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If you do a search you will find a thread with tons of them....
My bison rub is rosemary, ground bay, tiny tiny bit of ground dill seed, onion/garlic powder, black pepper, salt
Hot sear then low heat to desired doneness, DO NOT cook well done game meat is leaner and it will dry out. Personally I sear over high heat and usually it is up to about 120 in the center by then and that is done for me.
I have a flat bottomed wok that is well seasoned. Meat rarely sticks, only if it has a lot of sugar in the marinade. And one burner on my gas stove gets it hot enough for a quick sear.
I use the lift in the middle with tongs technique, if the meat starts to tear they are done. If they fall apart over done for my taste, some like them that way.
Facing 2 surgeries eventually. Have to finish winding my way through all the conservative stuff they always want to try first. Carpal tunnel a second time on my right wrist because I bent the shift lever an inch with that hand. And a neck fusion, have a neck injection coming up on the 12th then see the neurosurgeon again end of the month.7 months of crippling pain have not been fun.
I will be watching this one too, like the food, horrible at cooking it. I manage an okay stir fry is about it.
A nice Yaseu Ham radio at japanese prices(lot cheaper there than here), pass on any food, to big of a chance it is Fuku contaminated.
Chicken is easy to get wrong... rubber skin, dry... pork butt really isn't that much work, trim any really thick fat if you want(I don't bother, it renders down) sprinkle with rub, toss on smoker and cook lol
Congrats MK! I wanted to enter but still fighting car accident injuries and doing a full blown BBQ meal requires to much energy
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