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I just hope things work out for you, myself, to get a good job and a leg up in this profession/trade, I am going to school, getting a job and  leaving my wife 450 miles behind tommorow to go work in LA while she works and lives in Grass Valley. I expect to see her again near my birthday in April. I also expect to be gone for the next two years and get to see her once in a while every few months. I figure if I can see her more then a soldier on a tour of duty can see...
The great thing about showing up for interviews in Chef gear is that they are not gender specific. Keep your personal life out of the interview, being too forward about what you do at home is a turn off, especially if your a stamp collector (god those guys are boring). As long as your not showing up for interviews looking like Eddie Izzard (love that guy) during his stand up routines I don't see what the problem is....wait am I confusing transsexual with transvestite or...
I have been cooking for 7-8 years (longer depending on how you look at it ) and am finally going to get my AA/AS in Hotel and restaurant management and shoot for at least a CC in the ACF. These with my experience should give a nice leg up into the realm of Chef/Sous Chef. While BA's are nice I personally don't feel that they are neccessary in this field.
Oh Iceman, I thinks you doth protest too much...or at least in too large a font
Anyone else here know how to use a bullwhip effectively? talk about leaving some nasty welts on yourself and a steep learning curve....
Welcome aboard..yep everyone comes here eventually...we are just so much cooler then those other places...wherever they are.
I have the craziest dam fanclub ever! What? You people never seen a guy ride an elephant to work before?!!
you got anything without so much Crab in it? Well, we got the Crab, Eggs and Crab, that's doesn't got so much Crab in it.  
#4 does strike a chord, I just need that same friend to be able to not look while clearing my history.
pffft, everyone knows hollandaise is better anyway.   Seriously, Mushroomies. Contact any cooking school close to your area.
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