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More likely the pan will get ruined if you scratch the surface, especially if it's nonstick. Or it's likely that the bacon will tear if you use scissors. I don't think the scissors will get ruined. But I wouldn't use them. Tongs are better. I'd be more concerned that there's a random old woman hiding in your kitchen lol. Does she work there because that sounds totally random.
I trust no doctors and I certainly trust no sales associates.  I've tried every diet every sold, WW, paleo, low carb, low fat, the cabbage soup diet, you name it.  My health and my body never agreed with any of them.   It wasn't until I started listening to my own body's needs and paying attention to how my body responded to the food I put in it that my body and health really took shape.  If you eat real food, not too much, move a little, and keep your stress levels...
Wow people join the forum just to argue about dieting on a post that is 6 years old. This is not even a health, nutrition or weightloss forum. It's a foodie forum! People speak about their nutrition philosophy the way they do about politics or religion. What people put in their mouths is their own business.
Gloogle says that mexican oregano is related to lemon verbana and has a citrus flavor.  
Is there a good and relatively healthy cooking spray? I can't bring myself to buy something like Pam. I have tried the self loading spray pumps but they clog so easily that I give up. Just looking for something that I won't feel guilty putting into my body.
Yes you can do it this way, no problem.  A long slow simmer on the stove top will ensure that you get a very nice stew.  Though check your pot, it may be oven proof.   However, you may want to look into getting an enamel cast iron dutch oven.  Le Creuset is a the famous brand and very expensive.  But there are some inexpensive options as low as $40 that I've seen at Bed Bath and Beyond from other brands that will do the job well.  
@Mike9  That's perfect for this month's challenge!
Croquettes!!!   Mince the chicken finely.  Stir into a thick bechamel with nutmeg and manchego cheese.  Roll into croquettes and chill to set.  Roll in breadcrumbs.  Deep fry.  You're welcome.
 Nobody is let down.  I don't do fermentation but I do cook a lot with mushrooms.  I saw some beautiful chanterelles in the market today but they were too expensive :(  I did however get a nice jar of dried chanterelles I'm planning on doing something with.  
'Nilla wafers is a favorite. I also love gingerbread cookies.
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