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 I like to think that we are honing in on exactly what we want and we don't have time for the things we do not enjoy.  Life is too short right?  It has taken me a long time to evolve into the well-informed eater I am now, I did after all grow up with my mom serving me naked spaghetti with red sauce on top.  There was no other kind of noodle, and no other kind of sauce.
 Yes pretty much, I don't eat spaghetti and meatballs either.  I eat spaghetti and I eat meatballs all at one meal but never together in the same plate.  With sausage I make sure it's crumbled.  I don't mind large pieces of spinach or arugula or rapini for example because their texture does not usually interfere with the texture of the pasta.  I hadn't realized until now how finicky I've become haha.That sounds good.  Over the years my pasta dishes have gotten simpler and...
 I toast with you!  We're not doing easter at our house this year, taking a break from the hooplah but I'm sure we'll find someplace to eat lamb.   I'm almost positive you and I have discussed this before but octopus would never make it on a greek easter table, not that it's a criticism, just thought you'd be interested to know.  The reason for this is that greeks fast from certain foods (no meat from animals with a blood line and no animal byproducts) for about 50 days...
That looks really pretty.  I don't make pasta primavera because I don't enjoy large chunks of anything in my pasta.  I suppose my pasta primavera is just pasta with pesto.
 I doubt I could get through 100lbs in 10 minutes but sharpened knives would make it a whole lot easier. I've never heard of any business dropping employees so that they could give any other employee a raise.  And even if this was true, then some poor guy is out of a job.
Shrimp on a toothpick is a classic, but it's technically not a canape.  I wonder if these terms canape and hors d'oeuvres have evolved and are now being used interchangeably.  
One of my favorite canapés is a slice of French bread (not toasted) smeared with herbed butter, topped with thinly sliced radish and garnished with finishing salt. Crostini topped with wilted greens and shaved hard cheese. Cucumbers topped with salmon mouse Halved baby new potato topped with creme fraiche and finished with caviar.
Ooooo that sounds good!
Sounds good!
What's your recipe? Also, can tapenade be used in pasta the same way as pesto?
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