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Fried chicken y'all  In a dry brine for a few hours (salt, pepper, thyme, garlic powder, paprika) Then flour - egg/milk wash - flour (seasoned of course) and fried
It's silly to ask a question where the answer is so blatant.  We live in the land of the Big Gulp after all.  We are taught that bigger is better and expect to get a big serving at restaurants.  Once I went out to dinner with a friend who was visiting from Europe and she ordered a coca cola at the restaurant.  They brought her a large, normal glass of coke and she looked at the waiter and said "is this for drinking or bathing in?"
 Sometimes when we visit Greece in the summertime I visit the farmers market and find these tiny little wild strawberries.  The flavor is incomprehensible if you've never eaten it.  It's a euphoric moment.  It renders one unable to eat grocery store "strawberries" anymore.  
I grew up in a family of farmers and was taught that the smallest produce is the tastiest and kept it for ourselves.  Or maybe we kept the smallest ones so that we could sell the bigger ones since the price was determined by weight.  Either way, I've always approached produce looking for the smaller pieces especially when it comes to cucumbers, melons, carrots, zucchini and others.  So I was surprised when I looked in my fridge yesterday and found this monstrosity, hubby...
It's usually preserved in confectioners sugar so I'd go that way.  Plus the oil would cause early spoilage.   How did you make it?
I'm in the privacy of my own home feeding no one but myself. It can be done, it was done, and now it's done and no harm done. Everyone chillax!
Over the weekend I did a search on google about "how to reheat hollandaise" and up popped my post first thing.  So I had some hollandaise left over in the fridge and I didn't want to throw it out.  To me, hollandaise is expensive stuff with all the yolks and butter in it!  When I first posted this I believe I threw out my perfectly good hollandaise because I didn't want to reheat it.  But this time I stuck it in the microwave.  Heated for 5sec and stirred.  Another 5sec...
 Beautiful stuff
kgirl so you're back on white foods!   Beautiful chicken Nicko
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