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@French Fries I did it, I made the chicken and it was great.  Definitely doing it again, thanks!  Sorry I didn't take a pic this time but I will next time.  Beautiful sticky sauce.
Thanks for answering, but you're also supposed to pose an "or" question after you answer. 
Answer a question, post a question. Be honest   Mac n' cheese - stove top or baked?
Actually it may help. Pork shoulder at 175 is not a very good finished product. Perhaps a low temp semi braise would do it some good. Place some slices onions on the bottom of the pan and a little wine or stock and put the shoulder on top, cover with foil and let it cook for a couple of hours. 400F for 10 minutes and 320 for the rest of the time.
What kind of braising liquid do you use? Braising requires the lid on so maybe you're drying out the meat when you uncover it for that long. Also, what part of the animal are you using? Rib chops I usually cook hot and fast to medium doneness. Maybe you're not braising the right part of the lamb.
 Welcome to the forum.  I see what you're getting at but I don't think this would work because it's not practical.  First, it is very difficult to authenticate recipes online.  There may be a bunch of legal issues associated with that.  Then you have these ingredients that are stored somehwere.  Are these in a warehouse?  How long would it take to ship these items out if a person is hungry and wants to cook today? The truth is that most recipe sites contain a function that...
Butternut squash with brown butter sage and toasted hazelnuts   Lobster ravioli with champagne cream sauce   Leek ravioli with egg yolk and brown butter sage   Ham and cheese ravioli with bechamel
Ok now things are getting weird, that's my home town 
I didnt find the word guesstimate offensive. But I can see how some chefs would.
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