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@butzy I've never thought of using cream cheese instead of mayo in a sandwich like that! Lovely addition, I'm also thinking scallion and chive could go I there too, or how about smoked salmon too! I wonder if this would work with tuna as well. @mikey--m looks great, I've never paired pulled pork with cheese! So you smoke your own cheese then?
 Yea put it in the cheese challenge!
 Welcome!  We do not vote, this is a very casual thing here.  The host (that's me!) posts the challenge and moderates it.  At the end of the month I look over the entries and choose my favorite dish - I tend to only look at entries that have pictures because it's proof that the person took the time to actually make the dish.  Good quality pictures are not necessary but I do enjoy nice plating personally.  I have my own criteria, another host might have different criteria....
@kaneohegirlinaz so pretty!   @teamfat your goat burger is intense!
Ask your butcher. They may not have it on hand when you go in but they will save it for you the next day.
@Mike9 that is spectacular! @chefbuba worthy! This is going to be a tough decision come Wednesday.
I'm booking my plane ticket now.
Nothing beats steamed crab with drawn butter... why do they call it drawn by the way? It's just melted butter. But for a twist you could do flavored butter like garlic or chive or saffron. You could do a crab salad with fresh fennel, roasted red peppers and aioli. For pasta I've made cannelloni stuffed with crab and baked covered with bechamel.
@kaneohegirlinaz I seared some pork chops until they got color then removed from the pan. In the juices I sautéed shallot and garlic then deglazed with lemon juice and vermouth. Seasoned and added fresh oregano and thyme and added a dollop of Dijon and some cream. I place the pork chops back in, covered and simmered until medium well. Remove the pork chops and stir in a pat of butter to the sauce. Strain and serve.
@butzy one could argue this as a deep dish pizza as well! @ordo what an interesting take on cannelloni al forno!
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