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I use them in place of bread crumbs in meatballs and meatloaf. I grind them in my spice millĀ  to a fluffy flour. They really make for a light juicy meatball/loaf.
Corned beef once a year as a meal with potato, carrot, cabbage yes. Reuben sandwiches I can eat fairly often! And I like to smoke, slice and vacuum pack corned beef for fake pastrami throughout the year.
grab a few stems, root in water, plant in a container
Nettles, wild asparagus, dandelions, purslane, thistle, pigweed, clovers...
some other smoker brands... http://www.hawgeyesbbq.com/shop/?smokers&show=category&productCategoryID=6884&productCategoryIDs=6880,6884
Not knowing what the regulations are like there as far as cooking equipment(stainless required?) it is hard to offer advice. If you can find food grade open top 55 gallon drums locally you can make a smoker for about $100 that will hold quite a bit. $3500 is not much of a budget in the custom smoker market in the size you want my 20 sq foot trailer mounted pit from Klose BBQ Pits was $4500 by the time I shipped it up here.
I have killed and butchered since I was 10 on my grandparents farm. Sunday chickens were caught and killed Saturday night, plucked and cleaned so they were ready for Sunday dinner after church
Had a 12oz rib steak the other night.. cost me $2.44... grass fed organic beef. I buy 1/4 of beef each year. Looking to buy 1/2 hog soon and some local farm raised chickens. Lettuce today was pitiful, 2 tiny heads of romaine were $1.78 each and I do mean tiny... like half normal size.
Beer is demanding because of the need for sterility until the yeast is pitched, and for the differences in water depending on location. Commercial breweries treat their water and add minerals to make it the same no matter which part of the country they are in. Home brewers are stuck with their tap water and some mild treatments that they can do to lower the level of hardness(not good for brewing in to large of amounts). Then the yeast strain, the hops variety, the...
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