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I was once at a dinner party and the hostess served soup as the first course. There were about 10 of us there. After the soup course was over she spilled the soup remaining in each of our bowls back into the pot. I had a very difficult time making myself eat any of the following courses. At a restaurant I am more comfortable that people have been instructed and/or passes some sort of certification about food safety and hygiene and that there is at least a manager or chef...
I do not spit in my food at home! Who would do such a thing!? And no I do not lick spoons and stick them back in the pot. See this is why I can't eat at other peoples houses
KK, as you can see by some of responses, that Chef Torrie is not alone.  There are many reasons we may not eat at work; there may be a policy against it, the only offering may be family meal which is served usually before dinner service, may not have time to grab family meal if you have too much to do, tired of the food you've been cooking all day-day after day, just want to get home as quickly as possible (or out to the bar), etc.  I will never claim to speak for all...
@French Fries I think this dish would be perfect for this month's challenge!
Made a cucumber salad today using english cucumbers and they were bitter. I hate that.
Frittata with caramelized leeks, potato and feta.   
Haven't made an entry in a while because I'm caught up with instagraming my food. Here as some of the latest meals from my kitchen.
Therapy can be helpful. Just kidding, it probably won't help in this case. I've never had this particular problem but when it comes to ground meat I know that the more you work it the stiffer it becomes. They always say don't overwork your meatballs because they'll get tough, so try overworking the mixture. Hope you get a better answer.
Hi Megan, welcome to cooking. When I first started cooking I did the same as you, I just made dishes that I liked and knew I could make well. You're ahead of my because I never even gave thought to "do these dishes go together?" So kudos to you for putting this to thought. The short answer to your question is that all these dishes can be served and it will work just fine. The bottom line is to make something you are comfortable making and doing so will propel you to...
New Posts  All Forums: