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Hi @ChrisLehrer welcome back.  I don't know what happened, I guess it was removed.  Hope you find an answer to your question.  
I'm a big fan of adding fat for moisture. I'd reheat the chicken with some oil but I also would add a sauce to the tacos, sour cream and avocado and let the chicken nestle within those textures because in my book dry chicken doesn't go down easily otherwise.
Only one way to find out. The warning not to refreeze probably has more to do with ensuring the texture of their product as is but since you will be altering that texture by processing it in the ice cream maker anyway I don't see the big deal. Hope it turns out well!
Did you have it in an aluminum pan? Lemon and garlic in aluminum create a reaction that turn things blue.
I believe this qualifies as a casseroles.  It is a baked rice dish made with a meaty sauce with ground beef, peppers, onions, garlic, and tomato sauce, with plenty of parmesan cheese.  But I don't know how to make a casserole look pretty or plate it nicely!     And of course, my AC broke just as I was putting this in the oven.  So it's a hundred degrees inside the house!
Why not a hen @French Fries ?  It requires the same kind of cooking time as a rooster and yields very flavorful meat.
And blueberry!  
I've done both, check!!
I only use olive oil and add either red wine vinegar or balsamic in general but I also keep sherry, and white wine vinegar on hand as well. To make it into an emulsion start with the vinegar in a bowl and slowly whisk in the oil as you drizzle it in. This helps creates the emulsion. Remember to season. If you want the emulsion without the whisk work add a small dollop of mustard which binds the oil and vinegar and adds a nice flavor. Sometimes I add a dollop of mayo...
For breakfast I prepared a plate of cantaloupe and proscuitto.  A classic sweet and savory combination made even better by a little bit of cracked black pepper on the melon.  It really is very good.   Lemon cheesecake is not something I would consider for Thanksgiving specifically.  It seems seasonally unappealing.  I like mellower spicier cheesecakes during the holidays like pumpkin or cappuccino.  Lemon cheesecake seems more appropriate for easter or a summer bbq to be...
New Posts  All Forums: