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It's never a good idea to place a hot dish in the refrigerator.  A rotisserie chicken is tender and can easily be broken apart with your hands.  Even splitting the chicken down the middle lengthwise first would have been a good way to make it cool down quickly before placing in the fridge.  I do usually allow the chicken to come down to room temp before putting in the fridge.
 According to wiki "Types of casserole include ragout, hotpot, cassoulet, tajine, moussaka, lasagne, shepherd's pie, gratin, rice or macaroni timballo, and carbonnade."   You never know, we're all from different parts of the world on the forum so I want to be sure.  My grandmother is a little old greek lady who has never cooked anything in the oven in her life so it's a little different haha.  I'll be sure to stick something in the oven this month though and you be the judge.
My least favorite ingredient in hummus is tahini.  I find that many restaurants make hummus with a lot of tahini.  Sabra is my favorite store-bought.  I have't made hummus in a while!
I love cooking in my creuset so this will be great when I get back to the states later this month!  Question though, not really sure what a casserole is NOT.  Is a stew a casserole?  A one pot meal?  Is lasagna a casserole for example?  Casserole is not a word that I am familiar with in day to day lingo so a little clarification would be helpful!
I wasn't around back then to know Papa but I can vouch for the method. When I used to snorkel and catch octopi we brought them to shore and threw them against a rock for an hour or so to tenderize.Maybe it does get tougher if you cook it longer, that's what happens to calamari.I braise it in a pot with onion, garlic, and chili. I let it braise in its own juice and add no liquid.
Wow! Excellent choice of course, congrats chefbuba!
I think they are great with BBQ. I like to serve them as a salad with cherry tomatoes after I blanch them. Or sautéed with garlic and chilis is good too. Can't go wrong with green beans if you ask me!
I use vermouth. Always on hand.
Over the past few days Stewed lamb Traditional Cretan wedding pilaf made with goat broth and goat butter Toast with mortadella and wilted amaranth greens Wine braised rabbit stew Sautéing local sausage
#2 might be tarragon but it's not oregano.
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