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Careful putting meat in stainless steal without fat.  It will stick.
You can saute  in a little stock or water.  With beef and lamb especially the meat has enough fat in it to not need anything at all.  But with chicken and fish a little oil will go a long way but stock and water work fine too albeit they will create  steaming.
Thanks @helloitslucas , this looks like a great recipe!
Where've you been @ChrisLehrer?  Long time no see!   I've been hooked on these Jamie Oliver "roasties" and did them for Christmas too.  Gosh they come out so good, I can't stop eating them! 
Oh shoot.  The cheesecake came out strange.  Tasty for sure, but the texture is all off.  I kept thinking that I overcooked it but alas I found the problem.  I forgot the sour cream!  Hahahaha.
@helloitslucas  would you care to share that carrot cake recipe?  
 I'm the only person I know that uses lady fingers in cheesecake.  I learned it from my mother.  It's fantastic because lady fingers are crisp and chewy at the same time and add a wonderful texture to the cheescake.  They also insulate the custard very well, and there is no need to cook in a water bath.  Take care to use the fresh lady fingers, not the dried ones that have to softened with liquid.  They're like little sponge cakes that I use to line my baking pan, top and...
I don't think it's hard to find food without sugar in it, but that's because most of the food I eat is cooked at home.  There are certain things I will add sweetness to like duck, ham, or the limited asian dishes I cook.  But cole slaw? No!  Potato salad?  Blasphemy!   There is an interesting book called The End of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler in which he examines how the food industry takes great care to construct our food to make it hyper palatable.  Making food...
I've never made beef wellington, the tenderloin price tag has always kept it out of reach for me :-(  I keep meaning to do it one of these days.
Let's elaborate on theis @Rick Alan because I'm very very new to digestive issues. What on earth does one do if they want some bolognese with Parmesan?
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