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I meant cream, not milk sorry
I've never made my own butter, but I imagine it'd be fun to try.  In order to make butter like Kerrygold you'd have to use grass fed milk.  From what I understand, making butter is simple.  Get ready, set, churn.
 That sounds like something I want to try! I have recently discovered that one can make spanakopita using unwilted fresh spinach.  I lay down the filo dough and sprinkle it with a tbsp of raw rice kernels.  Then I lay down a mixture of sauteed leeks tossed with raw spinach.  Mount it very high, several inches.  Lay another layer of filo dough on it and press it down a bit, it will still be tall.  It cooks down in the oven and it's amazing, a very fresh spinach taste.
Oh yes it hit the spot and was a lovely lunch. I plan on doing more fancy picnics like pollopicu as the kid gets older hehe.
I meant to take some pics and I forgot. I was swept up with trying to keep my kid from running off too far.
Ok so I picked up some fresh bread, hummus, sopressata, cucumbers and olives, jarslberg, grapes and strawberries.  This will do.
It's not a scenario, it's my reality lol and those are great suggestions thanks.
What do you take with you when you're about to head out to the park and you haven't had time to prepare?  There's no time for frying chicken or making potato salads now.  Like literally, what do you grab on your way to the park?
 Wow this is an old thread, I haven't used Bertoli in many years since my family ships me big canisters of our own brand of olive oil now :)  I have no need to buy the stuff. Sadly I don't have too many french friends around these days lol.
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