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With all due respect, I'm sorry if you feel the answers are not what you hoped but like you said, we are strangers so feel free to take the advice that suits you best. Otherwise this is a public forum and the discussion will take twists and turns. I can understand that catering is expensive but beware that by taking it on yourself you are committing to hard labor on your wedding day. I definitely could not afford to feed 150 people steak. That's why I only invited 90.
There is an excuse: some people don't care about food the way we do. Frankly I think there is no excuse to not be more familiar with Beethoven's 2nd symphony but that's because people are not cultivated to care. It's my job, I have to know it but typical people don't. Same thing with food. I recently asked my BFF why she stopped following me on Instagram and she told me it's because she has no interest in food pictures. She probably doesn't give much thought into what...
I know it's difficult to go to a farmers market but there is a reason everyone will tell you to go. It's because that is where you will find and interact with local farmers who can talk to you specifically about what is in season in your area. I can tell you what's in season in NY but if you are not in the northeast then it doesn't matter or affect you. At least visit the websites of local farms and find out what they are harvesting. Eating seasonally means that food will...
@eastshores we have come a long way from that style of food. Sandra Lee persisted for a while but ultimately I see people making better choices in food everyday. Maybe it's because I'm in NYC and restaurants here are pretty spectacular but you can see this also by how supermarkets have evolved. They have huge produce sections, growing organic sections, and attention is paid to marketing foods that are grown or raised well. People really are looking for better options. When...
I don't even know what to say to that. It's like saying you went to manhattan but there weren't any tall buildings there. Uhm ok.
Reheated fettucine alfredo is just about the worst thing I can imagine anyone serving me at a wedding.  That and reheated fish.  I'll never understand why people serve pasta at weddings, I know it's inexpensive but it's inelegant.  I expect it at church pot lucks but not at a wedding where people are taking days off, traveling to come, getting gussied up, and giving you expensive gifts.  
 By my count, all the mexican restaurants I have ever been to serve fajitas.  And all Chinese restaurants serve General Tso's chicken.  How are we supposed to know they're not authentic, if they are served to us in the very restaurants that presumably want to serve ethnic cuisine?  Why should we be held accountable for that knowledge?  
Is it wrong that I love fajitas?  And general tso chicken?  I even like american gyros.  Don't hate me.
Me American, me spells it flavored. I also spell it theater, apologize, center. Let's not fight (or row as you might say) 💟
Beef barley mushroom soup
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