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Saw that and it is disgusting!   Chinook IPA, grapefruit and resinous hop smell and flavor. Really good drinking beer and would be great on a hot day! Yes it is a bit hazy...  
I would think bacon from any animal would be allowed as long as it is a real bacon and not just a brined hunk of meat. Beef bacon is good stuff too that I haven't made for a year.
This is an extract brew from Northern Brewer called Caribou Slobber, brown ale with a LOT of coffee and chocolate notes to it. Only brewed 2 gallons of this and may have to do more! This one is a good sipping beer after a meal.     I have another I taste tested that will be ready for drinking later this week. Chinook Ale. Pours with a nice orangish head, hits you with grapefruit and pine as you drink it. Thinking it will pair well with poultry and pork.
Extract brews have really came a long ways since the 80's and the Hawaiian Punch tang they all had. The malt extract has really improved in flavor and there are a lot more varieties out there. Add a partial mash in a bag you steep like tea and you can really make some good beers. The Phat Tire from Northern Brewer came with .5 pounds each of Victory and Bries Caramel 60 pre crushed grains. I chuck them in the pot and steep at 158 for 20 minutes, pull and drain them(do not...
Any other beer brewers in here? I am just getting back into it after a 30 year break. I used to do all grain with a friend. We split the cost of building a micro brewery that supplied beer to both of our families. Back then we did some pretty basic ales in summer and lagers in winter depending on the temps in the brew cave which was a room in the basement that was unheated.   So far I have dabbled in some 1 gallon extract brews to see what I like and what is out there,...
Wow and all my friends who buy a side of beef every year give me the tongues! I like to cure and smoke them slow.
Cut out the core, add a tiny bit of chopped garlic and then stuff the rest with fine chopped bacon(or fine ground) then arrange core up on a foil pan and into the smoker to cook through.
Crock pot the chicken first, 30 minutes before serving add the bagged rice stuff and turn to high. cook until rice is done. I don't have any timing on the chicken...
How formal of an event? Informal setting can be a simple meats, cheeses, vegetables, dips, crackers spread and people help themselves.
I make a reduced salt version for a friend who can't have salt. As long as you have the right acid level you are fine. The salt is there as seasoning.
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