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How are you cooking it?  I braise it in guinness for about 3 and half hours.
Yes they are different you're right, but it was the only comparison I could think of. Do the English even have English muffins? I find crumpets easily here. I even found some at Target last week.
What recipe are you using now?
It's all good 😊 But now you know we Americans are serious about our breakfast sandwiches!
 Where in Europe are you?  I actually prefer links, but breakfast sausage in America is kind of a beautiful thing, it characteristically has sage in it and sometimes is even flavored with maple syrup.  Small links and patties are both delicious though I do enjoy the links more because of the casing.  The patties are convenient for sandwiches. And english muffin is what the british may call a crumpet.  It's not a sweet muffin.  And breakfast sandwiches in the US are very...
But what do you use when you want to make a sausage egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin? 
I admit that I use this recipe for my run of the mill stew.  I only add the cheese when I make it into a pie. It totally works, just make sure you use a reputable cheddar.
Chuck or brisket.  I prefer chuck but brisket may be better for hand pies.  This is the only recipe I use, it's just so darn good!
Haha there's so many tasty ways to skin a cat... wait no that's ick.  I'd just like to say that @Norcalbaker59 's method will result in a brownish gravy color.  All very good methods for making a nice sauce although I do have to admit that I've made browner roux and I don't think it tastes "better."  It depends on what you're looking for.
There are so many on the market to choose from.  My favorite is Bone Suckin Sauce
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