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I have a hot spot on the burner. I've been meaning to get a repairman out here to fix it, it's annoying.
 For those of us quite unfamiliar with the cuisines of south America this is more of a learning experience.  If I make a chicmichurri it will be my first venture into S.A. cuisine, but think about how marvelous that is!
My experiment with frozen scallops from Trader Joe's turned out better than I expected.  They were delicious, not at all wet or shirnking, and they truly tasted like the ocean.  I thawed them in the fridge since morning and they were ready by dinner time.  I rinsed them and dried them as much as possible with paper towels.  Salt, pepper and paprika and into a hot pan.  Right after I took this picture I turned off the heat and threw in a pat of butter.  Large too, much...
 Woot woot thanks!  I'm definitely trying.  If anyone in my real life loved me enough they'd gift me with food plating and photography classes. Frankly I'm not that interested in jewelery and perfume, although I have gotten some nice kitchen gadgets before.   Definitely try the farro, it's a very nice change from rice or potatoes which I have exhausted lol.  
Farro salad - in a big bowl I threw in chopped tomatoes, red onion, chives, minced garlic, salt pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. If I had parsley I'd put that in too. Cook the farro and drain, and toss it with the other ingredients while piping hot. This was my first time making or eating farro and I loved it. It cooks in15-20min and is wonderfully tasty with a chew texture. Kind of like barley and brown rice. The dish can be served warm, room temp or cold.
Grilled pork chop with lemon mustard pan sauce, Farro salad, Cumin roasted brussel sprouts    
Awesome! There are 14 countries to choose from!! And no, Mexico is not one of them. I'm totally inexperienced in this cuisine and looking forward to researching!
And the home cook brings it in for the win congrats FF!!
NNow that really is off the wall! Did you just make that up or have you eaten one?
Oldschool those look so tasty!! I see in a picture you put your plate directly in the oven, what kind of plate is that is it ovenproof?
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