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@teamfat I love it! I have my own method of making the boxed stuff and it's not bad. I get the "creamy" labeled stuff and then I mix thr powder with the milk or cream if I'm feeling sinful and let it sit stirring occasionally. Te. I cook the pasta al dente and strain. I stir it really butter and the cheese powder mix and it's really not a bad meal on the quick. Haven't done it in ages though, I'm inspired now.
You post it here on this thread.
I'm not passive aggressive or elitist. Your responses are dismissive from the get go, and licking your food to see if it's hot is indicative of being a novice, cooking for 15 yrs and not using a thermometer is indicative of being a novice. Heck, buying a piece of meat and sticking it in the oven without knowing for sure whether or not it's already cooked is indicative of being a novice, especially if it was breaded right in front of you. That's not based on a prejudgment...
Wow I love learning new things and I've never heard of a bourride until now. A quick google search brought up this recipe and I can't wait to try it http://www.saveur.com/article/recipes/classic-french-fish-stew-with-aioli. I think my husband will want to divorce me just so he can marry me all over again if I make him something like this. So here's what's interesting. Since bourride traditionally has aioli in the broth l, which I assume adds unctuousness then I think...
Japanese restaurants here automatically bring you the low sodium version. I always ask for regular and would you believe sometimes they don't have it?
All food is processed to some degree. Unless you butchered that chicken yourself then it went through a process of butchering then breading. Even if it was done right in front of you. Besides, you have no idea what that butcher was handling and processing before you walked in. He may have grinding lamb burgers or hacking through pig carcass. He may have used a soap that reacted with the acid in the lemon. Who know what the process was. And yes, licking a piece of meat to...
There's 2 things here. One, if you're a germophobe then you shouldn't be buying pre processed. Especially raw meat. You don't know who put that dish together and if it was under sanitary conditions. There are more chances of contamination when a food is being stuffed, breaded, and tied. I don't have a huge problem with it but as a germophobe I thought you should know that. Better off doing it yourself. Secondly, if it was too dry all that means is that you cooked it too...
I've had my eye on a tomato pie!
 That means you've never had really good Korean fried chicken.  
A beautiful topic!
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