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Hooray @Hank! Congrats to all and thanks Jake for a comforting challenge. Can't wait for the next one. Hank, make sure to check out the list of past challenges!
We went to my inlaws for dry turkey and a thousand side dishes, none of which contained any vegetables. It wasn't my favorite thanksgiving but we started the day at home where I made a small ham and corn pudding for breakfast. Then I made an apple pie to take to our hosts. The ham was glazed with honey, fig jam, clove and ginger
Not sure what I'd call this. It's pork butt cut into 1 inch steaks that I seared then braised in the oven with onion, garlic, tomatoes and potatoes. It was ok!
It's ok cheflayne, I wasn't trying to attack anyone when I said turkey can't be good at that temperature. What do I know. Our hosts made a dry turkey and served it au jus instead of gravy. And there was no cranberry sauce! How do I salvage that on my plate? Can't. I'm a little bummed and will have to make a couple of nice turkey breasts so that we can have a proper turkey dinner! Man I missed those cranberries.
There is a difference between a restaurant and a home cook. This method obviously yielded an unwanted result for French Fries. But restaurants can do things that a home cook cannot do. I wouldn't attempt a high roasted turkey at home, this is why I go to restaurants to enjoy the talents of people more capable than myself.Who moderates moderators? That level of cutting sarcasm is a little hurtful to be honest.
 Ham has been accompanying our T-day turkey ever since I was a kid.  I know many families who do this, I don't know what's so heretical about that so calm down.  People eat what they want to eat, why people get bent so out of shape over food I'll never understand.
@French Fries don't be too disappointed, I think turkey is generally a disappointing bird to begin with. The best turkeys I have eaten are ones that are roasted in part or spatchcocked. I really don't understand what the whole hubub is about roasting it whole, it looks pretty but you can't eat a pretty picture and nobody carves at the table anymore. You should've gone with your instincts and slow roasted that thing the way you wanted to. You got talked out of it! There...
We often cook prime rib that size and we treat it like an oversized steak.  Salt and pepper and then sear it on all sides.  Then I nestle it in a bed of carrots, celery, onion, garlic and herbs and tuck it into the oven until it reaches 130F.  This all happens in one pan, a small one!   As it rests I go on about making the jus.  I remove the carrots and serve them along with the meat.  The other veggies I use a potato masher to smash them in the pan.  I add a teaspoon of...
I think it's an idea worth exploring!  The fat on turkey is pretty thick so it might do well with this prep.  I'd start it off on a high heat and then turn it down.  I suspect it will take a while though and it might take some trial and error this year.  I would put it in first thing in the morning honestly. Let us know how it goes!  Happy Thanksgiving.   gobble gobble
@teamfat that is quite a broth!! @jake t buds the protocol is you can post as much as you like, but you may not declare yourself a winner hehe
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