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Uncovered for med rare, covered and braise for well done but rump will be tough done that way.
Not so sure the rust converter would handle 1500 degree heat... firebox got that hot when I was heating things up
What temps will your ecb hold and for how long?
Having owned a Klose I can say this, they are a lifetime investment. Properly cared for you will be passing it down to your kids! Smooth welds, no sharp edges to cut fingers on like cheaper pits. Doors seal tight after being broken in(little leakage at the start before you get a good seasoning built up inside), well engineered with fairly even temps side to side(mine ran within 20 degrees except for the 6 inches right by the firebox, that was +60-70). Multiple coats of...
6 slabs of spare ribs on he smoker, turkey on the weber kettle grill(if you have never tried this you need to! Easiest way to cook a turkey for an outdoor crowd!) 2 kinds of baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, tuna macaroni salad, sweet corn, hot dogs and burgers for anyone who hates ribs and turkey. Various chips, dips, fresh veg from local gardens, several desserts... around 30 people this year with all the little ones.
You didn't mention price so here isĀ  a mid range smoker http://www.horizonbbqsmokers.com/backyard-smokers-1/20-classic-smoker Now for the Cadillac of pits http://www.bbqpits.com/backyard_smokers/20x36_deluxe_smoker.htm
Create your own cookbook and save recipes to it!
I grew up drinking A little mixed into juice...
Mulberries, gooseberries are producing well this year. I have been picking mulberries for a week, it is now slowing finally and good thing! I am running out of freezer space! I will make jam and syrup later on a cool day.
Meds and a glass of V8 with pickle juice and some habenero hot sauce... and a coke...
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