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I know what you mean.  I used ground chuck which I think is 20% fat. It's my default ground meat so I got it without thinking.  I think a leaner meat would've made a difference.
In the same container? I unmold my flan, is it not a custard? I really hate when we semantics get in the way of cooking.
What a treat. It was a little too sweet eventhough I lessened the sugar from 2tbs to 2 tsp. And I added a little vinegar but I think it needed more. I should've used leaner meat, I ended up having to strain it at the end and strained it too much. Now I know!
As far as I know a custard is egg and dairy.
Well here goes nothing.  I'm using the recipe Mike9 posted but I added a finely minced stalk of celery, and some chili powder.  It's simmering away.
Blackberries go sooooooo well with duck!
@Mike9 that looks like the perfect recipe.  Lee Drumond uses a little chili powder too while Tyler Florence adds a touch of vinegar.     @Planethoff I like the idea of adding a little celery too!  I'll save the pickles for the side because I'm a huge lover of green pepper.
So I'm making sloppy joes tonight.  I admit to you here and now that I have not eaten a sloppy joe since grade school, about 25yrs ago.  I'm remembering a bright red messy sandwich, slightly sweet, slightly tangy.  If anyone has a good recipe please share, I want this to be good.   Also, what does one serve with a sloppy joe? Tater tots?
One of my favorite things to eat!
Red wine risotto.
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