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We often cook prime rib that size and we treat it like an oversized steak.  Salt and pepper and then sear it on all sides.  Then I nestle it in a bed of carrots, celery, onion, garlic and herbs and tuck it into the oven until it reaches 130F.  This all happens in one pan, a small one!   As it rests I go on about making the jus.  I remove the carrots and serve them along with the meat.  The other veggies I use a potato masher to smash them in the pan.  I add a teaspoon of...
I think it's an idea worth exploring!  The fat on turkey is pretty thick so it might do well with this prep.  I'd start it off on a high heat and then turn it down.  I suspect it will take a while though and it might take some trial and error this year.  I would put it in first thing in the morning honestly. Let us know how it goes!  Happy Thanksgiving.   gobble gobble
@teamfat that is quite a broth!! @jake t buds the protocol is you can post as much as you like, but you may not declare yourself a winner hehe
@mike9 risotto looks good but what does the avocado do in terms of adding to the dish? Seems a little random, not judging just curious. Shakshuka
You should go to Italy then and see what they put on their pizza you'd be shocked
Maybe it's better to save time elsewhere and just prepare ahead as much as possible. Peel and cut the potatoes and store covered with water in the fridge. It really is worth it to make them fresh.
Make sure your plates are warm and have lots of hands to help you. Otherwise serve family style.
Is this something that White Castle is promoting now? I can definitely imagine some people going for this but me I'm heading for the door lol.
I do not cool boneless pork chops in the oven. Pan fry until medium.
Congee is something that is eaten in Greece too.  Except it is only served when one has the stomach flu, I remember my mother making it for me when I had a tummy upset.  Very soothing.  And we don't call it congee, it's called Lapa.
New Posts  All Forums: