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 The experiment doesn't prove anything because potatoes absorb oil as they cook, not as they sit raw.
No measurements I'm afraid, all is approximate.It's just a tbsp of fresh yeast, 2-3 cups all purpose flour, a tbsp of sugar and a pinch of salt. Add enough water to make a batter like the consistency of pancake batter. Cover and let it rise for an hour or more.Heat up your oil in the deep fryer. I use a pot. Drop spoonfuls into the hot oil. Cook unto golden and remove.The drizzle is pure honey and cinammon
Good to hear. I don't put it in spaghetti sauce either :-)
 I don't want to make a big oregano controversy again but I have to say it - don't pigeonhole oregano, it is such a great herb!  Ok we Greeks overuse it on everything, I admit.  But have you ever tried it on fish?  Amazing!  Take a tuna steak, rub it with olive oil, salt pepper and dried oregano and then pan sear it.  It is SPECIAL!  I put it on steak too, I put it on everything unfortunately.  But try it on something else, I use it just as you would use thyme.
 In my opinion yes, it is worth the time, money and effort.  But you ask a question that people ask of themselves daily, is it worth it to me to spend my time cooking when I can so easily order take out?  The common answer to that question is what has been plaguing the American health and fueling the obesity crisis in our country... in every country.  We are overworked, under paid and seriously lacking in time to do the things that are good for our health such as rest,...
 This sounds like a stir fry.  They can be tricky.  The trick is to sautee each ingredient separately.   1. Start with the onions and sautee on high heat, moving them around the pan until they get a little color - now add the garlic to the onions and continue to sautee.  If you cook the garlic by itself it will burn and turn bitter, always cook it with another ingredient if you are doing high heat like a stir fry. Remove the onions and garlic to a plate.2. Now stir fry the...
 These are purely personal preferences, not hard and fast rules right down to what you say about the digestive tract statement.   What does it matter if any of us have been in a pro kitchen?  Some have and some haven't as this is a place for both pro chefs and home cooks.  I don't use a pressure cooker, it's my preference no to but that doesn't mean that I don't acknowledge their usefulness in other people's kitchens.  Any dish CAN be overcooked but in this case it wasn't,...
 Very interesting, what is the result like, how do they differ from regular deep fried potatoes?  I imagine they are greasy as they absorb oil.
They're very easy to make and a big hit. I've often thought about opening a little store selling just these with various toppings. These would also be perfect for a food truck. The honey was very special. We found it on a hiking trip this past fall up on Bear Mountain. It's pumpkin blossom honey.
@ordo what are French fries fom cold oil?
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