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Base pepper for a batch of texas red(chili). Add hotter dried peppers, cumin, garlic and onions, some good beef diced small...
Bacon anything is great bar food, bacon wrapped peppers for example and they can be premade then grilled to order. Stuffed baked potato skins, use the excess potato from them to make a potato pancake to serve as a side dish.
I never use an egg wash and the bread crumbs stick okay, sure you lose some to the pan but hey those crunchy bits are tasty to snack on!
More of a nuisance than anything. Doesn't hurt unless I bend it to far.  I removed the stitches myself, I wasn't spending money on the doc, gas to drive 50 miles etc to cut 3 little pieces of string and pull them out! Doc said the sharpness of the knife was a good thing, clean cut versus a ragged edge that won't heal well.   This happened because of the ruptured discs in my neck, right hand went numb and I dropped the knife, had no finger control. Fun left over from the...
Don't drop a freshly sharpened(I finish with 2,000 grit polish, think scalpel sharp) 10 inch chefs knife on top of your other hand. Partially severed tendon, 7 stitches total. Just got out of the wrist brace I have been wearing for 3 weeks, still need to wear a funky finger brace.  
I ate a lot of apple butter as a child but now I don't eat a lot of bread so I don't make it. If I do have bread it is likely as garlic bread, or a dinner roll or a bun to hold something. I grind my own flour, prep a batch of dough and then preform it into what I like then freeze it on a sheet pan on top of parchment paper. Make sure everything is well oiled before freezing. Then the night before I thaw in the fridge and that morning I take it out to rise. Fresh baked as I...
Picked up a peck of apples from the orchard 5 miles away, ended with 17 pints of apples caned in a medium syrup. Drained they can be used in pies but I sometimes just dump them i a bowl and eat! Pics after last 8 jars come out of the canner. Would have been 18 quarts but I think I ate 2 apples as I ran them thru the peeler/slicer. Canned a jar of syrup, why waste it when I can use it for the next batch!  
Ugly drum smoker made from a food grade 55 gallon drum(olive oil etc gets shipped in bulk) http://howtobbqright.com/udssmoker.html
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