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There is a place for convenience foods but I am Happy and eager to make fresh food so I do it most of the time. I work some nights of the week so my husband keeps a few frozen foods on hand if I'm not able to put dinner on the table such Costco frozen meatballs, and frozen fish. Then he'll whip up a tomato sauce and pasta or build a salad and serve it with one of those proteins. I also keep lots of broth, soup and casseroles in the freezer so they always have something to...
Growing up in our family restaurant that serves pulled pork we used the large steamer method. We added the liquid (drippings and juice) from the initial cooking method which we reserved and used for this purpose. Liquid does need to be added to create steam and maintain moisture. I agree that a dry heating method would ruin the meat.
A Bain marie is te best method but I do use the microwave most of the time to reheat pulled pork. I find that by adding a tablespoon of water per serving it makes it pork steam, sort of like in a Bain Marie. It works for me every time.
Yes I know but the OP said entrees and first courses so I want to know if side dishes are included. It's is rather easy to do a vegetarian side dish, and more complicated to do an entree.
Vegetarian means no animals so your dad was actually not a vegetarian. A vegetarian that eats fish is called a pescatarian. Someone who eats chicken is not a vegetarian. Vegetarians do eat animal products so you can include cheese, milk, butter, dairy, eggs.A vegan is someone who does not eat any animals or animal products. No fish, no eggs no dairy either.
Placing a paper towel in with the lettuce as it spins also helps it get a better dry
I've been waiting for this topic. What about side dishes, do those count or does it have to be a whole meal?
It does take practice but it eventually becomes less fussy. All the mistakes I used to make at first all had to do with too much heat. I use a Bain marie and even though I had it at the lowest hear setting it was still too hot so I learned to remove it on and off the heat as needed. Making hollandaise is like a little dance. But you will enjoy it, it is delicious!
I agree very much.
It's a sweep  by @morning glory !  I know morning glory from another forum where she has proven to be a very gracious challenge host so I'm really looking forward to the June challenge.  Morning glory make sure you look through the list of past challenges to avoid doubling a theme that is too recent.   Excellent entries and wonderful to see how creative everyone got with their budget, thanks @jake t buds!
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