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Please, there is no reason to get upset now. Nobody criticized your recipe, on this site we often talk about ingredients and get into discussions about technique etc. It's meant to be a conversation based on the fact that jake seemed to appreciate your recipe. It was not a critique at all.We all like all the things you posted here, keep posting and be patient with us as we get to know you.So..... Meyer lemons eh? Never used them myself, they're hard to find to be honest.
Do you want us to mention your egg? What exactly did you do with it, did you poach it in the broth or did you emulsify it to thicken the broth?
 There are a few reasons.  If I'm making stock I usually put the vegetables in raw.  If I'm making soup though I do like to sautee or roast the veggies first.  For starters if the stock is already made then it doesn't take long to put a soup together.  Secondly, cooking the veggies first gives them a sweeter flavor and they still maintain their texture.  You don't need a lot of oil for this.  
There's no such thing as a quick noodle soup IMO. Well, there is but it's so inferior to the real thing that I don't go for it myself. It only takes a few minutes to throw some ingredients and a chicken a pot and then you just let it cook for a couple of hours, no stirring necessary. And then you can freeze stock and always have some on hand for a quick noodle soup! So you for my quick noodle soup I use frozen stock. I sauté some diced veggies in an pot - onion, carrot,...
Nice stuff @SobaAddict70 !   I find some pork belly strips that I roasted.  
 Nope, it was for me.  Hubby does not like creamy sauces like bechamel and he's allergic to eggplant.  It's why I don't make it very often but it really hit the spot that time, maybe I made it out of anger and spite.  I made it for ME!
Those are not the type of activities you see being shared by families much anymore, what a treat for your kids.   I remember once having some big argument with my husband years ago, and then I went off to cook moussaka.  By the end of the whole ordeal I felt calm and spent.  I find cooking to be cathartic.  
The most important thing I try to do when making a stir fry is to cook each vegetable separately.  Have all your veggies cut up and ready to go because once you start frying there's no time to do anything else.   I always start with the broccoli.  I put it in the wok with a shot glass of water and steam it for a minute first, then uncover and let the water dissipate.  Add a shot of neutral oil like grapeseed and stir fry quickly.  Remove.  Then I stir fry the carrots...
Congratulations!  This is very exciting but of course for her it must be frustrating not being able to keep anything down.  I'm not convinced there are any specific "pregnancy foods" that are different than the typical healthy diet.  Of course there are things she should stay away from like unpasteurized cheeses, undercooked meats and fish, deli meats, too much coffee etc.  But everything else is fair game.   I became very averse to stinky cheeses when I was preggo and...
Living in NYC it's hard not to celebrate. I celebrate by staying indoors - too many wacky drunk people in and on the streets and quite possibly some yucky puddles to avoid. 2nd avenue smells like beer. I often braise a corned beef brisket in Guinness. We really enjoy that and see no reason to diverge. Once I attended a Rangers/Islanders game on St Patties day. Wow that was crazy! Hockey + Irish fun = chaos!
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