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 He was talking about milk in the bolognese, not the mac n cheese.
@Lagom it's been a tough year for you and your little ones.  Speedy recovery!   We made steak, but these little crash hots were the real star
My husband is vicariously submitting his salad through me. Romaine, orange tomatoes, capers, avocado, asiago
I would also cube the meat, not sliced.  I would do just as the recipe asks except I would only add half the tomato.  Adding a little tomato early will make a very beautiful complex dish, deep and dark.  After you've cooked the meat slowly until it's tender I would then add the rest of the tomato and let it cook for about 10 minutes before adding the beans.  I would also add a chunk of parmesan rind to this.
 Absolutely everyone uses convenience foods.  Some are better than others and we all have our preferences.  If you wanted to start a discussion about that then do that.  Your OP was not clear about that, and neither was the title.  I look forward to that kind of discussion, eventhough we've had it numerous times here on the forum.
This is a cooking forum.  We discuss how to make mayo.  How to make pancakes.  How to make food, not how to buy convenience food and how to reheat convenience food.  It seems an odd stance to take on a forum where the members feel passionate about real food and fresh ingredients.  I agree that the medical community is always evolving in what's right and what's wrong.  But I try to live up to my signature quote because I like how I feel when I eat real food, and because I'm...
I don't know why you would bother with convenience here, a fresh batch of hungry jack pancakes is the fastest convenience food I can think of, defrosting pancakes and making a fresh batch take the same amount of time and effort.
Not sure why BDL left, I seem to recall that there was an exodus here a few years ago when a certain predatory member caused a lot of strife among the boards.  She left and may have taken with her BDL and KYHeirloomer too whom I was always fond of.  RPM got married and ditched us.  It's weird to recall past members here, we don't really know each other but we form a camaraderie.
If you like a strong cheesy taste then make sure you use strong cheeses like sharp cheddar, parmesan, gruyere, taleggio.  Use a tangier mustard too, dijon or strong english mustard.  Sometimes if you add too much heat to a mac n cheese you drown out the subtle flavors of cheese, nutmeg and any herbs you use.  
Maybe it's a cultural thing but we eat salads all throughout winter here.  Some of the best greens are available in winter like cabbage and hard greens.
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