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chefRAZ, what ingredients would u use for a cheesecake batter ? Could a cheesecake consist of only eggs sugar and cream cheese ? Or does it need one more ingredient like cream ?
Hi guys, i'm back with another question associated with baking cheesecakes. I've seen some recipes calling for the cake to be baked at 160 for like 15 mins then set the temp down to 120 and bake for 1 - 1 1/2 hours. I would like to know your thoughts on this. Thanks !
Thanks Blueicus, I'll try that foil wrap method and post another pic of my cheesecake !:talk:
Rrrrrrrighto ! Thanks alot guys ! I figured why the sides of the cake was more burnt then the center..could possibly be that i placed the cake too high up to the top so the heat from the sides couldnt really reach the center of the cake ( my oven's heat comes from the right side ) And yes BDL, i'm gonna bake another one at 160 DC ! Oh and Blueicus, if i am going to use a foil to cover the top of my cake to prevent such browning, do i still need to use a water bath ? ...
Hi guys I am having some problems with my cheesecake. :confused: If you cannot view the picture from here, this is the link : 13072008564.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 1.Why does the sides of my cheesecake get baked more than the center ? 2.Does my cheesecake look too moist ? 3.And why does my crust get so soft after baking ? Information I baked it at 170 degrees celcius for 48 mins. For the base crust, i used digestive biscuits with...
Well, thanks again BDL ! You are really one of those members in this forum with good knowledge to help others :) Have a nice day CWL
Big thank you, BDL ! I'm sure not all marinades contain some source of acid, am i right to say that ? Salt is alkaline, right ? Is there any way i could tell whether the sauce is safe enough to be handled ? And why the marinades of poultry cant be made into a sauce ? Meaning to say the marinades for pork, beef and mutton could be used ? Could i please get some information to back that up ? Thanks in advance, BDL CWL
Hi everyone. Just a question. Can raw meat marinate ( sauce type ) be made into a sauce after you have used it for marinating ? Would it contain germs that could cause food poisoning or diarrhoea ?
:lol: Got it BDl ! Thank you for the advice on the bread making process, i will keep that in mind !
Hi guys ! i'm kinda new to this thread and would love to post some pictures of my meals, unfortunately, i cant seem to find an option for me to add an image..any help would be appreciated thanks !
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