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Don't you just hate it when someone arrives late when everyone wants to eat?  I would go on with dinner as planned and the latecomers just serve themselves when they come.  Dorks.
 I know some people who swear by not having to use a thermometer for their meat.  As if it indicates some sort of weakness, handicap, or inability to cook.  They think they can tell by the magic color of the juices running out of the roast if it's done or not.   What total BS.  It doesn't work, as proven by the roasts they've served me.  lol
Probably because he has made a career out of being a television villain chef.  What is his personality really like?  Who knows, but he seems to be a loving father.  An older show called the Fword showed a much different side of him, he was fun and easy going and didn't scream at anyone.  I've had no personal interaction with him so I can only tell you that when I dined at his restaurant Maze I had one of the best meals of my life.  I've also tried and tested many of his...
From our Christmas table:  Eggnog Rice Pudding
RIP prime beef Seriously though, my inlaws do this to their beef and they let me in on their "secret" which is to cook it at 400F start to finish, should only take 3 hrs at most. That ensures the inside is unpleasantly grey. Make extra gravy.
How did I know hehe.Maybe just the zest?
Happy Holidays!   Eye round roast beef with Gorgonzola cream sauce Steamed asparagus Green bean salad Herb Roasted baby potatoes Radicchio salad with spiced almonds Eggnog Rice Pudding Mulled Wine
Are they boneless or bone in? This matters in the cooking time. I would not tie them together. Since they are such small roasts I would suggest searing them first because they won't be cooking long enough to develop adequate browning. I am really fond of dry brining these days. Salt liberally on all sides and leave in the fridge over night. Then I rinse and pat dry very well. Dear on all sides until golden. Remove from the pan and lay down a bed of roughly chopped...
Buttermilk has a sourness.  You don't need it though and you definitely don't need powdered stuff for fried calamari.  All you need is flour, seasoned or not is up to you. The most important thing besides serving the calamari right away is not to place it on paper towels once it comes out of the fryer.  Anything that is fried should be placed on a rack and then served immediately.  It keeps it crisp.
 Unfortunately no, all tests are conclusive and we've seen a couple of doctors.  We are however trying very hard to move the surgery up sooner. I agree with you about the margarine, I don't understand why it would be ok and we're avoiding it so far.  Hubby's just getting really sick of rice and poached chicken. I did make some oven fries for him which he enjoyed.  I sliced up the potatoes and drizzled touch of oil and seasoned thoroughly.  It turns out that even a little...
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