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 Those last 2 questions does not mean you have an uninformed customer, it means you have a customer who wants to know what's in his/her food.  
A better way to denote simple sugars on labels is to mark them in some way. No, it's not a good idea to label everything as sugar because there is a big difference between HFCS and honey for example. But they should be highlighted or underlined or bolded or followed by an S for sugar or something.
@AlexB then you should probably not listen to anything I say then hehe. But I've come across bad butchers in manhattan too.
@Chefross I've never once come across a California blend at a restaurant. Maybe it's because I live in NYC but or gone to restaurants of all price points and I'm pretty happy with the use of veggies.
Great ideas!   How about good old fashioned sloppy joes?   Philly cheese brisket?   Pulled brisket sandwich with slaw?   Meat pot pies?   Fried wonton tacos?   Taquitos?
I don't know how to answer that, but I would think that a restaurant would eat the cost of the second meal because they want the customer to have a good experience.  What does a restaurant have to gain by having a customer eat something they don't like, don't want and then had to pay for it?  
If a customer orders something not being fully aware of what they're ordering, if they want their order changed then it should be changed. That's what will increase your chances of having that customer come back. I was satisfied with my halibut but what if I was horrified to see fish when I was expecting beef? What's the harm in sending it back and ordering something I'll enjoy? After all I am paying for an experience and would like it to be pleasant within reasonable...
Yes it is. One shouldn't need a degree in culinary arts to dine out. So what if someone complains about te ribeye? They've also just learned a valuable lesson. I remember when I was a teenager I went to a restaurant with my mother and I wanted steak. So I ordered a halibut steak thinking it was beef. I was shocked to discover that halibut is a fish, that fish could be cut into a steak, and that halibut is delicious.
I've never seen a chef come out unless it was to greet someone he knows. On the flip side, I've never seen a customer request to speak to the chef either. It goes both ways.How does a chef wish to receive negative feedback? Because that is hard to do. Recently I went to a restaurant I've been frequenting for 17 yrs. it's my favorite Italian joint in NYC. I've ordered many items on the menu but my very top favorite is linguini a vongole. The pasta is cooked perfectly, the...
A completely unfair and elitist statement. What does that even mean?
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