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That looks great @Captains!   That's a great idea @MaryB should I tape down the parchment so that it doesn't slosh around as I'm rolling?  Baking is so different to cooking, I need to start learning these tricks.
Good luck with your dish. We don't cook men here.
Thanks all. I was really nervous about making this. I e only made pie once and that was a disaster. Most of you know my talent does not extend to baking. I've tried to make pastry before for pie and quiche and chicken pot pie and have failed every time. It looked like this would too be a failure because I was having such a hard time rolling out the dough. The bottom crust was extremely difficult. I could not transfer it from the board to the pie shell no matter what. I...
Salted caramel apple pie adapted from Four & Twenty Blackbirds Pie shop in Brooklyn.   Chilled pie dough and the start of the caramel with sugar a little water and a stick of butter     It took some time to get it to a rich copper color before adding the cream and salt.  I blind baked the dough and then piled on the apples and layers of caramel    
Give us more info is this a sit down dinner? A brunch or a buffet? How many people are you serving? What's the budget? What are the other dishes being served? What kind of things do you normally cook and what is your forte?
Look, I've been to Italy.  They put whatever they feel like on their pizza.  I've seen spaghetti, eggs, peas, whatever.  If someone chooses to put pineapple on their pizza that's their business!  First we had an argument about what IS a pizza and now we're arguing about what we should put ON a pizza.  Nobody cares, it's all pizza. I don't normally put pineapple on my pizza but it's a nice fruit, it has nice texture and it pairs really well with ham or canadian bacon....
Microwaving the pineapple will only make it chewy.   I have that same feeling about mushrooms.
You can try cooking the pineapple before putting it on the pizza.  
Here's my belly as promised
New Posts  All Forums: