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Cut an onion into the oil? This is something my mom would tell me to do,are you in France by chance?Well I was running so late for dinner I didn't even have time to marinate the fish or anything. So I just seasoned it with dried oregano and olive oil and roasted it. Tossed broccoli florets with olive oil, garlic, lemon and pepper flakes and roasted that too. Boiled up some basmati rice. 10 minutes of prep was all I had time for but next time im trying French Fries idea...
What makes liver so good for you that it can't be avoided? There are many other ways to get iron in your diet, liver is completely avoidable.I think foie gras looks, tastes and feel sexy. I love it.
We have plain rice as a side dish at least once a week.  Looking for inspiration to tweak it a bit, make it more exciting.  We're having salmon tonight (soy sauce marinade) and would like a different rice side dish to accompany it.
Cooks use all their senses, including intuition.  You wouldn't ask someone what body part they use if they're walking because the whole body is involved.  Same thing with cooking.  All the senses work together.  We see if vegetables are vivid and fresh or limp and browning.  We smell when a spice hits the pan or garlic is about to burn.  We touch protein to gauge the internal temperature.  We listen for sizzling when the food hits the pan.  We taste for seasoning and...
I'll only eat chicken livers and foie gras.  Beef and lamb livers...shudder.  But boy are chicken livers tasty.  I flour and fry them and drizzle with salt and lemon.  Delicious little snack.
Haha I was just guessing at the number four. It's more or less a few chips. I eat enough chips so that there is no more overlap of sweet and salty on my palette. When all I can taste is salt I go back to a bite of chocolate. I was hoping to avoid explaining just how weird this is but you got me.Indont eat it often and now it's different than I was a kid when Hershey's sufficed. Now I have more discerning taste in chocolate.
This can't be stressed enough! If your palette is limited then so will be your food. Well said!I'm one who learned by first watching great shows that inspired me like Sarah Moulton, Molto Mario, the Frugal Gourmet and Jamie Oliver. To see someone else all about food so passionately made me want to do it too.And start small and work your way up. Always cook for other people. Get feedback from them and cook with others too. It can be fun and a great experience.
I've never seen that here but I have had chocolate covered chips before. Oddly enough I don't like them together, I like alternating between the sweet and salty, not all at once.
 Now that's even more blasphemous!
One of my favorite lifelong snacks and to this day is eating chips and chocolate. One bite of chocolate followed by 4 potato chips. Has something to do with sweet/salty and it's not something I can give up. I've been called weird about it. I also like to turn my pasticchio upside down on my plate. I like the bechamel the best and the noodles the least so I eat the noodles first and save the bechamel for last. My mother has always hated this about me.
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