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If your beef tastes stale then it might be poor quality beef, or poor quality stale ingredients.  I can't imagine anything having a beefier taste than beef.  Maybe the language is not translating well, where are you from?
@MaryB  and to anyone else who may follow suit of posting votes here, kuan asked that you message him privately and rank all four entries.
Can't vote on a new topic.  It is a person who guides the topic so it is important that there is a winner here.  Of course it's an official cheftalk thing, we've been doing it for years now.
I like that idea.  There should be a person who takes over the responsibility of the challenge when the OP doesn't follow through.  @Nicko @kuan I actually don't know who the moderators are. 
As much as the tray will hold without overcrowding.
Maybe we should just take a vote on the best dish? I think we should have a ready-made set of rules for the challenge as a sticky post. Just so we don't have to keep reiterating every month to newbies. Im happy to set up a draft and then a moderator can edit. I do hope the OP is alright. Sometimes unexpected things happen IRL that can't be anticipated. We should have a back up plan.
@JAH42 I look forward to enduring a heart attack if I get to eat fried pork belly. Worth it lol jk
@Totte can you please choose a winner? We can't start the May challenge without a winner.
I would totally go to Louis lunch on my way home tomorrow but alas they are closed. Yikes. I love all these suggestions. Too bad I had to work st Harvard square all morning and then attending a wedding all evening. That doesn't give me much time to do ANYTHING in between! So I picked up a quick poke bowl and man did it hit the spot. Hopefully clam chowder will be on the menu at the wedding fingers crossed.
Of course I'm thinking seafood. Lunch was heavy but I made some room for a cup of chowder and some oysters at Legal Seafood. Never been there before so I thought I'd try it. The oysters were really good, got an assortment and they printed out the types for me. Clan chowder was ok, chalk full of clams though.
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