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I'll have to remember to use them to remove toast from the toaster, good idea! Aside from eating I use my chop sticks to stir my French press coffee.
Not available in my supermarket. I get hungry jack. Sometimes I buy pancake mix from the Cracker Barrel and in the fall I buy TJ's pumpkin pancakes.
Pancakes from a "just add water" mix
My zucchini fritters.  Not as pretty as I hoped but crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  Made with zucchini, grated carrot, fresh spring onion, parsley, dill, mint, cumin, breadcrumbs and an egg as binder.  Formed the patties and let them chill on paper towels in the fridge before dredging in flour and frying in olive oil.  My only gripe is that they are a bit darker on the outside than I'd like.  I topped them with a fried egg.  
They did. I'll eventually get around to posting a pic.
 I agree with this.  Chicken skin is best as it is being pulled directly from a hot piece of roasted or fried chicken.  There is a layer of fat between the meat and the skin that stays moist and is a crucial part of the crispy skin.  Take the skin off the chicken and try to cook it on its own and that layer of fat dissolves.  What's left is inferior.   I met one person who liked the skin of boiled chicken.  Not my cup of tea, but she enjoyed it with relish (as in joy, not...
I decided to make some zucchini fritters yesterday, I missed them so much when I saw your entry. I used 4 grey squash and salted them and they stood for an hour and in not kidding they exuded a half quart of water, no lie. And that's not even including the moisture whicked into towels 3 times.
Nope that ain't a confession. It would be horrific if you did not like chicken skin.
@chefwriter how does one cover a banana in peanut butter?What, no onion?
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