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I agree that you are not justified to behave poorly. These things come back to bite you in one way or another. This may actually be your opportunity to speak up for yourself and tell the boss that this is your last day and that you are leaving because you weren't treated well. Have your say and walk out proudly with the upper hand. You won't be teaching them any lesson if you scramble like a rat. The only thing you have true control over is your own reputation.
This looks so good! And if I may offer my own twist I bet it needed garlic, not onion. Just a little. And a small squeeze of lemon juice. Just my thoughts.
That's rough. I'm not in the restaurant industry but being female I've noticed similar treatment of women in my own profession or worse, only the pretty girls can manage to get ahead. I hope you keep looking for a better job because now the chef has shown you his true colors - he promises things he can't deliver just so he can get his own way. You owe him no loyalty. Good luck!
Don't be so dramatic, there's plenty of time left to do something as fantastic as that.St Pattys is coming up and that's quite a beefy day.
Greeks in Greece put french fries inside their gyros. Always. But I never see that here even in authentic Greek gyro joints.
Oh gosh I kind of love them like that. Not black but I like them to be well browned on the outside and rather hard on the inside. Al dente.
Did you know that cornbread can be made in other vessels?
I think it's crazy to do it but then again I and others here seem to understand the difference between cooking for 20 on thanksgiving (where cooking and hosting is my only job) and cooking for 20 on my wedding day. And if you are in the food industry I'm willing to bet you know many people that can cook and help you out on this one. At some point it all comes down to control and some people just cannot relinquish it and risk someone else getting culinary credit. I think...
I like them simply roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme. When I'm being fancy I also add balsamic or pomegranate molasses before I roast them.
 Oh my gosh, you are soooooo underestimating how stressful a wedding can be, even if it's small!  I get it, you want it to have a cozy feel and for there to be good food.  But a wedding is not like a dinner party, you're actually not supposed to be the host, you're supposed to enjoy it and hosting is a big job.  By all means you won't be the first to take this on but you may end up like most who do and realize that you bit off more than you wanted to chew.
New Posts  All Forums: