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Ham and mac n cheese.  That's an idea!
@teamfat thanks for starting us off!   @dcarch I'm sure yours is the first of many references to that movie, but it will be hard to beat this one!   @petalsandcoco I'm loving it, and I'm a huge fan of Mr. Bean
@teamfat great clip, I'm loving all these clips.   As an aside, that's a great soundtrack.  The extremely talented violinist in this and many other soundtracks was stellar ...he was also my teacher :)  
What have I done?
@ordo I could watch the Swedish chef all day
It looks like the boys will have fun with this one. I expect lots of Godfather stuff lol.
@panini  In order to embed a video first go to your video source, youtube etc.  As your video plays right click on the video screen and click on "Embed Code"  A little code will pop up, right click on that and "copy" it.     Then come here to the reply box and click on the little film icon to the left side of the happy face.  Paste the embed code and voila!  I just figured all that out this morning.  If I can do it, anyone can.
In an attempt to move away from the ingredient or technique based challenges I'd like to challenge you all to make food inspired by movies and television.  Any movie and anything on television, it does not have to be a foodie movie or a cooking show.  Props for including a video of the scene that inspired you!   Let's get creative and have fun!      
Hmm, I thought it was tomato cheese sauce. I wonder how to go about making something like that.
Start with a cheese platter. Slow roasted lamb shoulder. Rub it with spices and herbs and put it in a deep roasting pan. Cover with foil and stick it in a low over oven for 4 hrs. Done. Hassle back potatoes. Peas with mint A raddichio salad with orange vinegraitte Cheesecake -super easy to make ahead
New Posts  All Forums: