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I believe they are made with dried coconut. I know these were all the rage a few years back but am I the only one who hates coconut shrimp?
 Better yet, let's put them all in jail instead.  Because they really shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere and be a pain in the a$$ to anyone at all.  How rude of them to be allergic to stuff anyway, they're such narcissists.  People who are different than us in any way should really not be allowed to even exist.  I mean really.
I may have to make a chicken soup like that, never put cream in it before, or roux!
That looks great @butzy how did you make the thai beef?
 I like fresh parsley on my steak.  I do mind parsley salt on my steak but that is indeed made with dried parsley, which lacks flavor.  If I saw dried parsley on my plate at a restaurant I wouldn't be impressed.  How does one make parsley salt without dried parsley anyway? I was given a bottle of organic garlic salt once and it had specks of dried parsley in it.  It had no parsley flavor of course but it did contribute dark little green bits into whatever food I put it on....
 Nah.  There's no flavor in dried parsley, please don't put that on my steak.  Parsley is not sticky... unless it's wet in which case it should not be wet when you use it as a "garnish" anyway.  
Because there are so many ways to add flavor I don't think there's much need for a flavoured salt unless it's an ingredient that's hard to come by or it's a salt you'll get a lot of use from like lemon zest salt.  I did just buy some truffle salt which comes in handy on a daily basis lately especially on my eggs.  I'd imagine making truffle salt yourself would be 100 times more tasty!  But what's the purpose of parsley salt for example?  Parsley's always in my fridge and...
Hmmm, nothing says Thanksgiving like.... tuna casserole haha!
Adding bacon should be fine, as long as you remove most of the salt from the fish.  You wouldn't want salty fish with bacon, yuck you may as well just stick your head in a bowl of salt.     There are many dishes with tomatoes for salt cod.  I've made it every way possible, one of my favorites is as fish n chips, as far as I'm concerned it's the best fish for that dish.   If you've never heard of tomatoes then what were you going to do with it?     Here are some of...
@GeneMachine I think we here at cheftalk should all make a fieldtrip and come visit you.   I found a beautiful little yellow squash which I sauteed and then scrambled some eggs with it.
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