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Ok so this is how good it was:  We had a friend over for dinner and after he left I gave him a portion of food to go.  My 4yr old cried because he didn't want me to give the lamb away haha.  He ate until his belly hurt.  
I'm not sure what you're making so I don't know how to help.
It was good, I forgot to take pics of the final product. Yummy
Haven't made this in a long time so I'm making this tonight myself.  This has been marinading all day in lemon/vermouth/mustard with herbs.  Now it's been wrapped and tucked into the oven for a few hours.  
@panini  the method you describe by chopping everything finely sounds like a gremolata to me.     What I do know about Italy is there is no one right way to do things.  Go from house to house and you'll hear a different story every time.     How can all the Italians with all their different methods be right yet what an American does is instantly wrong?
@LasagnaBurrito yes you can.
Oops. Since we're talkin Italian food it should have autocorrected to Pietro.
I make Pedro in a FP. I've never tried with a mortar and pestle. Seems time consuming. Is it worth it?
Welcome Brahms any relation to Johannes?
Use less oil.  The pesto will have a more dry consistency but that's ok.  To help balance it out also use less pine nuts.   Sorry, I would not use any other liquids with basil pesto.  There's nothing technically wrong with it but pesto is pesto is pesto.  It's a paste, not a liquid.  If I'm stirring it into a pasta I may stir in cream as well, but not directly into the pesto.
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