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Grilled cheese, tomato soup hands down favorite. Simple, quick to make. And by grilled cheese it can be more than bread and cheese! Different meats, tomato etc are all fair game!
Quick and soup don't belong in the same sentence in my house... soups are a simmer it 3-4 hours or more thing!
I saute in bacon fat with garlic, salt, pepper... or if the leaves are really big it is great in soups like bacon/potato soup. I saute the kale then cook it in the soup until it is very tender and soft.
Precook the hash, take a portable burner to the meeting for the eggs. Hold the hash in a crock pot on low...
If she likes spicy food use just cream cheese and add chopped and sauteed hot peppers. Could do a brush of Franks hot sauce and butter on the outside too!
Even tough grass fed beef cooks faster than grain fed. An example is a chuck roast. My roasts are around 3-4 pounds and grain fed I used to cook for 4 hours at 275 degree oven. Grass fed I can cook to falling apart tender in 3 hours or less!
Opposite direction, grass fed stays tender when cooker for a shorter amount of time.
Being a chuck roll it doesn't have sections to take apart like that... cross cut it into 3-4 inch thick roasts and be done with it!
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