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 Actually it's alot more expensive than getting a big animal and cooking it.  You have to buy boneless skinless chicken breasts which is quite expensive.  Or if you buy whole chickens then you have the stressful and timely work of breaking it down and then what do you do with the rest of the animal?   And then cooking piccata for a crowd of 50 means cooking it during the party, you can't cook it ahead because it's chicken breast and it will dry out and become rubbery even...
Here is the beef I found      
Although it was too hot to cook I found time to make paella.  It was not my idea to put in frozen shrimp and frozen mussels but my customers really wanted it.  The succorrat was fabulous!
We had the opportunity to visit a local restaurant that is certified to serve authentic Kretan cuisine.  It was quite an experience.   Grilled carrot with balsamic dressing - why have I never thought to grill a carrot before?   Traditional pies from Chania, hand stretched dough and grilled in a wood oven.   Filled with grilled zucchini and cheese   Filled with braised goat and yogurt   View from our table
Peaches are in season   Zucchini flowers waiting to be stuffed and fried   Roasted veggies
Whole animals are great and easy.  Also big roasts.  You can smoke a brisket or make pulled pork in the oven and grill up sausages.  Something for everyone.
 Fathers yes, grandsons no.  Now the greeks are the leading fathers of corruption.  It's so sad. So anyway I found the beef I was looking for.  I will take pictures as I prep it so you can see, it has no marbling.  We'll see how it turns out.
 There is no protein that doesn't undergo rigorous cooking, except maybe fish.  Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, goat must all be cooked within an inch of being leather.  In my opinion.  One recent hostess was boasting about how she roasted pork chops for over 2hrs.  They had a very interesting (inedible) texture 
Half of us will be eating them medium rare, the rest will be eating them well done which is the only way greeks can fathom to eat their meat.
 Wow, that is beautiful.  I wonder how it holds up when it boils.
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