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Interesting how many things one can do with a waffle iron. I should pull one out and start experimenting.
Fish n chips Burgers Stew Cottage pie Onion rings French fries
I'd rather have the cheese on top but I've been know to stuff my burgers with a pat of compound butter.
 Chia seeds are a grain though, which the OP does not want to use.
When I make corned beef I cook it in Guinness and water. Makes a lovely brown liquor.But as a side you don't need. You've got the potatoes and carrots and the cabbage of course. But try this. Put the potatoes and carrots only during the last hour, that eay they won't be mushy.And then take a bowl and rub it with fresh garlic. Toss in the hot potatoes with a pat of compound butter (parsley/butter/salt/pepper). This brings a special freshness to a dish that is rather homely.
 I posted it all in the what's for dinner thread!
As others have said, it all depends on what kind of meat and what cut it is.  Almost every kind of cut can withstand a slow long cook, but there are many cuts of meat that would be inedible if cooked for a shorter time on high heat.  
 You did it!  Looks awesome!
Bravo kgirl, well done! I've had little time to cook this month but hav been keeping up with everyone's spectacular entrees. Amazing stuff! Excellent job petals!
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