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 How we eat dinner is as indicative as what we eat.  Take going out for dinner for instance.  It is commonly accepted that when we sit down at a restaurant we must conscious that we leave in a timely fashion because the restaurant needs to turn over our table, the waitress wants another table to wait on and so there is a sense of urgency while eating, conscious or subconscious but it's there.  This is aided by the fact that we live in busy times, people don't necessarily...
 Beans, maybe.  A lot of people I know are doing paleo diets and don't eat legumes.  It is believed that legumes cause leaky gut syndrome.  
I agree about the art of cooking bu suppose that America hit rock bottom nutrition long ago and now there is an upsurge of fad healthy cooking and options. It's hip to buy local organic, everyone is low carb high protein whole grain eating amaranth and quinoa.
 We should have a whole thread about the plating we do for our kids haha!
 I'm sure that it does make a difference.  After all water does contain minerals and chemicals and boiling it will alter their composition, and perhaps intensify their flavor.
 No, there's nothing savoury about muffins.  People may think that muffins are healthy but they really are sugary treats.  Funny story, a couple of weeks ago I sent hubby to run out and get us some bagels for breakfast.  He brought back a chocolate chip muffin for our son.  I said "that's no kind of breakfast for a toddler!" and let him have a bit of my bagel with cream cheese.  The next day I was busy around the house and didn't have time to make him a proper breakfast so...
One of my husbands' students brought him an industrial sized bag of pork dumplings. Turns out his family owns a dumpling factory in Chinatown that supplies restaurants. I guess we're having dumplings for dinner hehe.
 Ah, see I forgot to add that before I cook my okra I set it in a colander after and douse it with white vinegar and let it sit for a bit.  Then I rinse it off before I cook it.  I assume this has something to do with cutting the slime but I do it because that's what my mom does and frankly her braised okra are unbeatable.
I will try that MichaelGA, thanks!
Scrambled eggs with spinach, red peppers and feta.  Proscuitto, handcut fries
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