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Fish and shrimp    tacos with sauteed yellow squash, green/red/yellow/orange peppers and onions, avocado and salsa.
I still use fresh when fresh is necessary in raw applications like tzatziki for example. But for everything else frozen peeled garlic is a life saver. It thaws in less than a minute and tastes great.
Did you try googling ajolia?  I did
Basic Sunday dinner
 What is ajolia?
 Gosh that sounds so good right about now.  I like orzo risotto, or what I like to call "orzotto"
Honestly I don't eat it.  The mushiness is bleehhhhh!  Hubby likes the onions and I can somewhat tolerate the carrots but I usually just chuck it. Could it be composted?
My mom learned it from her mom I suppose.  To be fair she does try to learn and I go over knife skills with her everytime I see her but she doesn't keep it up on her own.  
Yum those sauces look awesome.  I love a good mushroom sauce, it's my favorite.  A basic brown gravy will do in a pinch.  A red wine reduction is nice but I haven't done one in ages, maybe I'll do that next!  I'd like to do a bernaise but it's quite a hassle because I'm the only one in the family that likes it.   My latest sauce craze for beef is a gorgonzola sauce, so so simple to make!  Just boil a 1-2 cups of heavy cream with a rosemary branch in it for about 5...
@Keith Grima next time you do an eye round please ask for out advice on how to cook it. My method involves a dry brine overnight which tenderizes and seasons the roast throughout. Then I sear it and put it in a very low oven for about an hour. Then I turn off the oven and leave it in there for another 45 minutes or so. Perfectly tender and tasty. And then of course there is a very easy pan gravy that goes with it.
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