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It depends on what you'want to keep hot.
The northeast is bracing for a horrific blizzard tonight-tomorrow and I'm on my way to the grocery store along with the rest of NY. Which has me thinking, what are people buying and how do you prep for a storm? What do you want to eat when you are stuck inside for a few days and/or have to spend several hours plowing your house and car out of 3feet of snow? Sounds like an opportunity for yhr slow cooking challenge. I'm thinking chuck, and some soup. Lots of nibbles too.
Problem is that many of us here don't cook for that many people on a regular basis, I know I don't.
 I didn't know you can join.  I only visit and search for recipes when I'm in need of inspiration.
@MillionsKnives  I can't think of a better use for kale!
 I don't say that it doesn't mean anything, I said that it doesn't prove anything because how much oil a potato absorbs when it is raw is irrelevant - you're not going to eat a potato raw anyway.  It's pretty well known that potatoes don't absorb much flavor when they are raw, that is why there are no recipes that instruct you to marinate potatoes before cooking.  However, when a potato cooks it absorbs a lot of flavors and oil, it becomes like a sponge.
 I don't know what you're talking about.  I did not make any generalizations about anything.  
 The experiment doesn't prove anything because potatoes absorb oil as they cook, not as they sit raw.
No measurements I'm afraid, all is approximate.It's just a tbsp of fresh yeast, 2-3 cups all purpose flour, a tbsp of sugar and a pinch of salt. Add enough water to make a batter like the consistency of pancake batter. Cover and let it rise for an hour or more.Heat up your oil in the deep fryer. I use a pot. Drop spoonfuls into the hot oil. Cook unto golden and remove.The drizzle is pure honey and cinammon
Good to hear. I don't put it in spaghetti sauce either :-)
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