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I need help identifying and solving a problem I have when I cook pork, especially in a frying pan.  As it cooks the pork oozes a white liquidish stuff and I don't know why.  This happens regularly when I cook pork.  What is it and how do I get rid of it?
@French Fries do you mean to say that you do not like potatoes and tomatoes together?  Is this a French thing?  In Greece potatoes and tomatoes are paired together in a lot of dishes.  It's one of my most favorite flavor combinations.  Potatoes braised with tomato, onion, and garlic is a top favorite.  Potatoes roasted with tomatoes is another.  
Adding vinegar to the water is so unecessary and makes eggs taste like vinegar.
I'm here I'm here lol. Seriously though the least Haney part of the lamb is the leg and the ribs imo. Both expensive cuts. I prefer cottage pie because I can't stand gameyness. But this is why middle easterners do well wth lamb, we douse it in spices like cinnamon and cloves and it counteracts the game.
I can't answer this question because I've had neither! Not easy to find but I'll be sure to check out the farmers market soon!
 It's more like a flip of the r, not a long roll.Haha.  There are not loafs of gyro meat in Greece, that is an american invention.  The gyro in Greece is made with thin slices of pork shoulder that is marinated and then packed tightly and mounted on a vertical spit.  It exists here too but you may have heard it called "donner."   As far as I know they're really Greek.   I've heard a lot about this.  Italians do this as well.  As a matter of fact Italians buy a lot of Greek...
  I just made a batch of granola.  That and a strong cup of coffee.
Poached   Fried rice or steamed rice (when ordering take out)
Wow I'll have to try that. Maybe a cooling tzatziki or raita?
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