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If you do happen to get a tenderloin you may have to make more than one considering the tenderloin is much smaller than the loin.
If you're doing a wellington then I would skip the loin and go straight for the tenderloin which will be much more tender and comparable to its beef counterpart.  I would also skip on the stuffing and make a very flavorful duxelle, or make a stuffing to go between the puff pastry and the meat, not spiraled in the meat itself.  
I'm glad it worked out though.
Everyone here is so freakin cute! Here's me doing what I do best
Any pics?
 Wow this warrants more explanation please, never heard of black tie scallops!
It doesn't work for me, I don't like turkey in any of its disguises.
You have to temper the egg first. You do this by scrambling the egg in a bowl. Continue to stir as you slowly drizzle in hot broth a little at a time. Keep adding broth while continuing to best the mixture and when it has reached the same temperature as the rest of the broth stir it back in to the soup. For rich thick soup add one egg per quart of broth.
@petalsandcoco your eggs look so good, almost indecent. I have very little time this month for much cooking, my suppers are thrown together. This is prosciutto and sopressata, crackers with blue cheese and crackers with Camembert and fig jam.
Catching the fish yourself doesn't make it sushi grade.
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