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If you haven't fried potatoes over an open fire you are missing out.
Seasonal ingredients to die for. All have been given to us by friends or neighbors under the village's inherent barter system. I lost count if how many figs I ate. Perfect with mizithra. Cucumbers by the bushels "Stamnangathi", another weed, pleasantly bitter. Quail eggs!
There are both sweet and savory versions of Krete's famous cheese pie "kaltsouni". This is a sweet one made with a very fresh local mizithra which is similar to ricotta.
"Artos" is a traditional sweet bread made with "masticha," a resin collected from the mastic tree native to the nearby island of Chios. The bread is brought by the parishioners to church every Sunday and it is blessed and given to the congregation. We're taking this batch to a local church for an important holiday in the village.
Typical breakfast, eggs from our chicken, "Horta" which are boiled weeds (another staple of the kretan diet), some Serrano and bread with olive oil.
I'm back and can gladly share some of what I ate and/or cooked along the way. Greece is beautiful in the summer, all the sun and fun make it hard to eat too much and we focused on what the Mediterranean is best known for: fresh seasonal ingredients, simply prepared, and lots of olive oil It all begins with my favorite meal, snails of course. Snails are a staple of the kretan diet, considered a great protein during the Lenten period. Here they are fried in olive oil with...
It looks like art
I've always wanted to make that, looks good!
In a stew onions are the backbone of the dish. I don't believe I have ever eaten a stew without onions so it's difficult to even imagine what that might taste like. Try without and see if it's ok. You can always add some root vegetables like parsnips and celery root but again that changes the flavor.
Oh really? Just goes to show you we are a kind and helpful bunch inclined to think the best I everyone.
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