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 I've gotten fish in chinatown that taste like sawdust.  
My father loves hollandaise and he's sort of a hack cook using pre packaged foods as well and he used to used the powdered hollandaise. Then last summer I showed him how easy it is to make the real stuff and he practiced until he got it right. He's very happy now. The stuff in the pouch doesn't remotely taste or look like hollandaise. I'm live by my signature and I don't know how people can routinely eat garbage and expect to stay healthy. You are what you eat.
Wow welcome! I don't know anything about making sushi, I've only made a few rolls at home and those weren't that great. I think it's great that you want to put time and energy into learning the fine art of sushi making. It's funny, I watched that movie too and while you were inspired to make sushi it made me feel like I would never in a million years be able to learn that! I don't know of any sushi chefs here on the forum but I'm sure there are some classes you can take...
I found pork belly, which is impossible to find in my neighborhood but there is a new butcher that just opened up and he has all prime meat!     ...the smell of pork slow roasting in the oven is pure heaven.  Pics later!
Good thing I just went apple picking!
This has been a very enjoyable challenge for me, especially since the pressure was off and I didn't have to cook anything.  I just sat back and enjoyed your entrees - you all inspired me, awed me and made me very hungry!  I really wish I did not have to choose a winner.  There were so many good entries!  Lots of thanks to everyone who entered some unbelievably tasty dishes!  Here are some honorable mentions:   @ordo wtih a whopping 10 entries!  My personal favorite was...
Hubby asked me to write it down too. It's once of those things where I threw stuff in on a whim. My husband gets so mad when I make something he likes then I can't remember how I made it hehe.Ok, seared odd the breasts barely there removed. Threw in shallots and garlic to the pan, some chili and fresh oregano and a couple of dried mushrooms (chanterelle in this case) and a teaspoon of flour. I deglazed with white wine and chicken stock and a few threads of saffron and put...
@butzy I've never thought of using cream cheese instead of mayo in a sandwich like that! Lovely addition, I'm also thinking scallion and chive could go I there too, or how about smoked salmon too! I wonder if this would work with tuna as well. @mikey--m looks great, I've never paired pulled pork with cheese! So you smoke your own cheese then?
 Yea put it in the cheese challenge!
 Welcome!  We do not vote, this is a very casual thing here.  The host (that's me!) posts the challenge and moderates it.  At the end of the month I look over the entries and choose my favorite dish - I tend to only look at entries that have pictures because it's proof that the person took the time to actually make the dish.  Good quality pictures are not necessary but I do enjoy nice plating personally.  I have my own criteria, another host might have different criteria....
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