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Then your best bet is stainless steel that is induction capable and deal with the pitting in a few years by replacing the pot.
I brush the crust with olive oil to keep the ingredients from making it soggy. Par bake 2 minutes at 450 to set it with the oil then add toppings.
I like to put it on the smoker until it is tender(probe of the thermometer pushes in easy). That can vary depending on the brisket it was made from...
Marrow has a ton of flavor... in a roast it adds a lot.
Helps release the marrow into whatever you are cooking, and it makes access to the marrow easier...
Glass or ceramic is your best bet with pyrex being my first choice, stainless will work but it will pit after time. Cast iron is a no way, even of enameled because it has hairline cracks in the enamel we can't see but salt will eventually penetrate.
I have had 3 inpatient hospital stays. First 2 were typical bad hospital food served on their schedule, I called a friend and had him smuggle in chinese takeout for those 2 stays so I had a decent meal. Last stay was overnight for my neck fusion. I was early morning surgery and around 6 I was hungry. They had skipped me for meals thinking my throat would be to sore but I asked for food so they handed me a menu. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, steamed green beans...
I saw some cross contamination possibilities. You handled the baking platter after touching the raw chicken, washed your hands, then handled it again... with chicken I am super cautious in the kitchen! I use gloves to handle it!
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