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You could've tried cooking so many things in the time it took you to make these posts. Go and cook something, that's how you learn. I have a notebook with recipes in it and every time I do something different I make a note of it and how it worked or make notes like "only put half the amount of cumin next time, this was too much".
It's amazing you made your own flatbread @Planethoff !   I was served bread with pasta while in Italy.  I think the carb on carb thing is a diet mentality rule.  If I told my mother she'd have to eat her pasta without bread she would probably cry and that's not sexy.
"What grows together goes together" is a common saying especially amongst those who eat seasonally.  A good recipe book for that is "Jamie at Home" where he cooks things from his garden and the dishes are chalkful of recipes using ingredients that grow together.     I'm not so good with the reading technical books, I find them boring and prefer to spend the little time I have reading novels.  As a home cook I've learned mostly by watching cooking shows and trying to...
Feel better!
People who become vegetarian because they believe in animals rights DO know this.  There are lots of people who are vegetarians because they don't like meat, or can't afford meat, or don't eat it for religious reasons etc.  My grandmother is a vegetarian because she doesn't like meat, but she doesn't know anything about rennet and would eat parmesan if I gave it to her.  I don't want to make any presumptions on the OP's intentions with the thread but I suspect that...
 Are these vegetarian?  Get them over to the challenge!
I so want to like this but honestly it's just too sweet, I feel like I have to pour salt on it in order to make it palatable. And I love when cream cheese is involved in a sweet dish because it adds a tangy savoryness to it but they put way too much sugar in it to do the trick.  I must sound like a snob.
I'll have to remember to use them to remove toast from the toaster, good idea! Aside from eating I use my chop sticks to stir my French press coffee.
Not available in my supermarket. I get hungry jack. Sometimes I buy pancake mix from the Cracker Barrel and in the fall I buy TJ's pumpkin pancakes.
Pancakes from a "just add water" mix
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