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You don't need a knife to carve out the ribs and seeds. Use a spoon and your finger. Sometimes I rinse it too if those little seeds won't get out.
I eat raw peppers almost daily.  It's one of my favorite salad ingredients.
Fair enough! I'd eat it.
Chefed means that there should be some negative space on the plate. You may need to use a larger plate for the dish. When it comes to garnish I do not like to see things on my plate that I can't eat. What do you mean for the red pepper to do here? On my plate for example the lime was used to squeeze over the fish and rice because it compliments te flavors in the dish. The avocado was edible and I stirred it into the rice. You pepper looks pretty but how does one eat a big...
It's forbidden rice and if I remember correctly it was tossed with roasted yellow peppers and scallion.
I'm not very good at plating but I like this one for the dramatic colors 
 It's not the skin that would scorch, it's the sugar based coating.  So whether you basted that on the skin or directly on the flesh would result in the same scorching effect.  However, this "scorching" only really applies to direct heat (grilling, or in a pan on the stovetop).  Sugar based roasting is much more gentle.  Many bbq rubs contain sugar and then the meat goes into a smoker or oven for several hours without scorching.   One of my favorite marinades is soy sauce,...
There's a lot going on with your dish. I don't understand why you took the skin off and what that has to do with sugar. When you cook skinless chicken it forms a tough chewy layer on the outside. The skin helps protect tr delicate flesh of the chicken while it cooks. What's in your souvlaki marinade? If you're going Greek you can then serve it with a quick tzatziki sauce and the rice as you mentioned. Because of the acidity in a typical souvlaki marinade it doesn't...
Did it fall apart as you tried to eat it?  You didn't try to eat it did you?
 I placed the garlic cloves in a small baking dish, covered with olive oil and baked on low for about 35 minutes.  They browned a little bit so I might try the stovetop method next time.  Anything goes, herbs and chili peppers, there is a whole world of possibilities and I can't wait. I used equal parts potato to fish and it was good.  But next time I'm using less potato more fish.  Adding plenty of liquid back into the mixture so that it's too soft to be handled without...
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