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Beans? Corn Hot potato salad
I'm stumped.  Can't figure it out even with google (why can't we use google?)
Kikkoman if I had to choose, but I usually buy San-J tamari.   Wings - drumette or flat?
Thanks @Mike9 I definitely got something out of both those videos.  I had heard of baking soda, but never baking powder.  Interesting, I will try it.  But I have to disagree with him about the bones of the wing, I jove gnawing on those little bones, boneless wings are not as fun lol.
 What do you mean by dip them in garlic butter.  Dip them in raw? I didn't get any responses by the time I started cooking so I seasoned the wings with olive oil, salt, pepper, and floured them lightly.  I spread them on parchment paper and cooked them for 40 minutes on convection roast.  Then I tossed them in a sauce I made with melted butter, garlic, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, and parmesan cheese.  It was actually really good.  
Can anyone help me make these?  Not sure how to make really garlicky wings in the oven.  Last time I made wings they got stuck on the pan and the skin tore away.  Should I use parchment paper?
Is this a real thing? Has anyone done this?
Rib eye, well marbled! New England clam chowder, Manhattan clam chowder, or Maine clam chowder?
 Oh yeah the worst.  But darn it those red mullets are so tasty.   Forgot to post a question you're right. Octopus or calamari?
Filet. I grew up eating whole fish, as in small fish like red mullets and anchovies. Always whole fish, I didn't know what a filet was until after college I'd say. But I didn't like eating whole fish, I didn't like dealing with so many bones for such a small amount of fish. And I can't tell you how many times I got a tiny fishbone stuck in my throat. Discovering filets was like a dream come true.
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