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Wasn't talking about using a 14 inch at home. I use a 10 inch at home and a 8 inch offset bread knife and a pairing knife. Among the other tools.In a professional kitchen I break down much bigger pieces of meat  Sorry, forgot I was in the general cooking area.
first off, I follow Cheflayne's reasoning. secondly, do not aspire to be a "badass line cook". Aspire to be a Chef. I passed up line cook positions for years cause I recognized that prep cooks learn. they learn how to cut meat, they learn how to make sauces and they get instructions directly from the Chef. I made more money as a prep cook than the line cooks I worked with. Speed come with experience, knowledge comes with trying. most line cooks look cool cause that's all...
Simple really. The only time fish will release itself from a grill is when its overcooked . The spray makes it so you can flip it at the right time with leaving half of it stuck to the grill. A steak can take the heat till it's ready to turn.
No longer in placer County. have moved and have a new wife in San Jose. Currently the Sous Chef at Intel headquarters here in the Silicon Valley.
no. just no. fish I understand after seasoning. Steak? it will release itself from the grill on its own when it is seared properly.
If you are going to rely on a single knife to get you through the day I highly suggest a 14 inch chefs knife. A 10 inch is just too small. Santukos are meant to be a small vegetable knife. I use two primary knives in my day to day cheffing. A 14 inch chefs knife and a 10 inch bread knife. Pairing knives are good for some of the small of the really small work, but I can get by with with delicate use of my chefs knife. 
Hello all,    Tis I, Gunnar   Hope all is well, does anyone remember me?  My life has setted a bit so hope to come back and be a bit more involved again. Missed the great info I received from this group. :)
That is some very depressing news. I send my condolences and blessings to his family as he was a great person and I am sure he will be missed by more than just our community.
this is one that I found and am really enjoying it.
roll tops are easier to deal with as far the customers are concerned. they can hold a plate in one hand and lift the lid with the other. Also they have a place for the lid to sit when not covering the food. The removable lid usually ends up being turned sideways or set aside completely to get access to the food. the only real drawback with a rollback is that you have to remove the whole top to refresh food.
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