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Are they individual pieces or one block? If one block they can be slow smoked at 225 until tender. If pieces I would give them and hour or two of low temp smoke then into a steam table pan with foil over it. Then back on the BGE or into a 250 oven. Watch for drying if they are pieces when smoking them, might need to shorten time.
Original Anchor Wings were made with Franks Hot Sauce, I buy it by the 1/2 gallon.
Yup loin backs were cheaper than spares when I was at the store. These were on the reduced price section because the use by date was next day. Meat guys were gone for the day or I would have gotten cryovaced spares a lot cheaper. Usually 3 slabs to a package for spares when I buy that way and they don't have to trim them etc so price is better. I will cook all 3 and then vac bag some for winter.
Tonight's supper, ribs on the Traeger with hickory, ran at 250 because I got them on late. Perfect level of done for me, just slight resistance to pulling off the bone and very juicy. Served "dry" (no sauce just extra rub). Had a plate of sliced cucumber and green pepper, and some hash brown patties(yes lazy but I am cooking with 9 stitches in my right hand).  
Some sort of green, spinach but it looks to big for that. Bibb lettuce? Taste a small piece of leave and see f it is sweet or bitter(spit it out if bitter).
Tomatoes and corn are doing well, beans so-so many got hit by grasshoppers. Cucumbers are trying but the cool weather has really slowed them down. Picked about half the radishes, first one got a quick rinse under the hose and eaten right in the garden. I love fresh picked radishes. Salad greens are finally taking off, hope they don't bolt right away when it gets hotter. Herbs look good, turnips look good and I have had a few meals of greens there too.
Save the fat to add back to leaner grinds for sausage, pork burgers, etc.
Competition BBQ is a lot different than home BBQ. It is cooking designed to get the judge to say WOW after 1 or 2 bites. So flavors are intensified to a point where you would not want to eat an entire slab of ribs that way.   Just put a small slab of baby backs on. Probably take 2 1/2 hours maybe 3. I do baste every hour and flip them at that time. My rib baste is a simple olive oil/cider vinegar mix. It sets the bark(outer crunchy layer on BBQ meats) and adds another...
Small town living is the only way to go, woke up and the neighbor had tied his horses out in my yard to graze. I had hand surgery and can't mow yet so he is "cutting" my grass for me
I will stick to proven methods until the USDA says it is safe to use an oven. The only jars that really need it are those with short water bath times or for making my refrigerator pickles where boiling brine is poured over packed jars, lids and bands put on then let cool(They usually seal while cooing). Once cool they go into the fridge for storage up to a year.
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