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Anna,   If you have a peak in your macaroons it usually means that you didnt work the dough/mix enough. Try to fold the macaroon mix till its a bit more runny. Here is the recipe I use..   1# 10X 8 OZ almond flour 1 C egg whites 1 C sugar coloring     Sift 10X & almond flour, beat whites soft peak and add sugar and beat stiff add coloring. Fold in dry in 2 stages and pipe 1 or 2 cookies out and see how they set. I let them sit for 15 minutes and bake...
Looking for a Chocolate / cocoa marshmallow recipe, have tried several but get no volume and they dont set up. I use one now for purees raspberry mango etc and its great but need a chocolate one. Thanks in advance !
If you want a granulated brown sugar you can bake the brown sugar.. flattened out on a sheet pan for about 10 to 15 min till a little color forms. Cool it down and process it in a robot coup and strain.
what are you coloring, the jaconde ? I color a tulip cookie mix..chill, then pour the jaconde over...what do you do ??
m brown, Thanks..Your right and I do have many semifreddo recipes but was just hoping for a recipe that was close...thanks..
I have a party comming up and the customer wants Cheesecake semifreddo which she had in europe. I did a search but didnt find anything, anyone have this type of recipe ?? Thanks.. patrick
Thanks alot for your ideas, the party is a week after thanksgiving but The chef wants 5 if not 6 items on the plate. Thanks again ! pat..
Some apple foundation is comming to where I work and the chef wants me to make a apple tasting for them. I have several ideas but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas ? Thanks.. 1. Lady apple beignet 2. Apple creme brulee 3. Apple sorbet 4. Apple crisp/buckle 5. Apple dumpling 6. Apple strudel 7. Apple chips 8. Clear apple caramel sauce 9. Apple upsidedown 10. Apple tart
m brown, It tasted preety good, i think I should have used more of the buttons but it came well I thought. Thanks again !! pat..
m brown, Thanks for your ideas, I made them with a stawberry sorbet today. Thanks again ! pat..
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