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What is it?  Anyone have one?
Yes polarizing.  NY has no BBQ tradition of its own.  There are a few BBQ places that have sprung up in recent years but I find them to be mostly trendy - furnished with reclaimed wood, drinks in mason jars and sporting rockabilly bands as entertainment.  It's all a bit contrived in the middle of the city. It's a mish mosh of different types of BBQ and mostly you'll find unseasoned meat with an assortment of sauces so there is nothing really authentic or specific....
Bay leaves!! Take what you can, the worst that happens is they throw them out at customs. Take it from me, I've smuggled all kinds of cheeses, dried meats, even live snails.
It was incredible. I'll post pics when I'm near my computer. What I know is there is no one right way and since pork butt is so easy to work with it's hard to go wrong if you have even the least bit of experience. I rubbed it generously and put it in a deep pan, uncovered at 450 for about an hour. It got a beautiful color. Then I covered it and left it in there for 5 hrs at 325. I let it rest covered in its juices for 2 hrs. My meat claws made an easy job of shredding, it...
I'm starting it off uncovered for a bit but then I'm definitely foiling.  They have been seriously rubbed.  Since the rub will provide lots of flavor I was thinking of not saucing these guys at all after they are pulled.  Instead I will offer 2 sauces, one store bought red bbq sauce and one homemade mustard vinegar sauce for topping.  Bad idea?   In they go!
@flipflopgirl I don't have a crockpot, don't need one. Besides, I've got 20lbs of pork over here.
I peel my hasselbacks.  I don't brine, I've found that potatoes don't do well with marinating so I don't see much point.
 Do not foil in the oven?
 This sounds doable.  
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