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She has worked in restaurants on and off for years. Recently in a nice restaurant in the kitchen doing prep. Last year we threw a party for 100 and I thought I was organized when I wasn't. She got in the kitchen and turned into a top and turned out appetizers one after another, all came our great, and saved the day. During the holidays it is a tradition for her and her father to whip up dough and fillings and make enough homemade raviolis for the entire year. I am the...
My stepdaughter was accepted to New England CA, probubly based on her father's credit report. He will have to co-sign on 32+thousand for first year. She has gone to junior college for 4 years and barely completed most of the classes. Failing grades etc., She does not do well under pressure, and takes meds for depression. I really wonder if she can hold up under the pressure from these programs?
I am new to this forum, and joined because my stepdaughter who is 21 has her heart set on the CIA in NY. She has been down in San Luis Obispo attending juinor college for the past 4 years. Poor grades, 2 DUI's, works part time at Tahoe Joes, a chain restaurant in the kitchen doing prep. I don't think she stands a chance getting in and have told her Dad she would be better off attending a Juinor College in Santa Rosa Calif that has a great culinary program at this time. ...
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