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When you drop a piece of chicken into hot oil the temperature drops, I don't care what the device is whether a fryer or a pan.   Frying chicken takes a little practice and if you haven't done it yet you'll see what we mean soon enough.  Everyone burns the outside of their chicken and undercooks the inside their first time so you won't be alone.     Monster chickens eh?  Sounds suspicious.  Farmers know that good things come in small packages, trade secret.
This will be very salty!  We can help you make a better soup, but you gotta want it!
You're both hilarious lol
Marinated anchovies Spicy garlic octopus stew with potatoes
Octopus   Stuffed grapeleaves and zucchini flowers served with yogurt.
I'm drying oregano and marjoram from the garden so I can take it back home with me.   For the first time ever I've found imported mozzarella di bufala here and it's some of the best I've ever had.   Finally!   Had some friends visit us after their various travels and they brought for us some smoked sockeye from Vancouver and Gouda from Holland.  The figs are from my tree and the eggs from a neighbor's chicken.
Loukoumades - fluffy fried balls of yeasty dough served right out of the fryer and drizzled with honey and cinnamon.  I can eat these until I explode.   I was working on my tan when this kind man came by and sold us a tiropita and a doughnut.     Nutella speaks for itself
Awesome ingredient choice @Chefross and congrats on the salad win!  Wouldn't you know it I made stir fried eggplant with chinese garlic sauce 2 days in a row a couple of days ago.  I guess I'll have to do it again then and submit lol.
It's definitely a tough idea to bring off the ground, especially concerning licensing and liability.  But then I think about the thousands of people buying hot dogs on the streets of NYC out of carts with wieners floating in hot water.  It makes me shiver but somehow people keep eating them and don't get sick.  Unless you're young, elderly or pregnant our bodies can withstand a lot.    @Cerise I think the OP has limited the questionnaire to people in the UK because he is...
It is a complex issue but still it's something I'd like to see.  I'm not eligible to fill out the survey so I don't know what the questions entail.  It's idealistic to dream of this but I'm glad you are, it shows promise not only in enterprise but in helping to ensure that the future of the food industry is rooted in community, a concept that we have been moving towards for quite some time with the food-to-table trend.     Idealistically (and feel free to use my ideas)...
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