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I can bake... I just am not a fan of it!
People tell me I should open a restaurant... I look at them and tell them I have no intention of working 80+ hours a week! Guess my food is okay!
There used to be an authentic Mexican place in a town near me. They went out of business because to many claimed the food wasn't spicy hot so it couldn't be authentic... Traditional MX home cooking is not always sear your mouth hot! Sure they use chilies to add flavor and some heat but not the over the top we see in the USA. Cumin is a base spice as is a mild ancho chili according to some friends from MX. 
Only thing I use my slow cooker for is baked beans for BBQ parties... the long slow cooking lets the sugars caramelize and since I cheat and use already cooked great northern beans they also break down and make the beans nice and thick.
Buy a hunters meat saw and section it yourself. Easy to clean, entire saw can be scrubbed and dipped in a bleach solution to sterilize.
Believe it or not Great Value Walmart tuna is one of the best I have tried for the low priced offerings! Not mush in a can, it has a lot of whole chunks...
Add Fine chopped onion, dill pickle, bit of celery, fine chopped green olives, miracle whip, squishy white bread, some leaves of iceberg lettuce...this is a comfort food to me from childhood.
And why I would never eat anywhere he works! Anyone who refuses to listen to criticism is not someone I want to support!
YOU are one conceited *******! The customer IS paying you and if they didn't like something then you need to listen! Your bosses sound like they don't have a clue and with your attitude I would NEVER eat where you work!
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