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hey you guys. i'm originally a southern gal and get a little homesick time to time. i saw this on one of my fave sites. they are really cool takes on comfort food. i love mashed potatoes and a lot of these recipes made me think of home. i thought i'd share. just hit the lovemyphilly link in my signature and you'll see the article w/ recipes. ;)
Here's an easy salmon skillet dish that only takes 20 minutes to cook!I still can't post link but if you Google "LoveMyPhilly" there is a great 20 Minute Skillet Salmon Recipe. Enjoy!
bbq chicken pizza. i think tonite i will have seafood ravioli!
i live on the west coast, cali to be exact, and i get really fresh asparagus from Trader Joe's. I just cut off the bottoms coat them in olive oil sprinkle some garlic salt and paper and set them in the oven at 350 for about 20 minutes. YUM!
i love pad thai. i will def have to try this out. thanx
wow this is ridiculous! i love how the owner tries to defned himself and the staff by saying it wasn't supposed to be seen by anyone...and he needs to fig out how that copy of the bill ended up being taken out to the customers. i'm like what the ****?! why was your staff even refering to paying customers in that manner?!
i don't know why the restaurant world assumes ppl are morons. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the tip. to get 15% take 10% of the amount then take that amoutn and half it and add the two together, and so on. easy way to fig it out in your head! DUH. As for what that girl did...I would have left her no tip and talked to the manager and let them know she ruined my dining experience. I also would have called corporate, to be compensated.
one of my co-workers i obsessed w/ pizza! he eats it almost everyday and compares and contrasts all the local places. it's really fun to get in on. we had an interesting convo about this article. mostly, how pizza really came from China, not Italy. The Italians stole the dish! I have to say that have a history of "stealing"...I wonder what America saw called before the spaniard, on behalf of Italy, came here. LOL.
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