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I hope everything is ok!?
Been busy. Ham and cheese quesadilla.
 It sounds as delicious as it looks.
I'll be making a risotto this month too, I'm sure we could do a whole challenge on risotto alone.  Mushroom risotto is my absolute favorite by I don't make it much anymore (hubby thinks that mushrooms taste like bandaids, what a fool).  This is an old one, made from Jamie Oliver's risotto recipe.  IMO it's the best risotto recipe I've ever ever ever made, the flavors range from very deep/complex and developed to really fresh - the final touches on this recipe make it what...
Don't forget about sloppy joes and Dagwood sandwiches!
   Been meaning to tell you, these are amazing. The Pasta 'ncasciata is something I never heard of before and something I'd like to try to learn.  
Stir fry.  It's a lot of work I tell you.  But it was worth it.  The rice is basmati.  I'm still learning how to cook it, it's a little overcooked for my taste, it cooks sooooo quickly!      
Unfortunately I'm prone to guilt. I really envy people that feel no guilt. I'll just go ahead and say it then, risotto is one of my favorite side dishes heheheh!
This one is a little different than the one you taught me. It's a 3.5 lb butt. I would've tied it if I could find my butcher twine.There was a lot of broth, I'm going to have to call it a braise because those potatoes and veggies were more like pot roast veggies.
I like to boil the beans for about 15 min until they start to soften a little before I put them in a stew. Sometimes I cook them fully before adding them depending on the dish. Did you notice which beans were undercooked? Not all types of beans cook at the same rate. Were the navy beans all tough and the black beans all soft? Or were there some black beans cooked while other black beans undercooked? Phatch said it best, your body adapts over time.
New Posts  All Forums: