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My grandmother told me that during WWII the Italian soldiers would steal food and the German soldiers would walk right into the house and demand that food would be given to them. Maybe they thought that if they hid food it wouldn't be taken. Or maybe it keeps better in a cool dark place.
I keep sliced bread in, fresh bread out. English muffins and tortillas are in. Potatoes are in a lidded basket lined with brown paper bag. Onions in a basket. Over the past couple of months I've been using peeled garlic that I store in the freezer. I had heard Bridgette from Americas test kitchen say that she does the same so I tried it. It saves me a whole bunch of time peeling and cleaning garlic and it tastes great. That's in a minute. Except when a dish calls for raw...
There is some debate about where to keep food and certain ingredients come up all the time.  I just read this article about keeping butter out of the fridge http://gizmodo.com/stop-refrigerating-your-butter-1624023431   Where do you stand on keeping foods out of the fridge, how do you do it, and why do you do it?   Eggs Butter Peanut Butter Vegetables Fruits Condiments  Bread
 I agree, I never touch the bottled stuff myself since salsa is one of the simplest things to make, no cooking involved lol.  But in this case it seems the OP is already stuck with a bunch of bottles.  OP you could return it and get your money back!
Top sandwiches, scramble it with eggs, toss with pasta, use it as a dressing in salads, top a baked potato with it.
No it's white long grain rice, cooked in the morning and cooled completely. I chopped veggies - carrots, onions, orange and green bell peppers, mushrooms and peas. Chopped some bacon and rendered the far in the wok and set it aside. In the fat I sautéed each vegetable separately and removed. Then I sautéed the rice until it began to crisp. I made a little well and cracked 2 eggs in it. Lightly scramble and then stir through. Then I threw in the veggies and bacon and added...
Fried rice with vegetables, bacon and egg
That's a really exciting dish @MillionsKnives !
That's how I do it too @eastshores A little wilting goes a long way and allows one to eat a great deal more of the greens.
Sometimes I ask for things a certain way because of taste preferences. Recently I ordered a starter salad and asked that they hold the cheese. I also ordered a baked potato with everything on it and try waitress was kind enough to clarify that it included cheese. She thought that I might have had a sensitivity to cheese and that was kind of her. In reality I like cheese on my baked potato but not in my salad.
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