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Why do some people say "At this moment in time" instead of saying "now"?
Mike,are you at Kit Chapman`s place in Taunton?If it is,Gary Rhodes was once head chef there.You could be destined for some big things.Good luck,i`ll keep an eye out for you doing an interview for Caterer & Hotelkeeper :D
CC,does someone at your suppliers have a literacy problem?Could there be a possibility that someone wants to be a millionaire any way they can:D What a shambles,this one is straight from the Laurel & Hardy business school.
Jeff,don`t let some odious individual spoil your parade! Could someone be envious of your achievements and feel threatened by them?They may be looking to employ someone for a lower rate of pay.To **** with them i say,it`s their loss ,get what is rightfully yours.What are you supposed to live on?Does someone think there are "money trees" outside your home where you can pick off notes as you need them?By the way,who said that you can`t appeal?This smacks of unfair...
I thought i`d grab this opportunity to wish a very happy christmas to everyone at the ChefTalkcafe.I hope 2004 is an excellent year for all of you,Leo.:chef:
Kyle,belated birthday greetings from the U.K. How did you get to the theatre,skis,ice skates,team of huskies?:D The new oven looks great,it will something if this one lasts for 20 years.Happy baking!
djnagle,you say you want your own restaurant,here`s a few other things to think about: 1)Do you have the patience of a saint? You`ll need it!! 2)Do you know the right people with the relevant skills & knowledge to help you to see your dream come to life? 3)How much do you know about business accounting,employment law,sales & marketing,etc? 4)Are you a good role model,i.e. can you motivate people,do you like to lead by example. 5Can you train other people? Are you...
I remember seeing the news footage of JFK`s assassination through the BBC.My parents thought that the BBC had got it wrong,once the truth sank in they were appalled.LBJ had one heck of a job taking over from John Kennedy.The whole thing was made worse by Robert Kennedy`s assassination.
IronChefATL,i hope you have a great birthday,preferably spent with your family & friends.
Shroomgirl,you`ve raised some excellent points.There`s one problem,what does the last part of your post say? I enjoy a challenge,but this one has me well and truly stuck. Is it in some type of code?If so,do i need to contact MI5/MI6,CIA?
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