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We do enjoy discussing things here and I don't think it came to a dead end. We are doers and don't feel the need to redo something we already know doesn't yield good results. As a matter of fact you're the one who gave us a list of things not to talk about so you can't have it both ways. It was you who started a similar discussion about eye or round a few weeks back and you were unhappy with the results of that discussion and how the dish turned out as well. Maybe it's...
 This is a forum of professional cooks and passionate home cooks.  We all have experience with this cut in various ways and have done our research through trial and error.  You may be in a stage where you want to experiment with this cut, but we've all been there already and there's no point in going back.  I'm actually very passionate about cheap cuts of meat and making them spectacular dishes worthy of a holiday table and have been through lots of trial and error stuff...
Any pot roast recipe will do, just make sure you make lots of sauce.  You can get it so that it falls apart although it won't be unctious and pleasant, but it will be tasty and edible.     I wonder if this would braise better if it was butterflied and laced with pancetta or bacon.  
I've never enjoyed Spanish oils for the exact reasons Phatch likes them. If you ever come across Sitia olive oil try it, it's the brand that my own trees contribute to.
Can I be in your family? 
Giouvarlakia in avgolemono broth     And this is dinner from a couple of nights ago, roast pork shoulder with creamy lemon dijon gravy, roasted carrots and daikon, and potato roasties.  
I'm committed to the avgolemono and I'm taking it a step further and making giouvarlakia which are meatballs with avgolemono soup. Prepped them already!
@Mike9 your bone broth looks great, I saw your post. I have been having a cup nightly with veggies and I Iove it. Tonight I think I will use up the end of it for an avgolemono soup.
You can move to NYC, we have lots of places like that. Another one just opened up in my neighborhood that serves breakfast but only turkey bacon, turkey sausage and quinoa bowls. Meh. Seems very trendy and old fashioned all at once. I think you're thinking more of a cafe or bakery type of place that can cater to low sugar desserts. The only way that this type of establishment will do well is if the desserts are extraordinarily good enough to appeal to everyone. I make...
I'm curious, is fresh pork belly on the table or must it be cured/smoked to qualify?
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