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 Yes, I've never been and I wouldn't know how to navigate it either.  My understanding is that they hold on to their best catches for restaurants anyway.  I guess I should check it out some time.
I use frozen frozen frozen. From what I understand the fresh shrimp at the fish market has been previously frozen anyway.
Well first you need an egg.
There are so many here who do not truss.  Honestly I don't like trussing but I do it anyway because Jacques Pepin says so.  I suppose I can start to leave it untrussed again because it's a shame to have to claggy soggy skin tucked in there.  I feel liberated.
What a thoughtful answer @rawprawn it's too bad the op didn't care to come back and read it. I would also add that being a chef is it something you step into, you have to work yourself up through the kitchen system so be prepared to hold a number of jobs in a kitchen first from dishwasher to line cook, even culinary school grads have to go through the paces. Alongside with holidays you can forget about your nights and weekends too. Many people I know in the culinary...
I would try a beer batter which is easiest. Otherwise dredge properly like chefbuba recommends. Personally I don't like to fry shrimp, I feel that frying masks the shrimp's delicate taste and texture but a beer batter is the way I'd go.
@teamfat I'm surprised to see you don't truss your chicken!
My impromptu brisket worked. I put it in a 2 inch deep roasting pan in a 400 oven for 40 minutes and then covered it and cooks for 3 hours at 330F. Then I turned it down to 300 for one more hour and let it rest nearly a full hour. Served it with the pan juices. Was nice!
I'm roasting a brisket.  How long do I roast it for so that it is tender but not falling apart?  I'm just roasting it by itself with a simple rub of salt/pepper/garlic/thyme.  Can this even be served as a roast?
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