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Mexican chili?
Incredible, I've learned something new!
Chicken parmesan
Does anyone have a good pumpkin pie recipe? Sometimes homemade pies have an awful brown blah color, looking for a pretty one as well as tasty.
I'm with @chefbuba you're using the wrong cut of meat.  I saw a show where Lidia Bastianich made this and I think this is what you're looking for.  http://www.food.com/recipe/italian-beef-sandwich-476780   Chuck needs to be braised slowly on low heat for a long time and then it falls apart.
I think that balance is the key.  I do eat a lot of processed meat like ham, prosciutto, sausage, bacon, all the pork products but I eat a lot more fresh fruits and veg than anything else.  If I was eating it all day and neglecting to eat fresh foods and downing it with a bunch of soda and sugary foods then it could be a real road to disaster.  I think people worry too much about what they shouldn't be eating, but I like to focus on what I should be including in my diet...
If you can nix the idea of cooking the turkey whole you can have a lot more flavorful options besides steaming.  Even if you create the most aromatic steaming liquid possible, chances are it's not enough to really penetrate the bird.  And serving steamed turkey for Tday doesn't sound all that appetizing to me, even if it turned out flavorful and even if you use a blow torch to give the skin a golden color.     You could deep fry it as is customary for many americans but...
I have my eye on a meat pie next.  I've been watching the Great British Baking Show and have just learned about the hot water crust pastry which I really want to try.  I hope I get enough time to do it this week!
I love them too and I have to try this method. I usually do them the jamie Oliver way, completely dry on the grill and then dressed. Or I stick them in the oven dressed with a drop of olive oil and roast slightly.
I'm amazed too but I shouldn't be. Hubby has never liked vegetables until just recently. I've always served them and forced a few on his plate which he ate dutifully but indifferently. He's recently taken a serious interest in his health and has suddenly awoken to the true beauty of vegetables. It makes dinner time so much more pleasant for me.And then there are the people who only eat vegetables one way. It's kinda sad. I can't imagine having a dinner party where none of...
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