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I listened to this on the radio yesterday in my car, a very interesting podcast about RICE.  If you're an NPR buff like me you'll really enjoy this, it's informative. http://www.wnyc.org/story/rice-culture-and-cuisine-around-world/
I didn't notice a sweet flavor at all.  It tasted very nutty, much like brown rice.
 Oh I think I remember that.  If you're back on solids now I would suggest mopping up all the sauce with good crusty bread.  
I told you to do this!?!
I'm so excited to have discovered forbidden rice.  It is full of iron and antioxidants.  It is also delicious, super!!!   This is my take on Mexican Fried Rice. Cumin scented black rice fried with shallot, scallion, yellow bell pepper, garlic, lime and chives.  Served with oregano-rubbed salmon.   And I have a question.  I liked the black rice so much that I'm thinking of using it for rice pudding.  I looked up a few recipes and they ALL use coconut milk.  Really?...
 I add pasta to the broth and cook it until it's done.  Then I turn off the burner and begin making the avgolemono.  When I temper the broth I'm careful not to pick up pasta with it, I just skim broth from the top.  A little pasta does get mixed in which is fine, the pasta is orzo or pastina, very small.  It does not get damaged in the whisking.  I never bring avgolemono back to a boil, ever.  I treat it like a custard, you never want to boil a custard. There's no...
I moved into an apartment with a real kitchen and got really homesick for my Mom's foods.  So I would call her and ask her "how do you make _____" then run out and buy the ingredients and try making it myself.  Eventually I got really good at it and now she calls me to ask for tips and recipes.  
Yea avgolemono is really yummy. Have you ever eaten it French Fries? Phatch's article is pretty good though skip the version with cornstarch! It couldn't be simpler. Start with your favorite chicken broth, hot and steamy. I use the ratio of 1 egg + 1 lemon per quart. You may add more/less lemon depending how potent your lemons are. It's all technique, very easy for an experienced cook like yourself. Room temp eggs and lemons. Whisk the egg in a sturdy bowl near your...
First allow the meat to dry after you dredge it. 30 minutes should be ok. The meat should not be wet when it goes into the oil. Try higher heat as Terry suggests and then drain on a rack, not paper towels.
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