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@Mike9 that looks like the perfect recipe.  Lee Drumond uses a little chili powder too while Tyler Florence adds a touch of vinegar.     @Planethoff I like the idea of adding a little celery too!  I'll save the pickles for the side because I'm a huge lover of green pepper.
So I'm making sloppy joes tonight.  I admit to you here and now that I have not eaten a sloppy joe since grade school, about 25yrs ago.  I'm remembering a bright red messy sandwich, slightly sweet, slightly tangy.  If anyone has a good recipe please share, I want this to be good.   Also, what does one serve with a sloppy joe? Tater tots?
One of my favorite things to eat!
Red wine risotto.
I know that they are traditionally made with hot water crust pastry. Maybe if you look up the dimensions of a Victorian pie mold you'll have a better idea how tall it should be.
 I've tried doing that before and I've been yelled at, told they don't want it, or they ask for money instead.  I don't like to approach homeless people anymore like I did when I was younger because living in NYC the majority of homeless people here have serious mental illnesses.  It's quite sad, but that doesn't mean one cannot help, it just means I donate money to the local settlement house or any organization that can do some good on my behalf.  Leftovers from...
 I'm sorry that didn't work out.  I know what you mean though about poultry.  There are times when I cannot stomach poultry at all because that smell is there even when it's fresh, I'm very sensitive to it but you're right, it becomes unbearable when reheated.  There's something metallic about it.
Normally I don't think it's a good idea to perfume a room while people are eating because it interferes with the pleasure of eating.  For example, we went to a steakhouse once and I was so looking forward to my steak and baked potato.  But my husband ordered a baked sweet potato and sprinkled cinnamon on it which was so unpleasant to smell while I was trying to enjoy my steak and don't get me wrong, I love cinnamon more than anyone but not while eating steak.   Anyway,...
Thats a good motto
 Just because something is expensive doesn't mean it's necessarily good.  What types of coffee do you mean?
New Posts  All Forums: