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Really no commercial sub that isn't high in salt. You could make your own stock and really reduce it to a syrup consistency then freeze it in ice cube trays. But the Better than Bouillon pastes are good, still high in salt though.
Any living relatives you could ask for recipes? I have been getting my mom's and putting them into a family cookbook. Every family member gets a section divided into breakfast,lunch, supper, snacks, deserts. At 300 pages now and counting. I publish a digital edition for family embers every year with the updates and print out a copy for mom who is computer challenged at 79 years old.
Just make the Bisquick egg pie and be done with it, toss your sauce over the top... bisquick, eggs, milk, bacon, cheese... bake it. One of my breakfast for a crowd dishes
Freeze drying is the on;y way to do this and not damage the flavor to badly.
I blanch, cut from the cob, and freeze my own corn in a vac bag with a pat of frozen butter(keeps it from ending up in the food saver). Take a bag out, drop in simmering water and nice hot as close to corn on the cob as you can get.
I think it is the lack of taste with zucchini, one of the most bland things I have ever eaten. Around here people end up trying to give them away, you don't leave your car unlocked or you might find a bag of them in your front seat
Yechhhhh very few frozen foods are edible to me. Sure I will make them once in a great while for a quick fill meal but the ketchup/hot/sauce tends to cover up bad taste!
So eat the stuffing and rice and hide the zucchini where? I am one of the haters but the stuffing might be okay
Arby's are at the top of the greasy list... and they never break apart the ones that are all twisted together so they fry into a lump, horrible and nasty
Cheeseburger pizza is very common where I live. Most pizza places have it on the menu. Ground beef in small pieces, cheddar cheese...
New Posts  All Forums: