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Hehe I know the conversation you're talking about.  When it comes to an assembled dish like this not only are specific measurements not needed, they're really not wanted.  I'm going to put whatever I want in my potato salad right?  So a dash of pickling liquid or the whole jar full, it's up to me.  I may skip the egg or I may end up making this into an egg salad without the potatoes.  I may not have red onions and I may opt for scallions in stead.  This is what I like...
This is a great topic, just perfect for those who stick to the basic chicken and turkey but with many possibilities for those who like to cook game.  
 Nice, will try this!
Time to announce the WINNER!   There were some really tasty dishes entered this month, not as many as I thought there would be but good stuff all around!     There were the numerous paellas by @ordo @French Fries , @jake t buds and @Zeph Zpiteri   There were the smoked and cured fishes by @GeneMachine @Nate and @teamfat   The stews and chowders by @GeneMachine and @Joyo   Particular favorites were the dishes that prepared the seafood ever so simply so as to let...
@GeneMachine I need your recipe for that potato salad, thank you 
There are many one-food-only diets out there like the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet and now the egg diet. They all work to drop weight initially but the deprivation you will experience will drive you to gain it all back. It's not a good idea to follow advice from a dieter or someone who has lost a lot of weight. The reason is that they may have used unhealthy methods to do so and since there is a 95% fail rate on all diets they may end up gaining that weight back...
Great last entries! I'll announce a winner in the morning Eastern standard time so there is still time!!
Looks tasty @teamfat , what is this dish called?
@butzy I'm loving your dish, and major points for taking such care in the plating!   Come on everyone, only a couple of days left, surely someone's eating something out of the sea these days!  Even a tuna sandwich will do!
@flipflopgirl I'm sorry to hear it, it's happened to us all! @ordo please find a way to keep cooking!   I'd like to share some roast pork with everyone   ne
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