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 This. More importantly, how do you keep your knuckles safe from the grater?  It takes off quite a bit of skin, speaking from experience.  I do a little prayer before I use the microplane.
I think everyone here drank too much braising liquid 
I like it in stir fries.  
I listened to this on the radio yesterday in my car, a very interesting podcast about RICE.  If you're an NPR buff like me you'll really enjoy this, it's informative. http://www.wnyc.org/story/rice-culture-and-cuisine-around-world/
I didn't notice a sweet flavor at all.  It tasted very nutty, much like brown rice.
 Oh I think I remember that.  If you're back on solids now I would suggest mopping up all the sauce with good crusty bread.  
I told you to do this!?!
I'm so excited to have discovered forbidden rice.  It is full of iron and antioxidants.  It is also delicious, super!!!   This is my take on Mexican Fried Rice. Cumin scented black rice fried with shallot, scallion, yellow bell pepper, garlic, lime and chives.  Served with oregano-rubbed salmon.   And I have a question.  I liked the black rice so much that I'm thinking of using it for rice pudding.  I looked up a few recipes and they ALL use coconut milk.  Really?...
New Posts  All Forums: