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It's usually preserved in confectioners sugar so I'd go that way.  Plus the oil would cause early spoilage.   How did you make it?
I'm in the privacy of my own home feeding no one but myself. It can be done, it was done, and now it's done and no harm done. Everyone chillax!
Over the weekend I did a search on google about "how to reheat hollandaise" and up popped my post first thing.  So I had some hollandaise left over in the fridge and I didn't want to throw it out.  To me, hollandaise is expensive stuff with all the yolks and butter in it!  When I first posted this I believe I threw out my perfectly good hollandaise because I didn't want to reheat it.  But this time I stuck it in the microwave.  Heated for 5sec and stirred.  Another 5sec...
 Beautiful stuff
kgirl so you're back on white foods!   Beautiful chicken Nicko
I see a lot of names I don't recognize and I'm going to enjoy looking them up.  I already have Molly Steven's chicken recipe filed and ready for next time I roast a bird :)
You should market it, Cheftalk Bacon!  I'd buy it!
 Cello and harpsichord is a full continuo team :)
That's beautiful teamfat. It should be in your signature.
 I suspect this is true throughout much of Europe.  It goes along with the opposing philosophies between Americans and Europeans. Europe = "Work to live"America = "Live to work" Also, greeks wouldn't be caught dead with a to-go cup of coffee.  Coffee is a sit-down experience to be enjoyed alone or shared by friends, not a beverage.  Starbucks has not done very well in Greece.  Imagine now, living in nyc it's a go go go go go type of pace all the time, eating breakfast...
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