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Maybe it's better to save time elsewhere and just prepare ahead as much as possible. Peel and cut the potatoes and store covered with water in the fridge. It really is worth it to make them fresh.
Make sure your plates are warm and have lots of hands to help you. Otherwise serve family style.
Is this something that White Castle is promoting now? I can definitely imagine some people going for this but me I'm heading for the door lol.
I do not cool boneless pork chops in the oven. Pan fry until medium.
Congee is something that is eaten in Greece too.  Except it is only served when one has the stomach flu, I remember my mother making it for me when I had a tummy upset.  Very soothing.  And we don't call it congee, it's called Lapa.
By thursdaydo you mean thanksgiving?  Or do you mean today?  Because if it's for next week you have plenty of time to go out shopping for other things as needed, just saying.   So I wouldn't bother with drippings from the smoked turkey honestly. Take the neck, or buy a wing or two.  Pan sear in just a little bit of oil on all sides.  Then add a chopped shallot, carrots, lots of celery, and whatever else you like in terms of herbs and seasonings, I like a bit of garlic in...
That ratio works with uncle bens. But if I put that much water in my basmati rice the rice turns to mush 15 minutes before all the water evaporates. Every rice is different.
The crusty bottom is covered in Indian cooking as well. There are so many ways to go about fixing this my head is spinning from ideas. When I make rice the way you are attempting to its important to remember that the vegetables are also releasing liquid so ease up on the water. You can always add water as you go along, but you can only remove it by overcooking and turning your rice to mush. I never measure, just put a bit of water in and then gauge it, it may need more....
I love learning too! Except I should really keep notes on all my dishes. I make so many things ad hock and then can't remember what I put in it and can't recreate dishes. Or I keep repeating mistakes because I forgot to make a note of it.
 Lol, I love Bridget.  She knows her stuff and she is the executive food editor as well as the head culinary instructor.  I like KC too but let's face it, he's a bit of a diva.  I subscribe to the podcast as well and I find that he think he knows everything.  
New Posts  All Forums: