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I didn't mean stir fried rice. I meant white steamed rice to top with my stir fried veggies.
What kind of rice do Chinese restaurants serve? It's kind of sticky. Is it sushi rice? I have no plans of buying a rice cooker so is like to know if there is any other trick to making a good rice for my stir fry.
MEATLOAF WELLINGTON   My final submission.  I came across some Durfour puff pastry in the market the other day and decided I'd make a wellington.  I decided to cook the meatloaf all the way through, then chill it before wrapping in pastry and cooking.  For the meatloaf itself I kept it simple, I sweated onions and green bell pepper until soft, and added some garlic.  Combined that with milk-soaked fresh breadcrumbs, parsley, fresh thyme and a couple of eggs. I used 50/50...
I like to cool my pans and then soak with water and soap overnight to clean. Don't forget to scrub the outside too, don't know why people don't scrub the sides and bottom as well as the inside. I use little yellow choreboy plastic scrubbers but I also make use of SOS pads when necessary! Sometimes scorching happens. Don't freak out.
@GeneMachine I get a little emotional when I see such a piece of beautiful pork. Last time I got a piece of pork that good over here I paid $50 for 3 chops.
You don't need a knife to carve out the ribs and seeds. Use a spoon and your finger. Sometimes I rinse it too if those little seeds won't get out.
I eat raw peppers almost daily.  It's one of my favorite salad ingredients.
Fair enough! I'd eat it.
Chefed means that there should be some negative space on the plate. You may need to use a larger plate for the dish. When it comes to garnish I do not like to see things on my plate that I can't eat. What do you mean for the red pepper to do here? On my plate for example the lime was used to squeeze over the fish and rice because it compliments te flavors in the dish. The avocado was edible and I stirred it into the rice. You pepper looks pretty but how does one eat a big...
It's forbidden rice and if I remember correctly it was tossed with roasted yellow peppers and scallion.
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