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I would eat at your house, it's not about all home cooks. But yes pet owners in particular frighten me and have seen similar things often. And you can't pay me to eat dip unless I'm the first to get to it.
I had them up as took them down after a few days. Guess you last your chance to see me.
@Chef Torrie you look like a contestant from Top Chef :)
 Well that's just lovely thanks for sharing!!
 Well we never said you acted your age lol
 I would eat it.  I usually presume someone is innocent until they are found guilty.  I tend to be very observant at people's homes and get a sense of how sanitary their kitchen practices are.  Knowing you and what you just described I wouldn't blink about your potato salad, plus it looks awesome! But let's say I'm at someone's home and I see them pet their dog and then  pick up a kitchen knife to cut up scallions.... I'm probably going to come down with a stomach flu...
Great ideas above. It's a bit wintery but any kind of stew can be made the day before and easily reheated before serving.  So beef bourgignon, roasted shoulder of lamb, osso bucco, pulled pork, that's all good stuff.   I'm with teamfat, I would probably make carnitas and then lay out a  toppings station with tortillas, guac, and other toppings that are prepped ahead.
 I don't mind chefs doing it, presumably they to know how to not cross contaminate in a kitchen since they have food and beverage certification.   But I cannot tolerate it from home cooks.  If I see someone poking the food on my plate before it gets to me I probably won't eat it.  I'm really weird about potato salads and cold appetizers, they've been handled lol.
@eastshores wow I pictured you to be really really old.  Maybe because you're in florida and I imagine everyone in florida is old maybe?   @Rick Alan  Uncanny resemblance to the Rick in my head lol
Yes humidity wreaks havoc on a persons body. Since moving to a dry climate in southern Krete my mother has not suffered with any of the asthma or arthritic problems she used to suffer with in the southern east coast of US.
New Posts  All Forums: