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Something in parchment to keep the moisture in.
Try using 2 parts pork (fatty cut) to 1 part beef. Omit the liquid smoke, and do everything else as you have written it out.
Lemon zest and a little black pepper mixed with goat cheese, spread on crostini and drizzled lightly with honey is one of my favorites.
Zwieback cookies for babies make a great crust for cheesecake. They are not too sweet, and have a good texture for the cake.
Dates stuffed with a blend of cream cheese, and blue cheese are great. I have catered a wedding for 100 ppl using a Bruschetta bar. Huge basket filled with crostini, and a couple of different toppings. Standard Bruschetta topping of tomatoes with garlic, basil, olive oil, and a splash of red wine vinegar is a must have. You can also put out a bowl of Tapenade, and some roasted red peppers. Let people make their own, so they won't get soggy.
Marinate and grill some portabella caps, and stuff with a brown rice pilaf.
The "Chuck-eye" is also a great lower cost steak found in the Chuck roast. Ask your butcher to cut and package a couple of 1 1/2 inch Chuck-eyes, and grill them hot and fast. I think they compete with a Rib-eye for flavor. The flat iron steak is second only to tenderloin in re.. to tenderness, but the marbling that it has makes it a better cut in my opinion.
The Goat!!!!!!!!!
Duck confit on tostones with a blackberry merlot reduction. Saute shallots in duck fat, deglaze with merlot, add a tablespoon of good blackberry jam, and reduce to a thick syrup. Tostones can be par fried, smashed, and cooked to order in minutes in the fryer. Duck confit pre made and pre portioned. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes to turn out.
Hard for me to have a ham sandwich without it!!!!
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