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I never cooked or even ate a chicken pot pie until 5-6yrs ago.  It's not my favorite food by far but it is a nice satisfying meal.  I didn't grow up eating it so it's not one of my comfort foods but I can imagine that if someone grew up on these it would be a very special food. You have eaten a pot pie by now right?
Sounds very interesting, I've never heard of this dish.  Can you describe what it is?  Does it have other ingredients in it like steak tartare or a meatloaf?     I think sirloin is a very tasty piece of meat, I like it better than NY strip, it's a bit more tender.  You could also use tenderloin of course.
Are quail eggs an option?  You can fit a lot in one pan.  Break them all into a bowl and then dump the whole lot into the frying pan.  It will be a bit tricky to remove them all but you can use a cookie cutter to get them uniformly shaped and a mini spatula to pick them up.  I'm afraid fried eggs can't be done ahead of time. Alternatively you can get several muffin pans and pour a little oil in each cup.  Heat until very hot in the oven and then place an egg in each cup,...
I don't even know how to respond to this.  Fried eggs are glorious.  But I believe you've never had a fried egg because if you did you'd know that you can't reheat a fried egg.  The white gets leathery.   Please please please fry an egg.  Put a few tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan along with a clove of garlic and even a sprig of herb like rosemary or thyme.  Let it get very hot then drop the egg in and baste until desired doneness. If the oil is hot enough the...
Don't know if this helps but I know you can pre poach eggs from the day before and then steam heat them in the oven. Are you that same kalofagas I follow on Instagram?
I know what you mean.  I used ground chuck which I think is 20% fat. It's my default ground meat so I got it without thinking.  I think a leaner meat would've made a difference.
In the same container? I unmold my flan, is it not a custard? I really hate when we semantics get in the way of cooking.
What a treat. It was a little too sweet eventhough I lessened the sugar from 2tbs to 2 tsp. And I added a little vinegar but I think it needed more. I should've used leaner meat, I ended up having to strain it at the end and strained it too much. Now I know!
As far as I know a custard is egg and dairy.
Well here goes nothing.  I'm using the recipe Mike9 posted but I added a finely minced stalk of celery, and some chili powder.  It's simmering away.
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