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#2 might be tarragon but it's not oregano.
Well I'm in Greece now and pork ribs are not eaten here. Don't know why since pork is the number one selling meat. Butchers are a bit obtuse about these things and whenever I ask them for a particular cut they look at me like I'm a three headed alien. Just yesterday I was looking for pork belly. Now pork belly strips are a favorite around here so they all sell them. So I asked for a whole piece of pork belly so I could grill it (for the challenge) but it doesn't occur to...
I've never liked scones, I prefer muffins and you just gave me the idea to bake lemon muffins.  I don't even know if there is such a thing. In the what's for dinner thread you said you were vegan but vegans don't use milk or butter.  Did you mean that you're vegetarian?
It depends on what you consider low and slow.  There are cuts of meat that benefit from low and slow and there are cuts of meat (like tenderloin) where it's just a waste of time.
I think we all have our own interpretation of terminology. Cooking is very personal after all. But also people's tastes differ vastly. I'm in Greece at the moment and the type of meat Americans enjoy is thought of as disgusting here. Here meat is overcooked no matter what the cut. The drier the better. The harder the better. Going to people's houses for dinner here makes my jaw ache. But they love it, what can I say?
I wonder why people don't like their ribs herbed like I do.  All the sauces tend to be sweet, reddish, vinegary and spicy.  But mine are mopped with lemon, garlic and lots of herbs.  Greekstyle I suppose.
 To each their own of course but I too prefer that foods that are meant to be eaten with our hands shouldn't be sticky and wet.  This includes buffalo wings.  I'm sure someone will contradict me with an example of some tender meaty sauced thing I probably love but I stand by this.  I will also admit that I do not like removing the membrane from ribs, I just love it cooked on.  And "fall off the bone" is something I only enjoy in braised food.  I like a rib that sticks to...
 If you place 2 chopsticks on either side of the potato while you're cutting it will prevent from cutting all the way through.  The knife skill part really comes into play with spacing and this is very well done indeed.
Actually Americas Test Kitchen tested cooking a steak that was frozen solid and found it to be a great method.
 Sometimes my husband does a method while cooking on a grill where he flips the steak continuously.  It cooks almost like a rotisserie.  It's fantastic but he's too lazy to do it often.
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