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My husband came home with 3 beautiful golden beats and 3 purple beets.  I want to make a terrine somewhat like this one http://www.thingsimadetoday.com/2016/02/16/rainbow-beet-terrine-with-goat-cheese/  but I do not want to use goat cheese.  I want to incorporate some of the flavors in this dish into my terrine http://cravecheese.com/recipe-detail.php?Mascarpone-Layered-Beets-93 although can I mix the mascarpone with a saltier cheese?  Also I want to use the beet greens in...
Interesting challenge. Can salt and pepper be free? But what about water and utilities, doesn't that factor in?
Looks perfectly made 
@jake t buds wins finally!  Congrats and thanks chefbuba for the bacon challenge, I've been salivating over bacon this whole month!
It will be interesting for sure but I doubt it will get crispy but I've never done it. Waffle batter maybe? It will give a whole new meaning to chicken n waffles haha. Now I'm getting ideas - what about chicken dipped in cornbread mix! Like a corn dog. Yum.
The OP hasn't replied to this thread since 2008 so I'm assuming he didn't survive the smoked oyster incident.
 Oh you must try it then, caramelized onions in potato salad are wonderful!  They are sweet and delicious. @jake t buds I agree about getting limp half cooked onions in a dish where caramelized onions are promised.  On the other hand for some people it is very difficult to caramelize onions because if the heat is a smidge too high you've got burnt onions.  It happens a lot.
In potato salad I used spring onion, much gentler and prettier.
To me the answer is more black and white on this. In standard technique I sweat onion and garlic for stews, always. I never just throw onion and garlic raw into anything unless it's meant to be eaten raw like in tabbouleh or tzatziki.
Haha nice save. Although now I'm curious about it. Panko fried chicken!
New Posts  All Forums: