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I would die if I could only eat 5 snails.  
I find that without a roux the cheese becomes clumpy and separates.  I always use a roux but I admit that I have not figured out how much roux is the right amount yet.
I can't imagine that there will be a problem finding one at your fish monger's.
Where do you live?  I find fresh or frozen at my local fish monger.
Eventually you will adapt. It takes practice. If you are seriously considering a career in food you will have to deal with onions. They are everywhere.
I've got both.  Frozen okra is actually very good.
What do you think of meal delivery services like this? I've known a few people subscribe to blue apron in particular but there are others in the market too Do you think these are a good tool for people who don't know much about cooking?
Gumbo it is!!!
I imagine it would be quite tasty in a salad dressing.
 Enriched bread is hard to do, good job!
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