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 Indeed lol
@SunshineRivera the method you used in your first post is fine, I do this all the time because loin chops are pretty dry even if you brine them and don't overcook them. I sear the pork chops on both sides and remove from the pan. Then I make a sauce in the pan and add the chops back in to cook. Cook to 150 internal. I love chops this way, seared and smothered.
I love chili!  I use this recipe and it's great.  I too go very easy on the heat so my little one can eat it. I add chopped green bell pepper to this, can't go without. 
It exists because you are there to make it.  I live in NYC so I am surrounded by greeks and greek food, some good and some not so good.  But when I was living in the south greek food existed in our homes and in our communities.  We had many friends in our church and every holiday was spent with other greeks and of course greek food.   I'm not one who believes that you must be greek to know how to make greek food.  I know too many greeks who make very bad greek food indeed!...
Not true, the cooks around here can cook anything.  But yes, I know what you mean.  
Koukouvagia kai peristeri, ωραία haha
Wow I've never been tempted by sous vide until now! Seriously though, how can one recreate this in the oven?
Greek yogurt preferably, even sour cream can work.
The peppers have to be strained well.  Adding a little salt helps with this.   I make a similar dip but I add a little greek yogurt to it, makes a nicer smoother texture and helps cut some of the richness and saltiness of the feta.
If you do this it will overcook. Starting at high heat is for browning larger roasts, but the process will cook your steak right through.
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