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Butternut squash with brown butter sage and toasted hazelnuts   Lobster ravioli with champagne cream sauce   Leek ravioli with egg yolk and brown butter sage   Ham and cheese ravioli with bechamel
Ok now things are getting weird, that's my home town 
I didnt find the word guesstimate offensive. But I can see how some chefs would.
Me too!
Who knew people had such strong opinions about thermometers. I didn't. Whether you're a poker or a stabbed its all good. Keep calm and carry on. Peace.
I don't understand your question. Are you trying to make stock?
I would agree with this as opposed to what @French Fries said.  I don't use a thermometer for steaks, chops and chicken but I do use it for large roasts.  You can't use a touch test on a roast beef.  But while you're learning to touch and fee the doneness of a chop it's ok to use a thermometer.   I used to have a very good sense of direction.  Now if I go somewhere without my GPS I'm lost.  So I get it, but using all senses is always good.
 Indeed lol
@SunshineRivera the method you used in your first post is fine, I do this all the time because loin chops are pretty dry even if you brine them and don't overcook them. I sear the pork chops on both sides and remove from the pan. Then I make a sauce in the pan and add the chops back in to cook. Cook to 150 internal. I love chops this way, seared and smothered.
I love chili!  I use this recipe and it's great.  I too go very easy on the heat so my little one can eat it. I add chopped green bell pepper to this, can't go without. 
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