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@French Fries I will have to try that recipe. Is that what is called a fricasse?
I never count how many minutes it takes to steam a clam. I remove them as they open. Cook them any longer and they become inedible. Personally I don't like steamer clams nearly as much as I like cherrystone clams but that could just be me. Salted butter has its place but it usually is unecessary.
I don't marinate chicken breast but I do make a pan sauce.  Pat the chicken dry and sear it on both sides, then remove it.  It will still be uncooked in the center.  Then in the pan I make a gravy type sauce using onions, garlic, white wine, a little stock, herbs, maybe some dijon mustard, butter, or you could even throw in your italian dressing.  Bring to a simmer then put your chicken breasts back in and cover with a lid.  Allow it to simmer until the chicken is cooked...
 I do the same although I add aromatics like onion, garlic, and chili flakes.  Steaming it in its own juices gives a more flavorful result at the end.   I've never found octopus to be gamy in any way.  Unless perhaps it has been dried, which can often be the case in a greek restaurant but that usually only results in a chewier texture, not a gamy flavor.  
   Of course there is cooking in this challenge!!  It does not have to be a recreation of a dish in a scene, although it can be.  You can be as specific or as nonspecific as you like.  I think my original post says it the clearest.  So far, those who have submitted a dish really get it.  We have to think a little bit out of the box since we are not limited to ingredients and/or technique but the inspiration videos posted are fantastic, let's cook!
Roasted a chicken, now I'm making a soup, then tomorrow will try yet again to make a chicken pot pie to please the hubby.
How is everyone taking on the challenge?  I see lots of inspiration but not many submissions.   Gimme an F....F!! Gimme an O.... O!! Gimme an O....O!! Gimme a D.....D!!   Gimme some FOOD!
May I ask, what material do you use to wrap the spices in a sachet?
 For me, every holiday involves tradition.  My point wasn't that I'm against tradition, I'm not even arguing if someone likes to eat the same stuff year after year.  Personally for me, tradition is not just about the food, there are a lot of things that go into traditions.  One of my favorite Tday traditions is going to the movies after dinner, or cooking with my Mom, or sneaking around picking at the ham before dinner.  Christmas is my holiday to cook.  You'll get...
Maybe she means chinese take out.
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