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Impressive that you can do that without a nonstick pan and with a fork.
Fun! I wouldn't do it with an egg because nothing makes me more angry than busting a yolk when Ive got fresh bread waiting for those eggs. I have one trusted spatula for that and I practice my flipping on other stuff.
Chicken roulade with a French sauce. It looks elegant and what you put inside it or on it could vary. Pre assemble them and pre sear, then finish off in the oven on site.I like to stuff with spinach and pipperade and drizzle with fontina spiked bechamel.Or stuff with sausage and serve wth a mushroom brown gravy.I can't get a plate of chicken for 100 bucks in your restaurant?
I believe it's cheaper to buy already frozen veggies.  The only veggies I freeze are peeled garlic and crushed fresh tomatoes.  I keep the garlic in a jar and the tomatoes in ziploc bags. They both freeze beautifully.  I love frozen peas and buy them all the time but it would be much more expensive to buy them fresh and then freeze.  Corn also freezes well.  Carrots are not so good frozen in my opinion, neither are mushrooms.  I would not freeze fresh broccoli or...
Yes, fascinating creatures.
I have the cod book though not the pencil book. I do have the Rats book too which is fascinating but that has nothing to do with salt or food.
Yes Kuan I'd say so. Greece is much like Italy in that the regions are quite different in terms of food, customs and even dialect. Each part of Greece has its own delectable offerings.
Those calling for decorum may have never experienced receiving a mean spirited email. Sorry @French Fries you got targeted too. It's senseless.
I too remember that thread!     Legumes are your friend.  Nothing is simpler than lentil soup or veggie chili. Stirfry is easy too. Lately I've been obsessed with chinese garlic eggplant stirfry.  I would definitely go in that direction when you google recipes.   I'm happy to give you a recipe for something specific.
@chefbuba as you can see besides the chuck there is not much marbling to the meat.  Butchers here do not cut beef in a way that I can recognize it easily, that's what makes buying beef so hard.  The language barrier (I don't know the name of the cut I'm looking for in Greek and neither do they lol).  They consider all beef to be stewing meat.  I can't even buy a chicken here without them whacking it to bits with a butcher knife, bone splinters everywhere....
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