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I know this goes against common sense but the WalMart store brand tuba is pretty dang good! Ranks right up there with the lower cost name brands like Bumble Bee and Chicken of the Sea if not better than them. And for making a quick tuna sandwich where the mayo and other stuff I add(pickles, olives, onion...) cover up the tuna flavor it is very acceptable. As the star of a dish yes I want a better tuna.
Use wild rice instead of white... have to cook it in the stock though because it takes an hour or more to get tender. Other wise of you satrted this with all fresh ingredients it would be good stuff. Maybe sub a good chicken stock for veg stock.
Stick of butter I am using stays on the counter, I use it in about a week in between cooking and on bread. I buy butter on sale and freeze it though. Amish use a butter crock and never refrigerate it... http://www.amishcountrystoreonline.com/butter-bell-azure/
leave it to yuppies to fall for the way poor people learned to use everything when the cook. I have 30 pounds of beef bones to turn into stock!
Butter does fine at room temp for a week and it pairs well with fish of all kinds. Your spice cabinet is anything goes for fish, hard to go wrong really. Lemons keep on the counter for a week or more too! I never refrigerate fruit unless it is cut. Tomato sauce with some fish is good, I have made a baked rice dish where I add the fish towards the end, onion, garlic, salt, pepper, bit of rosemary was what I used.
Wiki article has info on growing, ripening then storage. Sounds like you lick it and let it continue to ripen for 2 weeks then into cool storage for awhile to convert carbs to sugar... almost like a ferment... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabocha
My copy is an older version and I don't remember... but it is just done by flushing with water.
good starter book http://www.amazon.com/Great-Sausage-Recipes-Meat-Curing/dp/0025668609
New Posts  All Forums: