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Brown the meat, then add chopped onion and garlic, one finely diced tomato, some herbs and a little white wine.  When that cooks down a bit add a cup of rice.  Cut the potatoes into half inch slices and season them before laying them on the bottom of a dutch oven with olive oil.  Roll the rice mixture into the swiss chard like a dolma and lay those on top of the potatoes.  Add chicken stock or water and let it simmer on the stove or in the oven.  Remove the dolmas and...
I've always loved them both especially potatoes. I'm pretty sure I will use emmentaler and Parmesan.
Interesting recipe. I wouldn't make my own creme fraiche since I can so easily buy it here. I don't particularly like Gruyere, I wonder what cheese I will use. Really looking forward to delving into this dish since cabbage and potatoes are one of my favorite combinations!
Call it what you will but that's what I made. Essentially it is a stock but cooked much longer I suppose. No difference really.
Could it have been a bechamel?
As our good friend @boar_d_laze used to say, for good stock you steep it like tea. At the lowest setting and when you lift the lid you see steam but it never boils. I never stir the stock. Last week I made bone broth and I let it steep on the lowest setting all night long. When I woke in the morning it has been cooking for 18 hrs or so. Richest chicken stock I've ever made. You may want to look into getting a slow cooker.
@Mike9 fantastic looking dish! I would sure love to try making that casserole. How did you cut the cabbage? And did you blanch it with the potatoes? And then did you drain it? I need the whole procedure apparently, thanks.
I agree that you are not justified to behave poorly. These things come back to bite you in one way or another. This may actually be your opportunity to speak up for yourself and tell the boss that this is your last day and that you are leaving because you weren't treated well. Have your say and walk out proudly with the upper hand. You won't be teaching them any lesson if you scramble like a rat. The only thing you have true control over is your own reputation.
This looks so good! And if I may offer my own twist I bet it needed garlic, not onion. Just a little. And a small squeeze of lemon juice. Just my thoughts.
That's rough. I'm not in the restaurant industry but being female I've noticed similar treatment of women in my own profession or worse, only the pretty girls can manage to get ahead. I hope you keep looking for a better job because now the chef has shown you his true colors - he promises things he can't deliver just so he can get his own way. You owe him no loyalty. Good luck!
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