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So have a question. does hanging your knife on a magnetic rack make it harder to sharpen your knife later if the blade has become a bit magnetic? I personally haven't noticed any difference but I have a friend who swears it will degrade the metal and give you an edge that will never be as sharp if you hadn't hung it on a magnetic rack.Haven't done any research as I thought someone might know some metallurgy and let me know.     personally, I think he is full of it.
Run, don't walk, towards the family buisness. a/v is the easiest stuff to learn. kudos for sticking for seven years but it's time for you to do right by yourself. You will always be welcome in the Pro forums here.
I usually get gifted cookbooks or look for them cheap at booksales and yard sales and such.  lol, the newest cookbook I have is the one sent to me by Cheftalk. I have never bought anything from Amazon, but if I did I would use cheftalk just to help out the site.
Thanks Phatch, good to be back.
long story short...I have a mystery box challenge coming on friday from my new manager to see if he thinks I am good enough to step into the ex-Chefs shoes. In the meantime I will be running the kitchen anyway and (here come the fun part) my prep cook and spare line guy just got busted to dishwasher for swearing in front of a customer, my dishwasher (useless) now has his best grill cook got transfered to another site and my second best is on vacation till labor...
not sure which chili/pepper you are referring to. is this for a chili using chili peppers? or is this a curry using chili's? thai curry? indian curry? a chile relleno? quite a few western foods can use any of them, sauces, chili, stew, even sandwiches or dips....
play it safe and refrigerate least keep on ice.
well I will now be on the hunt for it in a sushi place and see what they say when i ask. I did do a quick search and found these suppliers of a variety of puffed rices. I have not used any of these suppliers and know nothing about thier buisiness but here is the link:     best of luck
various reasons are possible...if it's posted in the Professional chef section it may be being viewed by non-professionals that are not supposed to post here, though they could PM a response if they wished. Secondly, people may not have an answer. Third they may be too busy to post and will get back to you. Fourth, every time you open the thread it counts as a view too, so just how many different people are checking the thread is up in the air.   so what was the...
are you talking about the tempura sprinkles? it's just drizzled tempura batter in a deep fryer. I haven't seen puffed rice in any sushi place I have been to. hmmm,may have to go check that place out.
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