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So I am alone here.  There's something about scrambled eggs and maple syrup that's way too much for me to comprehend.  I understand combining sweet and savoury but it's too much for me.
 So pretty :)
I'm no snob either! I eat Cheetos for crying out loud! And I'd certain components of that dish.... The maple bechamel perhaps with sausage, I'm sure other uses could be found for it too. Each component is good but all slapped together? Although its gotten me thinking about breakfast lasagna. I would use potatoes or bread instead of pancakes, and perhaps a mornay instead of the maple bechamel.
Really? Maple bechamel does it for ya lol!? This is not something I expect from a great chef, this is something I expect from hung over frat boys... Or from Paula Dean lol. Pancakes and cheese? Maple bechamel and eggs? Sometimes too many pairings all at once are too chaotic but of course that's just my personal opinion.
Why???? http://www.ulive.com/video/breakfast-pancake-lasagna
I don't know how this concept came about but it's thanks to eastshores that the first challenge was posted.  The challenges have brought the community to a new level and have attracted many more new characters. It's not just a place to visit, but a place to come to for culinary inspiration and support.  We all lead very busy lives but there are so many people here that I've come to think of as friends. @boar_d_laze was practically on call when me and hubby smoked our first...
Wow everything looks good thought I have never even heard of these dishes.  Got some learnin to do!
Nice plating JP
Don't blame me! But aren't they remarkably good for frozen? Last time I bought fresh ones I paid $23 for just 10 big ones. I can't remember what I bought at TJs buy it was less than that and got that whole pan.
I have a hot spot on the burner. I've been meaning to get a repairman out here to fix it, it's annoying.
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