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Being a garlic freak(I nibble it raw while chopping) there is not such thing as to much. But some people object to biting into pieces of garlic so this is a way to add flavor without the garlic bits in the food.
Everyone should own one of these              in a pinch you can use a paint free blade in a sawszall to cut meat too
Omelets are a standard meal in my house at least once a week, typically bacon/onion/broccoli/cheddar. But I am a heretic and like mine browned a bit on the outside and fully set inside.
Removing the garlic seems to be common in many dishes where you want a more delicate garlic flavor instead of in your face garlic.
If you only want to cook a portion of it get a meat saw and hack that much off and leave it frozen.
Pike is so good just floured and fried in a pan. Little salt and pepper. Simple, easy, no more work than a fish stick and it will be tasty
Been picking lots of green beans, about the only thing other than lettuce that is producing. Roma tomatoes are loaded with 1 almost ripe, beefsteak are just first flowering. Sweet corn is struggling and the grasshoppers are taking a toll on the leaves. Turnips I planted for greens have been setting nice bulbs, about 2 inches now so not to long before I start to pick and freeze those.
Most summers peppers do well here, this year not so much. Been to cool.
I always pickle peppers in the fall, farmers markets will have end of season baskets full that I buy cheap. I do a mixes hot pepper that can be anything up to habenero, plain pickled jalapeno slices, and pickled banana peppers for milder use.
Why instant? Regular rice takes 20 minutes to cook and is easy. twice as much water as rice, bit of salt and any seasonings and herbs, bring to a simmer, cover and set the timer for 20 minutes.
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