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could sub a bit of capers for the anchovies and use a bit of Worcestshire. not quite the same effect but better then nothing.
been slowly working my way through David Sedaris Audiobooks. Fun stories.
not sure about remote companies but most of those are covered by bigger companies with local contracts or corporate extensions.. maybe checking with vacation lodges and seeing who they contract with or checking out Alaska cruises and see what the hiring process is.
sushi, East Indian and any Pan-Asian meal. I can make or fake most of them but it doesn't compare in my mind as going to my favorite restaurants and eating it there. Then again I also feel that the best sandwich (from PB and J to the most elaborate Dagwood) is the one made for you by someone else.   On a side note did you guys know that cutting a sandwich on the diagonal increases flavor by a full 5% as opposed to a mere 2% increase in flavor if just cut in...
well not as nice as I used to be be but, yeah. Thanks for the welcome back. I will see you guys around the forums a little more...still busy with new and different projects.
Have moved twice both 500 mile moves minimum, got the new job, got promoted to Chef, got divorced, got asked to help open a new corporate kitchen for Chevron at their main headquarters in San Ramon, got management training almost every time I turn around and a new girlfriend. Sorry I haven't been around, anyone miss me? lol. Hows y'all been?
ah, yep...thats middle of nowhere alright.     ok thread hijack over...sorry Postmaster.
Downstream, my family has property on Gautier dr., the road loops back and the property line is " To the middle of the running stream." Meaning the Bear River  and the Placer County line. Nice place in the summer. the winter river floods would bring all kinds of firewood and debris to be cleared every year though. Still the last best swimming hole for miles, after our property it became bedrock serpentine canyons.
what? you coming out of the ridge near North San Juan or something?  Or you living in Cedar Ridge or off of the Colfax Hwy pretending your in Hicksville? I grew up near the Bear River Bridge on the Nevada/Placer county line. Isolated enough to leave the doors unlocked but near enough for cool stuff on the weekends it's not unbearable.
place I used to work would use step 2, but would dust with corn starch to make an oxygen barrier to ease off brittleness, we could use fettuccine from the day before and have it still come out whole. hmmmm... maybe it was just was a few years ago...
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