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 Trying this today.
I do rinse and then I sanitize everything.  Even if I didn't rinse the chicken I would still sanitize the sink, faucet handles, soap dispenser, and all the knobs and handles in the kitchen.     I rinse not because of the bacteria but because of the dirt particles, bits of plastic etc. Sometimes there are little feathers or bits of bone from where the chicken was processed.     I rinse beef too and all other proteins.
 It's not double cooked, it's just quickly sauteed with butter after it's been boiled.  I don't really like corn to be chargrilled so a light sautee does the trick.  Sometimes I add a little soy sauce too.
Ginger, freeze it. It grates on. Micro plane just fine!
I really like boiled corn on the cob. It's sweet and soft. I also like yo boil it and then quickly sautee it with butter.
 I've done this experiment several times.  When I let the eggs reach room temp they taste better every single time.  I usually make mine over easy or lightly scrambled.  I don't know why, they just taste much better I swear it!
I too would use bottled water and see if it works.  Or check your vinegar, sometimes depending on what vinegar you use it affects the flavor of the poached egg.  And don't use too much, I hate it when my eggs benedict come out out smelling like vinegar.  Bad!   Oh and by the way, you shouldn't be putting a wet poached egg on an english muffin.  First place it on a paper towel, it will absorb the excess water and then place it on the muffin.
I'm loving these new people. @Mike9 that's a nice bird!!
Ordo is around and posts regularly. It's doubtful Siduri will be back, she's quite busy with her job these days but she's well and still cooking. Kgirl is a mystery to me.
I like fish that's not bland and cod is about as bland as you're gonna get.  For white fish like this I usually broil in the oven with salt/pepper/olive oil and then top with a compound butter in the last 2 minutes of cooking.   Salmon I prefer raw so I'll make it into poke.
New Posts  All Forums: