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@Nicko the years do add up and being sedentary takes it's toll. I've read so many articles on how terrible it is for our body to have a desk job. What I liked about the fitbit is that every movement counts, not just the exercise but everything else. I found myself taking the stairs rather than the elevator, walking the long way home, parking my car further away from the entrance, getting out one subway stop early to walk the rest of the way. And when I was close to goal...
I feel the need to defend the use of such a device because it was such a great tool for so many years for me. My pedometer was am extension of me and I loved wearing it. In fact it was a very difficult decision to stop wearing it last month. And it was difficult not knowing how many miles I walk everyday at first. But overall as you say I am transitioning to exercising purely for pleasure than accountability.However, a pen and pencil have no comparison to what a fitbit can...
Let us know how you like it. I got my money's worth out of it.
I think only those who care for that rice will make a fuss. If there enough it will continue to be made. But my guess is that it doesn't sell. And every region and market is different. What about other markets in your area? Being in Greece now, there is a type of snack food made by Cheetos that I just love to snack on here but I've never seen them in the states. It wouldn't sell.
I used a fitbit for a long time and it was great. It tracks steps and distance and stairs and calories burned. It has cool little graphs to track your process. It has a sleep band if you want to track your sleep though I never did. The app is cool. I never has a problem with it tracking distance during car or mass transit though it did track elevation. I contacted the company and thy helped me reset it which worked out the glitch. I no longer track though I wore a...
I'm confused, is it really and truly their "best selling" product? And do you think that yet are conspiring for some reason? In also curious, what kind of special dietary needs allocate for instant rice but not for regular rice. Living in a capitalist nation there is only one answer I can think of - it doesn't sell well and so they pulled it.
Not too much cooking going on but lots of eating.
I'm happy to share but I'm no chef so it doesn't really matter. I do feel that home cooks who try to maintain mystery around their recipes are entertaining themselves with the notion that anyone really cares or thinks of them as the best of anything anyway and fully support a persons need to entertain themselves. Giving away a recipe does not rob me of anything. @pollopicu I'm not very good at making pancakes. PLEASE share!
I also like a creamy mustard sauce. I like to stir in some shallots and garlic into the pan drippings and let them soften. Add a dollop of Dijon and deglaze with vermouth. Stir in a little cream and butter and strain. Then sprinkle in herbs like dill or parsley. Also, please watch your language.
Our chicken laid her first egg.
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