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Bone broth is made from bare rendering bones with no meat on them. Roasted to a deep brown then simmered for 24 hours for beef.
My doc told me I was "gluten intolerant" so I started researching. It is NOT the gluten, it is the residue of Roundup and the proteins in modern wheat that are not present in older strains. I started grinding my own flour from heirloom wheat and have no problems with it at all. Add in they remove a lot of the stuff in wheat that helps you digest it when you buy commercial flour. And they add all kinds of chemicals!
One I used to make for parties where deep frying wasn't an option...   Trim tips off wings. Dip in butter then shake ranch dressing mix on top. Bake in a 425 oven until done.
Take wings, separate into the drum and wing section(as mentioned, keep the tips for stock! I toss them in a foodsaver bag until I have enough). Deep fry. When done toss in a 50/50 mix of melted butter and Franks hot sauce. This is supposed to be the original Anchor Bar wing recipe. I usually bump the Franks/butter to more like 60/40. Heat the hot sauce then off the heat melt in the butter so it doesn't break.   But i am being lazy tomorrow, bunch of deep friend junk food!
In MN we call that a hotdish and it can be any one dish meal.
Hmm I have been hungry for chimichangas smothered in a beef/onion gravy... or maybe a nacho cheese sauce...
With spring coming up I was looking forward to the garden forum again...
Edge Pro sharpener! Not cheap but it puts a repeatable edge on a blade.
Penzeys! I have bought from them for years and have never been disappointed! Mostly whole spices but their onion and garlic powder are good stuff!
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