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Can anyone help me make these?  Not sure how to make really garlicky wings in the oven.  Last time I made wings they got stuck on the pan and the skin tore away.  Should I use parchment paper?
Is this a real thing? Has anyone done this?
Rib eye, well marbled! New England clam chowder, Manhattan clam chowder, or Maine clam chowder?
 Oh yeah the worst.  But darn it those red mullets are so tasty.   Forgot to post a question you're right. Octopus or calamari?
Filet. I grew up eating whole fish, as in small fish like red mullets and anchovies. Always whole fish, I didn't know what a filet was until after college I'd say. But I didn't like eating whole fish, I didn't like dealing with so many bones for such a small amount of fish. And I can't tell you how many times I got a tiny fishbone stuck in my throat. Discovering filets was like a dream come true.
Saying "prevent cancer" is part of the sensationalist diet mentality. People are scared of disease, of benign fat, and they are mistakenly told that cont Point their diet gives them a measure of control over their health. Not true. If it was true you wouldn't have world class athletes dropping dead from heart attacks. Some things cannot be prevented. It is worthwhile to eat in a manner that is nutritional. Our bodies work better when we eat more vegetables and limit...
Yup you're it
It's got all the same ingredients right?! What is this? Egg yolks Sugar Marsala
My favorite cafe makes turmeric lattes. Can't say I like it but it's a popular item. We add it to all of our Asian-style soups.
Fun!Swedish meatballs?
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