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If I have to much I dump it in the deep fat fryer, adds great flavor to french fries etc! Sure it breaks the oil down faster but hey, flavor!
Classic sloppy joe! Needs pickles!
I have 2 jars going usually, one I add to one I am taking from... have had it last over a year before starting to smell a little funky. If it gets old I use it in bacon fat candles!
Box of Jiffy with 2 eggs and some of my frozen corn from the garden along with white cheddar and crumbled bacon...
My Chili powder(the homemade) is a mix of 12 peppers... Ancho base, chipotle, jalapeno, habenero, guajillo, serano, thai bird peppers, pasila, arbol, cascabel, morita all hand ground then I add garlic and onion powder, salt, black pepper, half sharp smoked paprika, and cumin... it has a very deep rounded flavor... I will not give amounts because I am thinking of offering it for sale!
Pot of Texas red(chili for the heathens) simmering on the stove. I cubed some round steak, rendered out the trimmed fat, browned the meat in the fat, added the chopped onion and browned that, added 1/4 cup of mild chili powder, water to cover, tablespoon or so of beef Better than Bullion. I will add some of my homemade chili powder blend(extremely hot) in a bit as it finishes cooking. Pot of pinto beans simmering to ladle the chili over. Will post a picture later! This is...
Dang and I just finished a plate full of buffalo wings!! Talk about feature peppers! Butter and Franks hot sauce!
I prefer corned beef in a rueben!
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