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Thank you to everyone for their comments :)
Cheflayne - you are spot on about the nutritional value of the colored pastas.  I was told that they use the tiniest amount of spinach to color the spinach pastas, which means there could not possibly be much of a benefit.  
Thanks kaun, i didn't realize I was in the wrong place.
I need a really, really exceptional cold crab salad appetizer to serve in a martini glass, which i will rim with lemon juice and dip in Old Bay Crab Seasoning.   This is for a client that said they have had average ones in the past, but would really like one to share with some Maryland Blue Crab lovers.   And one without any kind of peppers, but with a light dressing.
Thanks shroomgirl, but i posted it to everyone after this post and received many replys. 
Thank you again Chris, I might make that for my dinner tonight 
And finally to Siduri - thank you for all your great ideas!!
Gunnar - Thanks the above message where i said "Fabulous - just what I needed" was intended for you.  I am still trying to get the hang of this posting.
ChrisL.  Thanks, it makes perfect sense and thank you for your time.
Huy Bui:  Whoa..... maybe this was my mistake in not explaining exactly what i needed (i didn't mean to upset you in any way).     To all:  In this class they are asking for dinner menus with 5 ingredients or less that busy people (mostly women) can come home from work and prepare for their family's dinner in the shortest amount of time.   I am sorry that I missed the word "dinner" in my original post, now I understand the different replies I received.  
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