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I'd love to hear your coq au vin recipe  @French Fries
They sell all kinds of stuff that we should never put in our bodies.  Blue juice. Margarine. Fat free mayo. CocaCola. Orange colored cheese slices. etc. Just because they sell it doesn't mean we should be eating it.  The cummulative effect of eating processed food can have serious consequences and can lead to a long list of diseases.   Since this is my thread I should report that I have given up on trying to find a spray.  But I did find a solution, I keep the wrappers...
 Hahahahahaha, I love it.  It does look very tasty and Costco is nearby.
Hey @ordo I'm going to fry the winning dish too!
Boeuf Bourguignon but I forgot to buy pearl onions so... no pearl onions  
Good thinking! But you're giving away too many ideas!
Congratulations team fat, impressive work this month! Thanks ChefHoff for being such a nice host.
Seasonal soups are the best!  Like mushroom soup in the fall, english pea and mint puree in the spring, and make sure you have a vegan friendly option!  A great vegan soup that is a big hit at local places is Fasolada, a greek navy bean soup made with beans, carrots, onions, tomatoes, green and red peppers, onions, and olive oil.  Garnish with parsley and dill and it's super hearty and delicious.   You may want to have a chicken broth based soup (italian wedding, chicken...
And do try it on a fried egg, you'll be glad you did.
 I would save it to eat it.  But I wouldn't save it to serve it.  I'm a home cook so my life is in my own hands.  And when I reheat it for my son I cook it all the way through.  
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