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only typical for a place trying to go out of business.
Well it sounds like a Gouda idea that she leaves. Brie-live me,  people like that just Chevre their opinions on everyone else like a Muenster in a horror movie. If she is feeling Bleu over not being asked to stay maybe she needs to be told "Go back to Stilton, Jack!"   ok, was reaching for the last's hard to put that many cheese puns in a sentence though.
Congrats!! and best of luck in the new position...I knew you could pull it off.
Thanks guys, about 2 1/2 hours away from my wife. Why we can practically hold hands!  I enjoy that area of Cali. too...San Fran is right down the road and I will have trees and forest on hillsides again.  
knowing me I probably added some anyway...I love cumin.    
yep..looks like I am headed back up to Northern Cali. Guy i used to work with at the Renaissance Faire has been saying he needs a Sous Chef he can rely on, I sent him my resume. Just had a phone interview with him and the GM on speaker...there is some final paperwork to be done..but long story short..looks like next week I drive back up North and get a spiffy new title...Sous Chef. My Culinary degree will still be in the works but I will be doing part-time student...
Careful, don't run into the fallacy of thinking we all have egos. Some of us are just proud of the food we serve and won't tolerate someone screwing it up in our kitchen, others do have egos either deserved or otherwise and some have very large egos...or are just small people.
I posted this one a while ago....
  I had a chef that just used a blowtorch along the sides and bottom  
I's done in under an hour....or just there, about.  "Insert negative comments..mumble..instant gratification...grumble"
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