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I made turkey stock 2 days ago, didn't have time for soup until today though. Simmering now with onion, celery, carrot. I will add rice in a bit then add some green beans and sweet corn from my garden. Add chopped leftover meat at the end. I will freeze a couple pints of this for quick meals.   Turkey seems to get eaten for 5-6 days after thanksgiving in one form or another!
I always make a whole turkey(better presentation) and I start it at 425 to brown it then turn it down to 325 after adding the stuffing to the pan and finish cooking loosely covered.
No pictures but I took a 9 pound turkey, stuffed herb butter under the skin over the breasts then while it browned at 425 I mixed the stuffing. Crunch stuffing bread cubes(plain) about halfway for a mix of crumbs and cubes for texture, add an egg per bag(I made 2 bags), seasoning to taste, then add turkey broth I make ahead from whatever cheap parts I can find, necks and backs etc. Add just enough broth to not have any dry crumb and it just sticks together. I then put this...
Forgot one of my standbys for chicken. Slice into bite size pieces, marinate for 1 hr in soy, sesame oil, rice vinegar, onion, garlic, seasonings of choice. Drain and stir fry the chicken until part way cooked. Remove from pan and add the veg of choice and cook, return the chicken and marinade when the veg is about half done and finish. You can add some chicken stock and thicken if you want some sauce or serve as is with the little bit of natural juices.
My grass fed was $3 pound cut wrapped and delivered to my front door frozen, Local farmer who sells direct, they use a local small butcher with a spotless shop. I asked the butcher if he would eat his hamburger rare and he grabbed a piece raw off the grinder and ate it. Good meat processed right then frozen can be very very good. With a 50 mile round trip for groceries I do my buying in bulk, and with beef and pork I buy once a year, 1/4 of beef, 1/2 a hog. Buy chickens 10...
I use frozen beef and have had guests tell me my steaks are the best they have ever had. Key is the beef I buy is grass fed then finished for a month on grains and grass. Fully thaw and let it come to room temp is key. Pat dry, season one side, into a screaming hot pan with a little oil. Leave it there until it moves when I shake the pan. Season the other side and flip, sear again then turn the heat down about halfway through searing and let it get to the level I...
I have not tried sprouted grains yet. The KA flour mill is not bad, not great but it does the job. Make sure to pour your wheat on a sheet tray and pick out the trash before grinding. I think it also has a pretty decent adjustment range so cracked wheat should be doable. Using home ground flour means adjusting recipes to whole wheat. Most of the good bread baking books cover this along with the Fresh Loaf website having a section on it.   You will see a huge taste...
One thing I may have forgot, wheat berries stored in a sealed container in a cool place last a year easy. They do not go stale like flour
Wrap in bacon for fat is another twist
Salmon may have been vacuum marinated, that opens up the meat and lets it draw in the marinade
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