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I've stuffed my pork with mortadella and spinnach.  Yum.
  However, a salmon must be killed in order to obtain the roe.   In other news I would kill for this dish right now.
 I've never made a dish "three ways" or "five ways" I've only done the one way.  But I'll tell you what, potatoes are my favorite substance on earth (along with bechamel)
If you say the word whisk more than 7 times the word starts to sound strange.  Whisk..... whisk..... whisk..........   It's just a funny sound now.
Nobody told you to use processed lunch meats. I roast turkey and chicken breasts myself. You're welcome.
Una faccia una razzaSeriously though Sicily has a lot of Greek influence. But then again there are Italians I know that would have you swimming with the fishes if you accused them of using oregano in anything other than pizza sauce. I was mostly remaking to butzy who doesn't know how Greeks make lamb.
It's probably too late now but last year I started making a meatloaf Wellington since I can't afford tenderloin. It's much cheaper, you. Can get bigger portion sizes out of it and let's face it, it's easier to chew. Just cook the wellies on high heat to sear the outside and let it cool before wrapping in pastry and cooking the rest of the way. Just a thought.
Also try using frozen corn, it has a much better flavor. Prep the corn by letting it thaw completely and then allowing it to dry between paper towels. Remove as much moisture as possible.
"For instance: If I say: Lamb Someone from the UK would say: Mint I would say: Mustard and rosemary Someone from India: Coriander/cumin and turmeric Someone from Greece: Oregano (maybe ) etc etc" Ok @butzy I challenge you to make some Greek lamb soon. Don't be confused, it's a classic combo of lemon, garlic, and yes oregano! There are tons of recipes on the net for Greek roasted lamb and I urge you to try it, it is beloved for a reason! Look for lamb kleftiko or Greek...
And so everyone has told him to read, experiment and taste things. There are no shortcuts to learning something.
New Posts  All Forums: