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You don't have to google anything, I'm right here. I used fresh bread and cut off the crust. Placed it in the food processor along with several strands of dried porcini mushrooms and pulsed until fine. In a pan with olive oil, a smashed clove of garlic and a sprig of Rosemary. Fry until golden. You have to keep an eye on it because it can burn.The fennel was roasted with salt, pepper, and chili flakes and then I garnished it with fennel fronds.Oh and thank you
Warm potato salad with poached egg
Braised leek fettuccine topped with porcini pangrattato accompanied by roasted fennel
I'm salivating over here, so many amazing dishes. I don't keep up with this thread as much as I should! Sage rubbed roasted chicken, super spicy sweet potatoes and sautéed spinach.
I'm thinking about doing a butternut squash risotto for tonight.
I'm with Miley, anything goes in risotto. My personal favorites are spinach risotto, tomato risotto or mushroom risotto. I also make a beautiful blue cheese and pear risotto topped with smashed walnuts.
Variations in technique or in flavors?
I like to cook pot roast in a pot. My mother used roasting bags when I was a kid but I don't understand what their purpose is. I didn't even know they sold them anymore, haven't we learned that it's dangerous to heat up plastic?
Oh I didn't realize you'd be away from home. If I was planning a romantic dinner in a location without my kitchen it'd be more of a wine cheese, charcute and fresh bread type of affair.
The more we talk about this menu the hungrier I get haha.   Ok, mushroom sauce.  It's pretty similar to what @French Fries does.  After you cook your steak you will make the mushrooms and sauce in the same pan.  Just be careful that you don't season your steak with garlic powder or onion powder, these burn and leave behind burnt powder that's bitter, not yummy.  Ok add a little oil to your pan and throw in some mushrooms (small or large portabellas work fine for this)....
New Posts  All Forums: