun finding me in England LOL I live in Minnesota. I like craft beers and make a lot of my own.
I take the leftover MX/Spanish rice the next day and add a beaten egg to help bind it then fry it as a patty until crispy(fairly thin) then I top it with the leftover shredded taco meat and serve salsa/sour cream on the side. Make a crispy rice "tortilla" basically.
Iron would not do it it is a common food compound, and if there was a significant amount present you WOULD taste it.
Patties, ale or lager beer
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