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A proper roast beef dinner     
Wow, impressive dishes everyone!
I don't understand the question, do you need advice for making stock or for making soup? How are you making your soup and stock now?
Yes, it can enriches it. But simple is also great.
MaryB you poor thing! Does it hurt? I really have to be careful, my knives are a little dull and that's dangerous. My hands are my livelihood.
Oh my gosh that's terrifying! Glad to hear it's ok now.
You could always roast half of them naked and the other half in foil and compare and contrast.  To be honest I've always roasted them in foil because that's how my Mother did it.  But I'll try them naked next time, there's nothing to lose.  I've had great results doing them in foil, they are steamy but the roasted aroma is undoubtedly there, the sweetness comes out, man I'm really craving some now.
Really cute
 Barbacoa is super super easy to make my friend, you've got to try it.  Honestly I used a Chipotle's copycat recipe off the web and I had my reservations about it but it turned out really good.  I'd say it's even easier to make than a regular stew because after you brown you pour in the sauce and let it cook.  The sauce takes only minutes to prep!  The guacamole took more effort really.
Barbacoa!   This was my first time, it will certainly not be my last though because everyone around here was doing the happy dance at dinner time.  Oh my gosh this was sooooooooo good!   First I made the braising liquid in the food processor.  This is a whole bunch of garlic cloves, chipotles in adobo sauce, apple cider vinegar, chicken stock, oregano, cumin, ground clove and lime juice. Then I seared the chuck. Added the sauce and some bay leaves and popped it...
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