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Hello friends, I'm going to make a potato salad for my Greek Easter party.  Normally I make roasted potatoes but I'm trying to ease my cooking load on the day of.  Unfortunately people love those darn roasted potatoes so if i make a potato salad it has to live up to expectations.  I have a couple of go-to recipes but I'm bored with them and looking for suggestions.   The rule is, it has to be made the day before and doesn't need to be heated.  I'm all ears!   Oh and...
 I fully expect to pay that in NYC.  I've never had them nor looked for them because they're not on my radar.  But I'm curious as I love the onion family and would sure love to try some.
Good pictures make all the difference, a good pic makes you want to luck the screen. I wish I could take better pictures. I try to take good ones but they never look as good as the real thing
Traditional pesto, walnut pesto, tapenade, mushroom bolognese
Potato-onion-pepper-kielbasa hash with eggs and sauteed mushrooms
 How would you make the bread pudding?  And where would the potatoes go? Sometimes I have a hard time imagining 2 startches together in one dish.
Ah ok makes sense. I'll try that!
How would you make it into a soup?
Made a hash, sauteed some mushrooms in butter and then topped it with fried eggs.  It was awesome.  I still have some left though.
 Nice sear.  You're like my mother (aka carb addict), can't eat pasta without bread lol.
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