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@kaneohegirlinaz I seared some pork chops until they got color then removed from the pan. In the juices I sautéed shallot and garlic then deglazed with lemon juice and vermouth. Seasoned and added fresh oregano and thyme and added a dollop of Dijon and some cream. I place the pork chops back in, covered and simmered until medium well. Remove the pork chops and stir in a pat of butter to the sauce. Strain and serve.
@butzy one could argue this as a deep dish pizza as well! @ordo what an interesting take on cannelloni al forno!
You made your own cheese! Did you melt it into the tomato? Can't figure out how it got into those crevices.
Does anyone know how to get the sticky oil off?
 Yum I'm making this next time I do pork chops!  These are the ones I did last night. Boneless pork chops with a lemon dijon cream sauce
@Hank that is lovely!   My lunch today.  Emmentaler, aged cheddar, and black forest ham on multigrain bread served with cheeeeeetos.
@ordo those look great! I love pocket food. @Mike9 looks yummy, I'm going to have to try that trick with the breadcrumbs!
 You ain't seen nothin yet, we still haven't gotten a Velveeta entry yet!
@kaneohegirlinaz lovely to see you join us again. That looks like enough tasty lasagna to feed all of us! @chefbuba your food is always my kind of food, sticks to the bone type of stuff. Very cheesy! @teamfat you made morning start off right. Thank you for taking the time to break down the steps to this, ironically I think it might help some newbie visitors, it should become a sticky post! I especially like your attention to plating and I appreciate the chopsticks the...
@phatch yes that was me. I would say it wasn't fun experiment, a lot of work and though we were impressed with it we've never made it again. We love gluten-full pizza dough too much.I don't know but both pizza and casseroles are welcome in this month's challenge.
New Posts  All Forums: