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You e posted this before and I meant to make it. Now I'm really gonna make it.
Cook another one.That's a good idea too but I really like the way that it looks sliced, don't you think?
Cook another one.
Let them call the shots. You can't reason with crazy right? If they think they know Bette let them dig themselves in. Personally I would have a casserole like cheflayne suggested or even better, a French toast pudding. Or you can have an egg strata. Or a quiche. Anything so that you can use the oven and free up the griddle space. Bake bake bake. There are so many delicious ways to go about putting forth a brunch without making scrambled eggs and pancakes. Sheesh right?!
 This looks professional!
Wow, this is wonderful for a first try!  I want to try my hand at a cheese souffle too, I just have to find the time.  Of course big chunks of anything will weigh it down and not allow it to rise.  But think about how much you learned and let's face it, the flavor is going to be just as good regardless of the rise so I'm sure it was delicious.
Oh yes I received some hand rolled caramels last year and it was one of my favorite gifts!
That sounds about right. Cooking a steak indoors on a cast iron skillet will cause a serious amount of smoke, no way to divert that just make sure you have a good exhaust fan and open windows. My exhaust fan is not so good so I never ever cook steak indoors.
Not sure if you're looking to give something in a jar or something more perishable than that but I truly believe that a beautiful loaf of homemade bread is the ultimate foodie gift.
@French Fries knowing now how you feel about reheated poultry I'm not all that surprised that you haven't eaten a pot pie which very often uses leftover chicken.  But you can make it with fresh poached chicken too.
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