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If it is a traditional Texas style chili contest no beans allowed!   Meat should not be ground, it should be hand chopped into small cubes that are all about the same size. Texas chili has no tomato in it usually, when I make it I use 8ounces of tomato sauce to 2 pounds of meat. And definitely no whole or crushed tomatoes. The sauce should be smooth.   So not knowing location, or rules of the contest that is all the help I can give!
That skid mark looks like something my cat did across the floor...(no I am not going to elaborate!). That burger looks downright gross to me, desserts I like simple, piece of apple pie, pumpkin pie, lemon meringue...
Scoop seeds, cut side down in a pan with a tiny bit of water to help steam the inside, when tender flip and fill, I prefer butter and brown sugar.
I think the color came from the variety of cabbage used. A local veggie grower uses it for people who want kraut. This had the perfect tang at 2 week, not super sour(and it will slowly keep fermenting in the fridge). I prefer mine a bit less on the sour scale...
I started fermenting this 2 1/2 weeks ago. Tasted today and it is perfect, lots of tang, not super salty. Shredded the cabbage, mixed with salt, let stand 24 hours then topped up with brine so it was submerged. I use this style crock(Company that made mine is no longer in business) Shredded cabbage layers with salt and smashed down to release the juices. Stashed in my dark pantry at 70...
One of my favorite ways to do a pork steak except you braise it low and slow in the kraut after a good sear.
Possibly not basil... I had weeds in my basil this year that had identical leaves, stalks were red though so I knew what to pull.
Who dies and made him the paella king? There are thousands of recipes with sausage online.
Are you positive you had fresh basil? Taste one of those leaves and see if it numbs your tongue!
Pie pumpkin for cooking is a LOT different than the carving pumpkins that are pretty tasteless.
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