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Careful with the porcini, a little goes a long long way.
I'm with you on the dehydrated veggies @chefbuba but mushrooms handle this well. I've got chanterelles in my pantry! At nearly $30 per pound and available only at certain times of year I can only afford to buy my favorite mushroom once a year for a special occasion but I can keep it in dry form forever.
Is anyone watching this on Netflix? I think it's super fun. It's by the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond Phil Rosenthal who has taken it upon himself to travel to various cities and taste the local foods. There are 6 episodes (Tokyo, Florence, Paris, Hong Kong, Barcelona, and LA) it's really funny but also interesting.
Dehydrated mushrooms are great.  I have a collection of various shrooms.  What do you want to use them for?  I wouldn't use them for topping steak for example, but I chop them up and throw into a risotto or a stew.  I also like to place them in beef barley mushroom stock.  I also grind them up and mix them with breadcrumbs for pangrattata.
For those who add pork to their burgers, does it mean you have to cook your burgers more thoroughly than if you were using just beef?
 Sure sure, but I'll take a salty crusty outside over an evenly cooked inside.  I know that an even pink cooking is the preferred outcome for most, but I like to sear the meat on all sides and I rather enjoy the outer portion to be cooked and the inside to be near red like this.  I achieve this by cooking in a high heat oven over the standard low heat cooking that ensures the perfectly cooked even cooking.  I really like the juxtaposition of the crispy salty crust with the...
I admit I've never put butter on my prime rib. How would I do that?
Looking good guys!  I may have a day off this weekend to tackle a dish for the challenge, really excited about it!
I have my share of silly things in my freezer too. Parmesan rinds, butter wrappers, drippings... Like I said, I lay them flat and put them in a ziploc baggie and they slip between things. It works for me but my freezer is not overly stocked, I keep it to a minimum in there and go through it religiously every month.
Nah, if you lay the butter wrapper flat it takes up no space at all.
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