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Beef barley mushroom soup
Mind blown - fajitas is not Mexican?  Tikka masala is not Indian?  I can't believe it.  So along the same lines we'd have Kung Pao chicken and General Tso's chicken?   Gyros are totally different in Greece than they are here.  Here they gyrate compressed meatloaf that they describe as "beef and lamb" but in Greece gyro is thinly sliced pork butts.  
 Absolutely.  I hate that it's being pushed as medicinal when it's really just soup.  I cringe that it has been called flavored water because it is absolutely not just that.  I'm making beef barley at the moment hehe.
@Mike9 that's inspiring.  I'll be making gumbo soon myself with the smoked chicken stock I've saved. 
 Can you give an example besides bone broth?  That is an american-coined term and has no basis in european culture as far as I can tell.   There is fashionable food and food fashions.  It's only natural when you pair a society's lust for good food with a profit-making business.  It's like the British Bake Off for example, a beautiful show that celebrates baking has now moved to a different channel because the BBC did not want to pay the astronomical money hike.  When there...
This! What do you expect us to do? Walk into our local Mexican restaurant and demand to pay more?
He certainly does have a lot of opinions.  Look, I love autumn and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING is a major reason.  I love pumpkin spice coffee, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cheesecake, I love it all and I won't apologize for it.  If someone doesn't like pumpkin spice then don't eat it, don't order it, and don't cook it.  Why so much contempt for a trend that really doesn't impact you if you don't want it to?   Everything else I pretty much agree with, except...
The cheese mixture could use a little oomph.  Stir in some freshly chopped herbs like parsley, dill, and chives, and a bit of grated parmesan.  Season the chicken with dried herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, or sage before you grill it.  For a better lemony flavor grate in some lemon zest instead of lemon juice.  
Hi and welcome. Did you try the recipe I posted? I'm sorry it didn't work out. Those okra were too far gone, there was no way to salvage them. Im glad to hear it smelled good though! Do let us know how it works out with tender okra. I have found that frozen okra works really well.
I would die if I could only eat 5 snails.  
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