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I can't imagine that any restaurant willingly wants to open themselves up to the possibility of someone getting sick at their restaurant. I imagine that bottles water is used for cooking and that the tap water used for dishes is getting a higher dose of chlorine.
I don't know but it's an interesting question.  I imagine that bottled water is being used for drinking and cooking.  However, what about washing dishes, bathing, etc?
I'm sure this is helpful to someone but can I just say yuck-bleh!!
This does not answer the OP's question at all.
When I've made muffins with it I notice that too and I add a little more moisture in the form of milk or applesauce or whatever wet ingredient is already going in. This works for muffins, not sure about anything else though.
No, it's just pooling because I can't spread it evenly with the brush.  The phyllo is very delicate and rips.  It pools where the brush hits first.
 Thanks @ChefBillyB this is definitely not a dish for those wanting to cut back on butter.  However, I think that if I can find a better way to brush on the butter (I use a mixture of melted butter and extra virgin olive oil) there will not be a problem of too much butter.  I used to have one of those olive oil sprayers but got rid of it, it clumped a lot and I imagine it would even more so if I added butter to it.  Perhaps finding a better brush would be more helpful.  Is...
Very proud of this spanakopita.  The mixture contains raw spinach, sauteed leeks, feta, eggs, dill, parsley and black pepper, along with a handful of uncooked rice.  It is very unusual to put raw spinach in a spanakopita, most often spinach is cooked first in order to get as much moisture out of the spinach as possible.  But I didn't have a problem at all hehe, look at how crisp this is on the bottom.   The one thing I do wish I could do better is someone use less butter...
Thanks for the recipe, I'm going to make this!
But you need oil to fry rice. I use grapeseed oil to start with and at the end I splash in a little soy sauce and a dash of roasted sesame oil. And don't crowd the pan otherwise it just steams. I know this is not authentic but my favorite ingredients in fried rice are some kind of smoked pork product, egg, onions and scallions, peppers, carrots and peas hehe.
New Posts  All Forums: