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Lots of cooking is happening this weekend, will post pictures when I can! We're starting the weekend with a vegan stew and ending it as Mexican carnivores. Stay tuned!
So what's the difference between egg noodles and pasta that has egg in it?
???? I'm still so confused about this
 I have a family member who makes it every freakin time we go there for dinner, don't know why.  The parsley is so abundant in it and roughly chopped so it's really unappealing in the mouth and I worry for my tummy lol so I don't eat it anymore.  I make it myself about once a year or so but I put the parsley in the food processor - that way a little goes a long way without offending your mouth.
It is difficult to give out information when you are told it is being "collected." Maybe in paranoid because I just heard an npr podcast about internet privacy and it freaked me out. The truth is if the OP had been someone who was a home cook just starting out and was wondering what he/she could do to make things easier in the kitchen I would have responded differently. Buy it makes me nervous to answer random questions that are being collected for a reason that I'm not...
 But I'm asking you, what is their purpose?  The questions are not strange, they seem random and you keep adding more questions.  There seems to be no logical sequence to your questions.  I have no problem being asked questions but as a teacher myself I have to say that this project is not clear or focused and when someone asks me a question about a project I expect to know what that project is so that I can answer accordingly.  
I fail to see how this is research. You're tapping into a source that loves to cook. Anything we say about how difficult cooking is is just an assumption. How will you use this data? I'm not against discussion, but besides this being an interesting conversation I don't know how to contribute.
@helloitslucas my head spinning, carbs on carbs.  It's like staring into the sun!  You've caught my imagination.
@French Fries please don't hate me for not liking kale.  I've tried and I can't!  But I fully respect anyone who does like it, eventhough I think you might be part goat 
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