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Miracle Whip! It is a Minnesota thing!
All the main uses have been covered, one I make is a grilled swiss on rye with reheated turkey(toss some butter on the griddle and heat the turkey in it) with a slice of tomato and some thousand island dressing. Kind of a turkey reuben...
This fall, it is a soft neck variety.  Hard neck you plant in fall...
To much beer in chili isn't good either... for 2 pounds of meat I pour in a 12 ounce bottle of good ale(not an IPA the hops are to bitter) or a lager(which I rarely have since I don't brew them). I add enough liquid to cover the meat after it is browned well. Usually water then I add beef Better than Bullion to taste.   Brown your initial chili powder addition when the meat is done and you will add an amazing depth of flavor to the chili!
350f-375f as mentioned for the oil temp in the pan. That will likely require you to start on high, let it hit 375, add the fish and when the oil recovers to 350-360 turn the heat down to maintain that temp. Every stove is different so we can't give you an actual burner setting.
Sounds like the margarine formed a cap over the hot liquid. When she broke that fat cup it released the liquid underneath to boil out.
This variety is supposed to do well over summer.
My garlic and horseradish arrived today. I will get it in the ground tomorrow! I have a spot out back to put the horseradish. If it gets out of control I will just mow it off on the edges!
What cut of beef ribs? Some take longer cooking to get tender. I used to order a case of dinosaur ribs every year. Basically a chuck roast on 3 rib bones that were 2" thick and about 10 inches long. I would toss those on the smoker and slow cook them until falling apart tender. 1 rib serving was close to a pound of meat and I saw a 12 year old girl eat 3 of them in one sitting because she absolutely loved them!   If they are the ribs off a rib roast they are more tender...
Forget the 3 varieties of hops i planted this year. I started brewing my own beer again after a 30 year pause and the prices of hops are nuts! Seed potatoes are cut and drying to go in tomorrow. Doing 5 hills of them in a 15 foot row.
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