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Nice revival of an 11 year old thread!
You can't make salmon edible to me! Way to oily! But I hate trout too! Swap to a fish he likes. Haddock is good, cod is good and both are healthy! But I would shy away from Pacific fishes right now!
If you must serve it whole a good slicer knife and practice cutting!
Steak wasn't even cooked! Outside painted with something brown and fake grill lines drawn on top!
Okay I see my serving of bacon, where is yours?
Or the lazy cheesecake... that isn't baked...   CoolWhip Cream cheese  beat those 2 until smooth then pour into a graham cracker crust. Top with fruit of choice when served!
I find that a month in the freezer really lets the smoke flavor penetrate the bacon. It is good fresh smoked but gets better after a bit of aging!
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