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Steak wasn't even cooked! Outside painted with something brown and fake grill lines drawn on top!
Okay I see my serving of bacon, where is yours?
Or the lazy cheesecake... that isn't baked...   CoolWhip Cream cheese  beat those 2 until smooth then pour into a graham cracker crust. Top with fruit of choice when served!
I find that a month in the freezer really lets the smoke flavor penetrate the bacon. It is good fresh smoked but gets better after a bit of aging!
Pastrami is made from beef brisket.
Classic steak and Eggs with a hashbrown bed. Eggs over easy of course!  
The only reason to use a SMALL amount of water it to get the fat melting out. After that use low heat and wait for it to cook out while stirring often.
Butterfly the bone out of a pork butt so it is about 3 inches thick all the way across(can be cut into 2 pieces for easier handling), the I used a commercial bacon cure from High Mountain Jerkey... not much to it. I put the butt in a gallon vacuum bag, dumped in the cure(next time I am adding a bit of homey or maple syrup) and massaged it onto all the meat sides by moving the bag around(why get your fingers dirty!) then I vacuum sealed the bag and into the fridge to cure...
Wild Rice Turkey Carcass Soup     Ate 2 meals and froze a quart!
Turkey wild rice soup:   Turkey bone stock Chopped leftover turkey chopped onion chopped garlic chopped carrot chopped celery wild rice fat for sauteing(I used turkey fat I skimmed off the stock)   Saute the onion and celery until clear, add the garlic and cook until tender. Add the stock and bring to a simmer. Add the wild rice and simmer until almost done(can take 1-2 hours). Add the carrot and celery and simmer until tender. Add the meat and bring back to a...
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