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It is a difference in preference, that's all.  You tell us, was the soup with caramelized onions a different color than the soup with sweated onions?  I bet it was.   Putting the lid on a pot causes the steam to trap inside.  It also raises the temperature inside so it is tricky as it will also speed up the cooking time.     Now that you know both ways to do it you have to decide for yourself which do you like better and when to use each technique in the dishes you...
What a lovely experience!
I have chanced upon Tasting Table doing livestream cooking on Facebook.
I admit I love my Grandmother's meatball recipe too.  But I do make and eat other kinds of meatballs as well.  Life is too short and I try to eat as much as I can lol. You know I was thinking that the OP's recipe doesn't sound middle eastern to me, save for the bit of cinnamon.  Maybe his grandmother is middle eastern and whatever she cooks is thought to be middle eastern?  What does give a dish a specific ethnic label?  When I make eggs on toast does it mean it's greek...
 In my experience from the sushi places I go to, the chefs are all Japanese, most of which don't seem to speak english.  I assume they are from Japan and studied sushi making in Japan or with Japanese chefs. Why would they all collectively choose to make the rice differently here than in Japan? 
Some great ideas here.  Casserole sounds especially good yum!
It looks like bad butchery to me.  What's the point of this?  The bones are still in the fish and you still have to deal with them so you've not saved any time.  
I have a ton of leftover roasted potatoes. They were roasted with olive oil and herbs. Besides making them into hash what else can I do?
This is crazy.  I just wash it with soap and sponge and let it dry.  Works just fine for me, I'll leave the fancy stuff to the fancy people.
 That's why this is called a "challenge" it's supposed to challenge us. You can do it!
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