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Yes humidity wreaks havoc on a persons body. Since moving to a dry climate in southern Krete my mother has not suffered with any of the asthma or arthritic problems she used to suffer with in the southern east coast of US.
This was so long ago. My things have changed. I now like cheddar cheese, mayo, yellow mustard, tomatoes, lettuce and red onion.
Wow wow wow yes buy also what Julia Child once said. I believe it was something like 'this food is so pretty you know someone's hands have been all over it."
There is the Kretan stuffing: onion, tomato, zucchini, all ground, rice, mint, parsley, olive oil, salt and pepper.  The stuffing is raw, you roll it up and place each dolma in a pot lined with olive oil and tuck them in all closely.  Add water halfway up the sides of the vessel and put on medium heat. I place a heavy plate on top so that the dolmas don't move around.  Never let them boil, just simmer gently. Gentle cooking ensures that the dolmas don't fall...
 Oh dear do take good care of yourself, don't worry I don't think there will be any permanent damage.  I myself am on the strep throat diet, anything I swallow feels like broken glass.  
 Your plating is so bold and dramatic.  
I find iberico ham here easily. But it's $100/lb
That's my kind of breakfast kgirl.
@kaneohegirlinaz  it tasted great.  After I took the picture I spooned over some pan sauce and it was good.  A lot more marbled than supermarket pork, tastier but also mellow.
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