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It was good, I forgot to take pics of the final product. Yummy
Haven't made this in a long time so I'm making this tonight myself.  This has been marinading all day in lemon/vermouth/mustard with herbs.  Now it's been wrapped and tucked into the oven for a few hours.  
@panini  the method you describe by chopping everything finely sounds like a gremolata to me.     What I do know about Italy is there is no one right way to do things.  Go from house to house and you'll hear a different story every time.     How can all the Italians with all their different methods be right yet what an American does is instantly wrong?
@LasagnaBurrito yes you can.
Oops. Since we're talkin Italian food it should have autocorrected to Pietro.
I make Pedro in a FP. I've never tried with a mortar and pestle. Seems time consuming. Is it worth it?
Welcome Brahms any relation to Johannes?
Use less oil.  The pesto will have a more dry consistency but that's ok.  To help balance it out also use less pine nuts.   Sorry, I would not use any other liquids with basil pesto.  There's nothing technically wrong with it but pesto is pesto is pesto.  It's a paste, not a liquid.  If I'm stirring it into a pasta I may stir in cream as well, but not directly into the pesto.
Lunch!  Caprese salad served alongside grilled chicken breast.  If I had enough patience I would've made pesto to drizzle over the salad rather than basil chiffonade.  Oh well, it hit the spot.  Any ideas though on how to oomph up a caprese salad?  I'm sure many could contribute a myriad of variations and unique presentations of this one type of salad alone.
Some great looking dishes.  Cookies, would never have thought of that! Jake t that looks mighty tasty.   As you would probably expect, I stuffed some tomatoes.  Tomato is the permeating flavor here.  Beyond just getting stuffed, tomatoes also flavor the meat sauce that I made prior to stuffing.  I also line the pan with potatoes and the tomatoes seep into the potatoes making them reddish.  And the oil is a lovely reddish color too.         
New Posts  All Forums: