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So we mopped 50% of the ribs and the rest we left dry  0
 It's been a while since there's been an interesting conversation around here.
spare ribs, thanks
We're making ribs and we can't decide if we want to mop them or not.  I've got them rubbed with salt/pepper/garlic/onion/paprika/mustard/thyme/oregano and I don't want to add sweetness.  I also don't want to jeopardize the crust.  They'll be fine without a mop right?
I'm about to embark on a similar process though with store-bought tomatoes.  Enjoy!
 Welcome to cheftalk, all of us here are just as interested in the nitty gritty details of making a perfect meal! First off, there IS a thin layer of fat under the chicken skin.  That's the deliciousness that is keeping your skin moist and flavorful.  Your chicken skin doesn't go from perfect to suddenly having a layer of fat, it was always there to begin with.  What has happened is that along the process of cooking it in the oven it steamed enough to uncrisp the skin....
 I do the same, keeping it in a nice thin tube it is easy to store and easy to cut off a slice whenever necessary and it thaws quickly.
Hi @ChrisLehrer welcome back.  I don't know what happened, I guess it was removed.  Hope you find an answer to your question.  
I'm a big fan of adding fat for moisture. I'd reheat the chicken with some oil but I also would add a sauce to the tacos, sour cream and avocado and let the chicken nestle within those textures because in my book dry chicken doesn't go down easily otherwise.
Only one way to find out. The warning not to refreeze probably has more to do with ensuring the texture of their product as is but since you will be altering that texture by processing it in the ice cream maker anyway I don't see the big deal. Hope it turns out well!
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