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Cooler, PID temp controller, heater, stirrer to keep the water mixed, rack to hold stuff above the water bath if it is not in a sealed bowl...
Pork butts,ribs, brisket I wrapped in plastic then foil then into a hotbox(aka towel lined cooler with a hot brick in the bottom) when I was catering. Could hold them well above the safe zone for 6 hours or more. Using a commercial holding box would work the same. Keep in mind they keep cooking a bit while held. In my opinion the long rest made for a better product too for butts and brisket, ribs lose some of the crunch I like but they could be crisped up on a grill and...
Good timing, I have 200 pounds of beef arriving next Wed.! Thinking my garlic and scallion stuffed pot roast with mushrooms, potato, carrots roasted with the meat. I use the oven to slow cook at 275 for 3-4 hours.
Cream soups curdle if they boil. I don't know what step you added the cream at but I usually add it at the end and just bring it to a bare simmer then off the heat.
I welcome the bitterness and mix it with sweet lettuces from my garden patch.
I doubt the vanilla bean in that large of an amount. It would be very distinct in the seasoning.
well seasoned cast iron pan, it has some oil that will come to the surface and help brown but it is minimal. But for no fat cooking you really can't beat broiling, I would skip the pan and toss it under the broiler!
If I have to many left from my beef I crumble them into chili, soup, etc.
Tonight is leftover ham sandwiches, potato pancakes made from leftover mashed, salad...
Looks good! 5 months away from gardening time here in MN. I may get some starter trays for the bay window in the kitchen mid April. Nothing goes into the garden until Memorial Day here in Minnesota.
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