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 The smaller roast tastes better.  Fact.  Agreed agreed agreed.  Every person thinks of money and value differently.  I feel just as strongly about where my money goes as I do about the things it buys me.  Although it's a luxury when I travel upstate I like to stop by one of my favorite local farms and buy meats, honey, produce, dairy etc.  It's a heck of a lot more expensive for me to buy grass fed meat on a farm than it is to buy the Manager's Special at the supermarket...
When it comes to baking water can be an issue, as well as humidity.  What is the difference in humidity compared to where you used to live?     This may sound silly but a good place to go for baking issues is America's Test Kitchen.  I listen to their free podcast and people are always calling into that show with baking questions like this.  Maybe that will help?  Sorry I can't be more useful.
@Pete that looks absolutely amazing!   Here's my first entry, made from scratch meatballs.  A very mild recipe with onions, garlic, eggs, fresh breadcrumbs, parsley, mint, salt/pepper.  I floured and fried them and then served with crisped pita bread and tzatziki.                
Awesome post @phatch !  I heard about the CI experiment and I was surprised myself.  I have a couple of frozen steaks that were given to me that I need to do something with, this is it.
@RagingSarah it's nice to see someone around here with a sense of humor. Stick around!
Have you considered making a complaint?
My mother puts freshly grated tomato in her meatballs.  They are always very moist.
 But the dresses were lovely 
After watching an episode of Grantchester last night I was thinking what a lovely time period the 50's must have been. But after seeing that I change my mind.
That's fantastic bubba! I have a question about the gravy. You obviously made it in the same pan using the drippings from the fried steak. Does it not pick up little burnt bits from the bottom?
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