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As a kid I didn't like seein onions either. Little did I know they were in all my favorite foods though. That's why I say a lot of people think they don't like onions when in fact they eat then plentifully without knowing. It's just a thought. Of corse it's all about the dish, what function do they serve?
OP, texture wise you can use fennel or celery but it will alter the taste very much. I'm baffled by sweeping dislikes like this. It's such a basic basic ingredient, one that is almost in every dish out there. Could it be that you think you dislike the thought of it?
Thanks for the suggestions. Do you suggest a wet roasting method over dry? Hay? I've never heard of such a thing. Go on.
In the oven. Ok so there is hope? Cook it covered?
I've had the misfortune of running into a few roast pork legs and they have all left me fairly unsatisfied. Dry, dry, dry. It's no wonder I've never attempted to roast one myself. But part of me wants to figure this thing out. I've stuck to the deliciousness of a roast pork butt (thanks to @French Fries) long enough to know my way around it. Now what about this back leg? How does one go about roasting it so that it is not dry and tasteless?
I'll be honest. If I was presented with this I may faint from giddiness.
Omg that's disgusting! If you really want change then anonymously call for a health inspector and lead him to that fridge. That ought to put a stop to it. Yikes!
Nice looking dishes! @French Fries that is so elegant, nice to see you back. @flipflopgirl that is adorable! @ordo you have a gift! @Nicko I'm not sure if that has been discussed before as a general rule but to my recollection people have post dishes they made previous to the challenge with no ill effects. Why shouldn't it be ok, if the dish is made by the poster then what does it matter if it was made last week or last year? That's my opinion but perhaps there can be...
You can always ask the restaurant what type of olive oil they use. My guess is that Italian restaurants don't add anything to tier olive oils. Being a maker of olive oil myself we don't like to tamper with a product we believe to be perfect.
New Posts  All Forums: