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mHowell You can also add a little honey or glucose to the sugar or acid like Flavio said, lemon juice,white vinegar,cream of tartar..This should help.
thebighat thank you very much, this has been exactly what I have been looking for.. pat
thebighat thanks for the info..about the tempering with mycryo..you said that it needs to be dissolved in liquid first ? So when you added it to the chocolate at 90 degrees at 1% of weight of chocolate did you dissolve it first or just add it to the chocolate as is ? and how much would you add for 1# of chocolate ? 1/4 oz or 1 1/2 t ?? thanks again pat
Gabi I didnt get the sample yet in the mail but I did find a 4 kilo sample at my job yesterday that nobody knows how to use yet ? I guess the chef got it and I am hoping that he has some idea how it works. I wont see hime till thursday so until then.. pat..
Laurie I have similar ovens at my job and we bake them at 300 degrees for about 2 hrs.. 9"x3" pans. We bake about 40 at a time and though most come out perfect some do crack on top...no matter who makes the cheesecake mix and bakes them.Adding flour to a cheesecake recipe helps this problem, here is a recipe that i used to make at my last job that is bakes with no water like yours but only at 250 degrees for about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs.If you dont like the...
Has anyone ever used this product ? Mycryo "Meecreeyo" I saw a add in food arts and then did a search. The add said that it was a replacement for gelatin but I also saw a web site that said when added to tempered chocolate that it will hold the temper of chocolate ? Its made buy cacao barry and I did call up and get a sample + some info. I know that it is basically freeze dried cocoa butter but was curious if anyone has actually used it before? thanks pat.. cacao...
gabiperez Doesnt have to be cheesecake..was just on the topic and thought I would ask. I bought milk choc in pellets and its not holding up to well in my apt..to warm !! Thanks pat...
bill here is the passion cheesecake.. 1 1/2 # cream cheese 1 1/2 C sugar 2 T cornstarch or 1/4 C A.P. flour 4 eggs 3/4 C sour cream 1 C passion puree 2 t salt beat cheese & sugar..scrape down sides and add remaining ingredients untill each is well blendid. ..if you dont find the passion intense enough..start with 2 cups and reduce to 1 cup.. Do you or anyone else have a milk chocolate cheesecake ? I have alot of milk choc i...
here is a new york style cheesecake i make at work,,makes about 39 9"x2 3/4" pans give or take.. 60 # cream cheese 16 # sugar 7 qt cream 20 # sour cream 2 gallons eggs 1 qt vanilla beat cheese and sugar, scrape down sides and add cream & eggs and vanilla....add sour cream and mix well...I have a good passion fruit cheesecake to.. pat
Thanks everyone for your input, I am grateful... pat..
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