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If a caterer refuse to satisfy a customer they will not be in business long! I catered BBQ for 7 years(until my back gave out) and often used a customers recipe and seasoning preferences. It is their party not mine! I have to satisfy them and not my ego! More than once I was asked to do pork loin and it CAN be done. Low heat smoke for a few hours, when it reaches 145 I foiled and added liquid and back onto the pit. it will pull but not like a shoulder. It is not as moist...
My rule of thumb for men and teenagers is 1 pound raw per person. After 40% shrinkage from fat loss you end up with 1/2+ pound per person so a cushion for the really big eaters. One year at my annual BBQ a six year old girl put away 1 pound of pulled pork! Her 7 year old sister ate an entire slab of spare ribs by herself!
Smoke it at home, pull it and put it in baggies. Day of reheat... save all the juice that comes off while pulling and it will stay moist
Mine was cooked yesterday! And ate! Today I smoked a chuck roast, it is resting for a bit then I am pulling it for sandwiches.
Okay a little dark on the skin(wasn't burnt but close, rub is high in sugar) smoked chicken leg quarter and a smoked baked potato. I cooked at 375 so the skin was nice and crispy! On the potato too! Rubbed was Smokin' Guns mild and is my go to pork and chicken rub a lot of the time.  
And I have a chicken leg quarter on the smoker... to bad I got the skin side a bit crispy...
I often look at a recipe and come up with something totally different using the ingredients listed... cooking is all about experimenting for me!
I was just saying be careful! There are cheap hair dryers out there that may not have the required safeties! Last one I got from WalMart got hot enough to start paper on fire and ended up being recalled!
Squid? That is what a couple of online dictionaries came up with. I know of nothing in it that is dangerous...
That just screams fire hazard to me if something fails...
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