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Interesting, the only greek cheese that starts with a K that would fit that description might be kopanisti which is a cheese native to the island of Mykonos I believe.  All the other cheeses that start with a K would be too hard/dry for what you describe.  You're right that different regions do things differently.  In my region it would be common to see a cheese like anthotiro or mizithra (both mild creamy cheeses) used.  Here in the states I've seen greek americans use...
 Lol, yes prasopita is standard greek fare.  It is absolutely delicious and a favorite at any party.  The supposed cheese you are referring to is feta of course.  Omit at your own peril - the briny salty feta is what counteracts with the sweetness of the leek.  And yes I strongly advocate the use of herbs such as parsley or mint, even dill can be used.  I also like to add scallions.  Super easy to make.
So far I've put it on baked flounder and today I had it in my popcorn. It's very nice!
I've always liked oysters but I like to chew them, I love the texture and it feels like you're eating the sea. I really enjoy raw oysters and clams but I prefer them to be slightly steamed, just enough to be warm but still pretty raw. Just a little lemon juice for me.
Why would we be too good for canned tomatoes?  The best tomatoes I have found have been Muir Glen.  If I can't find those I'll reach for the Redpack I guess.  I don't care much for Hunts but it's better than nothing.
The grilled endive sounds amazing!     I'm curious about the roasted carrot potato garlic puree.  It doesn't sound appealing to eat and I can imagine it wouldn't look appealing either.  It may be interesting if you made 2 purees instead, a garlic mash and a carrot mash and then found a way to present them together either one on top of the other or swirled in some way.  That way you'll still be getting the flavors you set out for plus an interesting visual design....
It's not new. It is traditionally used for paella. Not long grain. I don't understand the question.
Bomba rice is excellent, it's a short grain rice perfect for paella and risotto imo.  I like it much much more than I like arborio. 
@jake t buds I didn't do a good job of spreading out all the ingredients evenly before pouring in the eggs.
I use fresh lady fingers for my cheesecake.
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