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There's a difference between a "greek salad" served around the world (which seems to mean a whole lot of different things) and a salad served in Greece.  A Horiatiki salad in Greece will most likely be tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, pepper, feta and olives served with oil and vinegar.  Lettuce would never be served in this type of salad.   Here in NY a "greek" salad found in "greek restaurants" (and I use the terms loosely) include lettuce, pepperoncini, and the proverbial...
@organicgrown you'd be surprised at how well we eat here on this forum.  Visit some of the other threads and see for yourself, participate and show us your home grown produce and home raised meats and poultry if you've got it.  The site is full of passionate cooks who care about the ingredients we use.  
Orthorexia s a relatively new eating disorder and it afflicts many with the pursuit to eat tr "right food." Often moral and ethical attachments are made to food. It must be bought at the right market with the right political affiliations and the consumer wants to know the name of the cow the milk comes from and know what te cow has for breakfast. Of course it's important to know what goes into our body and try to make the most responsible choices we can but not everybody...
Do you mean Caesar salad?  Because greek salad does not have anchovies.   I like romaine lettuce with cucumbers, grated carrots, yellow or red peppers, cauliflower, green peas and avocado.  For dressing I'll take either honey mustard or ranch.  Topped with a bit of grilled chicken or shrimp this is my go to, I eat it at least 3-4 days out of the week for lunch.  Sometimes I swap out the romaine for arugula or butter lettuce whatever I have really. 
 I'm using a Le creuset.  I make roux too. First I sear and brown the meat and remove.  Then I add my mirepoix and soften, and add flour to make a roux.  So yea, the roux is still there, I just don't have any worries about little bits of flour burning while I brown the meat.  No reason to risk the bitterness.
I never dredge.  I might not be skilled enough at browning but the flour always burns. 
That's a wonderful way to spend an evening!
@GeneMachine I would argue also that the beauty of stews is that you can make delicious meaty meal using very inexpensive ingredients.
Will you be staying in Charlotte at all?  That's all I know, this comes from my BFF who lives there:   Charlotte is a series of neighborhoods, so it's full of fine eateries depending on where you are.   Uptown: 5 Church Restaurant, Rooster's Restaurant are both delicious Midtown/Metropolitan: Dressler's Restaurant Plaza Midwood:Midwood Smokehouse (best BBQ in town) Soul Gastrolounge, Peculiar Rabbit, The Dish (a no frills, southern food - killer  meatloaf...
Wiki says: A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy.    I think we should be able to present any dish we like to a challenge if it strikes us as adequately meeting the challenge theme.  For example, I could present a case in which my rice pudding is actually a stew.  I have solid bits cooking in a liquid in a long time, therefore it can meet the requirements.  If Jarmo doesn't think it meets the...
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