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Eggs over easy are one of my go tos. The potatoes were pretty good too.
I agree, that's how i will do them next time. Also just an excuse to use more beurre!!
Good tip!! I do freeze stock in plastic jars and wen I need to defrost I run under warm water to loosen the sides and then dump into a saucepan.
Except the eggplant is not breaded, meat and potatoes are added, very little tomato in the sauce and completely different cheese. But uhm, yea sure. Not. Lol
Just salt and dredged lightly through flour, fried in olive oil.
Speaking of little fish, here are some smelts washed and ready to be dredged and fried. They're eaten whole, head to tail. Popcorn fish hehe.
How did you remove the eggs from the ramekin? Mine sticks big time!
Blitzing, I mean to put in the food processor and blitz. Usually I roast the tomatoes in a deep roasting dish and then blitz them with a stick blender.We need a universal word for what happens to food when it is put through a food processor. I don't know if there is one. Blitz is the word I use. Sorry to confuse.
I guess I should put a vac sealer on my wish list then and maybe I'll get it for Christmas. Any I should stay away from?
What are some tips for freezing? How do you freeze a steak, or stock or leftovers or herbs? Is it worth the expense to buy a vacuum sealer? Do you use bags, cling wrap, foil, wax paper? Here's a tip, store ice cream container in a large ziploc bag. It keeps the ice cream soft and easy to serve.
New Posts  All Forums: