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For breakfast I prepared a plate of cantaloupe and proscuitto.  A classic sweet and savory combination made even better by a little bit of cracked black pepper on the melon.  It really is very good.   Lemon cheesecake is not something I would consider for Thanksgiving specifically.  It seems seasonally unappealing.  I like mellower spicier cheesecakes during the holidays like pumpkin or cappuccino.  Lemon cheesecake seems more appropriate for easter or a summer bbq to be...
 Oh yes that is certainly possible, it's called coq au vin blanc.
 That's really interesting.  Why not?  When I roast a chicken we get so many meals out of it.  My husband would love it if I did it once a week.  You get a gorgeous meal, plus bones for stock, and leftover meat to make sandwiches, pot pies, quesadillas, chicken salad, etc.  
 That oughta over do it 
I'm not a snob about stock or anything and I'm know to have some jars of Better Than Boullion in my fridge for pan sauces. But making stock is really not that complicated and those of us who cook as often as we do tend to have stock in or freezer. I keep quarts and pints. Doesn't everyone roast a chicken at least once a month? The bones get made into a stock immediately whether I need it for a dish or not. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being a made-from-scratch cook and 10 being...
Not so much of an issue in the south where central air keeps the whole house cool. Here in NYC we have wall units and window units and they're not as effective. But I have a dish I want to make and I might brave it.
 It's really hot and muggy and I can't bear turn my oven on. 
Gelatin is a legitimate ingredient that chefs use, it's not like he told you to put ketchup in it.  It was a really good suggestion for allowing you to put lemon curd in the mixture.   What's a super-taster?
 Not everyone has access to "good quality stock" in their local markets, that's usually why people suggest to make your own.  You're a pro so you've probably sought out to find a good stock and it probably took a few tries.  Laymen haven't been through that trouble to know.  What's important here is that the stock that goes in the dish should be pretty good.  Otherwise people end up using a bouillon cube and we all know that's not the same. Sure, its a "peasant" dish but...
Rosemary and lemons definitely go together.  And yes, using lemon honey is too much - for me it would be anyway but different strokes for different folks.  You've gotten really good advice on the thread, take some of it.
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