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Is bisque summery enough? I didn't know it could be a main dish. I've only had it as a starter so the idea doesn't excite me much.  Will you be grilling shrimp as well?  If shrimp is on your mind you can do a whole shrimp evening.  Shrimp salad served in endive leaves, grilled shrimp skewers, and bisque.  
Hi friends, I'll be spending a few days in Bologna next month and would love some input from those who've been there about culinary must-eats.  Never been there and don't know much about this city.
 I don't cater, but I do host large parties at my house.  When there are a great deal of people coming from my husband's side of the family they basically eat only meat and ignore sides.  I think this may be a regional thing, because people from my region of greece don't eat much meat at all.
 Might we have a new million dollar idea in our hands?
Try the beer batter you'll be very pleased. I've never used yeast, makes me think it would create a fish donut. Let the fish n chips shop be the best, enjoy it when you go there. Why try to recreate something that's so good?
Yea you can get a pork butt, cut it in half, rub it, stick it in a deep pan and cover it with foil.  Start it in a 400 oven to get it going and drop the temp to 350.  Keep it covered the whole time. At 4hrs it's not going to be great but it will pass and it will pull. It's really not the best way to do it but it can be done.
No way you can smoke a pork butt and get it to pull in 4 hours.  But you can braise it in the oven and it will pull at 4hrs.  It's much much much better when you let it go really slow and low but it can be done in a hurry.
It might take a lot less time than waiting for the steak to thaw.
I don't ever expect the batter to be glued to ththe fish, it never occurred to me that's even a desire. Keeping it warm is different, try leaving it on a rack and then leaving it in the oven while the dinner crew is gathering. What do you have to lose? Wrapping it in paper is giving you undesirable results. You're not using real newspaper are you?
Ever heard of please and thank you?
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