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Ok I'll try blindbaking with an egg wash and making both a top and bottom crust.  I love crust myself so I'm game.     I definitely don't want to put potatoes in it, too heavy for my own taste.  And I do put peas in it, I love love love peas.
Not much to tell.  I got the recipe here http://www.cookingchanneltv.com/recipes/chuck-hughes/braised-octopus-and-tangy-potato-salad.html  and it's really great although the octopus can be cooked in any flavors you want.   So basically I put the octopus in a pot with some onion and garlic and chili flakes and I allow it to braise in its own juice for about an hour until almost tender.  Then I let it cool completely.  I cut the legs off and lay them down top to tail like...
Recently my husband and I had an unpleasant disagreement.  A while back when he told me he liked chicken pot pie I set out to make it for him.  I had never had a chicken pot pie before but I knew the basic idea.  I searched out some recipes and made him several pot pies over the last couple of years with it.  Last time I made it he told me that what I made for him is NOT pot pie.  I was shocked.  He said that something about it is wrong and that it's supposed to be encased...
 Lemon garlic and rosemary for a steak?  I've never done it.  How does it do sitting in lemon juice for so long?  Does it change the texture of the meat?  And then do you grill it or pan sear it?  I'm up for trying it since lemongarlic is my middle name.
@teamfat  that's a great idea, I underutilize my muffin tins, they can do so much more than just make muffins.  I sometimes make kourkouto http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/member/views/KOURKOUTO-WITH-ZUCCHINI-1274021 for large dinner gatherings but in a large baking dish which I then slice and serve.  If I make it in muffin tins it is so much easier to serve!
I like serving in endive leaves.  I usually make shrimp salad in endive leaves but lobster salad would be good too.   For smoked salmon I get large pieces of salmon and lay it flat.  Then I smother it with cream cheese/sour cream/chive mixture and roll it up tight.  Refrigerate.  Then cut into little pinwheels you can serve plain, on top of bread or a cucumber.  Yum.   A trick I learned here a long time ago was to cut season puff pastry with parmesan cheese and then...
I've never had ramen salad, how wonderful, can you share your recipe?
 Thank you   This was from a few months ago.  Of course fried chicken is available everywhere in the south, but my mother only cooked it once a year on my birthday.  Fried chicken used to be my favorite food in the whole world.  
 Well guess what I grew up in Virginia so  I am a southern girl!  Here's the proof:   I have NEVER seen a country ham here in NY so I'll have to order one.  How long does it last and I need to find something to do with it other than red eye gravy.  We used to slice it thin and eat it on sandwiches.
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