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Simple is best! Grill them on th BBQ if possible. Pan searing is good too. Salt generously and add pepper too, then pan sear like a good steak adding a bit of fresh thyme and butter to the pan during the last bit of cooking. I like to add lemon juice too, it really cuts nicely through the fat. Rest and eat!
Glad it worked out. I can imagine the wine, the lemon, the mustard, that's a lot of acidity! I tend not to add lemon to tomato based dishes and vice versa but was it good? "Butti" just so you know is pronounced booty
Well I hope it turns out better for you than it did for the OP. How did you dig this one up?
 I think it's a language issue.
I've made ricotta gnocchi, otherwise known as gnudi.  They were delicious!  They were lightly poached and then sauteed in brown butter and sage.
This was a quick side dish for roasted chicken. I started off by sauntering diced zucchini, then added onions and tomatoes. In the end I added some thyme and stirred through some canned garbanzos.
I've never made gnocchi so I have nothing to contribute yet. But I'd love to see what you can do, can you share your method?
 I've been to Flay's Mesa Grill and it was subpar, so I'm not surprised.
I could eat pork and potatoes everyday. I'm eyeing that thick strip of fat, yum! Our butchers here try to keep us on a diet and trim everything from all meats.
Cooked lettuces are very good. Asian cultures don't eat raw lettuces I am told and many are stirred into dishes. I add lettuce to my cooking a lot. I will stir spinach or arugula in many pasta dishes, drop kale or escarole in soups, and boil dandelions and Swiss chard then dress them like salads. I even like to grill lettuce like romaine and radicchio.
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