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It is a Minnesota thing... what can I say...
I get ground beef in my 1/4 I buy every year. Being grass fed it is very tasty. I grill or broil then onto a toasted buttered bun. Toppings can be anything, same for seasoning. depends on my mood and what I have in the house!
Standard Minnesota pheasant, into the crock pot with chicken stock and mushroom soup to slow cook until tender... yes people in MN use mushroom soup a lot...
As long as you are not canning this it should be okay. Might want to add like a 1/2 cup of each vinegar to get the acid level back up after the mushroom juice diluted it.
buffalo wings, cut up veg, tator tots, chips, dip... simple stuff. Just myself this year because I am still nursing an injured neck
trim visible surface silver skin, ignore the rest. Same for fat, take off what is easy to get too. Don't sweat the small stuff and cook it and eat! I have skinned/gutted them and put them on a spit over a campfire without much other trimming and they turn out fine.
Buffalo wings, tator tots, various veggies to munch, just myself this year so simple
Low and slow... or be prepared to chew.
Cheap flashlights are not good... buy good ones and scatter tam around the house where people can grab one if power fails. I use Maglight AA cell flashlights and have a dozen of them around here. Make sure they are LED for long battery life! And a neat trick is buy those outdoor solar spotlights, put the solar panel outside and mount the light inside the house as an emergency backup light. They are motion sensing so come on when someone enters that room.
I use it in soups a lot, potato, bacon, kale soup is great stuff.
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