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Easy dinner last night with a caprese, roasted garlic hummus, pita chips and sopressata.   
 Gorgeous!  I'm making this for dinner today, spent some time at the farmer's market yesterday and will be doing something like this. Swimming in olive oil, that's how I like all my food. I usually try to go light but I'm definitely going to go heavy handed with the oil today, got some fresh sourdough bread that's dying to be dipped into something.
One of my most favorite things to make with fresh tomatoes is Dakos, but it also goes by the name of Koukouvagia (yes that's how I chose my screename)   Basically it's a a dried wheat rusk, wet it to make it soft, topped with fresh tomato, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper.  Make it fancy by adding feta cheese.  
Wow, amazing dishes everyone I'm so impressed.  My favorite challenge by leaps and bounds (truth, if I had won any challenge I would have picked Eggs as the theme!)   Whenever we have leftovers my husband is famous for saying "toss this ______ with some eggs tomorrow and you got a beautiful breakfast."  He's soooo right, that's why eggs are one of my most favorite ingredients.  And that's why I decided to make a strata, my first ever!  I had a lot of leftover ingredients...
Wait! I have a strata waiting to be baked for lunch!
Eggs over easy are one of my go tos. The potatoes were pretty good too.
I agree, that's how i will do them next time. Also just an excuse to use more beurre!!
Good tip!! I do freeze stock in plastic jars and wen I need to defrost I run under warm water to loosen the sides and then dump into a saucepan.
Except the eggplant is not breaded, meat and potatoes are added, very little tomato in the sauce and completely different cheese. But uhm, yea sure. Not. Lol
Just salt and dredged lightly through flour, fried in olive oil.
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