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m brown, Thanks for your ideas, I made them with a stawberry sorbet today. Thanks again ! pat..
has anyone ever used Sechuan Buttons in a dessert before ? I discovered them today at work and found them very interesting. Im guessing they are more of a savory item but I was just curious..thanks !! interesting.YouTube - Taste Test: Button Up
Self Rising Flour 1 Cup cake Flour 1 1/4 t baking powder Just sift the 2 together.. pat..
White chocolate tuile 8 oz fondant 5 oz glucose 8 oz white chocolate Heat fondant and glucose to 325 degrees and add chocolate, mix well and place on silpat and spread thin and cool. Break off piece and place on silpat and another silpat on top, bake for about 10 min 350 degrees till pliable. Remove silpats from sheet pan and with rolling pin roll as thin as possible. Remove from silpat and shape or cut to shape but do it quickly. The thinner the tuile the better..
Here is the recipe that I use.. Linzer Dough 12 hard boiled egg yolks 3 Cups almond meal 9 1/2 cups A.P. Flour 1/2 cup cinnamon 1/2 cup lemon or orange rind 4 Cups sugar 2 T vanilla 3 # butter Cold, small pieces Sieve egg yolks and blend dry ingrdients.Cream butter and zest for 10 minutes till white and add sugar, extract and yolks till blendid. Add dry ingredients and blend well. Spray ring molds "bottomless" with non stick spray and pipe out dough to...
I have a similar linzer recipe that you pipe out and for that recipe you must chill 1/2 hr plus before baking to prevent spreading. Did you chull the dough first ?
I have used this recipe many times for cakes, 3 Cups lemon curd / room temp 1/4 Cup lemon juice 3 sheets gelatin / soaked and drained & melted Mix lemon juice and gelatin and add to curd, either chill the curd to make it pipeable or make the cake in a frame.
A good italian dessert is a cassatta, there is a baked cassata and a cold one. Nick Malgieri's book "Great Italian Desserts" is a very good book.
for 3 Cups of cake flour you can sub, 1 1/2 C A.P. flour & 1 1/2 C Cornstarch sifted..
Pastrycakes, This recipe has both of what you mentioned..pumpkin & pecan. The recipe has cooked sweet potato but just replace with cooked or canned pumpkin. pat... SWEET POTATO PECAN POTATO 4 C COOKED SWEET POTATO 1 C BROWN SUGAR ½ C SUGAR 2 EGGS ¼ C CREAM ¼ C MELTED BUTTER ¼ C VANILLA 1 t SALT & CINN ½ t ALLSPICE & NUTMEG MIX ALL INGREDIENTS. PECAN 3 C SUGAR 3 C CORN SYRUP 8 EGGS 6 T MELTED BUTTER 3 T VANILLA 1 T SALT & CINN 3 C PECAN...
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