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I always put peas in my fried rice. But then again I put peas in everything.
Linguini with sausage and rapini
That was at the Strathmore Theater near DC this weekend. I do some concerts in Europe but have never been to Sweden, though now I have an invite haha!
Young and fresh eggplant in January?
What are you making?
Well you're certainly looking ahead! Kedigree doesn't seem festive enough to me, I'd go with the beef!
Nice to see this thread again. Here's me from my most recent tour of duty
Well this sounds much much better than what the recipe suggests, wouldn't you agree?
Am I to believe that you have a jar of dried basil in your cupboard @Chefross? This is not 1979
Oh gosh this is a terrible recipe, dried basil and mint jelly?  I never use recipes from that site.  Try looking on epicurious.com or on tastespotting.com I have found amazing recipes on those.   Out of curiosity?  Are you cooking at a cooking school?  Because if you are you might want to come up with something on your own and then practice it until you get it right.
New Posts  All Forums: