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FoodSaver all the way, I am on my 4th one in 25 years. I vac bag a lot, been blanching and freezing a lot of garden veg the last month. Freeze bread on a tray then vac bag it to keep it from freezer burning. I buy 2 pound blocks of white cheddar, cut it in thirds and vac bag and freeze 2 pieces. Stocks I either pressure can or I freeze in mason jars. Can get cheaper bags at Goodmans.
I just buy Rico's brand in the can.... easier, handy, stores in my pantry for the night I don't want to cook and just make some refried bean nachos
Canning tomatoes is relatively easy and safe as long as you follow the recipe and add the lemon juice to make sure it is acid enough. Simple water bath canning that can be done in a stockpot with a folded towel on the bottom to protect the jars while they boil. A step up would be a canning kit from WalMart, affordable and easier to use. Tomatoes can be ran through a strainer then made into sauce. Water bath can then it will store for a year or more on your pantry shelf. I...
My romas have been ripening in groups of 5-6 so I have been slicing off the stem end popping them whole into a foodsaver bag then vac bagging, hit seal as soon as juice appears. Pop the bags into the freezer fo ruse later this winter.
salt both sides to help create that nice crust, and I prefer seas salt but usually use kosher because it is cheaper and when cooked the flavor difference really isn't there.
Salt right before it hits the pan!
I have dome many fresh hams on the weber kettle charcoal grill. Cook indirect with charcoal on both sides, mop with 7up. Pull when temp reaches 145 near the bone.
dried herbs on the stem, for sweet make hard candy toothpicks by pouring into powdered sugar molds
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