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I meant that I don't know how to help in terms of making a burger into a pizza. Cheeseburger pizza is so far removed from something that I would eat that my mind can't wrap my brain around the concept. To me pizza is wholesome and artistic, I can't imagine doing that to it.
 I'm not offended.  This site is quite useful, not at all rubbish and I find that I have learned loads here from all the talented chefs and home cooks.  We are good folks who are very serious about our cooking, I may not be a chef but if you look around you'll see that I've put out some spectacular dishes in other threads, and you'll find dishes by other people that knock my socks off.  You'll be glad to know that when I searched out "reheating hollandaise" on the internet...
Mushrooms and bacon, and I presume cheese as well?  These are very earthy flavors and need a little kick and zest to perk it up.  I would go with a sharp mustard sauce myself.   You lost me on the pizza topping.
 It was directed at me, Ed is simply stating that the method I used to reheat hollandaise would not be fitting in a commercial kitchen and he's right.  I wouldn't have done that even for my dinner guests.  In this particular case I had some delicious hollandaise left over from the previous night and I wanted to see if I could reuse it the next morning for a quick eggs benedict using left overs.  I put it in the microwave and it worked.  It really did reheat.  I didn't take...
 Wow, tell us how you really feel.  Welcome to the forum, thanks for sharing your recipe for hollandaise and please do be polite if you can.
Fried chicken y'all  In a dry brine for a few hours (salt, pepper, thyme, garlic powder, paprika) Then flour - egg/milk wash - flour (seasoned of course) and fried
It's silly to ask a question where the answer is so blatant.  We live in the land of the Big Gulp after all.  We are taught that bigger is better and expect to get a big serving at restaurants.  Once I went out to dinner with a friend who was visiting from Europe and she ordered a coca cola at the restaurant.  They brought her a large, normal glass of coke and she looked at the waiter and said "is this for drinking or bathing in?"
 Sometimes when we visit Greece in the summertime I visit the farmers market and find these tiny little wild strawberries.  The flavor is incomprehensible if you've never eaten it.  It's a euphoric moment.  It renders one unable to eat grocery store "strawberries" anymore.  
I grew up in a family of farmers and was taught that the smallest produce is the tastiest and kept it for ourselves.  Or maybe we kept the smallest ones so that we could sell the bigger ones since the price was determined by weight.  Either way, I've always approached produce looking for the smaller pieces especially when it comes to cucumbers, melons, carrots, zucchini and others.  So I was surprised when I looked in my fridge yesterday and found this monstrosity, hubby...
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