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There is also confit.I don't call this frying, just sautéing. And I don't use water, I use stock or wine or cream or a combo of them all. I don't know what it is technically referred to.
Hijacked by whom?
 There are cases where this would be true, but also not.  I remember one time a guy cooked for me and he really did a very fine job, setting the mood, the candles, he made fresh linguine a vongole and I came in during the process.  I of course held my tongue but I so so so much wanted to stop him from overcooking the poor clams who were first steamed, then removed from the shell, chopped and put back into the sauce to continue overcooking while the pasta turned to mush....
    Always interesting to read how men perceive women to be around food.  In this strange and diet obsessed culture women aren't even allowed to enjoy food anymore but your observations could not be more wrong, or at least they are only right for a portion of women around.  Obviously women are people and people come in all shapes and sizes.  Not all women are scared to eat in front of men and for goodness' sake, not all women want to eat a salad on a first date.  That is...
Nicely done JAH42 and thank you morningglory for the most excellent challenge!
@butzy how about making a yellow pipperade for ratatouille? And that soup sounds awesome.
Grape tomatoes stuffed with crab salad Mini skewers of veggies or cheeses etc Marinated boconcini Sushi
@jake t buds I HAVE to make that apricot brandy glaze!!
I use it for marinades too and I roast potatoes or Brussels sprouts with it. Spinach salad with strawberries and balsamic. Sometimes I add it to onions as they caramlize. Recently I made balsamic braised pot roast. I suggest getting cheap balsamic for something like that. Make a syrup with balsamic and sugar, reduce until it's a nice syrupy consistency and then drizzle over ice cream or cheesecake.
I don't eat much McDonald's because it really does a number on my tummy. But I do wait patiently for the reappearance of the mcrib and then go crazy for days, eating as many as I can. I do splurge on Burger King though, their fries are not so good but I like the burgers and the French toast sticks.
New Posts  All Forums: