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My meat ragu is not authentic but my husband would probably divorce me if I changed a thing about it. We once got into a huge fight about it.
That sounds really gross. A better use of the crab would be to toss with pasta or stuff into cannelloni or ravioli. Or you could mix it with lots of grated zucchini or corn and make it into fritters. Frittata sounds good too. But mixing it into the meatloaf not only will you not be able to taste it but it will only impart a fishiness to the dish.
Can you give us an example of a food that is cooked this way? The only thing that sounds remotely close is deglazing.
It certainly looks like it and I think it looks delicious too. That an excellent use of pangratatto methinks - the soft mash and the soft texture of the short rib call out for texture.
We never go out on Valentine's Day or Mothers Day. It's so crowded and crazy that I can't enjoy myself. Will probably be cooking a roast. Probably prime rib. I have a fond memory of our first Valentine's Day, I made steak with mushroom risotto. It's going to be way too cold to fire up the grill this weekend so a roast will do.
What about it? It's a plain fact.I would not advise foraging your own mushrooms unless you know what you're doing it are with someone who knows what they're doing.
It does trend but it doesn't have the ability to bind well so it will crumble. When I've made cauliflower pizza dough it's basically a crumble although it does hold together when it's baked.
Oh well it's either dried or nothing. Can't afford to buy them fresh. I'm quite different than the OP in that I tend to do a lot of shopping at specialty markets and upscale grocery stores and am willing to pay good money for good produce, organic whenever possible and wouldn't set foot in a Walmart. But even so, I cannot afford fresh chanterelles but once a year. Just can't.
I'd be glad to see someone use bacon because I most likely will not be using it.Up to you what you do. This is a challenge, remember?
That's what bacon is for.
New Posts  All Forums: