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Wow I've never been tempted by sous vide until now! Seriously though, how can one recreate this in the oven?
Greek yogurt preferably, even sour cream can work.
The peppers have to be strained well.  Adding a little salt helps with this.   I make a similar dip but I add a little greek yogurt to it, makes a nicer smoother texture and helps cut some of the richness and saltiness of the feta.
If you do this it will overcook. Starting at high heat is for browning larger roasts, but the process will cook your steak right through.
It definitely sounds like a challenge but I'm not up for it, especially for such a temporary situation.
 For such a small roast I would treat it more like a steak and sear it in a pan to brown and then transfer to an oven at 350 for the remainder.  This should not take long at all.  Maybe 20 minutes start to finish? Use a thermometer and don't let it get past 120.
These look great, welcome to Cheftalk!  Can you tell us about how you made them?
I had the roasted rib bones from the New Years prime rib roast and I made them into stock today.
@Chefross sounds delicious, I think you should make it and submit it to the challenge.
@phatch I find that sauteeing in butter makes the butter burn.  Is it just me?  I usually sautee in just a little olive oil and then add a pat of butter in the last minute or 2 of cooking.
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