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Im new to cast iron cooking as well, just started last week actually! Lodge are preseasoned so I didn't have to do anything other than rinse it out and then heat on the stove. I've cooked eggs in them over easy and happy to report that most of them came out unscathed. Yes a little sticks to the bottom but I scrub it out with a brush afterwards in the sink with water. Then I place it on the stove top and hear it up until the water evaporates, it takes a couple of minutes....
Spatchcocked grilled chicken basted with lemon/herb/roasted garlic.
Love them, gotta have them.  I put dried mushrooms in the braising process, but not fresh ones.  They turn tasteless and lose their firm texture that I enjoy too much.  Instead I sautee fresh mushrooms with butter and thyme and then add them to the pot roast in the last 15 minutes. Plain old criminis serve me fine, can't always afford fancier mushrooms. I do the same with carrots too, I like my carrots a little firm in a pot roast or stew.
So much cheese y'all I love it, keep it coming! Those enchiladas look awesome, I've never made enchiladas before, I want to try making them now! And I love those cheese dogs, did your daughter stuff them herself @Pete? @ordo my most favorite sinful comfort food is a bowlful of bechamel. This looks divine.
It's a wonderful thing that you're doing for your father and it's a position many of us will find ourselves in, either preparing meals for an elderly parent or being the recipient of such care. This makes me me want to be even more diligent about teaching my son to cook for himself as he grows up. I think Mary has a great suggestion, I can imagine that this is the best way to enjoy complete meals that are both healthy and interesting. I would also suggest like others did...
I find that the convection oven burns my pizza at high heat so I stick to the no convection setting and keep it at 500F
 I don't hate deep dish pizza.  I have to be in the mood to want to eat that much bread, it's very filling and I really do enjoy the thin crust more.  If you like a lot of dough and a lot of cheese and a lot of tomato sauce then this is the perfect pizza.  I like crisp crust, just a smidge of sauce and a little fresh cheese and I'm good.  There is no hatred involved.
Great new entries.  I've never seen anything like that @ordo , is this something you make often?   Welcome to the forum @Hank, that's a fine tomato cheese pie.   That's a real pizza @phatch !  
No, not at all.
 This is where a passionate home cook differs.  Making a holiday meal is full of traditions and a I enjoy the process.  I'm usually too tired to even eat anything but the process of cooking is spectacularly enjoyable for me.  Our holiday meals are complex and drawn out, it takes hours to enjoy them from the appetizers to the main course and on to dessert and aperatifs. We linger over the meals and I spend days in the kitchen.  The shopping is strategic because the shopping...
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