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 Yea but the method will work.  I really like oregano, or thyme, or even rosemary with tuna.  Oregano is my favorite. It works.
Why wouldn't it work with tuna?  I think it would!
I can't believe how proud of myself I am about this because honestly it's one of the easiest things I've ever made.     GRAVLAX 1 lb salmon filet, skin on. 1/2 cup sea salt 1/2 cup sugar 1Tbsp coriander seeds zest from one lemon handful of dill           Now I need to find more ways to serve it!
Fried eggs with hand-cut-olive oil-pan fried fries served with Coca Cola. Roast pork kondosouvli with lemon roasted (Greek style) potatoes and retsina Prime rib au jus with pommes purée and a beautiful red. I'm not picky about drinks.
It has nothing to do with old wives tales. It has to do with palette. Of course fish can hold up to strong flavors but only if you LIKE strong flavors. I have a Mediterranean palette. We are taught that flavors should be clean and minimal and allow the fish (or whatever ingredient you are showcasing) to stand unobscured. My palette cannot withstand some of the strong seasonings used in other cultures. In order to appreciate a spicy curry one has to build up to it. But if I...
Ok so I cut up the jicama and tried it raw, didn't love it but I can imagine it is really nice as a component in slaw. Hubby and the kid loved it as a raw snack. I stir fried the rest of it with chorizo and green beans. Firsr I rendered the chorizo but it didn't emit enough fat so had to add some olive oil. I removed it from the pan and dropped the jicama into the hot oil. It caramelizes beautifully. Then I added the green beans and a little water and covered the pan for...
If you really have nothing else in your pantry then a very light dusting of curry powder will give a nice flavor as long as it's not too much. Or you could also give the fish a light dusting of seasoned flour and fry it. Fish really needs only salt and pepper to taste good and maybe a little butter. A squeeze of lemon will make it sparkle.
Today's catch, as it was set in front of me
On another note, why do Japanese restaurants not offer brown rice as an alternative to white rice? So many of us would love that. Also, I usually order sushi or sashimi but unless I order a la carte I must abide by what fish the chef chooses for me. Contrary to most people I know, i don't particularly enjoy tuna. Yet it is always in abundance on my plate. Is it rude to ask them to choose something else other than tuna? I still want it to be chefs choice because I like the...
Oh my these are so wonderful. I'm embarking on my Swedish entree today!
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