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@Nicko I'm so happy to see you participating in the challenge. Are you oil poaching those eggs?
I will fess up. Recently I've gotten in the habit of seasoning steak a half hour before it goes on the grill. I put olive oil, salt/pepper, paprika and oregano. It was an experiment and at first I worried because everyone said you can't salt meat before it hits the grill! Gosh that's hard to stick to doing when you're trying to get the rest of the meal ready and hubby suddenly walks in saying "the coals are ready now," and so you have to drop everything and season. It...
Oh I see! That's heavy. Outside of my comfort zone a bit. Chicken Makhani with coriander/cumin roasted cauliflower and carrots.
Mmmmm, pork.
Thanks! That sounds good. You don't salt it?
Oops. I blame it on the jet lag.
I wasn't going to post because the picture is bad and the preparation so simple but this is what I did for dinner one night. Quail eggs fried in olive oil, served with fresh bread. Boring.
This and Nickos dish look amazing. How does one successfully oven fry?
Amazing delicious things happening here. This is my favorite thread. I haven't been around for a while because I've been on vacation to Greece for several weeks. I started to post here but kgirl suggested I start a whole thread about the food experiences I had while there. So check out my culinary experiences here http://www.cheftalk.com/t/81837/koukous-travels#post_479327
Glad everyone is enjoying it. I'm hungry looking back at the photos. One thing I did not get to eat this summer was staka. It is a tricky dish shrouded in mystery. Old wives tales dictate that staka should be made secretly without alerting anyone. It should never be asked for or discussed. It should come out as a surprise. But that's hard to do considering the formidable smell it creates throughout the house and my mother's 2 attempts to make it proved disasterous. Both...
New Posts  All Forums: