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Thanks but bones=marrow=fatFat free diets are not easy my friends. Thanks goodness I don't have to eat this way.
This is not about health because this is a very unhealthy diet, especially for us Greeks who have olive oil coursing through our veins. It is a strict temporary diet meant to prevent bike from coursing through the gallbladder.
That's great news for a happy new year!
 A tiny tiny bit.  I got 99% fat free ground turkey and the cod has how much fat?  Not much I don't think.  That's the only fat in the dish.  It's nearly impossible to eat fat free, try it.
Update: Hubby is still plodding through this impossible dietary restriction but he's making the best of it.  He's taking a leading role in the kitchen and coming up with interesting things and I'm helping, advising, and putting finishing touches on his dishes.  Here are a couple of highlights.  These dishes use proteins that are extremely low fat, and there is no oil at all in the preparation.   Poached cod, root veg, vegetable broth with lemongrass, ginger,...
I think it's ok to cook this as a "roast" if it's for Italian beef sandwiches and cold cuts.
@Pete we're looking into making dashi, heading out to a Japanese market tomorrow. Thanks! @butzy I got hubby a rotisserie attachment for his Weber grill and we want to cook something out soon. A chicken perhaps to start with. Good idea.
The safest way is to defrost it over a period of several days in a refrigerator. Not sure how many days it would take for a lamb (sheep actually, it's no longer a lamb when it grows that big) that big to defrost. If you don't have the room for it you may want to strike up a deal with a local restaurant that can keep it in one of their fridges. Perhaps invite the owner over for the roasting or pay them a sum for use of their fridge. We bought a small old fridge to house our...
We have a smoker and it does come out really well.  But honestly I really prefer a long roast in the oven, without the smoke.  You just can't beat the flavor and texture in my opinion.  Pork butt is very forgiving, you can't go wrong no matter how you choose to cook it.
Everything came out great, the gorgonzola sauce was a bit hit.  I ended up pan roasting the potatoes instead for lack of time and I liked them alot.  I just wish I had some duck fat, gotta make some!
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