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Probably not, all people are different.
Has anyone seen this documentary? It Is the fascinating story of a man who runs as little sushi place not only seats 9 customers and is the best and most exclusive sushi spot in the world! It's on netflix.
When it comes to eggs being a specific way the culprit is usually the tools!  In order to replicate your mother's results you may have to use the exact same pan and spatula she uses, the exact same kind of ingredients and the same technique.  So the best thing to do is to ask your mother to gift you with the tools she uses to make your eggs.  I would also say to avoid putting salt in the eggs until just right before you pour them in the pan because of how salt affects the...
Yes but I want to eat everything you make.
@chefbuba where do you live? I need to book my flight cause I'm coming to dinner, you are on fire!
My no sugar slaw is mayo vinegar and celery seed
Baked rice, not much of a contender I suppose but it's such a great weeknight dinner and this happens to be hubby's favorite meal. I dice and sweat green bell peppers in olive oil and butter and toast the rice. Then I stir in left over bolognese, a cup of grated parmesan and water. Cover and bake.
I don't see why not.  I'm not too sure about the cinnamon but everything else would work.
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