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How do you make these and how long does it last? Does it go bad?
 Chicken livers.  Great, now I really really want some chicken livers. Crab or lobster?
Tomato sauce like ragu or prego is one thing I could never buy.  There is so much sugar in them, I really don't like sugar in my tomato sauce.  What's the difference between doctoring up a prego and just using a can of tomato puree?  Because I assume the doctoring part takes as much time as it takes to make a fresh little sauce.  Not that I'm against all convenience foods but the flavor of ragu and prego reminds me of airplane food.
 We should only be posting questions about food. 
I admit I don't come to this thread often because it leaves me so hungry. Here are some stuff I've been eating lately
I'm sorry but we can't be friends anymore lol Seriously though, for the first time in maybe years I used white pepper today.  I don't know why, I was making roasted cauliflower and just wanted to preserve the whiteness of the vegetable I suppose.  It tasted great but again, the smell is horrible.  It doesn't taste like it smells but I do prefer not to have to smell it.  Anyone else smell white pepper?
I've never had scallops any other way than seared!  Mind blown  So what does a poached scallop taste like and feel like?  Very interesting!
 This one is easy - black.  I find white pepper to have a very unappetizing odor.   Parsley or cilantro?
 Long videos are a drag, but these are short and informative.  I enjoy videos a lot.
I think it's risky to do, scallops are so flaky and tender that I would be afraid it would split. At best the purer might ooze out. They're not pliable when cooked.
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