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@Mike9 a somber reminder that our delicious dinners come at a perilous price.
So this happens when cheese is cooked too long and at a high temperature. It begins to separate so it becomes rubbery and greasy too. One thing you can do is add the top layer of cheese later in the cooking process, maybe 10 minutes before its ready to come out of the oven.I have all kinds of problems with pre shredded cheeses and flavor is the biggest one. It doesn't behave like fresh cheese - if you grate fresh cheese its fluffy for a few moments but then begins to clump...
So if I have a jar in the fridge I can just add to it every time?
There is no hostility here, the recipe you're using is just not a very good recipe and all the skill in the world is not going to make it as good as the traditional method.  That's just my opinion.   I suppose we live in a world where we are constantly trying to find the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to do something.  There are some shortcuts that are definitely worth it, I just don't think this one is it nuff said.   Congrats on the new baby.  I remember...
If you cook it with this method I cannot think of anyway to make it less starchy.  With this method you are cooking away the water, thus concentrating the amount of starch.  You can add more water which will dilute the starch but it will dilute the flavors as well and make it watery.  You can add wine but wine cooks off too.  Maybe you can use tomato water.  None of these options will prove beneficial in texture or flavor though.  You're better off throwing all the...
I'll be honest, I think these one-pan pasta dishes are a bit gimmicky.  Throwing a bunch of stuff in one pan might be easy but flavors develop through cooking the sauce in steps.     I would make this recipe but I would make it in the traditional way.  By setting the water to boil and cooking the pasta separately while I sweat the onions and garlic in olive oil, then adding the pepper flakes, then adding the tomatoes.  Then I would toss in the linguini and a little bit...
Roast chicken, buttered haricots vert and lemon roasted potatoes. Basic food.
Excellent thanks! I have a bunch, what should I do? Eggs? Potatoes? Salad dressing!!!!???!!
How long does bacon fat last in the fridge?
And here I am. Feta is a protected name, only feta made in Greece from goats milk can actually be called feta.
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