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It's definitely a tough idea to bring off the ground, especially concerning licensing and liability.  But then I think about the thousands of people buying hot dogs on the streets of NYC out of carts with wieners floating in hot water.  It makes me shiver but somehow people keep eating them and don't get sick.  Unless you're young, elderly or pregnant our bodies can withstand a lot.    @Cerise I think the OP has limited the questionnaire to people in the UK because he is...
It is a complex issue but still it's something I'd like to see.  I'm not eligible to fill out the survey so I don't know what the questions entail.  It's idealistic to dream of this but I'm glad you are, it shows promise not only in enterprise but in helping to ensure that the future of the food industry is rooted in community, a concept that we have been moving towards for quite some time with the food-to-table trend.     Idealistically (and feel free to use my ideas)...
 I will believe you if they said it in Italian.  I call bogus.
The problem with cooking a steak slowly in the oven without searing is that the meat warms through and cooks evenly, and this can easily turn into overcooked meat.  The beauty of a steak is in its hot seared outside and it's barely cooked interior imo.  A sirloin does not have enough marbling to be baked slowly.
 It does not.  It works for rosemary and it works for the oregano I get.  But the thyme stems that are available to me here are very soft and rip.
 I wish I knew of a good way to pick thyme leaves yikes!  That's why I mostly use dried thyme.
It depends on what the recipe is for.  What are you making?
Alert!  I just ate the most amazing mozzarrella I have ever tasted in my life.  I made a very quick salad for dinner, just a fresh tomato, some mozzarella, fresh basil, dressed with olive oil and balsamic.  Up until today I've never ever seen fresh mozzarella in Krete but I just happened to find it today in the market, a little tiny bulb of buffalo mozzarella packed in water.  I didn't think much of it until I cut into it and saw that it had the texture of burata.  I...
I'll revise my OP, thanks.
The only kind of greens that are available now in the summer are calalloo, most varieties grow in the fall and winter.  Calalloo are not my favorites but they are plentiful now.  I believe they are also called amaranth.  My most favorite is called stamnagathi and it is a spiny chicory.  Very hard to find at this time of year.
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