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@Mike9  That's perfect for this month's challenge!
Croquettes!!!   Mince the chicken finely.  Stir into a thick bechamel with nutmeg and manchego cheese.  Roll into croquettes and chill to set.  Roll in breadcrumbs.  Deep fry.  You're welcome.
 Nobody is let down.  I don't do fermentation but I do cook a lot with mushrooms.  I saw some beautiful chanterelles in the market today but they were too expensive :(  I did however get a nice jar of dried chanterelles I'm planning on doing something with.  
'Nilla wafers is a favorite. I also love gingerbread cookies.
What are you trying to do?
@French Fries is this a stew? What cut of chicken did you use? What do you serve it with? How did you make a glaze without sugar? Did you remove the chicken before reducing? @Lagom welcome. You can do better than Sbarros lol.
Isn't a fritatta a breakfast pizza?
Interesting, the only greek cheese that starts with a K that would fit that description might be kopanisti which is a cheese native to the island of Mykonos I believe.  All the other cheeses that start with a K would be too hard/dry for what you describe.  You're right that different regions do things differently.  In my region it would be common to see a cheese like anthotiro or mizithra (both mild creamy cheeses) used.  Here in the states I've seen greek americans use...
 Lol, yes prasopita is standard greek fare.  It is absolutely delicious and a favorite at any party.  The supposed cheese you are referring to is feta of course.  Omit at your own peril - the briny salty feta is what counteracts with the sweetness of the leek.  And yes I strongly advocate the use of herbs such as parsley or mint, even dill can be used.  I also like to add scallions.  Super easy to make.
So far I've put it on baked flounder and today I had it in my popcorn. It's very nice!
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