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Not only that but it can scorch too and it also changes the texture of the pulled pork.
When I reheat pulled pork I place it in a bowl with a tbsp of water and place it in the microwave. It works out really well I swear it.
Just a question, out of curiosity. What does a coffee rub taste like? Can you taste the coffee? What kind of coffee is used?
Here it is, it went in at 2pm yesterday and got taken off the flame at 7am.
Crispy salmon skin
I do not have a slow cooker.  It's been on since 2pm.  I'll leave it till morning.
I'm making chicken. We had this for dinner last night so I had a carcass ready for the stockpot.
So I'm making this bone broth today and I'm not sure how long to cook it. When I make chicken stock I let it cook for about 3 hrs. I don't have a slow cooker, which suggests a 24-48 hr cook, just a regular stock pot.
And so are you. But cheftalk is my merry way, this is where I come to chat about food and yummy stuff. So I'm not going anywhere. But I will leave this thread since among all the opinions here mine is not welcome.
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