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Olives and tomatoes are classically paired in the Mediterranean dishes. They appear together often like in puttanesca sauce or a Greek salad. Try it!
Himalayan salt is full of nutrients. It's pretty light, much lighter than sea salt so I can use it aggressively.
Looks like you gave that hunk of meat some great care and attention.  I hope it worked out well.     I love braises.  Lamb shoulder is amazing braised.  Brisket does well too.  And don't get me started on pork shoulder yeeehaww!  
I like to store my cheese wrapped in wax paper in the fridge. Hard cheeses will last a good while and you can scrape off some of the green bits. I'm sure you can do the same with mozzarella but I throw it out to be safe.
It's a great starting point and I can imagine all kinds of meats would go well - bacon, sausage, gunciale, anything goes.  BUT, it is pretty tasty on its own.
I love small plates too @flipflopgirl , that's just how we do it in the mediterranean with our little tapas and meze.
@jake t buds it's pretty simple thought I don't remember the original recipe that siduri posted.  I think it's pretty close to the original though.   1 head of cauliflower broken into florets 3 cloves garlic, sliced 1/3 cup olive oil fresh chili or chili flakes (to your liking) salt/pepper parmesan or pecorino   In a large skillet warm the garlic and chili gently until it begins to sizzle slightly.  Then add the cauliflower and sautee for a minute or two.  Turn to...
I'm just glad that people are starting to cook again. The 70's and 80's in particular were a vacuum of processed junk.
Sad to read this.  I wouldn't call this a variation, more of a b*****rdization. But look on the bright side - at least you have learned what not to do in your own restaurant someday.
I've often wondered this myself.  There are many members that I miss and he is one of them.
New Posts  All Forums: