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I want!!
I confess:  Today I ordered fried chicken for lunch and ate only the skin. 
Forgot to post the pics.  Nice looking sauce right?  
It turned out super yummy.  Very aromatic.  Due to my obsessive personality I cannot follow a recipe as it is, I must must change something.  I used more mirepoix than the recipe called for.  I omitted the artichokes and I added dijon and butter because of course.  My lemons were too mellow and it could've used a little more brightness but overall the sauce was so beautiful and velvety and unctious.  Those egg yolks did something wonderful.   I didn't have parsley so I...
When I make avgolemono I always temper the egg and lemon together.  Will adding cream alter that velvety texture?
 I don't like tarragon either, I'm going with parsley, thyme and oregano.Yea the lemon is added at the end.  I could of course nix the cream and just make it a straight up avgolemono sauce.  Or could I temper the egg with the cream and the lemon at the same time or will that break the sauce?
I'm making this tonight http://www.tastingtable.com/cook/recipes/french-chicken-fricassee-artichokes-easy-chicken-spring-recipes-one-pot-meal I just have to ask, is this sauce considered an avgolemono?
I wouldn't leave it out of the fridge and I don't think they will lose flavor in the refrigerator. But if you're worried about that omit the tomatoes and add them before you serve the salad.
@maryb my sauce is made the sameness except I do not use herbs, I put cloves in instead and I like to add a bit of tomato paste as well, makes it more rich. I made it yesterday and added a couple of tbsp of butter this time, made it nice.
 Here's my entry from the mince challenge, my meatloaf wellington won.  Post #127 http://www.cheftalk.com/t/84986/march-2015-challenge-mince/120#post_501788 It looks like I used 50/50 pork and beef and cooked it all the way through and chilling before wrapping in pastry.  I don't know how much fat was in it but I know that I used chuck and pork butt so it mustve been on the high side.
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