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I have moved away from using plastic containers.  Too many toxic substances leeching out when heated.  I always use glass or stainless steel bowls.
There is too much heat.  I would temper the eggs slowly by adding the hot milk gradually while whisking.  I'm surprised they don't curdle sooner by the way your described.  Also, this step "Cook over medium heat, while whisking, until it thickens" needs to be more gentle.  Your heat might be too high.  You can also try to remove the pan from the heat source periodically as you whisk.  You want to heat this up slowly.
We picked up rice pudding from a local turkish restaurant.  Damn the turks and their rice pudding, why does it have to be so good!!
If it was parchment paper you're fine.  If it was wax paper you're fine.  If it was aluminum foil you're fine.  If it was newspaper you're toast.   Really, you should be fine.  It happens.  Parchment paper is meant to be cooked. 
We went out for lunch yesterday with several colleagues at a Lonestar steakhouse. I've been before and have enjoyed the meal. Yesterday I felt quite certain that the ribeye I ordered was not a ribeye but perhaps chuck instead. A ribeye has a certain shape and this steak did not look it. It was also not tender. I was with company so I didn't want to make a fuss and I didn't take a picture either. But does this happen? Do chain restaurants dole out cheaper cuts of meat in...
Miracle Whip is an acquired taste but I guess once you've acquired it there's no looking back at real mayo again.
Hellmans all the way.  They make one with olive oil which is not bad but I think it also has other oils in it as well. 
I make this salad frequently, I just love the whole combination of flavors and textures, but I often just roast the carrots with the spices alone too as a side dish.  http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/roast-carrot-and-avocado-salad-with-orange-and-lemon-dressing/#FfXgt8eIsVB3WAUs.97   When it comes to looking for recipes for a specific ingredient I have found no better place than http://www.tastespotting.com/  It's an international database of food...
I think unless you have suffered with acid reflux its hard to relate to what's happening. I gave up everything on that list and then some. I quit coffee for 6 months. I had an endoscopy. My life turned upside down and even so my doc told me I have a mild case. Everything on this list must go. Ive learned how to incorporate all the foods back into my life but I still think of it all the time. I must still weigh pros and cons when faced with tomato sauce. I still make my...
Welcome to my life. I'm so sorry you're suffering with the same thing. It takes time to get things under control but you will learn how to manage this. I started off the same way, something was wrong with my throat and got diagnosed with many things before docs realized it was silent reflux. The list is just about right though I would add bell peppers too, and nuts too. I advise that you urge your doctors to try H2 blockers first and stay away from PPI because weaning...
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