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Do the French order French toast and French fries? 
Wow thirty years ago?  That's really outdated information now from what I hear.  Anyway, make sure to post a pic!  I made corned beef a few days ago (hubby couldn't wait until St. Paddy's) and I was supposed to make cottage pie today but had to run my son to an unexpected doctor's appointment and it threw my day off.  What do the Irish order when they want take out on St. Patrick's day?
@Jimyra that sounds like a good plan.  Just make sure that the beef broth you use does not have any salt in it.  The corned beef itself has more than enough to flavor the whole pot of veggies.
It's really delicious and super easy to make.  Tomorrow corned beef in the supermarket will be at a reduced price.  Make sure you get one labeled "flat cut."  You can get these in remarkably small sizes, I got a 2lb corned beef this week and we ate it within a 24hr period lol.  The store bought ones usually come with a small packet of pickling spices.  I throw those and the beef in a pot with a whole can of guinness and some water to top.  Boil it for a couple of hours...
How are you cooking it?  I braise it in guinness for about 3 and half hours.
Yes they are different you're right, but it was the only comparison I could think of. Do the English even have English muffins? I find crumpets easily here. I even found some at Target last week.
What recipe are you using now?
It's all good 😊 But now you know we Americans are serious about our breakfast sandwiches!
 Where in Europe are you?  I actually prefer links, but breakfast sausage in America is kind of a beautiful thing, it characteristically has sage in it and sometimes is even flavored with maple syrup.  Small links and patties are both delicious though I do enjoy the links more because of the casing.  The patties are convenient for sandwiches. And english muffin is what the british may call a crumpet.  It's not a sweet muffin.  And breakfast sandwiches in the US are very...
But what do you use when you want to make a sausage egg and cheese sandwich on an english muffin? 
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