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YUM! Love roast beef!
St Louis trim does have part of the chine bone in it, also tons of cartilage etc.Are they over priced? Yes but don't buy it then. Or buy a slab of spare ribs and trim them and have 2 meals. The trim is great stuff slow simmered in sauerkraut then served over mashed potatoes.  
Looks to be a center cut of the chuck roll. Treat like any other chuck roast. Sear it, into a pan and pot roast. Add a little liquid first if doing it in a 275-300 oven. They will create a lot of their own liquid to cook in. Otherwise for a pot roast on top of the stove add liquid about halfway up the side. Cook until fork tender, make gravy from the cooking liquid!   My garlic and scallion stuffed roast I posted not to long ago was a chuck roast.
Looks like the trim you get when cutting St. Louis style spareribs to me. Good eating actually. Rub, toss them on to smoke, cooks treat. Sure lots of bone and cartilage to pick around but really tasty!
Standard camp cooler, it will keep it hot for hours as long as the lid is closed. Once there you could use 3-4 sterno cans under it to keep it hot. Will need to stir often if it is chilly outside.
Use this temp controller to keep an electric heating pad in the range you want. Set the pad at maximum and let the PID do the control. Easy to wire up if you are familiar with electrical stuff.   http://www.amazon.com/Lerway-All-Purpose-Temperature-Controller-Thermostat/dp/B008KVCPH2/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1424739677&sr=8-16&keywords=PID+temperature
To much heat for authentic Mexican. Most is not very spicy!
I have made some pretty dense loaves at times while experimenting. Ate them but not what I want for a sandwich!
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