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Would you believe me if I told you that I have never made or even eaten pesto before?  Well, it's true!  This was my first time ever on both counts.  What a wonderful discovery!  And my son slurped it up to boot!  
Oh gosh!  I'm sorry to hear that.  Usually for prime rib I start it in a very hot oven 500F for about 15 minutes and then I turn it down really low to 300.  No convection.
 Oh dear!  I must have missed what happened.  I hope the baby gets better poor thing!
Was it green?  Did it remind someone of wheatgrass?     You have to know your crowd.  I cook for greek people at holidays.  Greek people are extremely closed minded when it comes to food.  They scoff at anything that is not greek.  Forget about using certain spices and flavors.  I have tried to introduce things out of their comfort zone and they go untouched completely!  I tend to have to stick to the basics, lamb, potatoes, greek salad, etc.  
This method is best for soups and casseroles. They freeze very well and can easily be reheated in a microwave. Fish filets, chicken and meats, no, only if they're are in a sauce, casserole, or stew. But don't even THINK about cooking a salmon filet, freezing, and then cooking again on a stove top. Unless you like the taste and texture of freezer burned shoe leather. For quick meals I but chicken breasts and season with olive oil, salt/pepper, dried herbs and spices. Then...
The movie Frozen made a huge impact this year. You could try a play on "Frozen".
Give it to someone who knows how to cook and ask them to make you dinner 3 nights in a row. There are people who would love to get their hands on a truffle. At the very least it's worth a trip to the market to buy arborio rice!!
I hope everything is ok!?
Been busy. Ham and cheese quesadilla.
 It sounds as delicious as it looks.
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