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 I have 2 coffee grinders.  One for coffee and one for spices.  They are cheap enough to invest in 2 of them so go ahead lol.  I too would never use the same one for both coffee and spices.  I don't blame your wife.  
People here are so mean to students.  Why can't "asking someone who knows this stuff" not be considered research?     OP, I know nothing about Australian food.  I do know there is a very large Greek population so some greek dishes will be part of the culture.  An australian food site might be a better bet.
No, I always beging by searing the meat first.  It creates better flavor.   First, make sure that you brown the meat in small batches.  If you overcrowd the pot the meat will boil instead of sear.  When it is browned remove the meat completely then begin to sweat the onions and other aromatics.  Add the liquid (stock, sauce, water, whatever) and bring to a simmer.  Add the meat back in and it shouldn't take more than 1 minute to come to a simmer.  Make sure there is...
I couldn't live without my FP or my stick blender. The electric knife has it's uses. Like when slicing turkey breast and I don't want to mangle or compromise the skin.
That's gorgeous Mary, I want some!
I love the TJ frozen scallps, really good product for the not a lot of money.  I had better luck with these than fresh scallops at the fancy expensive fish markets.   Did you smoke them?  I wouldn't smoke them, too delicate flavor.   I had a wonderful scallop dish that I've tried to recreate at home.  Had it at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants.  They were dusted with curry powder and seared.  Sat on a bed of roasted cauliflower puree and drizzled with raisin puree....
 This. More importantly, how do you keep your knuckles safe from the grater?  It takes off quite a bit of skin, speaking from experience.  I do a little prayer before I use the microplane.
I think everyone here drank too much braising liquid 
I like it in stir fries.  
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