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We have to work with what we have and any good Italian would do the same. No chance of finding gunciale or pecorino in Greece but we've got darn good eggs!
 Looks good.  Conservatism though has nothing to do with it.  I question authenticity too because I want to eat food that I enjoy regardless of how authentic it is or not.  It's just not relevant to me.  But rinsing pasta is not about authenticity for me, it just gives a very undesirable texture to the pasta.  You probably enjoy that texture, but I don't and it's ok to disagree about that, nothing to do with conservatism.  
I'll try doing it this way next time.  This guy has an accent and looks like he's been making carbonara a long time so I'll try it this way.  Not any different than what I do except for the godforbidden cream.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AAdKl1UYZs
Yes, I run the place haha.
Just curious did you roast a while salmon or filets?
Thanks all for your suggestions. My mom got ahold of my squash and turned it into an omelet. It was good but I was hoping to get more creative with it. Next time!
@JAH42 this is where Italians send people who rinse pasta.
I know this is sacrilege but I whisk the Parmesan into the egg yolk along with the tiniest tablespoon of cream (😳 wha?!!!) and I add it at the very last minute before serving. Never had a problem.
There is no smoke-free way to cook a steak indoors correctly.  You can do it on a low heat or in the oven but that won't get you the result you achieve with your method.  The only solution is to get a better ventilation system.  I don't cook steaks indoors for this very reason, and also why we are having a new ventilation system installed later this summer.  In the meantime we continue to cook our steaks outdoors.
"...and mint".Wow that put me over the edge. Lovely!
New Posts  All Forums: