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@RagingSarah it's nice to see someone around here with a sense of humor. Stick around!
Have you considered making a complaint?
My mother puts freshly grated tomato in her meatballs.  They are always very moist.
 But the dresses were lovely 
After watching an episode of Grantchester last night I was thinking what a lovely time period the 50's must have been. But after seeing that I change my mind.
That's fantastic bubba! I have a question about the gravy. You obviously made it in the same pan using the drippings from the fried steak. Does it not pick up little burnt bits from the bottom?
Yea! It seems like it would work better than bottom round! Can't seem to find a decent country fried steak around these parts. Gravy too yum, though I think I may use some sauce to make that. Slurp yum!
I wonder if I can use it for country fried steak!
 Since we're talking about clarity, what about other kind of minces, like pesto?
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