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@flipflopgirl oh dear I hope you're better soon. I may have missed a post but what happened to you?
There was a set of skills listed on his progress report and one of those skills was literally "coloring inside the lines." The rest of his skills were all met, except for this one and "putting on coat by himself." The tough life of a 3yr old.
 I'm not at all worried about his motor skills lol because there are better ways to measure that than coloring inside the lines.  
 My son is in preschool and he got an "unsatisfactory" grade in art because he doesn't color inside the lines.  My husband (visual artist) couldn't have been more proud.  Really, this is a thing to grade a 3yr old on?
@ordo thanks for starting us off with a great paella dish, I'm sure we'll see many of these.  Meanwhile, I'm salivating over your shrimp/mushroom dish yummy!   @French Fries my heart skips a beat when I see an assortment of seafoods together!   @Pete I'm loving that soup, hope you guys are feeling better.   @jake t buds this may turn out to be a paella competition after all.  How did you know that including peas gets you into my good graces?   @butzy I'm at a loss...
 Yes, it can be and it is most of the time.  But let's not forget that demands of the day aren't always conducive to making dinner a pleasant experience.  Breakfast and lunch tend to be hectic and a nice dinner together can be a great way to connect and interact with our family.  It is for us.  But sometimes it's a pain because.... well because it's darn well harder to take care of a couple of kids than it is to take care of a couple of cats.  But you do what you have to...
You guys this is not a competition! Oh wait, yes it is. To the death!
The back of the fridge is the coldest part of the fridge.  They may be ok.
That's what it take when you are busy. It's really not that hard unless you hate cooking. I put the effort in because I can't afford to eat restaurant food everyday, because I like fresh food, because I have to feed my family but also because I like cooking. I can imagine if I hated cooking it would be a chore. But I know people who hate cooking that do it anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: