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Come on people, isn't anyone cooking? I thought everyone would like this challenge
@phatch you're awesome and classy.
Thanksgiving plating for great artists http://www.hrothstein.com/thanksgiving-special/
Really?  Cooked food bought a week a head of Tday?  Frozen cooked turkey?  I think I'd rather go to McD's honestly.  
Is your oil hot enough?  I fry fish in very hot oil so that the batter browns nicely in a short amount of time.     I wouldn't add egg yolk, it makes the batter heavier.  I use a beer batter though, I have no problems with good color.
I just had a flashback to my middle school days when we used to make fried bologna sandwiches after school.  Gosh is there anything better than fried bologna?  I think not.  Haven't had it since then and probably never will but I'm a grown up now and I eat mortadella instead hehe.   By the way, I've been giving a lot of thought to making a mortadella stuffed pork loin, I'll let you know when I do.
Me, vegan? No way. They just happen to be the best chocolate chip cookies I ever tasted so I make them.
I'm joining in on the fun.  Not exactly the dish mentioned in this scene out of the movie Leap Year, but inspired by it.     Corned beef with 3 medium carrots and some cabbage   Incidentally, did you know that Columbia Pictures when it first started was known as the "Corned Beef and Cabbage" because of the little money they had to produce?  Interesting...
Wow @petalsandcoco , just wow.
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