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I'm sorry I can't help but what a jerk that chef is.  It really bugs me when people won't share their recipes.  What's the point of him doing that, is he afraid that if he gives you the ingredients for the recipe that you will stop going to his restaurant?     On the other hand I suppose you can buy salad dressing from the restaurant to take home with you, it should last for a bit and then you buy some every week.  They can't refuse that can they?     Still, it's jerky.
 I never would but I'm sure someone who likes curry would enjoy that very much.
 Can you suggest a recipe for a white chowder?  That sounds really interesting.  I soaked it for about 36hrs and it was still a bit salty.  I cut it into pieces and then soak.  The problem is that the thin pieces desalt completely while the thick pieces stay salty.  What should I do to fix that?  Why should the last soak be in milk, what does that do? I like braises too, I usually serve it in a white braise with potatoes/leeks/dill/lemon.  It's really amazing.  But not in...
 That's definitely a nice picture all around, and the meat must've been amazing.
NYC pizza makes me think of sugar, they taste very sweet to me and very overcooked like marinara. They also have lots of dried oregano in them, can't forget that. It doesn't have to be complicated. Good tomatoes, fresh garlic, and fresh herbs. I put a little onion in mine and good olive oil.
I have some bacalao desalting in the fridge for tomorrow's dinner but I'm feeling uninspired.  I'm also prohibited from eating tomatoes and lemons right now which throws a wrench in.  Any ideas are welcome.
 I have an admission - I just had real ramen last night for the first time in my life. In the past I've always had ramen from the little packet.  What took me so long to get around to this soup? It was quite an experience and the broth was a major revelation.  It was cloudy, and I was remarking how it felt very unctuous!  I think I'll be having ramen today too, and maybe tomorrow too.   
 Like I said, no idea, I wouldn't do it.
Thaw and throw them in the stock pot as they are.  They don't all have to be roasted.  Add onions, garlic, carrots, celery, leek, bay leaf, a tsp of tomato paste, bay leaf, thyme, peppercorns. Three hours should be enough.   I have no idea what role vinegar plays, I've never heard of that.  I made beef broth in 6hrs.
@MillionsKnives I wish there were a photo of you cutting into that egg! Beautiful!
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