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@French Fries no kidding that's wild! Why do you call it that? @petalsandcoco no it's broccolini. It's not my favorite but my son likes it. He calls it trees. I like rapini too but have only tossed it in pasta or eaten it as a side dish as you described. I wonder what else can be done with it.
I want one too! I want it from virginia!
I dry brined it over night. Then I seared it. Then I put it into a 225F oven until it reached 115 internal. Then I turned off the oven and left it in there for 40 min until it reached near 125F. It's the only way. It's perfect and tender and well seasoned. I wonder what other cuts I can do this with.
Yes, eye round
Wow those look very appetizing!  The 2015 date threw me off though lol.  I guess you mean this holiday season?     I like simplicity.  Nothing too messy.  I like pigs in a blanket truth be told.  Anything that involves scallops or smoked salmon.     The only type of appetizers I don't like are communal bowls of dips.  Someone always comes along and dips right in the bowl and the double dipping is a total buzz kill.  
A proper roast beef dinner     
Wow, impressive dishes everyone!
I don't understand the question, do you need advice for making stock or for making soup? How are you making your soup and stock now?
Yes, it can enriches it. But simple is also great.
MaryB you poor thing! Does it hurt? I really have to be careful, my knives are a little dull and that's dangerous. My hands are my livelihood.
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