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A bruschetta is only summery if you put summery ingredients on it. But as long as you stay away from tomatoes you'll be fine. At this time of year I would top the bruschetta with wilted greens or sautéed mushrooms, it doesn't get more autumnal than that. Italians live and eat seasonally so yea I'd stay away from raw tomato which seems to be the only way Americans serve it, shame really. In my opinion you don't have to stay Italian for the rest of the night, think...
When it comes to frying nothing beats the flavor of peanut oil.
An enamel cast iron Dutch oven is best for dishes like this. If you can afford Le Creuset it's worth it. If not there are a lot of brands that make affordable Dutch ovens like cuisinart and chef brands like rachel Ray and Wolfgang puck. I've seen well priced ones at TJMaxx and even at Costco.
What's this, do you have lights on them constantly? Like a garden in the dungeon?
Just do it, I'm sure it will be fine!
When I saw your post I looked it up and there is not much.
Pasta is a rare occasion for us as well as both hubby and I find that out bodies feel much better when keep out gluten consumption to a minimum. We are not the type to bad any food but we know our limits and try to eat responsibly.That said, when we do eat pasta it is special.
There is no information online about this.
I'm going to make this!
The vegans I know rave about making cream sauces from cashews. http://nadialim.com/recipe/mushroom-herb-pasta-cashew-cream-sauce/
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