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You're paying this person to do some work for you.  You are entitled to use your own recipe if that's what you want.  You need her help, you have no obligation to showcase her recipes.  Just explain to her that time is an issue but that your friends and family are really looking forward to your bbq.  I don't know how caterers would feel about this but this is not a restaurant situation, this is a service and unless she doesn't want to then there shouldn't be a problem with...
Wow what a dilemma!  I too have a hard time asking for help on the food front, exactly for this reason.  Unfortunately imo pork loin does not make for very good bbq.  Can you back out of your friend helping and tell her/him that you've decided to do it yourself instead?     You need pork shoulder (also called pork butts) for this sort of thing.  I'm imagining you like pulled pork right?  I don't even know if loin can be pulled.  Ask your friend if she can lend her oven...
Any plans for Mother's Day? I'm the only one that can cook in my house so I'm making brunch for us. I would like to go out but restaurants are crazy on Mother's Day!
Thanks @jake t buds I'm going to try that.  I've been experimenting with adding meat to risottos and it's working out well with bolognese.  This is a definite try soon!
Add more cream. Make a little more sauce unsalted and combine.
It's true, it does make all the skin really crispy.  Picked up my bricks from Home Depot a few years ago but haven't made brick chicken in a while.  Time to press some chicken again, thanks for inspiring me @kuan 
Is it time for the OP to come back and tell us what this is?
@Gungopeas that's actually a deconstructed waldorf.  Beautiful nonetheless!   @kuan  What's the benefit of pressing a chicken?  I've done it myself numerous times when I make brick chicken, but I'm just wondering what the benefit is.
Don't be put off by us @Gail C we're an enthusiastic yet harmless bunch of foodies. Like I said, if your technique is good that combo can work. I'm with eastshores all the way, the mango does not work in the flavor profile.
Is it pineapple?
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