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I don't have any land to plant anything but I'm trying my hand at growing oregano and Rosemary on my window sill. However I saw a little white fuzz on my Rosemary yesterday and I don't know what to do about it.
There are many things I want to learn to cook, I have a running list of dishes at which I want to try my hand.  Next up for me in the next couple of weeks is to make pancit, lumpia, and bulgogi.  For me delving into a new dish requires a bit of research and visualization, as well as seeking out relevant new ingredients.  And of course I need a day off.   What new dishes are you planning to make?
Here's my terrine!   It was very tasty.  Next time I will stick with only mascarpone, although the feta was a nice addition too.  I liked the herbed oil which was made with parsley, mint and lemon zest but I think it would have been better if it was basil instead of parsley.  The honey roasted pecans were a superb addition to this.  Overall I am really happy with how this turned out and would like to delve deeper into the terrine world, I'm thinking smoked salmon terrine...
Now I know thanks. I'm unmoulding it tomorrow, very excited.
I really thought this isn't possible. Does it come out good?
@French Fries I tried pressing it but the cheese was squeezing out from the sides so I left it no cant promise it will be pretty, this is my first terrine ever so I just hope it comes out ok!
I would eat that in a heartbeat @Mike9  
I whipped 8oz mascarpone with 4oz of feta.  I layered the terrine and it's setting over night.  I want to serve it drizzled with balsamic reduction, herb oil, and candied pecans.  That's the plan.
@MillionsKnives not every challenge will appeal to everyone. Sit this one out if it's too challenging for you. We're on the honor system with every challenge so this is no different. So salt is a pantry freebie unless I plan on making salt crusted whole fish. See? Spices at a freebie unless it's saffron of course. Play it by ear and it will be fine.
It's not that, it's just that I don't know the answer to your question so maybe others don't either.
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