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The peanuts are too fatty but yes, this is helpful.  I'll give it a try.
I'm confused too.  Only margarine is allowed.
Thanks, I did make an oil free lentil soup but he didn't like it.  We've been told that margarine is ok but he and I both have turned our nose up at that.  I"m sure we'll cave in eventually.
Hello folks, I'm hoping I can get some help on this.  Hubby has gallstones and is scheduled for surgery to remove his gallbladder in a few weeks.  Until then he has to eat a completely fat free diet.  Lean meats, no oils, no butters, only fat free dairy, he can't even eat an egg yolk.  I have no clue how to cook like this so basically we're doing a lot of steamed rice, steamed veggies and poached chicken breast.  Some ideas could really help easy the rigidity of this diet.
I would cook the beans separately in water with a little onion and a bay leaf. I wouldn't cook them in the chili. Honestly I just use canned beans and add them at the end.
I cook it until 150 and even then it's a little too well done. If you cook t past that you have to have an amazing sauce to go with it. It will need it.
In my opinion all good guilty pleasures lead to a headache
I feel too guilty admitting what my guilty pleasure is. Maybe after I have some wine.
Omg what?!
 Sounds extremely old fashioned but that can be good sometimes.  The crepes seem unnecessary, I use prosciutto instead.
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