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Steak steak steak.
Then make matlouh or use the BBQ. There's always a way! These challenges are meant to be challenging.
I believe this is the first baking challenge we've had.  Good luck to us all!
Congrats @morning glory !  Sorry about your ded @chefbuba , hope all goes well.
 Yes.  That's how you know you're ready.  Look up impostor syndrome, sounds like you have it. As far as continuing on in the restaurant remember that the chef left you in charge for a reason.  If you're scared to branch out take little steps.  How about continuing the status quo for a little while and getting some experience running the kitchen yourself before you start making big changes.  Then you can be creative in the specials you introduce while leaving his menu...
 Living in NYC I never see such a thing.  I miss the south sometimes.
Thanks I will try your method next time @French Fries  I love nutmeg in creamy things.
 Oh I did not know that.  That's why I add the flour, because the sauce always splits if I don't.  I'm going to try it low and slow (3hrs yowza?!) next time without the flour, but with the cheese.  Covered I assume?  And how low would I keep the temp?  I'm curious what will happen. Also, how tall do you make your gratin?  One inch? Is 2 inches too much?
I steep garlic, onion, bay, and herbs in the milk/cream.  Then I make a little bit of roux and stir in the hot milk, making a very loose bechamel.  I then stir in the cheese, seasoning and a little nutmeg and pour it over the potatoes then bake.  It's important not to make the bechamel thick.  It comes out very rich. 
I could tell them apart in terms of flavor but they were both juice and had a great texture. Thanks all!
New Posts  All Forums: