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I posted this one a while ago....
  I had a chef that just used a blowtorch along the sides and bottom  
I's done in under an hour....or just there, about.  "Insert negative comments..mumble..instant gratification...grumble"
I have to say that all the big professional salad spinners I have use had a drain's really the best solution,  just have to use it near a sink or on the drainboard.   looks like this big boy here:
Make it fresh,  tasty, and appealing without trying to gild the lily.     and i wear black coats
would be starving if I hadn't moved in with a fairly successful a lot of bites but haven't landed a job
At the risk of having a Moderator chide me for posting in a zombie thread, my favorites are separated into those I make and those I eat...   The Favorites I make...   Creamy Roasted Butternut Squash, Chicken Tortilla and Clam Chowder   The Favorites I eat...and have never made....    Borscht ( the plain Beet kind) and Italian Wedding soup
don't forget that roasting or making candied nuts also help liven things up and it's fairly fast and easy. That Lamb Lettuce looks like one of the varieties you get in the pre-washed spring mix cases. Wife had some in our garden for a while it sure did a lot better then the oak leaf lettuce or even my romaine. Hardy little plant.
  i am gonna guess a sheet pan, filled with crab cake mix, rolled flat  and a biscuit cutter. did I win?  
cracked heels? well, that will take a bit of serious attention. You will need some Epsom salts, a pumice stone, a serious moisturizing lotion and a pair of really comfy sandals or flip-flops or open slippers or brand new fluffy socks.   First wash and soak your feet in a  bath of hot water and Epsom salts for at least 20 minutes.   Take the pumice tone and just gently rub your heels and toes and edges of your feet where they are cracked or...
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