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Congratulations @Jarmo !
Have you made or eaten good risotto? It's wonderful. It's a specific technique of preparing rice, very worth knowing.
I have been meaning to do a proper risotto and a paella and have run out of time. It has been busy around here.
Ok maybe the pot was still hot. I definitely took it off the heat though. I may have did it wrong but it was still delicious.
Looks great Joey. I laughed out loud at the "all that twirling" bit
I admit that I have not eaten sloppy joes since I was in grade school!  The memory of the soft bun and the loose meat falling out, the sweet tangy flavor and the soggy french fries.... yummm!  I'm afraid to try to recreate that experience to tell you the truth.     How does this method look?  Pretty basic and good right? http://allrecipes.com/video/483/how-to-make-classic-sloppy-joes/detail.aspx
@oldschool1982 those gnocchi look fantastic, did you make them yourself?   Thanks for the tips all, there are many fans of kraut here but I'm not one of them.  Which is a terrible tragedy to my husband.  I ended up rubbing them and then putting them in a deep roasting pan with a little balsamic and soy sauce and letting them roast at 295 for 4hrs.  They were not bad, the fall-off-the-bone texture was perfect.
@jake t buds it was a mess because after I strained the noodles I put them back in the pot and stirred in the pesto. The Parmesan in it stuck in the pot, not the most pleasant thing to clean. I made it in a FP which I put in the dishwasher.
So whenever we made spare ribs we cut off the triangular tip end. I don't like this part on the grill and I've collected about 4 of them in the freezer. I'm thinking about throwing these in the oven today but no idea what to do with them and how long to cook them. They're very tough. A little help?
I never use fish stock unless I'm making an actual fish soup.  I find fish stock too fishy.  Instead I use either a shellfish stock (made from the shells of whatever is going into the stew) or a vegetable stock.  
New Posts  All Forums: