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you got anything without so much Crab in it? Well, we got the Crab, Eggs and Crab, that's doesn't got so much Crab in it.  
#4 does strike a chord, I just need that same friend to be able to not look while clearing my history.
pffft, everyone knows hollandaise is better anyway.   Seriously, Mushroomies. Contact any cooking school close to your area.
it's really the same as any other knife. you just need to pay attention to the curve so as not interfere with it's edge. My dad had a beautiful set of stones before they got stolen in Oakland while he was going to shoemakers school. I learned by watching and doing, I have no scientific explanation of how it's done. If you have the stones, try , and if you don't, try harder.  I have even resorted to straitening my edges off the back of my other knives. Sadly, I send my...
This guy stopped by once and hasn't been back, quit beating a dead horse. If you are that bored at least pay attention to a contributing member and try your hand at this :     sorry for being short tempered, but really, you guys just know better.
To be seriously technical..even just oil and vinegar properly mixed is an emulsion..however they will separate eventually, in either hours or just a day, it's inevitable. Even with chemical or natural emulsifiers it is going to happen it's just a matter of time.  The old adage "oil and water  don't mix" is a time tested scientific fact and feel free to add vinegar to the water list at this point. Stop screwing with it, please.
nothing...even high processed vinegarettes like Kraft the salad dressing aisle at the supermarket and check it out. in order for it to not separate you would need to emulsify it and then it's not really a vinegarette anymore, it's an aoli or flavored mayonaise or some sort of odd mix.
never fear, I only wield these powers for the good of the forums...unless I find some humor in it.
Excellent pics Dcarch,I really liked the the "hearts" salad and that bottom pic of Shrimp and Salmon is just beautiful   KK, That is a fine looking piece of of Med- rare Prime..And whats in those red potatoes they look good.
MWAHAHAA....that's right! ONLY the almighty Moderators such as myself can TRULY delete a post! Tremble at the power in my left mouse click!     or, y'know,  just message us or something.
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