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Here are some of the culinary delights we've been enjoying since we arrived in my home country, the island of Krete.  We'll be here for another month and I hope to update the thread periodically.   Weeds   Pastries   Baklava and the like
You're in a bind because you're looking for binder?  Your thread title is a pun in itself lol.   If you were making pork meatballs then applesauce might work very well, I'm not sure how much it would help bind but it would certainly add a flavor that is often paired with pork.  I can see this in a swedish meatbal.   I don't know about game meat though.  I would probably go in a sweet savory direction with allspice and garlic, maybe even a hint of cinnamon.
I do like tea sometimes, mostly in the winter.  I like to sit in the afternoon with a very heavily spiced India tea.  But I'm more of a coffee person.
Come on guys is pitting cherries really that bad?  I've never done it so I don't know.  If it's anything like pitting olives then it can't be so bad.     I've never made a claffouti.  I have some time to bake this summer so I might try one of those.  First up though is meringue!     I really really really hate de-seeding tomatoes.  Any kind of prep work involved with tomatoes is horrible.  I hate how squishy they are.
I agree with Pete on what he says about the pans.     As for the char, I suggest that you sear your meat with just salt and pepper.  If you're coating it with spices or anything that has even a hint of sugar in it you will get blackened char and that is not good stuff.  I do not use any kind of cooking sprays, I prefer real oil. If you don't want to put oil in the pan then just rub a little oil on the meat itself so it won't stick.  When you place the meat in the pan...
Is this a real recipe or is it a joke?  What book is it from?
 Dude, I buy those froze too haha.  
It counts  @ChicagoTerry, it's not one of my least favorites but it's not a favorite.  I don't mind so much taking things out but scrubbing the inside of the fridge is no fun.  I don't like scrubbing the stove either.  Scrubbing the cabinetry is also no fun.  Any kind of cleaning I give it a thumbs down.   I've never cleaned and gutted a fish but I can imagine that would be awful which is why I avoid it.  This is why I can never audition for Masterchef lol 
I love cooking.  I hate chopping onions and de-veining shrimp.  And I hate peeling garlic which is why I buy peeled garlic.  And I hate cleaning pans that were used for cooking lamb.  What's your least favorite prep job?   My favorite jobs are chopping vegetables aside from onions.
Thanks @Mike9 I love a good warm potato salad.  It's a comfort food.  Yours looks very good, duck fat is a great idea!  No duck here but I'm tempted to use bacon fat next time.
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