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@petalsandcoco Opa!!
 But they're so yummy :(  I never eat the red onions in my salad, but I like the color and aroma that they add to my salads, is that strange lol?  To get the sting out of the red onion toss it with some salt and lemon juice first.
 Well said, thank you.
 There are a lot of ingredients and flavors that don't appeal to me and my kitchen is not equipped for.  Coconut milk for example, curry, hot spices, a lot of sauces, complex combinations of ingredients and the use of sweetness, it's all very difficult for my palate to comprehend.  I'm still working on it - listen, there was a time in my life that the thought of sushi was inconceivable and now it's a staple of my diet.  But it takes time and I'm sure I'll learn something...
Take good care of yourself and keep us posted.
Thanks for the inspiration. It's not food I like to eat and so I don't cook it. When we go out to eat with friends and trying to pick a restaurant I usually say "anything but Thai". Shrug.
So I've been trying my truffle oil on eggs and mushrooms etc, it's not amazing. Sometimes I have access to truffle butter when I shop in the city but I dont' get it often and I'm usually specific about rubbing it on chicken and then I freeze it and it stays way too long in there because I forget all about it and then have to throw it out.
I'll be cheering from the sidelines on this one.  Good luck everyone!
Oh boy. The smoker is a whole other animal.
 Considering the time involved in doing the pork butt I wouldn't say it's the training wheels, perhaps a chicken or something smaller would be training wheels.  You have to think about the time involved, it's a big committment.
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