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@French Fries I know what you mean because I can do anything with my knife. But I can imagine that removing stems from tomatoes and ribs from peppers would be a lot easier with a paring knife! @READY FREDDY I named myself after a Cretan dish. The word also means "owl" which is my favorite bird.
Wow thanks all. I guess I don't know what I've been missing. I do everything with a small and large santoku knife.
I just bought my first paring knife, advice on what to use it for?
Steak Frites
I was massively disappointed once when I visited Carnegie Deli (now closed) years ago. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and was given a bizarre multiple decker sandwiches with gobs of American cheese. The top and bottom slices were grilled but everything in between was raw. It was unforgivable.
I've listened to several of the shows.  I prefer to listen to America's Test Kitchen podcast but yes I find them entertaining.  I'm sure they had a lot to say about the grilled cheese sandwich.  Growing up I thought of a grilled cheese as just cheese and nothing else.  It wasn't until I moved to NY and saw the add-on options at the diner that I began to expand my view of the grilled cheese.  I would have to agree that adding so many things that the ingredients overcome the...
Ok I did it, let's see if this works.  It's a tad overcooked.   
Ugh, so I have to open an account!
 So if you make a grilled cheese and add ham it's a grilled cheese.  But if you make a grilled cheese and add a burger patty it is not a grilled cheese? I happen to think these are all a type of grilled cheese sandwich.  Call it what you like, it's still a grilled cheese with some extra stuff in it.
It doesn't matter what you put I it. As long as it is grilled and it has cheese it is a grilled cheese. And as long as you don't open it after and add stuff to it. Assemble and grill, that's it.
New Posts  All Forums: