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Everything Kuan said. Your entry must be made during the month of the challenge, don't pull photos of something you did last year. The point of the challenge is to get people cooking now.
Yes if you cook it longer it will soften up.
You can try mixing the mascarpone with whipped cream to lighten it up.
Calamari is tricky. You either have to cook it very quickly like when frying OR you have to let it cook slowly for a long time. Anything in between that and you run the risk of it being too tough. This may have happened here. Did you cook it in a sauce?
Im going to have to try all these!I do a marinade with soy sauce, honey, lots of garlic and ginger and then broil. Great!
Happy new year and congratulations @ChefHoff!
There is always room for a good fish n chips in my opinion! You can't always eat broiled or steamed fish, you gotta live a little and if your diet is balanced and healthy you can afford to eat anything you fancy.
It's true, I do not enjoy fresh water fish!
What kind of kielbasa are you using? The kielbasa I get at my local polish market is extremely smoky and does the trick.
 Yes some of those cookies are obviously made by 4yr old hands haha. The gorgonzola sauce is super simple.  No real recipe, BOIL a couple of cups of heavy cream with a sprig of rosemary for about 5 minutes until it thickens.  Take it off the heat and stir in crumbled gorgonzola, grated parmesan, salt/pepper and fresh parsley.  I found out that this sauce went well with steak but also with the roasted romanesco and I suspect will work with any hardy veggie!  
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