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I'm roasting a brisket.  How long do I roast it for so that it is tender but not falling apart?  I'm just roasting it by itself with a simple rub of salt/pepper/garlic/thyme.  Can this even be served as a roast?
Making stock. Not sure what will come next but I'll keep it in storage until something comes to mind.
Oh and I forgot to mention the ham. Ham is a must have too! Ginger glazed! Ok j know it's a lot of food for 2 adults and a little boy but hey everyone knows that thanksgiving is all about the leftovers!!
Both those shows are on Netflix. And many more.
We're staying home and cooking just for the 3 of us this year so I think I'll get a couple of turkey breasts.  If I had to cook a whole bird I would definitely do it spatchcock. I will be slathering them with herbed dijon butter which will include rosemary, sage and thyme.  We like our gravy thickish, no jus and my personal favorite is mushroom gravy.     Stuffing is italian inspired with sourdough bread, italian sausage, fennel and various bell peppers.  Although I'm...
It's Mary Berry's word of choice on the Great British Baking Show. If you haven't seen it you must!
Butternut squash risotto.
I would never ever buy a meal from a stranger's home.  No way.  
@kaneohegirlinaz that looks positively scrummy!!!
Fresh thyme yes and also dried oregano which I dried myself and is still super fresh and green. I don't usually have this for breakfast either, originally I boiled that potato so that I could make it into home fries that would accompany a fried egg but in the emfbi didn't feel like frying anything at all.
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