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That's impressive!  A family treasure to be passed down!   I didn't know we had a facebook page, is there a link?
I grew up in Greece in the late 70's and we were immune from all of these yucky things.  My Grandmother was grinding her own wheat, butchering her own chickens, milking her own goats and living off the land.  I never saw packaged meat from a supermarket until we moved to the US.
It looks like Bob left. Are we too snobby?
Make it again!
@GeneMachine I'm dying to dip some crusty bread in that sauce!   @ChefNick91 welcome to the challenge, a wonderfully simple first entry, looks great!   @petalsandcoco masterful plating as always, it's too beautiful to eat!   @teamfat you've inspired me to do something similar, well done!  How do you store the salmon after it's cured and for how long?   @kevp I disagree, those are pretty spectacular! Welcome!   @Antonella84 looks good, how did it turn out?
 Welcome to the challenge.  Anyone is welcome to participate but you must cook your own food in order to submit a dish and it should be cooked within the month.  It is not mandatory to post a picture but pretty much everyone does and the trend is that only dishes with photos (proof) of the dish you've cooked have won the challenges. The person who hosts the challenge decides the winner.  And the winner hosts next months' challenge.  I am the host of this month's challenge.
Ahh you mean salade du poulet of course.
 It does make one sound cultured and intelligent.  Because it requires intelligence to know what those terms mean.  What is so wrong about being cultured and intelligent?  I took classes to learn how to speak french, I've visited France and I'm cultured and I'm cultured.  I can't dumb myself down just so that someone doesn't mistake me for someone who is not intelligent.  I can't help it if I'm classy.  You are what you are, it would require me to pretend and be...
 Actually even people with an elevated opinion of themselves deserve to be employed.  As to whether or not they are impossible to work with is a matter of opinion, and only those who work under such people should have an opinion about that.  It's a well known fact that many CEOs, team leaders, head chefs, principals, presidents and other people in leadership positions have a high opinion of themselves, it's a necessary prerequisite for success.  Lots of chefs have gone to...
What on earth are you talking about?  Roux is not just for gravy.
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