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what are you coloring, the jaconde ? I color a tulip cookie mix..chill, then pour the jaconde over...what do you do ??
m brown, Thanks..Your right and I do have many semifreddo recipes but was just hoping for a recipe that was close...thanks..
I have a party comming up and the customer wants Cheesecake semifreddo which she had in europe. I did a search but didnt find anything, anyone have this type of recipe ?? Thanks.. patrick
Thanks alot for your ideas, the party is a week after thanksgiving but The chef wants 5 if not 6 items on the plate. Thanks again ! pat..
Some apple foundation is comming to where I work and the chef wants me to make a apple tasting for them. I have several ideas but was wondering if anyone had any other ideas ? Thanks.. 1. Lady apple beignet 2. Apple creme brulee 3. Apple sorbet 4. Apple crisp/buckle 5. Apple dumpling 6. Apple strudel 7. Apple chips 8. Clear apple caramel sauce 9. Apple upsidedown 10. Apple tart
m brown, It tasted preety good, i think I should have used more of the buttons but it came well I thought. Thanks again !! pat..
m brown, Thanks for your ideas, I made them with a stawberry sorbet today. Thanks again ! pat..
has anyone ever used Sechuan Buttons in a dessert before ? I discovered them today at work and found them very interesting. Im guessing they are more of a savory item but I was just curious..thanks !! interesting.YouTube - Taste Test: Button Up
Self Rising Flour 1 Cup cake Flour 1 1/4 t baking powder Just sift the 2 together.. pat..
White chocolate tuile 8 oz fondant 5 oz glucose 8 oz white chocolate Heat fondant and glucose to 325 degrees and add chocolate, mix well and place on silpat and spread thin and cool. Break off piece and place on silpat and another silpat on top, bake for about 10 min 350 degrees till pliable. Remove silpats from sheet pan and with rolling pin roll as thin as possible. Remove from silpat and shape or cut to shape but do it quickly. The thinner the tuile the better..
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