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Lent began on Monday.  This was a simple lentil soup with lagana which is an unlevened bread.
This was Valentine's Dinner     
Mushroom risotto - a house favorite.  I started off by rehydrating some chanterelle and porcini.  The stock from these went into the risotto of course, as well as did the rehydrated mushrooms after I chopped them finely.   In a pan I sauteed the button mushrooms with olive oil and thyme.  As you can see they create a nice fond which adds further flavor to the dish.  I remove the mushrooms and start with the risotto.  Finely chopped onion, toasted the rice, vermouth,...
@Hayden that is so beautiful!
 A lot can be done with these humble ingredients.  When you describe it like that it sounds awful but this is a weekly meal for me.  Ok sometimes the rice is farro or white rice with butter and the veggies might be roasted but don't knock it, it's simple good healthy food that hits the spot! @Rick Alan I'm out of the weeds!
That looks like a mighty high price for trimmings.
No no no no. Risotto is made with short grain rice such as arborio, this is very important. Risotto technique is very specific and results in a creamy slightly runny thick porridge like consistency. You absolutely positively do not use a rice cooker or pressure cooker!I'm sure there are loads of tutorials on YouTube on how to make risotto. This here is a very basic and very good basic technique for risotto...
More likely the pan will get ruined if you scratch the surface, especially if it's nonstick. Or it's likely that the bacon will tear if you use scissors. I don't think the scissors will get ruined. But I wouldn't use them. Tongs are better. I'd be more concerned that there's a random old woman hiding in your kitchen lol. Does she work there because that sounds totally random.
I trust no doctors and I certainly trust no sales associates.  I've tried every diet every sold, WW, paleo, low carb, low fat, the cabbage soup diet, you name it.  My health and my body never agreed with any of them.   It wasn't until I started listening to my own body's needs and paying attention to how my body responded to the food I put in it that my body and health really took shape.  If you eat real food, not too much, move a little, and keep your stress levels...
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