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There are basic bechamel recipes on the internet. It's not difficult but it is one of the major mother sauces and will elevate all your cooking. It's crucial for Mac n cheese.
@Mike9 heaven! Where do you get your lobster?
It does not appeal to me and I was about to defriend you when I initially thought you were posting this as if it was a good idea. Then again I find sweet potatoes extremely difficult to pair with any food, I know people love them and I do too but they have such a distinctive flavor! Regular potatoes are conducive to many flavoring like a blank canvas but sweet potatoes are a busy flavor all on their own. With fish? No! But I used to live in a world where cheese and fruit...
I think @BrianShaw m and Welsh rarebit, not rabbit. Flour is imperative because the basis of the cheese sauce is bechamel. Without it your cheese will clump and separate.
There are many threads about mac n cheese if you're willing to search them out, all the recipes of the world have been covered.   There is nothing odd about adding mustard to mac n cheese.  The acidic tartness compliments that gooey fatty dense cheese simultaneously bringing out its flavors and making it more palatable.  I wouldn't dream of making mac n cheese without it.   My mac n cheese starts off with rendering bacon.  Then I remove the bacon and sautee finely...
I know I know, this is really bad but I'm resubmitting a dish from the previous tomato challenge.  I didn't win but I was very proud of this tomato risotto and it was delicious, I've made it many times since.  And since it's the end of the month and I've gotten almost no cooking done this week save for a few tuna sandwiches I hope you don't mind, you don't even have to consider it.  Just look at how pretty!!   Vine ripe tomatoes Vegetable tomato stock   Onion and...
 Thats a better suggestion. Flipping steaks for that many people will be timely and exhausting.  Trust me, when people see grills they make a lot of special requests.  Just recently we grilled a few hot dogs for my son's birthday party and everyone was like "can you char mine?"  "do you have room on the grill for me to toast my bun?"  It's such a hassle. Something else you can do which is way better and infinitely cheaper than a bunch of tasteless filet mignons is to roast...
I hope you have some nice compound butters to top those steaks with. Filet mignon is pretty tasteless on its own, why do they serve this disappointing meat at weddings?? Id be so much happier with a ribeye, a skirt steak, even a hanger steak!! And I'm so sorry that as the father of the groom you are stuck with cooking. That sounds awful.
MaryB that sure is interesting. lasr night I felt a charley horse coming on and quickly looked it up and they said that drinking pickle juice helps. Are you suffering from charley horses?
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