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Yea! It seems like it would work better than bottom round! Can't seem to find a decent country fried steak around these parts. Gravy too yum, though I think I may use some sauce to make that. Slurp yum!
I wonder if I can use it for country fried steak!
 Since we're talking about clarity, what about other kind of minces, like pesto?
Yesterday I made a savory bread pudding, best I've made.  It doesn't look so pretty because I cut into it a little too soon, it needed to rest about 5 more minutes.  It's great for a busy day because I assemble it the night before or in the morning and cook it when I get home.  This one was special with ham, emmentaler and fontina cheeses.         Tonight was pot roast.  The one good thing when stuck inside during a snow storm.
It turned out very very well.  I braised it with a little beer and beef stock and finely chopped mirepoix.  In the last hour I added pearl onions, potatoes, carrots and mushrooms that I sauteed in butter.  Hubby made yummy noises as he devoured it.    
 Are twinkies food?  Debatable.
 Would any of us do that? 
Good thing it works, why not submit it to this months' challenge!
 I have to disagree.  I don't have a way to mince meat at home, I get my friendly greek butcher to mince my meat for me and I don't want to be left out because I don't have the appropriate gadgets.
Where did you find this recipe?  There are too many flavors going on here, pasta, sauce, blackened chicken, it's too much for the palette.     I often start off by browning the meat and then removing it.  The reason for this is because the seared meat creates a fond in the pan which is the first step in creating a lot of flavor in the dish.  After you remove the meat add your onion first and let it sweat until soft, then add the other vegetables.  The slight...
New Posts  All Forums: