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I find iberico ham here easily. But it's $100/lb
That's my kind of breakfast kgirl.
@kaneohegirlinaz  it tasted great.  After I took the picture I spooned over some pan sauce and it was good.  A lot more marbled than supermarket pork, tastier but also mellow.
Thank you everyone, I'm relishing the nice feedback.  @durangojo thanks for the thumbs up on my plating.  My motto is "put it on the plate" and that's about it.  I leave the art of plating to those with talent.  
I love making gnudi!  First I sauteed fresh spinach with garlic and red pepper flakes in olive oil.  Let it cool down and patted it with paper towels to drain the liquid.  I mixed it with ricotta, egg, flour, bread crumbs, parmesan and nutmeg, salt/pepper.  I let the mixture rest for a few hours.  Then I rolled the balls and floured them before poaching.    
I did it, I bought some Berkshire heritage pork!  Well worth the price but not not something I can afford often.  Seasoned simply with salt, pepper and thyme and seared on the stove top, finished in the oven.  Got a good bit of fresh lemon juice before I let them rest.  Served with spinach gnudi.  The brown butter sage sauce I tossed them in complimented the pork perfectly.            
 Looks great!  We're doing something similar for our son's 3rd bday, but we're cooking souvlaki.
That sounds great I love Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Cookery Course show and have tried a few of those recipes.  Let us know which others turn out well.
@Brandon ODell  and @tweakz  I found both of your arguments compelling.  We must agree that some people don't like truffle oil and that others don't.  My suspicion is that chefs would prefer not to have to use it, but it adds a bit of a special touch if it's a good oil.  It's a little special oil in my pantry, I understand the difference between this and real truffle but I can't afford to buy one.  Choosing to use truffle oil should not be indicative of one's character or...
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