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@petalsandcoco your eggs look so good, almost indecent. I have very little time this month for much cooking, my suppers are thrown together. This is prosciutto and sopressata, crackers with blue cheese and crackers with Camembert and fig jam.
Catching the fish yourself doesn't make it sushi grade.
I must not be familiar with this cut then. I thought you said it's a rack of lamb?
Why not high heat?
@Jaynna this is a stuffed pork loin. There is a technique video above on how to butterfly it. @oldschool1982 thanks, I like to try new techniques!
You don't have to eat the skin, but roasting it with the bone attached and the skin on will give you better chicken.  The skin insulates the meat and keeps it juicy.     And then you take it off the bone and throw that bone in a small pot with an onion, carrot, some celery, the chicken skin and water and simmer for an hour, instant fresh stock that you can then use to make sauces or soup or even freeze for later.     Plus, it's cheaper this way.
Wherever did you find turkey this time of year @Mike9? Hehe We should have had a thread on what if you do with your thanksgiving leftovers.
 I wouldn't put a lot of butter in there, just a rub down on the inside.  Loin is very lean and it could use a little extra oomph.   Caulfat is great, it's a traditional casing for sausages in Cyprus and keeps things together really nicely.  You don't remove it, it tastes fantastic, like pure fat lol.  If it is done right (which mine wasn't) the fat does all melt away and you shouldn't be able to take anything off.
 Yea I think that's a good way to do it too.  But why foil?  And before the completion of what? Also, I already did it, did you see?
Butter. Lots of it.
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