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How would you make it into a soup?
Made a hash, sauteed some mushrooms in butter and then topped it with fried eggs.  It was awesome.  I still have some left though.
 Nice sear.  You're like my mother (aka carb addict), can't eat pasta without bread lol.
You've gone quite root happy here FF, a lovely experiment.  I've never tried cooking radishes before, they're not on my "favorites" list so I don't think of them often.  Mostly I enjoy radishes in salads and shaved thinly and placed delicately on top of buttered bread. I haven't tried adding mint to fennel but I can imagine it's very good.  Food for thought :)
Yes maybe I'll make a hash, bowl, add some sauteed spinach and a poached egg.
What ideas have you already tried?
My hubby was king enough to make dinner last night since I've been working late on nights. But inexperienced as he is he made way too much and I need ideas on what to do with the rest of this creatively. He made a pan of roasted hodgepodge - potatoes, tomatoes, grey squash, onions, garlic, kielbasa. Seasoned with olive oil, salt pepper and oregano. Now what?
@ordo you had me at lard.
I double the garlic even if the recipe calls for no garlic.     When I look for new recipes I read only the ingredient list and skim through the instructions.  I figure that if I'm familiar with the technique I know which order the ingredients need to go in.   It goes without saying that in a recipe where the chemistry needs to work out there needs to be measuring, like baking and grains sometimes.  I don't even measure with rice, just cook it like pasta most of the...
That's crazy! Even in NYC Incan find a single duck breast for about $16!
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