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Waffles!    Wet brine or dry brine?
Let's stick to food choices!
Does the kid separate from that?
How are you using the word entree? Before a stir fry I usually have a soup.
No such thing. Food is food. Only people can be healthy or unhealthy. I don't like to think of food in terms of good or bad. Moderation is the keystone to good health. Balance is imperative. But i believe all foods are healthy.Hot dogs or hamburgers?
 Soft boiled! Hard boiled eggs make sad, I need #yolkporn Chicken: Light or dark meat?
 Cold wine for sure! Pasta: Long noodles or short?
@French Fries I did it, I made the chicken and it was great.  Definitely doing it again, thanks!  Sorry I didn't take a pic this time but I will next time.  Beautiful sticky sauce.
Thanks for answering, but you're also supposed to pose an "or" question after you answer. 
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