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I find them pleasantly toothy and so might your guests since they requested them I find filet to be tender but it lacks flavor.
Tough ribeyes? I've never heard of such a thing, in my opinion they are the most tender cut of steak. As for "how" I firmly believe nothing can beat a chargrilled steak. Be generous with the salt and I like a lot of crushed pepper too and that's all you need. Dress it up with an herbed compound butter at the end and some beautiful simple sides like asparagus, salad and a proper baked potato. Recently I've been doing short dry brines on steak. I like the result. Take it...
@pbo2444 nice looking salad, and very healthy!   @eastshores I haven't done one of those in a long time, I think I'm due!   @GeneMachine of course you smoked that yourself right?   @Zeph Zpiteri that's a good looking paella, what is in it other than shrimp and calamari?
I haven't found any great canned tuna.  I buy bumble bee because it's what's available around here.  I stick to chunk light tuna packed in water because albacore has too much mercury in it.  I drain it and add my own olive oil or mayo or whatever.  I did find this last week and bought it, but I haven't tried it yet.
Those are beautiful @Iridium12 !
@pbo2444 that's a very colorful plate of food, looks good and welcome to the site!   @Nate I don't have any advice but I think your slices look mighty fine.   @gonefishin I've never had crawfish, have always wanted to head south and enjoy a boil.   @ordo your dish looks like something a mermaid would eat, the colors scream sealife.   @Joyo if your fish had been trimmed and cut into bite sized pieces it might have looked more elegant but I bet that was one tasty...
It sounds very tasty, I'd like to try making that. Any special instructions? With the richness of the bacon and cheese this may be nice with dijonnaise!Weird, every time you quote jake I get an email notification that yore quoting me.
I hear ya.  A life of standing can cause damage.  I remember when I used to work in my parent's restaurant as a teenager, even then it was too much for me to be on my feet for that many hours.  
@flipflopgirl oh dear I hope you're better soon. I may have missed a post but what happened to you?
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