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What do you do with corn? I like serving it on the cob with a little butter but that seems boring. What do you do to your cobs?
Our next attempt at using the smoker is for ribs, yeehaw! Our first attempt was a few years ago with a brisket, and last month we smoked a pork butt. I live spare ribs so we are setting out to do it today. The ribs have been rubbed and waiting. We cutoff the tips. Those always get so tough and chewy, what do y'all do with them?
Phatch I agree that marinades affect the texture of the meat. And they affect the sear as well. I'm not against it though for specific purposes like making souvlaki or a good tandoori. But large pieces of meat like a chicken or a pork butt? What's the point?
Who was knocking marinade? Nobody. But if you get a good chicken from a trustworthy purveyor then then flavor will be there. You know what chicken needs a marinade? A boneless skinless breast from one of the big name poultry giants. There is nothing wrong with marinades other than they're really unecessary.
Tell me about these deep fried pancakes
Thank you for findin that Sylvia, it seems Pete's other passion was dancing. Such a zest for life and living.
I'm so sad to hear this news, my sympathies are with his family. We have lost a great chef and wonderful contributor to Cheftalk and he will be missed. One of his last submissions was to the Show Us Your Face thread, all things happen for a reason and I'm so glad we got to see his smiling self before he left us.
No no marinade, chicken really doesn't not need it. The thigh is very flavorful tender and juicy meat. I only slather it on in the last 5 minutes of cooking. It adds incredible pop of fresh flavor.Cut a few heads of garlic in half and lightly season the exposed side with olive oil, salt and pepper. Wrap each in a bit of foil and throw then in a 350 oven for 45-60min. Take then out and allow to cool completely. Squeeze out all the roasted garlic and mush it up on a bowl....
It's a laptop, there is no button to control the screen.
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