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 Yes yes that's what greeks do for sure 
Those satays must have been really tasty @butzy Oh @Mike9 that's just great.
I never marinate with lemon, I don't like the texture it gives the meat. If you want a really zesty lemon flavor on grilled chicken you gotta baste with lemon as it cooks. A lot of lemon. Don't be afraid. I usually make a baste with lemon, roasted garlic purer and fresh herbs and baste as I grill. It really packs a punch.
You could omit the mozzarella but if you're really set on the mozzarella you could top it with breadcrumbs for texture.
That's great!
How can you compare a beautiful ingredient like coconut oil to something like crisco which i do not even consider an edible source food!?
I'm not a baker but I know that recipes like this are all based on chemistry and altering the ingredients will upset that balance. Not to mention that this looks like a very "healthy" recipe and canola oil is definitely not considered healthy. Coconut oil adds a tiny hint of coconut flavor that you will miss.
Oh I'd love a discussion about that, it's a pretty big topic. But remember there are regions within regions. Greece for example is region by region. Some foods from other regions I don't even recognize. If my grandmother and my husband's grandmother were in a room together they'd probably not understand each others dialect or customs. It doesn't surprise me that FrenchFries had an experience in Santorini that is quite different than what he may experience on my...
There are a lot of Greek dishes that don't contain any of those ingredients. Maybe lemon, oregano and olive oil are not exclusively Greek in this global world but it's classic. And Greeks are usually the only ones that will leave those ingredients as is without adding anything else. Perhaps.
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