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Instead of lobster meat , roast the shells and chop them in food processor, Then treat them like meat , you will need to add more egg whites than the recipe calls for because that is what forms your raft which floats up and clarify's everything.
You said your favorite knife is a global, They are made out of titanium which will last forever but you need to purchase a special steel to sharpen them, normally i think it's made out of porclin because the steel is so hard. And don't use oil on any steel.
Thank you for your info, But How long should i burn the fire before i know when the rocks are ready. How much dirt should i put over the top to retain the heat? I'm going to wrap it in banna leaves and then in wire, and then put wet burlap over the top. The pig is probably about 180# to 200#.
I have a friend,and he want's me to cook a pig the whole thing in the ground. The problem is i've never done it, but i have seen it done. I do have an extensive culinary back ground but when it comes to this i think i would like to ask for some help. If anyone has any receipes or ideas on how to do this please let me know or maybe there's a web site you know of. All answers are greatly appreciated. :confused:
I was wondering what everybodies veiw is on the way chefs get treated by the public. I've worked down south (FL) and up north (NY) and i find that your treated better down south. The pay down south was better and the treatment you recieved from the public was better. For instense I never waited for a table at one of the most busiest places i've seen down there and i never worked there. They just knew that i was a cook down there and always took care of me and my...
Stress, live on it. Pain is temperary pride is forever, burns got em. Control is a must have. Intense always. Don't know how to do anything else as well as i cook. Creativity, you can do anything you want as long as it taste good. People, allsorts. Parties, your always invovled. Last, People gotta eat. :chef:
So how long does it take you to turn coal into diamonds? :D
The best sole i've ever had to this day is just simply saute'd and then coated with buerr noisett ( browned butter) with the addition of capers, parsley and fresh lemon juice. Beware some places in the U.S. will telll you it's sole but in reality its flounder.
sauce making? think of the flavor you want and remember that the more fat you add to something the more you are masking the flavor. For instants the rasberry sauce with cream will have less of an acidic flavor with the pork, pork has fat, acid cuts fat which will coat taste buds and mask falvor of pork. So you want a thickner that doesn't have fat in it, So now you would try a slurry,(pure starch and dissolved in a cool liquid), stay away from making a slurry with flour ,...
I say start sampleing some white wine and cook with the one you like to drink or may be serving with the dish. :beer:
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