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Thanks everyone for your help & ideas !
Have a part coming up at the end of January & the customer wants a Black & White theme on the desserts. She told me she had many ideas but when we talked all she had was the B&W cookie. I have several ideas but any suggestions / ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance !
I did not see it mentioned above but I might of missed it, your health / body is something to think about. I started in the restaurant business in my teens and now at 48 my career is starting to be a concern of mine. This business can be hard on the body and you might want to consider if you want to be cooking full time into your 60's. 
All frozen whites are all the same, used many brands over the years with the same results. 
Been using this recipe for years with great success, I use frozen egg whites/thawed right out of the fridge.   Macaroons           300 Degrees Convection Oven   2 # 10X 1 # Blanched Almond Flour 2 Cups egg whites 1 Cup Superfine Sugar Coloring either dry or wet                          Sift 10X & Almond Flour, Beat whites till stiff and add sugar & beat till sugar is dissolved & add color. Fold in 10X mixture in 3 stages, pipe out onto silpat & I let sit about 10...
use a ice cream scoop for portion control
Here is a general fruit puree glaze.   6 C fruit puree 2 C Glucose 20 gelatin / Soaked & Drained        Bring to simmer 2 C Puree & Glucose, add gelatin and mix to melt. Add remaining 4 C puree.
A simple garnish for a salad is to peel a cucumber and make long julienne strips on a mandoline or just make long strips of cucumber.
Sour cream & yogurt will work as a substitute 
Siduri,   It is baked in the shell, I just heat it up a little to evenly distribute the ingredients. I don't remember the number of pies it makes. 
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