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I admit that I use this recipe for my run of the mill stew.  I only add the cheese when I make it into a pie. It totally works, just make sure you use a reputable cheddar.
Chuck or brisket.  I prefer chuck but brisket may be better for hand pies.  This is the only recipe I use, it's just so darn good!
Haha there's so many tasty ways to skin a cat... wait no that's ick.  I'd just like to say that @Norcalbaker59 's method will result in a brownish gravy color.  All very good methods for making a nice sauce although I do have to admit that I've made browner roux and I don't think it tastes "better."  It depends on what you're looking for.
There are so many on the market to choose from.  My favorite is Bone Suckin Sauce
 Welcome newbie.  I can tell from your questions you're not quite experienced in the kitchen but fear not because this is actually a very very simple sauce to make.  I added some notes in your questions above. It is based on one of the mother sauces from French cuisine, called bechamel.  You can easily find a billion videos on how to make it on Youtube but I'll give you the method here.   Usually this sauce would be made in a pan that you might have cooked meat in, the...
 Apple pie, preferably with hot custard. Breakfast sausage - links or patties?
@MillionsKnives I have just copied this meatball recipe and sent it directly to my husband who will do a flip and may be tempted to pull out the BBQ tonight before the snow storm comes. 👍
I toss the whites.
I'm gonna get flack for this one but Krab, I prefer Krab!  I mean I like crab and all, grew up on the chesapeake bay, went crabbing, and spent many afternoons standing in our kitchen on a chair screaming as a a few stray crabs escaped.  Have sat around lots of pic nic tables covered in newspaper with a mallot and a beer, I religiously keep Old Bay in my cupboard and have eaten my share of crab cakes up and down the east coast.  That said, I really enjoy krab sticks.  Keep...
Hard tacos! Love the crunch. Yea it's silly but I'm sure it will die away on its own so let's play until it does. Broccoli or Cauliflower?
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