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Salt peter is no longer used for a meat cure. Prague Powder #1 & 2, Morton Tender Quick are meat cures that will give the pink color you are looking for. The Prague powders will not add much salt while tender quick will.
80/20 chuck, hand form into 1/4 pound patties, if you have problems getting them off a plate chill it first in the freezer.
I don't remember the model, I have had it for 30 years and it was originally my moms. Probably something cheap because fit on it is not good but it works. Leaks tomato juice from a few spots and drips so I lay paper towels on the floor under it and on the counter. Looks a lot like that one though.
Let an oak fire burn down to coals, season a 1-2 inch thick ribeye and drop it right on the bed of coals to cook. Look for a spot that is not super hot if you like medium and not rare.
Going to count wild rice as rice(it is really a grass).?
WalMart online has pickling salt and a lot of the time free home delivery if you order enough
If they are falling apart with no filler you are either using to lean of meat, or not properly forming them.
The screw press is nice, no seeding or skin removal, cut in half or quarters and in it goes
The bags I get at Goodmans work okay, I sometimes have to use hand pressure on the door lever for the foodsaver or it pushes to hard. Never had one of them fail from puncturing or tearing in the freezer. And about half the price of FoodSaver brand bags.
New Posts  All Forums: