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Good idea. But what's a parkay?
Is that chicken fried steak on a biscuit? Yum
Hmmm I make a corn pudding that people fight over. This year I'm doing it with fresh corn. Everybody will die.
How did you cook those eggs? Is the tuna room temp? Is everything room temp? What's the dressing.
About 200f for 4.5 hrs
There seems to be 2 camps - charred vs not charred. I think I prefer not charred myself, so I often boil corn to retain that creamy yellow texture, I live it when the kernels pop in your mouth juicy and delicious. So wrapping in foil and putting on the grill sounds perfect.Confession - I never made fresh corn until now. I have only ever bought frozen corn. I vow never to do that again while corn is in season.
Incredible! Do you add chicken stock too?
Well howdy all, the ribs came out alright for our first time. They were a bit over rubbed for my taste, and a little dry though we did our best to keep them moist. But everyone went crazy for them so what do I know? The tips were in the smoker just as long but I think next time after they german but of smoke I'll wrap them. Heck I think I'll wrap the ribs too. There was a bit of dryness with our pork butt too, perhaps our heat is too high. Boiled corn then roasted...
I don't like those rib tips but I'm pretty sure it's because we're not cooking them right. We had to cut them off because they wouldn't fit in our smoker all in one piece lol. We're doing an American BBQ @butzy, SE Asian is just not our cup of tea around here.
Those sound awesome! I can't wait to try these. For today I'm keeping them cobbed but will make an herb butter to roll them in!
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