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I bring the liquid to a simmer and then turn down to the lowest setting.  Add the egg, fish or whatever and wait.
I can't poach anything effectively if it's simmering, bubbles pose a big problem, no matter how small.
Sounds fun.  But do make it to Rhodes one of these days, it's fab.
Fried smelts and fried anchovies.  
No, can't be because nothing can be poached while it's simmering.
I just love traveling to Greece
Can't argue with this. But still, when I set out to make a meal like this I can't call it a braise. A braise in my kitchen is a a slow thing, set it and forget it. While this is a quick cooking method, can't leave the kitchen for a second while cooking this way. All technicalities aside it is what it is. It might be a braise but it needs the attention of a sautée. I really think a new term should be coined.
 I don't think so.  A braise has a distinct purpose, and that is to slowly cook meat and break down connective tissue.  Slow cooking is engrained in a braise.  But a pork chop or a chicken breast does not need to braise.  This is a quick thing, a quick sautee, then a deglaze, and then finishing off the cooking in the sauce.
There is also confit.I don't call this frying, just sautéing. And I don't use water, I use stock or wine or cream or a combo of them all. I don't know what it is technically referred to.
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