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I usually start with a pork butt, either bone in or out, score it a bit and then make a rub consisting of salt, peppercorn, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder, red chile flake and chile powder. rub the pork with oil then, pour powder rub over it and work it all over and into it a bit. gently pour a cup or two of orange juice alongside the pork so it doesn't disturb the seasoning then fill to just covering the pork with water (hopefully leave a few inches from...
I hate to say it, but it totally depends on the parents not the child. My kids are now fully grown but I have had to do everything from demanding the size table I wanted to escorting my precious little hellions outside while my food was getting packed to go suddenly. I however respect other peoples right to a quiet meal in a restaurant. I have also sent my bill to another table by explaining to a manager that no way in hell would I be paying for my dining experience due...
roasted pork loin or cornish game hens work pretty easy...gourmet pizzas? depends more on the dough then the ingredients IMHO. Place I used to work did do a fruit pizza with a mango chutney base (very thin), a base of arugala leaves, thinly sliced apricots and then a sprinkle of feta. otherwise there is no end to what you can do with pizza. I have been doing bacon wrapped filet mignon on charger plates (usually used in a salamander) then topping with blue cheese, sauteed...
could sub a bit of capers for the anchovies and use a bit of Worcestshire. not quite the same effect but better then nothing.
been slowly working my way through David Sedaris Audiobooks. Fun stories.
not sure about remote companies but most of those are covered by bigger companies with local contracts or corporate extensions.. maybe checking with vacation lodges and seeing who they contract with or checking out Alaska cruises and see what the hiring process is.
sushi, East Indian and any Pan-Asian meal. I can make or fake most of them but it doesn't compare in my mind as going to my favorite restaurants and eating it there. Then again I also feel that the best sandwich (from PB and J to the most elaborate Dagwood) is the one made for you by someone else.   On a side note did you guys know that cutting a sandwich on the diagonal increases flavor by a full 5% as opposed to a mere 2% increase in flavor if just cut in...
well not as nice as I used to be be but, yeah. Thanks for the welcome back. I will see you guys around the forums a little more...still busy with new and different projects.
Have moved twice both 500 mile moves minimum, got the new job, got promoted to Chef, got divorced, got asked to help open a new corporate kitchen for Chevron at their main headquarters in San Ramon, got management training almost every time I turn around and a new girlfriend. Sorry I haven't been around, anyone miss me? lol. Hows y'all been?
ah, yep...thats middle of nowhere alright.     ok thread hijack over...sorry Postmaster.
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