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May I ask, what material do you use to wrap the spices in a sachet?
 For me, every holiday involves tradition.  My point wasn't that I'm against tradition, I'm not even arguing if someone likes to eat the same stuff year after year.  Personally for me, tradition is not just about the food, there are a lot of things that go into traditions.  One of my favorite Tday traditions is going to the movies after dinner, or cooking with my Mom, or sneaking around picking at the ham before dinner.  Christmas is my holiday to cook.  You'll get...
Maybe she means chinese take out.
I'll refer you to post #4241 on the what's for dinner thread http://www.cheftalk.com/t/69652/what-did-you-have-for-dinner/4230 I posted these pictures a couple of weeks ago after I roasted an eye round roast.     And here is my method which I have adapted from America's Test Kitchen: I dry brined it over night. With lots of salt, probably about 4 tbsp per roast Then I seared it and then I slathered it with mustard and herbs. Then I put it into a 225F oven until it...
The only thing that kills creativity is fear.  You have to push yourself a little, growth occurs when you step out of your comfort zone.  I would suggest that you ask your professor for sample "mystery box" ingredients and if you don't have enough confidence yet to do it at school then do it at home for yourself.     I would urge you to participate in the challenges at school too.  You never know what will happen under pressure.
@kaneohegirlinaz  where on earth have you been??   @decrotie2004  I think that someone should be you  
I've never understood the appeal of chicken and dumplings.  I'm thrown off by the dumplings, they seem like slipper wet overly thick noodles.  Maybe I just haven't had good ones.   Pork chop and roasted veggies
Omg this drives me up the wall! I hate doing the same thing over and over again. I need freedom to express my creativity through food. My inlaws are like your family though except they every meal I've ever had there is exactly the same. Not just holidays, every meal. It's really depressing.What you could do is make all the favorites but sneak in something additional that is new and exciting to you. Trust me, nobody will refuse something yummy.
Ham and mac n cheese.  That's an idea!
@teamfat thanks for starting us off!   @dcarch I'm sure yours is the first of many references to that movie, but it will be hard to beat this one!   @petalsandcoco I'm loving it, and I'm a huge fan of Mr. Bean
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