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Degree wins hands down. If you want to advance in management you can get a Bachelors degree and many if not all of your credits from your Associates will transfer. As said also, many CC (Community College) provide excellent training at a fraction of the cost. One of the top City Club chefs is a graduate of a CC.
Check and see if the local CC program is ACF accredited. If it is, check it out. Ask to see where their grads are at. If they are in good places and it seems that the CC has a good reputation, go for it. Plus your degree will probably transfer some or all of your credits if you decide you want a Bachelors. But first graduate from High School and if grades permit, and I do not mean just passing, get a part time job in some type of restaurant, even fast food. They will teach...
Opps, number 2 should read; 2. West Virginia Northern Community College. Additional information, Westmoreland, WV Northern, and The Winner are ACF accredited, Beaver County is not but it is the closest and is in county.
You know, I would have an answer, then at the point of the interview where I was asked if I had any questions I would ask one. "Are all those with management or responsibility here all as hung up on age and show a lack of maturity as you?" Then thank them for their time get up and walk out. Why, with their question I would know that I had no chance of getting hired and if that chef or HR person was suppose to represent the company it would be better to keep looking.
Hi, I was wondering if anyone has heard or knows anything about these programs: 1. Westmoreland County Community College in Pennsylvania 2. Northern Community College 3. Beaver County Community College 4. The Winner Institute They are all local to me and I was wondering if anyone had any idea of the reputation of any of these? Thanks in advance for any input.
If you want to progress further in your education, then go to the community college. These degrees are accredited and credits will usually transfer. Also, many community colleges produce excellent chefs. A local Executive Chef at the Duquesne Club in Pittsburgh PA. is a product of a local community college. The Duquesne Club has been voted best City Club in the US twice, an honor no other club from cities the like of NYC, Chicago, LA can not claim. My thoughts for what...
Have her go to the local community college, especially if is ACF certified. Then if she graduates she can go on to CIA for her Bachelors degree.
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