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what does it taste like?
Has anyone has goose? Is it good? I've never considered making goose for Christmas before but it might be nice to break out of our usual pork vs beef rut. Id like to know more about goose cooking before I commit to the idea.
Chicken In puff pastry may look pretty and taste nice but let's face it, it ain't so special. Chicken breast for a holiday dinner? Meh. I think chicken is pretty special if you treat it like a chicken and the less it is processed the better. Boneless skinless breasts are like diet food, People eat it several times a week so I wouldn't serve it as a special thing. Prepackaged puff pastry is readily available but they are not all good. Pepperidge farm is very crumbly, not...
Yikes.  You put chicken pork and shrimp all in one container?  You're going to have some shrimpy tasting chicken and pork lol.  Yes there a danger here as they all need different cooking temperatures for optimum texture.  You will have to overcook your shrimp.   Don't do that again, you won't throw up if you cook everything well but overall this is a very bad decision to marinate everything together.  I'd be more upset about the proteins all tasting like eachother....
 It sounds like you've never done this.  In that case I would like to suggest you use this recipe for steak and guinness stew.  It's easy and fool proof.  I like to use chuck for this instead of brisket.  You can do the recipe as directed or you can stop once the meat is cooked and not add the cheese or move on to making it into a pie. http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/beef-recipes/steak-guinness-and-cheese-pie-with-a-puff-pastry-lid/#c96htrIj3ljXQ8gk.97
You are a genius and I am stealing this idea.
Personally I would not buy such an expensive cut of meat and then ruin it by overcooking. If you go to a quality steak house and ask them to cook your steak past medium they will refuse and steer you towards the chicken dishes. That's just me, I cannot bare to spend money on an expensive cut of beef and then overcooking it. I too have too many people who don't like to see red so I stick to pork, turkey, and shoulder cuts I can braise. What about a nice pot roast? ...
Yea you can make half the chicken and the same amount of sauce if that's what you want.
Welcome @hungrypanda that looks great!
   Funny this thread came up again.  I did a roast pork tonight and I was in the process of making a basic pan sauce and then decided to make it a fig gravy.  Drippings, sweat shallots, added flour, deglazed with vermouth and and added chicken stock and fig jam.  Faaaantaaastic, slightly sweet but savoury! I think I'm going to make it for christmas except I think I will deglaze with port!
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