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 But I'm asking you, what is their purpose?  The questions are not strange, they seem random and you keep adding more questions.  There seems to be no logical sequence to your questions.  I have no problem being asked questions but as a teacher myself I have to say that this project is not clear or focused and when someone asks me a question about a project I expect to know what that project is so that I can answer accordingly.  
I fail to see how this is research. You're tapping into a source that loves to cook. Anything we say about how difficult cooking is is just an assumption. How will you use this data? I'm not against discussion, but besides this being an interesting conversation I don't know how to contribute.
@helloitslucas my head spinning, carbs on carbs.  It's like staring into the sun!  You've caught my imagination.
@French Fries please don't hate me for not liking kale.  I've tried and I can't!  But I fully respect anyone who does like it, eventhough I think you might be part goat 
@AlexB the experiment between using tap water and microwaved water proves nothing. One is heated and one was not so the experiment is botched, you're comparing apples and oranges. The regular tap eater should've been heated to the same temp as the microwaved water in order for the experiment to work. Dumb teacher.
I'm With you @eastshores! I can't stuff the stuff even if it's cooked. And I love greens but for some reason I can't get myself to like kale.
 Perhaps there are fresh grilled sardines.  On another plate.  Close to the salad, side by side.  But not on top.
There's a difference between a "greek salad" served around the world (which seems to mean a whole lot of different things) and a salad served in Greece.  A Horiatiki salad in Greece will most likely be tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pepper, feta and olives served with oil and vinegar.  Lettuce would never be served in this type of salad.   Here in NY a "greek" salad found in "greek restaurants" (and I use the terms loosely) include lettuce, pepperoncini, and the proverbial...
@organicgrown you'd be surprised at how well we eat here on this forum.  Visit some of the other threads and see for yourself, participate and show us your home grown produce and home raised meats and poultry if you've got it.  The site is full of passionate cooks who care about the ingredients we use.  
Orthorexia s a relatively new eating disorder and it afflicts many with the pursuit to eat tr "right food." Often moral and ethical attachments are made to food. It must be bought at the right market with the right political affiliations and the consumer wants to know the name of the cow the milk comes from and know what te cow has for breakfast. Of course it's important to know what goes into our body and try to make the most responsible choices we can but not everybody...
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