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 I'm using a Le creuset.  I make roux too. First I sear and brown the meat and remove.  Then I add my mirepoix and soften, and add flour to make a roux.  So yea, the roux is still there, I just don't have any worries about little bits of flour burning while I brown the meat.  No reason to risk the bitterness.
I never dredge.  I might not be skilled enough at browning but the flour always burns. 
That's a wonderful way to spend an evening!
@GeneMachine I would argue also that the beauty of stews is that you can make delicious meaty meal using very inexpensive ingredients.
Will you be staying in Charlotte at all?  That's all I know, this comes from my BFF who lives there:   Charlotte is a series of neighborhoods, so it's full of fine eateries depending on where you are.   Uptown: 5 Church Restaurant, Rooster's Restaurant are both delicious Midtown/Metropolitan: Dressler's Restaurant Plaza Midwood:Midwood Smokehouse (best BBQ in town) Soul Gastrolounge, Peculiar Rabbit, The Dish (a no frills, southern food - killer  meatloaf...
Wiki says: A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy.    I think we should be able to present any dish we like to a challenge if it strikes us as adequately meeting the challenge theme.  For example, I could present a case in which my rice pudding is actually a stew.  I have solid bits cooking in a liquid in a long time, therefore it can meet the requirements.  If Jarmo doesn't think it meets the...
That sounds like a brilliant and seasonal modification
Stews here are a weekly thing so I know I'll have some entries.
Bloody mary shots! Champagne mignonette
Congratulations @Jarmo !
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