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I know but I don't know what to do to avoid it. If I'm plating I use warmed dishes but I typically serve family style. I'm very careful to serve everything at the appropriate temperature and when serving a roast I make sure everyone is seated and tr last thing to hit the table. But even so, I never feel happy enough with the meat temp.
Gorgeous crispy skin indeed @Mike9 !  How did you do it, sear first and roast till done?
 I only serve it for family events.  I keep the roast beef covered in foil or in a cooler if necessary.  Then when it's time to serve we slice it and put it in a serving dish.  It's cold by the time it hits the table basically.  
What tips and equipment do you use for indoor grilling?  I'm particularly interested in grill marks, not sure how to get those on chicken for example without firing up the outdoor grill.  Do you grill indoors?  
@Lagom wow I would certainly like to see pictures of that food!
@petalsandcoco I was going to do that exact same lamb shoulder one of these days, hubby has been asking for it.
So I have a few friends who are guys that cook well and we go to their house often for dinner parties.  I'm not saying you're anything like them but what I've noticed about all these guys is that they work slow and methodical and can't seem to multitask very well.  So while dinner is delicious we may not get to eat it until a few hours into the party.  This is not a jab at men, it's simply an observation I've made about dinner parties hosted by men.   Stews - you never...
 That's a good idea.  Although chicken can sit for a bit without becoming unpleasant.  Roast beef for example doesn't sit well, it continues to cook in a warmer and can become quite dry.  But chicken on the bone will do much better.
Thanks @petalsandcoco we'll be ok!! It will be a major inconvenience more than anything. Even in the morning the market was bedlam. There was little on the shelf so I got some cold cuts, a cabbage I'm going to stuff today and a small eye round I will most likely slow roast.
Oh thanks all, I think we're ok on the emergency preparations, I just wanted to see what others cook when they're snowed in.
New Posts  All Forums: