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275 for 6-9 hours, do not foil it until done. Then foil it, drop it into a towel lined small cooler and it will hold 6 hours easy. Heavy coat of rub, totally cover it!
Tried something new tonight. I grow a Japanese mustard green that I use in salads mainly. Tonight I tried sauteing some with garlic, olive oil, salt.  Raw it is pungent and sharp, cooked it had a very surprising nutty taste! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brassica_juncea
Baked wild rice is always good, add mushrooms, onion, garlic, use good stock to make it...
Knife grip is an individual thing, what is comfortable for one may not be for another!
Pretty much out of last years tomatoes, one bag in the freezer of mixed color is it. Was a bad year for tomatoes.
Being a salt fiend... I will stick to regular!
Sigh not in season here yet and grocery store tomatoes are dreck!
Looks like a panko bread coating... a piece cut open would have helped show thickness of the coat...   I salt and pepper the fish, dredge in seasoned flour then fry. Very light thin crispy coating but the fish I get is primarily freshwater and very light flavored so a heavier coating can smother the taste of the fish.
I like to slow smoke cuts like this to about 135 internal. Let it rest overnight then run it on the slicer for french dips.
"Canola oil is made at a processing facility by slightly heating and then crushing the seed. Almost all commercial canola oil is then refined using hexane. Finally, the crude oil is refined using water precipitation and acid, "bleaching" with clay, and deodorizing using steam distillation.[22] About 43% of a seed is oil;[23] the remainder is a rapeseed meal that is used as animal feed. About 23 kg (51 lb) of rapeseed makes 10 L (2.64 US gal) of canola oil. Canola oil is a...
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