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Well done!
I don't host Thanksgiving, never did.  It not only is the least exciting food to prepare but there is also so much PRESSURE.  So and so has to have his favorite stuffing and it has to be made just like his mommy use to make, somebody else hates sweet potatoes and therefore HAS to have mashed potatoes instead, everyone dives for the breast meat leaving the hosts with only the dark meat, I skip it all.  I'm happy to bring one of my signature side dishes like my spicy sweet...
I hope everyone has some good ideas for their Tday leftovers for this thread!
I've always not liked turkey much. In fact, I'm pretty ambivalent about most thanksgiving foods. My mother always cooked prime rib and ham for Tday. Now I spend my holidays with more traditional people and so I'm stuck with turkey. I'm pretty hungry this morning slice I didn't eat much at all yesterday. I miss spending Tday with my folks lol.
I prefer lobster but I wouldn't say no to crab!
No, but I've been advised to get a Brenville
We like an intense lemon flavor too but we achieve it with the jus or gravy.  I stuff the cavity with lemon and that's about it.  I roast the chicken on a bed of onion/celery/carrot/herbs and lemon slices and roast in a high heat.  Don't forget to add a little water or vermouth during the roasting process because the bottom of the pan can scorch.     When it is cooked I remove the chicken and allow it to rest.  Then I put the pan on the stove top, stir in a tsp of flour...
Have you tried peanut oil?  Also, I use self rising flour.  
I don' know about inexpensive, I am using kerrygold butter lol
Interesting fact I heard on America's Test kitchen podcast yesterday.  They did a test to see which steak cooked better:  a thawed steak or a frozen steak.  And guess what, the frozen steak cooked better in its frozen state.  Can you believe that/   Anyway, we did fajitas and it was super fun and enough.  
New Posts  All Forums: