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The alfredo sounds nice, can't eat onions though, have to avoid.   We'll see what happens.  Because it's evening now the creamy sauces are unappealing because they're heavy.  I have to keep it light.  I'm going to wing it and I think I'll make a few different kinds.
How do you make your white pizza?  I'm making pizza today and due to some dietary restrictions I can't eat tomatoes.  So I need some ideas for white pizza.   I have some pesto, I have basil, mozzarella, cream cheese, ricotta and parmesan.  Where do I go from here?   Has anyone ever made pizza with mornay?
How so I make sourdough? Can I use cream cheese instead?
This is the first time I've ever see or heard of this and now I am obsessed. A quick search showed me that yeast is not necessary in the dough? And you can make sweet versions too! How do you flambé this? And what can be used instead of creme fraiche?
There is a much easier and much much tastier way to go about this, ground beef poses a lot of problems and can be difficult to sear.   Firstly, you're omitting 2 of the most important flavor factors.  Searing and braising in flavorful liquid.   This is a basic enough recipe for tacos. I've made it, it's good. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/tyler-florence/mexican-pot-roast-tacos-recipe.html I suggest you use the whole chuck rather than the ground beef, and shred it...
Thanks @Jarmo, I do soak the rice but only for 30min.  I'm afraid of it going mushy again.   Ok here's what I was cooking the other day.  Hubby caught on to how much I enjoy taking pictures of food and got me a fancy schmancy camera which I'm still trying to get the hang of so it took a while to get the pictures onto my computer.  Only the last 2 pics are from my camera, the prep photos are from my phone. Is there a difference in quality?   Coq au vin blanc   This is...
Not sure if this is technically right but to me they are the same, pan drippings that are enhanced with stock except that gravy is thickened with starch and jus is not.
I like to make stock and portion it out to quart and 1/2 quart containers and store in the freezer. Make sure you label and date your stock! Stock is great not just for gravy and jus but also for pasta dishes and risotto. You can also use it to make soup.
What happened to your soup @kaneohegirlinaz? How did it turn out badly? I too took the bone from out NYE standing rib roast and made it into stock and it came out really well.
@Jarmo that looks so good!  What's your secret on the perfect basmati rice?  I went to the trouble of going to a very authentic market and getting the good stuff but I find that I always cook it too long and not al dente enough.   @Nate  that looks perfect, what cut of lamb is that? And what spices did you use?   I'm slow cooking right now, I'll have pics up soon!
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