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That is some very depressing news. I send my condolences and blessings to his family as he was a great person and I am sure he will be missed by more than just our community.
this is one that I found and am really enjoying it.
roll tops are easier to deal with as far the customers are concerned. they can hold a plate in one hand and lift the lid with the other. Also they have a place for the lid to sit when not covering the food. The removable lid usually ends up being turned sideways or set aside completely to get access to the food. the only real drawback with a rollback is that you have to remove the whole top to refresh food.
Cranberry Mead from Honeyrun Winery. It's delicious and perfect for turkey.
I used to use one for reheating. Now though I refuse to use one at all. Microwaves are really detrimental to food. A good toaster oven is best for fast reheats.  just one cautionary message below, if you search you'll find plenty more. :)
true enough, especially the water and exercise.
A: hold everything by the edges. B: If you don't work the line you can't do it as well they can.  Sorry, cause I have made "Chef" now, heh, I don"t have the "Hot Hands" for everything I used to have. No more snatching baked potatoes barehanded or pulling a hotel pan out of 200F barehanded and putting in a chafing dish. I need a towel.
Hi Guys, I know it seems I am not around much these days but I pop by more often then most think. So either get back to the topic of health in the kitchen or move on on to another thread. I am close to locking this one down.     Also IMHO, being a good healthy Chef is a hard thing. We eat too much at irregular times and most of it is fat and salt. my diet is horrible after sampling half a dozen things every morning, who wants to eat? by lunch it"s a mess the only...
seared carne asada steaks with sauteed mushrooms on a bed of couscous. the fastest meal I know, including prep, short of a fried egg sandwich...which isn't really a meal...
I really prefer to make it by hand, I hate the too salty, extra creamy (why is it white??!!), where is my garlic and anchovy pre-made dressings that claim to be Cesar. on a side note this is the only salad I really like to make Parmesan lace doilies for. some chopped romaine a few croutons and then a couple of lace parmesan crisps and a nice drizzle of dressing. nummy.
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