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Downstream, my family has property on Gautier dr., the road loops back and the property line is " To the middle of the running stream." Meaning the Bear River  and the Placer County line. Nice place in the summer. the winter river floods would bring all kinds of firewood and debris to be cleared every year though. Still the last best swimming hole for miles, after our property it became bedrock serpentine canyons.
what? you coming out of the ridge near North San Juan or something?  Or you living in Cedar Ridge or off of the Colfax Hwy pretending your in Hicksville? I grew up near the Bear River Bridge on the Nevada/Placer county line. Isolated enough to leave the doors unlocked but near enough for cool stuff on the weekends it's not unbearable.
place I used to work would use step 2, but would dust with corn starch to make an oxygen barrier to ease off brittleness, we could use fettuccine from the day before and have it still come out whole. hmmmm... maybe it was just was a few years ago...
$350.00,give or take a bit without including tip,  8 years ago, 5 course meal with a matched 3oz. pour of wine with each course (we skipped the Napoleon brandy and truffle for dessert and saved $65 per person) it was our  second wedding anniversary and ate at The Firehouse in Old Town Sacramento...back when that meant something. They also subbed out the normal appetizer and gave us a dozen oysters and cracked a bottle of champagne for the dining room in celebration of...
I was always leery of Corporate or industrial I wouldn't go back to a regular restaurant for twice the money (well...maybe but they would have to match my benefits and hours too and that isn't going to happen). I work mon-fri  6 am to 2 pm have holidays, paid vacation and medical benefits, i got none of that when I was working in country clubs and restaurants. Some of the ingredients are a bit less then what I would like but for the most part it's cooking...
well it is a bit of a pain but have you considered whole roasted chicken or turkey? much nicer least for the start. There are really only so many things you carve though. I do pork loin, pot roast , tri-tip, prime rib, french cut roasted turkey halves (it's cut down the middle and de-boned except for the leg), hams (picnic and smoked for variety).  I suppose you could do a whole fish or a full side and carve out portions.
This is not the Professional Chef section so I would say students are allowed to ask any question here they want. You are equally allowed to not answer. I am a big softy and usually like most people. I agree with Chef KD, being clean and hyper-aware of cross contamination are two key factors. I would have just said " what exactly kind of buffet are you looking at? Salad? Deli? Mixed? Cafeteria or Vegas style? Do you need a centerpiece?"
You can't leave chickens unguarded in a garden. They will scratch up and eat some plants as well. Guinea Hens are better cause they don't scratch up plants, will hunt down bugs and are not big plant eaters. Also if your garden is fenced in you have a good chance of finding the eggs as Guinea Hens don't have regular nesting sites and tend to lay eggs kinda wherever.
with repeated heavy use ( a.k.a. fish and chips booth at a fair) things can slide out of the basket and past the bottom grate. Then, during a slow down the fryer has time to get back to full heat which sometimes affects things that have plunged to the bottom and not returned. I have had odd shrimp or onions rings suddenly bubble up to the top...even french fries or just batter drippings that have suddenly got hot enough to come back up.
Take it easy guys. However, I will say to the original poster that this is a conversation for him and the other culinary students to discuss in their section of the forums. Thanks.
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