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Purposely humble. I like that Joey. I've never met a potato salad I don't like. Have you ever added diced roasted beets? Makes a perfectly pink salad perfect for bridal and baby showers.
I drink mine without milk or sugar. I gave up sugary beverages years ago.
What a wonderful story @eastshores and how unexpected that you enjoyed a salad while it rained. Mine involves potatoes, which should be no surprise to anyone. Although this scenario took place many times in my childhood it's all just one big memory. I used to accompany my grandparents to their various farms which are scattered around outside of our hometown in Krete. Each location had a makeshift kitchenette, just a little room with a small counter, some cutlery and...
Wow wow wow Lagom how amazing this looks! What a spectacular celebration. Salmon with a crust (grainy mustard, garlic, chives, olive oil) roasted and broiled. Served with herbed farro and broccoli
I live for fresh peas. If I'm not here I'm probably shucking.
This is an enigmatic statement
I think frozen corn is great. I haven't taken on the frah stuff till now and it is good, but I still think frozen corn is good. I make the same exact thing, I'm going to start calling it mock chew too!
I don't think you can include Greece though a Greek is right at home with some of these flavor profiles. Some Greek foods have origins in the Middle East but not vice versa. With my computer down I can't access my awesome pictures when I made matlouh so that means I'll have to make it again soon.
One thing I've learned recently is that potatoes do really well with steaming. When I boil whole potatoes and then dice the skin tears and looks terrible. (I like skin on). Now I cut them up raw and then put into the steamer. They cook faster and look beautiful. These are some steamed potatoes ready to be roasted but they can be used for salads as well. Just go easy on the tossing.
Maybe that's more fortunate than not.
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