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Yes but I want to eat everything you make.
@chefbuba where do you live? I need to book my flight cause I'm coming to dinner, you are on fire!
My no sugar slaw is mayo vinegar and celery seed
Baked rice, not much of a contender I suppose but it's such a great weeknight dinner and this happens to be hubby's favorite meal. I dice and sweat green bell peppers in olive oil and butter and toast the rice. Then I stir in left over bolognese, a cup of grated parmesan and water. Cover and bake.
I don't see why not.  I'm not too sure about the cinnamon but everything else would work.
That's amazing mimi! In will definitely pick some up next time I see them at Fairway!
I usually make a leek and potato soup too but I was thinking a darker stock could make a richer soup, like a baked potato soup for example with bacon. I'm just making all this up.
I also like brown stock for gravies and for stew. It might work nicely in a potato soup too, very rich.
Please, there is no reason to get upset now. Nobody criticized your recipe, on this site we often talk about ingredients and get into discussions about technique etc. It's meant to be a conversation based on the fact that jake seemed to appreciate your recipe. It was not a critique at all.We all like all the things you posted here, keep posting and be patient with us as we get to know you.So..... Meyer lemons eh? Never used them myself, they're hard to find to be honest.
Do you want us to mention your egg? What exactly did you do with it, did you poach it in the broth or did you emulsify it to thicken the broth?
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