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That looks like gnocchi-shaped pasta. Lentil soup, my son's most favorite meal so this makes an appearance at or house at least twice a month if not more often. This is a vegan recipe made only with olive oil, mirepoix, garlic, lemon, bayleaf, and water.
Does that mean French toast is less caffeine than a blonde roast? This is confusing because I prefer a more robust coffee which I thought was stronger (more caffeinated) than a light roast.
 Your food looks delicious as always buba, but (oyster sauce aside) the chicken in the background makes this a dead giveaway that it's a side dish wonk wonk.  
@morning glory don't worry, someone is put off the challenge each and every month.
I wish I knew the answer to this.  The cukes my family grows in Greece are wonderful, sweet and crunchy and flavorful.  The cukes in the supermarkets here are a gamble.  Sometimes they're good and other times they are bitter or tasteless and I can't account for the reason because I've tried regular, organic, from farmers markets, and from fancy supermarkets.
Great tips everyone, I've always had a hard time making a good burger at home, there's lots to keep in mind.
 Not all of them, just the ones that didn't finish.  Cummulatively this might have added up to a full cup of soup.  I'm all for not wasting food but this didn't seem right to me.
I love busy patterns plates!
I do not enjoy the crunch of cornmeal on pizza or fried food. I guess my pizza dough has enough oil in it to keep it from sticking, plus I smear oil on the baking sheet.
I was once at a dinner party and the hostess served soup as the first course. There were about 10 of us there. After the soup course was over she spilled the soup remaining in each of our bowls back into the pot. I had a very difficult time making myself eat any of the following courses. At a restaurant I am more comfortable that people have been instructed and/or passes some sort of certification about food safety and hygiene and that there is at least a manager or chef...
New Posts  All Forums: