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Hmm I have been hungry for chimichangas smothered in a beef/onion gravy... or maybe a nacho cheese sauce...
With spring coming up I was looking forward to the garden forum again...
Edge Pro sharpener! Not cheap but it puts a repeatable edge on a blade.
Penzeys! I have bought from them for years and have never been disappointed! Mostly whole spices but their onion and garlic powder are good stuff!
I use 2 jars, one I am working from is oldest, second is new. When I empty the first I switch to the second, wash the first then start using it to fill. Gives me a first in , first out rotation so it doesn't get stale.
An enamel pan does not need seasoning! Soap, water, strip it down to the enamel! My Lodge enamel dutch oven is almost non-stick inside! I made a roast in it last Friday, ate the last of the leftovers on Sunday and washed it. After sitting 3 days in the fridge it wiped right off!
All out favorite is a chuck roast. Low and slow in a 300f oven after browning it.
If I have to much I dump it in the deep fat fryer, adds great flavor to french fries etc! Sure it breaks the oil down faster but hey, flavor!
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