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Ham is cooked.  Pies are in the oven.  I'm about to stuff my mushrooms.
I would kill to eat one of those potatoes.  I'm glad you saw reason.   I did my glaze.  We cook ham first thing in the morning on Tday so that we can have a nice breakfast. Dinner is in the evening.
I think duck might be an even better pairing with cranberry sauce than turkey.  I'm assuming.   I am inspired and will now glaze my ham with pomegranate molasses, allspice and cloves yeehaw.
If anything can benefit from a beautiful cranberry sauce it is duck!  Heavy on the orange I'd say. My personal favorite is a mulled-wine cranberry sauce http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/mulled-wine-cranberry-sauce-233173   As for potatoes, who needs them?  If they don't excite you nix them.  Personally I die a little on the inside when I don't see potatoes on the table but it's not a rule that you have to make them. How about rice? People forget all about...
I don't know. I would never do that to my tzatziki, I like it as is.
I know we're all busy today!  I like to be prepared for a holiday and prep as much as I can in advance.  My contribution to the Thanksgiving table is a ham, stuffed mushrooms, and an apple pie.  So my prep includes   Shopping (done) Cleaning (not done!) Clearing out the fridge (done) Washing all the necessary serving dishes.(done) Picking out my outfit    I'm going to make the pie dough today and chill it overnight.  Tomorrow I will make the filling and...
Turmeric or saffron diluted in the acid (lemon juice or vinegar) should do the trick.  But beware this will change the taste too.
Plenty of good things can come out of the freezer if one is careful. But I think we're all guilty of leaving something in there for too long.
I tend to like smoked salmon at room temp myself but anchovies are a vital part of many cooked sauces.
I have the labels.  But I still forget that something is there even if I look at it every day.
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