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The chicken is all gone, we ate it up within 24 hours.  I used the carcass to make stock.  But what do I use smoky stock for?  I'm open to suggestions!  My first thought was to make a roasted veggie minestrone or leek/potato soup.  What else?   @MillionsKnives That looks like a better set up for next time.  But now I want lobster, smoked lobster!    @Jimyra butter, lemon and garlic sound really good for a baste!  Will basting make the skin rubbery...
I have a recipe I like to use but I'd love to see ATK's version!
 I'll have to test this little trick out soon!
Thanks for all the suggestions.  It was our first time but certainly not our last!  The chicken ended up being delicious of course.  We put it on the grill with indirect heat and pecan wood.  At 350 it only took an hour and 15 minutes which I thought was a little too quick so we left it a few minutes more only to overcook slightly.  Won't be making that mistake again.  The smoke was enough for me, I'm glad we didn't smoke it for a long time because I don't think I could...
Why does a chicken need to be low and slow? It's tender as it is. Hubby wants to raise the temp to 350 and cut the time.
Yea I remember making a cheesecake where I forgot to put in the sour cream and it was really really heavy and cheesy.  I'm also careful about the crust, I usually make my crust with lady fingers because they are light and delicious, but cookie cracker crusts are very dense and too sweet for me too.  I'd rather have a big old piece of fluffy cheesecake than a thin small slice of dense cheesecake.  Preferences.
Also we have a vertical chicken prop. We're not doing a beer can chicken. Is it better to toast the chicken propped upright or just lay it down on the grill? We're using our weber grill btw.
I'm seeing recipes that range between 1-8 hrs. A little input is needed here thanks! We want to do this today!
@butzy it's not confusing just for you, I grew up in America and have lived in the north and south and I'm still confused about the terminology to use. I understand the technical difference between grilling and smoking but we say "come to our BBQ" or "we're having a cookout". BBQ is a loaded term.
Steak steak steak!  Everyone loves a good steak.  And for a big party I like skirt steak, so cheap and easy.  Shrimp skewers are so easy and everyone loves them too.  Or, you could go Long Island clam bake!
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