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Pork may need to go to 195-200 internal temp to be pulled. Rest for at least an hour wrapped in foil and then into a towel(catch any leaks/adds insulation) lined cooler(Can hold this way up to 6 hours). This is my baked bean recipe everyone raves about   * Exported from MasterCook *                                Baked Beans Recipe By     :Mary Brown Serving Size  : 16    Preparation Time :0:45 Categories    : sides   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation...
Based on many earthen ovens, make a fire in the upper portion, let it burn down to coals and move it to one side then cook. Or remove the coals completely and cook.
My favorite way to make a roast is cut small slits, stuff with scallion and garlic, flour and brown. Add a 1/2 inch liquid, cover and into a 300 degree oven.
My favorite bacon cure is one with light sugar(maple, brown sugar, honey take your pick), salt, cure, lots of black pepper. Makes a bacon that goes well in anything. I have to find a source for fresh bellies!   That slab of short ribs is the exact cut I prefer to make. Almost like beef bacon on a stick. Good on its own or as a filling for tacos, sandwiches, shredded and seasoned into chimichangas... I have to pick something up for the smoker on Friday when I go to town.
make a form the size of the mini dogs, wrap bacon around it and deep fry until crisp. Slip mini dog into it, stick, batter, fry. I would wrap the bacon them a fold over the top so it doesn't slide off the mini dogs. Could precook a bunch and have it ready to assemble. Don't get to crisp or it won't handle well.
My lasagna is far from traditional but well liked, also a heart attack on a plate form all the cheese! 5 cheese lasagna made with the following ratio:   1 pound very thick meat sauce that doesn't have a lot of tomato. Sauce should not run or drip. 1 pound drained cottage cheese(I hate ricotta texture, can sub it), 1 pound mozzarella, 8 oz parm, 8 oz romano, 8 oz cheddar(for the top, makes a nice crust).   Start with a little meat sauce in the bottom of a pan, add...
Did you blanch and peel it first?
This is in a town of 280 so it is a tough thing to ride out. Once she gets produce from her CSA into the store people will start to shop there more. She has already tripled the lunch crowd with better food. Store also serves as a mini cafe with 1 big round table.
Friend of mine bought the small grocery store here in town. She is trying to change it from being a convenience store into more of a place for local growers to showcase their products. I will pay more to get stuff there knowing that it is local, raised right, and not loaded with chemicals. Of course she will continue to carry some canned foods, along with frozen veg etc for those who don't know how to or care to cook for themselves. I got some local asparagus the other day...
Interesting Ordo, reminds of the way a whole pig is sometimes BBQed here in the USA. Butterfly it but leave bone in, put it between 2 grates for flipping and shovel coals under it to cook. Often used a stacked cinderblock pit to support the grate. I have done a few that way and it is the most flavorful way to cook pork. Plus all the skin gets nice and crispy and tasty...
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