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There is no smoke-free way to cook a steak indoors correctly.  You can do it on a low heat or in the oven but that won't get you the result you achieve with your method.  The only solution is to get a better ventilation system.  I don't cook steaks indoors for this very reason, and also why we are having a new ventilation system installed later this summer.  In the meantime we continue to cook our steaks outdoors.
"...and mint".Wow that put me over the edge. Lovely!
@flipflopgirl do you have any Greek, Spanish or Portuguese friends? These are the nations that eat the most fresh sardines so I bet friends or neighbors would know where to get ahold of fresh sardines. You could ask your favorite fish monger too, they probably have access to sardines.
It will probably be ready too soon but that's ok, wrap it well in foil and keep it warm inside a cooler, it'll be fine and it'll stay warm.  Reheat the liquid it cooked in, that'll get it even hotter at serving time.
The anchovies yes. The smelts no.
This is a lot of squash believe me! Otherwise I would try a stir fry. And I admit I love the mushiness of overcooked squash in my omelette. I caramelize it and it's too good to believe.I will try to get someone to fire up the grill, i think it will be good as @Lagom suggests.
I have a big squash.  I don't know what it's called.  It tastes like a very sweet zucchini.  Usually we make it with eggs or a fritatta or a pie of some sort.  Looking for new ideas.
I bring the liquid to a simmer and then turn down to the lowest setting.  Add the egg, fish or whatever and wait.
I can't poach anything effectively if it's simmering, bubbles pose a big problem, no matter how small.
Sounds fun.  But do make it to Rhodes one of these days, it's fab.
New Posts  All Forums: