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It needs a sauce.  After it is pulled it needs to get tossed in sauce!  Personally I like a north carolina style vinegar sauce, just google it.  Or you can try one of those vinegar/ketchup bbq sauces too.  
I know what she means by fluff.  Jamie Oliver talks about the fluff as well when he talks roasted potatoes and I'm assuming it's a British preference.  Fluff is when the starchy surface of the parboiled potato get scuffed. This part crisps up while the inside stays "fluffy." Here is JO himself roasting the best potato https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1bXQlWLl7U   @FionaL I would then go with the idea that @cheflayne  mentioned.  Parboil the potatoes then transport....
I don't normally like to parboil my potatoes buy in this case it's your best bet. Parboil them until nearly done and then placing them in your roasting pan and transport. Then season and roast in the oven uncovered. It shouldn't pose a problem.
It's best if they are thawed.  And you should also cut the meat into cubes before marinating.
I would definitely not put curry in it.     Try this:   - yogurt - lemon juice - minced shallot - minced garlic - red wine vinegar - bay leaf - saffron - paprika - pepper - cumin and coriander - red chili flakes - olive oil - dried herbs such as thyme and/or oregano   If you're using chicken thigh there is no need to brine, it should be tender after a few hours of marinating in this.  I wouldn't let it go over night, it will turn to mush.
Congrats @butzy !
Glad it worked out! I'm glad I don't have to do the Tday cooking, it's so much pressure!
Brilliant choice petals!  Tis the season for lots of baking after all.
You're lucky you were at Outback, at high end steak houses they will refuse to cook it past medium and will shrug if you decide to leave in a huff.  They care more about their steak than they do you.   In my opinion, a 12yr old is old enough to eat undercooked beef.  My son is 3 and he eats steak medium although I haven't given him raw fish yet.  But since this is not your daughter then there's nothing you can do, it's all up to the Mama so get over it.
I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the challenge, I enjoyed so much seeing your dishes and watching your inspiration videos.  A special round of applause for the runners up which include:   @kaneohegirlinaz your roasted chicken would have made Julia very proud, and I got a real kick out of that Brady Bunch clip with the porkchops and applesauce!   @dcarch A brilliant plating of the Silence of the Lamb Chop, creepy and frightening just like the movie that...
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