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JP I'm a sucker for a good fish fry!
Would like to help but can't without knowing what the recipe is.
 Wow, it's 19 degrees here this morning.  I hate my life.
 I think I might need to go pay me a visit down to N'Orleans!  Never been but I sure would like to taste some of these dishes, I've never had them!
Looks good but I wouldn't call it healthy lol!
 I've never seen boiling point!!  Thanks, I will check it out because I actually really love Gordon Ramsay.  Gosh there are so many Gordon shows it's not easy to keep up with them all.  I did like the Ultimate Cookery course and learned alot from it.  The reason I like fword is because of the informative magazine style.  It's a foodie show.
 Thank goodness, Italians are cheering everywhere!
I agree though I don't think I know all the facts about his relationship with his wife. It sounds like a tense situation to have business relations with your father in law and I suspect that plays a role in their problems. Needless to say he's quite ambitious for fame considering he has a zillion shows thriving on his penchant for foul language. And may also prove my theory that men who conaider themselves powerful also consider themselves entitled to extramarital hanky...
Andreas Viestad?
Capellini is my preferred pasta, I love the texture of the long thin noodles but it is easy to overcooked which is why I imagine many people don't fully appreciate it. I serve it with bolognese all the time.I think I see a spoon in the bowl? That reminds me when I was invited on tour with an Italian orchestra a few years ago, I was the only non Italian in the group. At our first dinner someone handed me a spoon for my pasta and I politely refused it, and the whole table...
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