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Roast chicken Hollandaise or béchamel?
People go wild over milk chocolate, I prefer the dark stuff but I'm the same way, I don't dislike sweets but can only handle a tiny amount here and there.   Hands down Morimoto.  I don't understand Flay at all.  Why must everything have chorizo and cilantro in it?  I've been to Mesa Grill here in NY and didn't enjoy the food.  Although I can't say I've had Morimoto's food but just watching him cook is a joy.
Gamberi is italian for shrimp.  
 Yeasted! Chocolate - dark or milk?
I went with no cheese.  It didn't need it after all.
Dare I?
Welcome to cheftalk.   Pureed soups are not only helpful in this situation but they can be really really tasty.  I like to make creamy baked potato soup, or roasted curried cauliflower puree, mushroom soup, there are too many to list.  Basically any kind of soup (unless it has chunks of meat) can be pureed.  You'll want to get yourself one of those stick blenders to make this job...
This is why sometimes it is perilous going out to eat. Cooks put stuff in your food you would never do at home. Please, if you put msg in your food you must list it on the menu and somehow "Burger seasoned with msg" doesn't sound appetizing to a diner does it? Buy better meat or leave the meat as it is. Or add spices and herbs to it. At a local restaurant that specializes in sausages here they sell a sausage burger. At another local Greek restaurant they sell a lamb...
Actually, for businesses it is absolutely possible to monetize this. The social media platform is very important to my personal business. I'm not in the food business but I have a separate foodie account and follow many chefs, restaurants, and food bloggers. They would not spend the time, energy and resources into it if it did not benefit their business. So I wouldn't call that fake.
@Mike9 that looks delicious.  I just realized I've never cooked lobster.  Sounds like I should embark on a new adventure.   @rpooley for me it's just a habit because I like to post regularly on my instagram account.  Plus I always take the time to plate things nicely even if I don't end up sharing my picture - not that I'm good at plating, but I do like to make the effort and once the effort is made I naturally reach for the camera.     @MillionsKnives what are fake...
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